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NEW | @brian_cartr: The Turkish raid on an alleged ISIS safe house in NW Syria on Apr 28 likely killed an ISIS leader, but not the caliph. Targeting ISIS leadership is helpful, but it fails to address the group’s ability to embed itself within local populations. Read the update…… ImageImageImage
@brian_cartr The #alQaeda and #IslamicState networks in Africa will likely seek to use the #Sudan conflict to improve their position on the continent. Numerous inmates escaped from a prison in #Khartoum city beginning on April 22 amid clashes between Sudan’s two warring factions. Image
@kathryn__tyson: Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (#TTP) militants based in #Afghanistan continue to direct TTP activities in #Pakistan-i cities far outside of TTP’s recent attack zones. Image
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NEW: US facing "diverse, geographically dispersed & highly unpredictable threat environment" Nat'l Counterterrorism Center Dir. Christine Abizaid tells @WashInstitute
Attack/threat "most likely to occur in the #UnitedStates from lone actors...motivated by a range of ideologies" from #ISIS #alQaida to racism & white supremacy, sometimes a combination, per NCTC's Abizaid

"The threat is unpredictable" both in US & the Western world, she says
As far as non-US based groups/actors, #alQaida & #ISIS continue to pose top threats to the US homeland, per NCTC's Abizaid
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#Turkish military activity in #Syria will accelerate the strengthening of the #IslamicState in #Iraq and al Sham, writes @brian_cartr for @criticalthreats.… 1/4 Image
The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced on November that it would stop counter-ISIS operations in northeastern Syria so that it could address the Turkish threat, decreasing counterterrorism pressure on #ISIS. 2/4
ISIS is gradually increasing its attack capabilities in northeastern Syria and will use these capabilities to continue freeing imprisoned members and absorbing expertise and personnel in preparation for a larger resurgence. 3/4 Image
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The ongoing, anti-regime protests in #Iran expanded significantly on October 26, occurring in at least 33 cities in 23 provinces. Read today’s update from @criticalthreats and @TheStudyofWar.… (1/5) Image
The regime will likely exploit a militant attack on a Shia shrine in #Shiraz, #Fars Province to contain the protests. (2/5)
The #IslamicState is trying to capitalize on the shrine attack and protests to stoke instability and sectarian conflict in #Iran. (3/5)
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NEW #Africa File | #BurkinaFaso’s latest coup on Sep. 30 indicates that the governance and security crisis in West Africa’s #Sahel region continues to deepen. @liam_karr @brian_cartr @EmilyCEstelle… 1/5 Image
Salafi-jihadi groups linked to #alQaeda and the #IslamicState have exploited cyclical violence and anti-government grievances to root themselves in local communities and steadily expand in the Sahel over the past decade. 2/5 Image
The fallout from the Burkina Faso coup, like the 2020 and 2021 coups in Mali, will likely further reduce counterterrorism pressure and worsen the conditions that lead to Salafi-jihadi expansion. 3/5
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NEW REPORT | Salafi-jihadi groups linked to #alQaeda and the #IslamicState are spreading in #Africa, posing new threats to countries that have either suppressed or not yet experienced significant and sustained jihadist violence, warns @EmilyCEstelle. 1/5…
This proliferation and expansion of African Salafi-jihadi groups will fuel regional disorder, humanitarian crises, and a persistent and likely increasing global terror threat. 2/5
Identifying risk factors and tracking them over time can allow analysts to forecast potential Salafi-jihadi insurgencies and better understand the dynamics leading to worst-case security scenarios and the policies that can avert them. 3/5
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Last Thursday (s. ; or for the full live stream, s. ), @SevimDagdelen from #DieLinke has discussed with @RaniaKhalek & @EugenePuryear esp. the recently decided & billion-dollar rearmament of the German #Bundeswehr... a result of the #RussianFederation's military invasion of #Ukraine, as officially justified by the #GermanFederalGovernment. A recommendable interview! Besides her opposition to such rearmament & the associated fundamental departure...
...from the so-called „#Entspannungspolitik“ established by #WillyBrand & #EgonBahr for #Germany's relationship with the #USSR (& also its territorially largest & politically strongest successor state in the form of the #RussianFederation),...
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Short Thread 🧵

1/ According to pro-#AQ channels, the new leader of the #IslamicState is Professor Zaid, also known as “Haji Zaid” (See photo).
His name is Bashar Khattab Ghazal al-Sumaida'i.


@ColinPClarke @ToreRHamming @NihadJariri @hxhassan @colebunzel @Minalami Image
2/ Also according to pro-#AQ channels, al-Sumaida'i was previously a member of Ansar al-Sunna and joined #ISIS in 2013, in the city of #Mosul, #Iraq
3/ After the organization took control of #Mosul, Abu Muslim al-Turkmani appointed him as the head of the Court of Justice and Claims over the city of Mosul.
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NEW: Latest @SIGARHQ report finds overall violence in #Afghanistan is down since US forces left BUT...

"significant violence persists, including mass-casualty attacks by the #IslamicState-#Khorasan (#ISIS-K); civilian disturbances from abusive Taliban forces and others" Image
.@SIGARHQ reports calls #ISIS-#Khorasan the "current greatest security threat" to the #Taliban

ISIS-K attacks killed at least 90 ppl from October-December 2021 in #Kabul #Kundiz #Kandahar
#ISIS-#Khorasan attracting new members

"A violent organization with a significant bankroll, IS-K often appears as the last & most extreme option for disaffected individuals or groups" per @SIGARHQ
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An internal official note of @CPIMKerala under the heading 'minority communalism' says "efforts are on to lure educated young women into extremism in professional colleges in Kerala" In simple words "Islamist radicalization"! Has #Kerala govt finally woken up to an old reality? Image
For years #Kerala's professional college campuses have been hot-beds of #radicalisation! From Popular Front to off-shoots such as Campus Front & SDPI the narrative has been wonderfully woven around dalit-muslim upliftment which a sure attraction for the educated thinking student!
Students of dental, medical & engineering self financing colleges have been the target! Once a bridge is laid highlighting social issues the more virulent narratives are fed slowly ranging from claims of Islamophobia to alleged persecution of Muslims in India & abroad!
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1. US invaded #Afghanistan after #Taliban refused to hand over Bin Laden after 9/11 attacks.
2. US invaded #Iraq based on tortured “confession” of Ibn al-Sheikh al-Libi that AQ was working with #Saddam to get WMDs.
3. But, just like AQ, there no WMDs in Iraq - until invasion.
4. Abu Musab al-#Zarqawi left Afghanistan to set up AQI in Iraq to fight US.
5. His tactics were so brutal than even AQ central tried to curb them.
6. Shia and Sunni groups who’d both fought occupiers turned on each other while US back one against the other.
7. Abu Ghraib abuse images shocked the world but Enhanced Interrogation Techniques (#torture) first used in Kandahar, Bagram and #CIA ‘black sites.’
8. Alleged AQ & Taliban captives sent to #Guantanamo where General Geoffrey Miller applied US approved torture methods.
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#Mali: Unofficial #JNIM video captioned: "This is what happens between Support of Islam [JNIM] and the Kharijites [#ISGS] (Kawaridiakobe in Fulfulde)", fighters including visibly child soldiers are seen beheading ISGS members/sympathizers in the area of Arabanda (Malian Gourma)
#Mali: An assassination campaign was carried out by Ansaroul Islam (#JNIM) during the first half of July in the areas of Kobou and Boulikessi, #Mopti
#Mali: Paradoxically, the video is accompanied by a signature #IslamicState nasheed, namely Qariban Qariba.
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#Sahel: Today, #JNIM released the video "If they fight you, fight them". It's been almost three years since JNIM released their last full-length video with combat footage, namely "And the Battle Continues".
#Sahel: This could be explained by several factors: First, the focus has been on the political line; second, JNIM's official media presence has declined significantly, and this is against the backdrop of several key media figures (in #Algeria and #Mali) being killed
#Sahel: The decline is particularly relevant when compared to #ISGS, which received major boost from its formal integration into #IslamicState's organizational infrastructure & media apparatus. However, this last video marks the effective recovery of #JNIM media wing Al-Zallaqa.
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Faces behind #Kashmir Intel #Thread

Let us know, what's the motive and who are/were some of the people running handles like Kashmir Intel (@Kashmirosint), which claim themselves to be voice or source of information of #Kashmir.
NIA in Sep 2020 filed a charge sheet against 5 operatives of #IslamicState Khorasan Province, including the #Kashmiri couple who were running Kashmir Intel for allegedly conspiring to utilize the anti #CAA protests to instigate #Muslims against #Indian government & provoke riots
Here is how the couple, Jahanzaib Sami Wani & Hina Bashir planned to exploit gullible Muslim youth
They were conspiring to create unrest during anti #CAA protest by coining seditious slogans & making graffiti at public places, highlighting the same on social & international media
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Foreign fighters and the trajectory of violence in northern Mozambique.

Happy to see our latest with @EColumbo2019 (@CSISAfrica) in @WarOnTheRocks!…
Foreign fighters aren’t new to this conflict. But the attack at #Palma--the latest in a streak of operational successes for ASWJ--& the group’s affiliation with the #IslamicState have elevated the profile of the insurgency, raising concerns of greater FF involvement in the future
What do foreign fighters mean for #ASWJ & the conflict in #CaboDelgado?

BLUF (part 1): Foreign fighters’ influence is likely to be mixed. In the immediate term, foreign recruits offer #ASWJ a reliable means of boosting their battlefield effectiveness & regional prestige.
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The tragic events in #Palma, #CaboDelgado #Mozambique, over the last few days have major implications for peace and security on the Swahili coast of East #Africa. Herewith some thoughts in a mega thread -->
This is an insurgency that has been snowballing since October 2017. It started attacking in the form of small groups of young men, brandishing mainly blunt weapons, and attacking remote security posts. It has evidently now grown into something much more serious.
Recently the U.S. sanctioned the group and called it an affiliate of #IslamicState. By doing so, the group has now been elevated into a box where policy solutions designed to deal with this problem will now be partially framed or qualified by that designation.
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Defining moment for my parents was the #1947partition of India into 2. India & #Pakistan. For me the defining moment was #India going to war w Pakistan in 1971 to stop the genocide of #BengaliMuslims by #PakArmy & creating Bangladesh as a separate nation. Kudos to
Kudos to India 🇮🇳, @narendramodi & @DrSJaishankar for protecting the secular legacy of #MujiburRehman, & actively protecting Bangladesh from Pak forces (#PakArmyWithoutUniform) that are, once again, trying to replace secular democracy w an #Islamic State.
Founding father of #Bangladesh #SheikhMujiburRahman was assassinated by #Pakistani #Islamists in 1975, just 4 years after #India created Bangladesh. Pak supported Islamists are once again trying to destabilize Bangla’s secular democracy & impose an #IslamicState. @DrSJaishankar &
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Unfortunately what was bound to happen happened today: 3 attacks against #France: #Nice, 3 killed in knife attack in a church, terrorist arrested; #Avignon, man shot dead after attacking police with knife; #Jeddah, #SaudiArabia citizen wounds guard in attack at #French consulate
#France: The attack in #Nice again targeted a church where the jihadist constantly yelling "Allahu Akbar" beheaded one woman & mortally stabbed to death two other people. The jihadist in a man in his twenties that speaks #French; that's all we know so far.
Thé jihadist behind the #nice attack at Notre-Dame church is a 21 year old Tunisian that arrived in #Europe through #Lampedusa, #italy at the end of September and made it to #France a few days ago. Once again the refugee issue is central to a jihadist attack on the continent.
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The arrest of an alleged #IslamicState terrorist is only the tip of the iceberg.A @UN report speaks of Islamic State terror & its Indian arm (Hind Wilayah) having 180-200 terrorists, several active in Kerala & Karnataka (Sri Lanka #Daesh terrorists came here) @arvindojha has more Image
The arrest of #AbuYusuf from #UttarPradesh with 15 kgs of improvised explosive devices/explosives should be a wake up call. From #Kashmir to #Kerala #Karnataka crackdown not just on radicalised terrorists but more dangerous elements radicalising them at madrasas/mosques elsewhere
Another major problem is creating the fake victimhood narrative. Those creating this narrative for political ends are frankly doing great disservice to the nation. India is the only country in the world where followers of all sects of many religions live in harmony. Build on it.
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After the #AgrimaJoshua incident, most of my #NorthIndian friends (some are left-leaning) mocked me for criticising her & asked me what’s the big deal in addressing him as ‘Shivaji’.

This #Thread is for all of them who don’t know much about #ChhatrapatiShivajiMaharaj.

Around 230 BCE, #Maharashtra came under the rule of the #Satvahana dynasty for 400 years.

It was also ruled by the Western Satraps, the #Guptas, Gurjaras-Pratiharas, Vatakas, Kadambas, Chalukyas, #Rashtrakutas and the Western #Chalukyas before finally, the #Yadava Rule.

In short, #Maharashtra was ruled by #Hindu Kings.

Unfortunately, in the early 14th century, the Yadava Dynasty was overthrown by the Islamic Invader #AlauddinKhilji, who was then, the Sultan of #Delhi. This marked the beginning of #Islamic Rule in Maharashtra.

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1/5 What does it mean to mainstream gender across counter-#terrorism research and practice? (note that gender is not synonymous with women) A thread on ICCT's recent publications on male supremacism and the need for gender-sensitive analysis.
2/5 Our perspective on the Hanau terror attack explores the links between male supremacism and #FarRight violence, and notes how these links should not be trivialised by labelling attackers as incels:…
3/5 More generally, how has male supremacism contributed to terrorist attacks? @alexdibranco argues that it is a distinct form of right-wing extremist ideology that has only recently entered public awareness:…
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#Pakistani doctor indicted in the US for providing material support to the #IslamicState. Educated or not, terror is in the DNA of #Pakistanis. What is the difference between this Pak origin doctor in US, #HafizSaeed #MasoodAzhar or those giving terror intellectual cover fire?
US President @realDonaldTrump needs to see the true face of #Pakistan. A Pakistani Air Vice Marshal's son #Shahzad was arrested for attempting to bomb #TimesSquare in New York. Read what he had to say after being convicted about his religion & his actions.…
Also read about #Pakistan born terrorist #DavidColemanHeadley (Daood Gilani, related to former Pakistani prime minister Yusuf Raza Gilani) convicted for terror plots in #Denmark & 26/11 #Mumbai. I covered his trial in the Chicago Federal court. #PakTerror…
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Polish Internal Security Agency #ABW have detained on May 7 four 4 #Tajiks on charges of attempting to recruit Muslim converts to carry out militant attacks. The suspects were inspired by the #IslamicState terrorist organization but are not members of the group.
This is another terrorist plot in Europe with citizens of Tajikistan in recent days. On April 15 German authorities detained 5 Tajiks suspected of forming an IS cell plotting attacks in #Germany.
Two individuals in this Tajik cell in Germany were alleged to have traveled to Albania with plans to carry out a contract killing. Around two weeks later, authorities in Albania said they arrested a Tajik citizen sought by Germany for suspected membership in an IS cell.
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#Sahel fin officielle de l’exception de « tolérance » entre #AlQaeda & l’#EI, combat au #Mali et au #BurkinaFaso à l’initiative d’#AQMI l’EI envoie un kamikaze contre les jihadistes d’#AQ // End of the Sahel exception #AQMI & the #IslamicState fighting and #IS used a kamikaze Image
#Mali l’#EI revendique l’attaque qui a mené à la mort d’un légionnaire de #Barkhane « suite à l’activation de plusieurs IED contre un convoi qui essayait d’intercepter un groupe suivi depuis les airs » Image
#Sahel bcp de détails ops sur 3p l’#EI accuse #JNIM #AQMI de « participer à l’effort militaire aux côtés des armés et des croisés [la #France] dans la zone des 3 frontières et de protéger les frontières de l’#Algérie et de la #Mauritanie, #Kouffa & #Ghali qualifiés d’apostats » Image
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