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@AvantiWestCoast How come that the pile of crap called Avanti West Coast is still allowed to operate train services I will never understand. I'm supposed to be on my way to Wolverhampton. So far I got as far as Euston.
I've been here for a while now; and train after train after train from Avanti is being cancelled! Due to staff shortages. Why don't they just hire more staff?! (No, it's not a train strike day).
And I'm not allowed to catch the next Birmingham train as it's operated by North Western Service. How come North West Rail is able to staff their trains and Avanti are not?! The information board very helpfully says "ask staff" - WHAT STAFF?!
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What is the 'War:Peace Ratio' of 'Your American Life'?

How many years of your life (X) has USA not been at war or involved in armed conflicts?

You might be surprised to learn it's pretty much 'X:0'

Can you even imagine, 'Peace'?…
USA has PTSD (per capita)

"A diagnosis of PTSD requires that the person has been EXPOSED to an extreme stressor."


Deal with it and learn to adapt or stuff it and get your buttons pushed.…
IMAGINE: It's a nice song, anyhow
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The #HS2GravyTrain is all set to be a massive failure because we're in a #ClimateAndEcologicalEmergency, so Britain will have to move, this coming decade, to a #Degrowth economy, a #4DayWeek, lots more #WorkingFromHome, much less #LongDistanceCommuting…
For any chance of human survival through a #ClimateAndEcologicalEmergency that will soon bring crop failures, hunger, chaos, all airport expansion must be halted and air travel massively cut back.
#Birmingham #AirportExpansion…
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The world pop'n is 7,850,000,000,000

UK pop'n is 68,000,000

#HS2 will cost £170,000,000,000 at least,
likely several times that

That works out at £22 for each human being on Earth
. . . or £2,500 for every person living in the UK

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A lot of food used to be cheaper until we started shipping so much to China.

Almonds and Peaches are an example.

Grown in orchards all around me - raw prices skyrocketed to the point I seldom buy them, anymore.

The orchardists are getting screwed by the altered supply chain.
We ship peaches to China where they 'CAN' them for USA then ship them back to USA.

How fucked up is that?

HOW MUCH EXTRA do you think that adds to a price of peaches and takes jobs out of USA?
Turning American Farms into commodities has ended up screwing Farmers and Orchardists - and our #Agriculture industry.

Whether it's Beef, Lamb, Nuts, Fruits or Legumes, the evolution of the supply chain ended up screwing family farmers-and consumers.

And fresh water supplies.
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Is it possible to "dramatize" even a #War against any #Country to stop their businessmen from having any access to #Indian #5G #Market?!

Is this entire #Drama of #War against #China & #AtamNirbharBharat is to keep #Huawei #5G out of India till #MukeshAmbani captures the Market?
Is , in the guise of #AtamNirbharBharat, the King of #CronyCapitalism in #India, conspiring to centralize whole Indian Money & Market in the Hands of his favourite State Players?

Is #AtamNirbharBharat ONLY against one country, or against all other Foreign Investors as well?
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state-owned banks. have an important social objective—to meet the needs of the most vulnerable sections of the economy. Does Private Banks do that ?
PSBs are directed and obligated to help weaker sector despite huge loss, No private Bank would invest in it.
PVTsn makes mngmnt more accountable to markets ✅
➡️PSBs,having been partially privatized since 92 banking sector reforms,are already subject to stock-market discipline-including corporate disclosures & regular audited financial reports.
➡️mngmnt is already accountable
➡️PVTsn would foster competition which would reduce cost of financial intermediation & improve bank profitability✅
➡️it is unclear how a change in ownership from gov to private hands would increase competition if the number of participants in the industry remain the same
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This is your daily pension announcement: Part one, the AIMCO backstory and evaluation of their governance and cost structure. I have got such a rage on today there might be several parts. Bob Ascah's blog is our starting point. #AbLeg #handsoffmypension…
He remains a Fellow of the Institute for Public Economics after a long career at the University of Alberta, ATB, and the Alberta Treasury. May I remind you now that Travis and AIMCo's current strategy is to hope this mess will die down. #itwont #SpoilerAlert
Now, this blog post is from 2017 so it is a bit dated. Remember the other day when I tweeted about how the ATRF and LAPP moves were supposed to make us more like BC? BCIMC specifically? And, that was 💩💩💩 because retirement funds like BC Teachers can leave BCIMC at anytime?
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The recent order by the Supreme Court (…) in the #ForestRightsCase risks reversing hard won recognition of rights for India’s forest dwellers. Thread (1/10)
The case was brought by a group of conservation organisations that question the constitutional validity of the #ForestRightsAct, reflecting an old and discredited paradigm of #FortressConservation.… (2/10)
A number of us wrote an open letter to these organisations in 2014, pointing out the risks of this petition for the conservation cause in India, and inviting them to withdraw the case.… (3/10)
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So journalists doing stories after printing views of every side in the #Aadhaar debate is labelled as "activism". As if "activism" is a bad thing. But, here are a few questions for @Product_Nation and it's volunteers #Thread
1. Is it a #Conflict of #Interest when you use public money to build a system and then create or join private corporations to draw business from that very system?
2. Can you serve as a GoI employee and also serve on boards, companies that are drawing knowledge, business, profits from what you are building from inside the Government? #Aadhaar #CronyCapitalism
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