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1. Most #Afghanistan analysis of late has been preoccupied with the strategic inroads being made by the #Taliban.

Meanwhile, #IS’s affiliate in #Afghanistan, #ISKP, has been experiencing a dramatic resurgence in the country, one that has gone almost entirely under the radar. Image
2. Yesterday, #ISKP reported 3 attacks, killing and injuring 44. The day before, it claimed to have killed/injured 20.

(While devastating, these ops are small compared to the 4 biggest of 2020, in which more people were killed than all other attacks combined since Jan '20.) Image
3. While #ISKP’s attacks in 2021 have so far been of a smaller scale than the biggest ops of last year, they are increasingly being targeted at civilians.

This graph shows how, since Jan '21, #ISKP has been walking back its war on the #ANDSF and focusing more on non-combatants. Image
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Project your own atrociousness onto the adversary. Cast it far. Cast it wide. Those who act in parallel with yourself toward the same ends will recognize from a concentrated view of the aggregate picture.
Relentlessly attack the character of anyone who speaks this truth to the public. For surely they speak insanity.

The enslaved masses must never be taught how to read that which is projected upon and past them.

They are matte screen to be used and blinded by any illumination.
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De journalist #Kashoggi, die in opdracht van de Saoedische kroonprins #MBS zou vermoord zijn, steunde #IS en noemde de onthoofdingen in #Syrië een 'efficiënte psychologische oorlogstactiek'.
#Kashoggi zou ook een goede vriend van Osama bin Laden geweest zijn.
Kroonprins #MBS van Saoedie-Arabië vaarde tijdens de #TrumpAdministration een gematigder en bredere koers: minder #islamisme en toenadering tot #Rusland.
De recente US-bombardementen op pro-Iraanse milities in oost #Syrië geven terug meer bewegingsruimte en bescherming aan #IS.
#Biden stelt nu Saoedie-Arabië verantwoordelijk voor de moord op #Kashoggi.
Zijn de islamisten terug aan zet met de #BidenAdministration?
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[THREAD] 1/ Over the past year, the Islamic State claimed 2767 military operations. The overwhelming majority of these attacks targeted Sunni Muslims, although the group never described them as such. 40 attacks were against Shia civilians. 34 attacks against Christians/churches.
2/ Detail about the methodology: I gathered the data from the 53 issues of IS weekly magazine al-Naba’ published in 2020 (cf. the front page of the issue 219). For every single claimed attack, I analysed the following information: target, weapons used, spoils of war, geolocation. Image
3/ The first finding is that IS was a bit less active in 2020 than in 2019: - 423 military operations. #Iraq was in the first place. #ISWAP and to a lesser extent #ISCAP were on the rise and regularly on the front page of al-Naba'. #ISKP and IS in East Asia were much less active. Image
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@YourAlberta #ETW #BFE #IS

EFFECTIVE JAN. 18th 2021…

The short end of the stick that Min. Rajan Sawhney is wielding
is that Income Support Clients require Incessant Micromanaging
The UCP Classic Rendition of “Reorganizing and Streamlining”
Is #DeathBy1000Cuts

When that doesn’t work or is found to be Unappealing to the Palates of Albertans en masse. They creatively find other ways to bring harm to our most vulnerable citizens.

By far this is the Latter
A little farther down you will read upon

Matters subject to appeal to an Income and Employment Supports Appeal Panel include any decisions of the Director relating to:

• Continuing Eligibility
• The Amount OR Value of Assistance
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Military Situation in #Syria

As we entered #TheEndgame in the takedown of the dark #Cabal, it is not a surprise that #Daesh, a Jesuit creation, attacked and captured SAA-positions east of #Hama

#Hama lies in the middle of the Syrian #Goddess #Vortex

Map: ImageImageImageImage
The real hidden reason for the #Syrian conflict is the battle for the Syrian #Goddess #Vortex which is one of the most important energy points in the planetary energy grid

More info:…
The Syrian energy vortex is actually a pentagram w/ five ancient cities: Image
Whoever controls the #Syrian #Goddess #Vortex is very close to controlling the planetary energy #leyline system

Whoever controls the energy leyline system has direct access to global #consciousness of #humanity

This is why the Jesuits have engineered the creation of #Daesh #IS ImageImageImageImage
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My second paper for @GI_TOC has just gone live.

It presents the first evidence of a criminal network based in #Somalia involved in the transfer of arms from #Iran to the #Houthis.

Some highlights (thread):…
The dhow Al Bari 2 was seized in the Gulf of Aden by the #Saudi Navy on 24 June 2020. It was discovered to be carrying a consignment of arms reportedly destined for the #Houthi administration in #Yemen.

Here's a full list of the seizure contents: Image
The head of the network responsible for the Al Bari 2 smuggling operation is Mohamed Omar Salim, a Somali national based in Bosaso. Salim's network has links to #Somaliland, Yemen, the #UAE, and Iran.
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As Khalid yesterday claimed covering 2/3 of #Afghanistan territory with drones and formation super elite units "Rangers", pro #Taliban accounts announced introduction of drones into combat ops (this particular model on pics)
This is nothing special, because same tactic was used in #Syria way, way before. Only #Taliban have a late start. Until now they used drones only for media purposes #Afghanistan
If #Taliban really introduce drones into battle, it will be difficult to combat them, especially in urban areas #IS in #Syria inflicted significant casualties with drone usage #Afghanistan
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#Wien: Tote und Verletzte bei „Terroranschlag mit schwer bewaffneten, sehr professionell vorgehenden Tätern.“ Mindestens ein Angreifer noch auf der Flucht, ein weiterer erschossen #Terror…
#Terror-Anschlag in #Wien: Mutmaßlicher Attentäter postete vor dem Anschlag auf Instagram Fotos mit Waffen, auf den Boden legte er mit Munition einen Treueeid gegenüber dem #IS-Kalifen…
#Wiens Polizeipräsident Gerhard Pürstl spricht in der Pressekonferenz von insgesamt vier Toten: Neben einem getöteten Attentäter habe es drei zivile Opfer gegeben, unter ihnen eine Frau. Bisher war bekannt, dass zwei Passanten erschossen wurden.…
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Thread. Decades of non-Muslims carrying the water for Islamist extremists whose primary victims are Muslims.

More insidiously, such obscurantists conflate Islamism with Islam -directly tarnishing the faith and stoking Islamophobia- while camoflaging Islamists in the West.
Oct 2020: Aside the "copy and paste" journalism on display below, this is the grossly misleading headlines reporting on the beheading of French school teacher Samuel Paty. These are two major mainstream outlets - not fringe alternative media, Al Jazeera or satire site.
Two terrorist leaders of the world's most brutal, extremist, leviathan regimes that oppress and behead Muslims, hang them from cranes, throw them off buildings, enslave, mass rape Yazidi women and girls while carrying out attacks globally are headlined in these Kafkaesque terms:
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Ich habe das Gefühl ich müsste mich mehr zum Thema #Islamismus äußern. Einfach das Ganze verurteilen reicht aber nicht. Stattdessen möchte ich euch die Geschichte des Islamismus erzählen und meine Ansicht verdeutlichen wie man dagegen am Besten ankämpft. (Thread) /1
1. Was ist eigentlich #Islamismus?: Der Begriff wird häufig sehr unterschiedlich von Medien und Experten verwendet. Manchmal einfach nur als Synonym für "politischen Islam", andere Male eher synonym mit islamischem Fundamentalismus und Radikalismus. Beide Gleichsetzungen /2
sind problematisch. Ursprünglich beschrieb #Islamismus fast ausschließlich "politischen Islam". Hierunter vielen aber eine ganze Reihe sehr unterschiedlicher politischer Strömungen, Ideen und Einzelpersonen. Mit unterschiedlichen Haltungen zu Demokratie, Modernisierung etc. /3
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So, who joined #IS but has been ordered to keep it quite (by al-Qurashî's audio)? The keeping it quite part IMO rules out groups with a monopoly on jihâdist violence in their area. #IS has never been shy to announce such acquisitions even when this meant international scrunity. /
Cases in point would be its provinces in Libya and the Phillipines whose territorial control was crushed by bombings of international coalitions. I don't think that this approach has changed when looking at Mozambique right now. 2/
The #ISCA province is very much on the offensive and has been noted as a security risk by international actors. The military intervention of a strong local or global force is only a question of time. 3/
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After a very, very long time #IS #Khurasan uploaded video about its attacks mostly on #Taliban positions in #Nangarhar and #Kunar I can't say when those combat footages were recorded-last year or this one, but I will post them later in this tread
First segment-tirade against #Taliban : accusation of collaboration with #USA and #Kabul, corruption, appeasement to Shias (they used segment with Hazara commander from several months ago)
First segment #Khurasan raid on outpost I would say in #Nangarhar Close combat footage which reminds on some golden times of #IS media
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NDS claimed killing #Khurasan chief judge Abdullah Orakzai. One Abdullah Oarkzai aka Aslam Farooqi was arrested back in April. Who is really killed who knows? Regarding #IS #Khurasan I would say that NDS knows little to nothing Image
Seems that everyone among #ISKP are either called Abdullah or Assadullah. And everyone are from Orakzai band ImageImageImage
According to local account NDS yesterday killed 2 people in Dawlatzi village, Chaparhar district #Nangarhar One on the pic was later identified as Abdullah Orakzai. Photo of another person I won't post because his face is mutilated Image
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Clashes still ongoing in #Nangarhar capital #Afghanistan More then 50 casualties
ANA units in Sahriq Plaza near Prison complex #Jalalabad #Nangarhar
Prison guard Zabit Fazal Nabil among dead in #Jalalabad mayhem #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
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Reports of explosion in #Jalalabad #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
Reports about complex attack on Provincial Jail along with missiles launched towards airport #Jalalabad #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
SVBIED was detonated and gun battle is ongoing around #Nangarhar jail in Provincial capital. Is this #Khurasan answer to the murder of Orakzai yesterday? #Afghanistan
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After #Taliban offensive against #Khurasan in the 2nd half of last year, #IS #Afghanistan branch restarted its activities in #Nangarhar #Herat and #Kabul (province itself or areas around it like #Parwan maybe #Baghlan)…
While article itself argues that TTP factions could join #Khurasan ranks (possible to some extent) I want to ask another question: Can some Jamiat militias join #IS umbrella? No one theorized about that in a light of Doha deal…
"Tajik, Uzbek and Russians also populate ISIS-K’s ranks"....Russians? Really? You must be better then that Mr. Lawrence 😆…
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¿Existe alguna categorización de las #teorías e investigación del área de Sistemas de Información? 🧐 ¡La respuesta es sí! En este hilo te cuento al respecto 👇
A mí me encantan las teorías e investigación del área de Sistemas de Información 😍, por mi formación y participación, pero además porque hablan de situaciones a las que estamos expuestos muy probablemente día a día en esta era de la información y la tecnología 🤗.
Les comparto entonces un listado de los temas generales en los que se categorizan las teorías de esta área:

Fuerza de trabajo en IT - Todo sobre del mundo de los profesionales en IT, cómo es este mundo, cómo cambia, a qué retos se enfrentan y qué soluciones se proponen ✍️✅
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Thread recording every known #R9X Hellfire (aka #NinjaMissile & #FlyingGinsu) strike.

The AGM-114R-9X is an inert variant of the AGM-114 "Hellfire" developed by #Lockheed that is meant to reduce risk of civilian casualties while using pop-out blades to maintain lethality.
The #R9X has received much attention since a @WSJ article by @glubold & @wstrobel last year where it was said to have been used "about a half-dozen times" against high level terrorist targets in "#Libya #Syria #Iraq #Yemen & #Somalia"…
Its extreme precision, exotic nature, and increasingly visible usage by what is presumed to be #JSOC and #CIA according to a piece by @FranticGoat for @thewarzonewire have kept it in the spotlight though.…
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#AlFurqan organe principal de l’#EI annonce une nouvelle production // #IS announces a new production from its main outlet
L’audio est d’Abou Hamza al-Mouhajir porte parole de l’#EI
Ch. al-Mouhajir Abou Hamza al-Qourachi compare le #Covid19 à la campagne de la coalition contre l’#EI et les populations qui vivaient sur son territoire
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Polish Internal Security Agency #ABW have detained on May 7 four 4 #Tajiks on charges of attempting to recruit Muslim converts to carry out militant attacks. The suspects were inspired by the #IslamicState terrorist organization but are not members of the group.
This is another terrorist plot in Europe with citizens of Tajikistan in recent days. On April 15 German authorities detained 5 Tajiks suspected of forming an IS cell plotting attacks in #Germany.
Two individuals in this Tajik cell in Germany were alleged to have traveled to Albania with plans to carry out a contract killing. Around two weeks later, authorities in Albania said they arrested a Tajik citizen sought by Germany for suspected membership in an IS cell.
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#Sahel fin officielle de l’exception de « tolérance » entre #AlQaeda & l’#EI, combat au #Mali et au #BurkinaFaso à l’initiative d’#AQMI l’EI envoie un kamikaze contre les jihadistes d’#AQ // End of the Sahel exception #AQMI & the #IslamicState fighting and #IS used a kamikaze Image
#Mali l’#EI revendique l’attaque qui a mené à la mort d’un légionnaire de #Barkhane « suite à l’activation de plusieurs IED contre un convoi qui essayait d’intercepter un groupe suivi depuis les airs » Image
#Sahel bcp de détails ops sur 3p l’#EI accuse #JNIM #AQMI de « participer à l’effort militaire aux côtés des armés et des croisés [la #France] dans la zone des 3 frontières et de protéger les frontières de l’#Algérie et de la #Mauritanie, #Kouffa & #Ghali qualifiés d’apostats » Image
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(1/x) Am späten #Dienstag #Abend erstach mutmaßlich der 29-jährige Daniel S. den 15-jährigen Arkan Hussein K. in #Celle. Das Opfer war wenige Jahre zuvor aus dem #Irak vor dem #IS nach #Deutschland geflohen.
Ein #Thread zur bisherigen (politischen) #Einordnung:
(2/x) Kurze Zeit nach der Tat veröffentlichten die lokalen Behörden eine Pressemitteilung, in der sie sich zu einem Motiv noch nicht äußerten, da die Ermittlungen noch nicht abgeschlossen waren.…
(3/x) Mehrere Medien berichten, dass es sich um einen "geistig Verwirrten" oder "psychisch Kranken" Täter handeln würde. Warum diese "Verharmlosung durch Pathologisierung" gefährlich ist, erklärt @Belltower_News in einem Artikel:…
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