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"We have struggled with how to create a social and environmental justice platform that could unite vast numbers of the world’s people. The breakthrough has arrived. It’s a brilliant idea: simple but systemic"
- @GeorgeMonbiot
on #DebtForClimate
"Those who demand better pay & conditions for workers & justice for people, have been pitched by demagogues & corporate lobbyists against those who demand a habitable planet. It has proved too easy to stop people uniting around crucial issues. [But] The breakthrough has arrived."
Rich nations owe a massive climate debt to poorer nations for the devastating impacts of the fuels we have burned. Yet they have no intention of paying for the #lossanddamage caused. Instead, poor countries are deemed to owe massive financial debts to the rich nations.
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The action Sunday was packed with people in Asia, Africa, Europe, North & Latin America who can't accept crushing debt that is destroying communities & planet.
The coming days we'll rise up & confront financial power!
#DebtForClimate #DeudaxClima
Follow us 10 African people (some are Kids) gathered to hold placards:Several people holding a banner with "debt for climate&Rebels protest at the international monetary fund in Philade2 Nigerian men hold placards. There is an an empty field in
Rally in Garmisch (Germany) near the #G7 summit.

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Join us:

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🔥Finance Ministry in Berlin blocked - #DebtForClimate activists call for #G7 to cancel illegitimate Global South debt.

All entrances are closed, 20 activists glued themselves to doors and driveways to demand an end to neocolonial exploitation through debt. #G7GER
At the Finance Ministry in Berlin

Debt forces Global South countries into allowing Global North creditors to exploit their natural resources

#G7 cancel the debt so Global South countries can leave fossil fuels in the ground and invest in renewables!

#DebtForClimate #G7GER
Activists are directly addressing German Finance Minister @ChristianLindner who as Finance Minister of one of the #G7 countries, has influence on global finance and is also Deputy Governor for Germany in the IMF.

#DebtForClimate #G7GER
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Isaac SSentumbwe, a climate justice activist from #Uganda is at @stopg7elmau Germany to issue some very important demands.

🔊 He wants climate finance by having the #DebtForClimate cancelled!

👏 He rightly says Justice is #ClimateJustice

💥“We cannot achieve climate justice without putting into consideration the debt that is being put on developing countries, and yet they are suffering some of the worst impacts of the #climatecrisis...." 💥


"...We want the countries Global North to take responsibility for their actions, to take responsibility for what is happening in our countries. It's because of them that the #emissions in the atmosphere what are multiplying each and every year..."


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Who is to blame for global warming?

There is a staggering imbalance: the ecological guilt of a world minority - the Global North - is immeasurably greater than the guilt of the Global South with its low emissions.

#DebtForClimate #DeudaXClima

At the same time, however, the people most affected by the impacts of the climate crisis, such as water scarcity, food insecurity, drought, floods, pollution, extreme storms and displacement, live in the Global South.

#DebtForClimate #DeudaXClima

The debt of countries in the Global South is also significantly related to the damage caused by the #G7 and their exploitation. Therefore, the debts on the IMF and World Bank balance sheets are pure lies that perpetuate colonialism.

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Wer trägt die Schuld für die Erderhitzung?

Es herrscht ein erschütterndes Ungleichgewicht: Die ökol. Schuld einer Weltminderheit - des Globalen Nordens - ist unermesslich größer ist als die Schuld des Globalen Südens mit seinen niedrigen Emissionen.

#DebtForClimate #DeudaXClima
Gleichzeitig leben die Menschen, die am stärksten von den Auswirkungen der Klimakrise wie Wasserknappheit, Ernährungsunsicherheit, Dürre, Überschwemmungen, Umweltverschmutzung, extremen Stürmen und Vertreibung betroffen sind, jedoch im Globalen Süden.
#DebtForClimate #DeudaXClima
Die Schulden der Länder des Globalen Südens hängen auch wesentlich mit den von den #G7 verursachten Schäden und deren Ausbeutung zusammen. Daher sind die Schulden in den Bilanzen des IMF und der Weltbank reine Lügen, die den Kolonialismus weiter fortschreiben.

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Countries with high emissions are also responsible for centuries of exploitation and colonisation of the rest of the world. The @debtforclimate campaign therefore demands that rich countries of the Global North pay their climate debt.

We explain how #DebtForClimate works!
We are building a decentralised revolution from below, starting from the Global South.

Workers', social & environmental movements on the frontline of climate catastrophe are flanked by groups from the Global North.
#DebtForClimate #DeudaXClima

@EstebanServat with @GeorgeMonbiot
The international debt trap is an ideal intersection to bring all struggles together!

Rich or poor, we will mobilise en masse until the current "debt" is cancelled and the real debt is paid.
#DebtForClimate #DeudaXClima
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+++ Breaking +++
Today Rebels from all over the EU are in front of the European Parliament.

We’re rebelling to save our home. The EU has to #CriminaliseEcocide and act now to save our forests, oceans and soils! #EUstopEcocriminals or we risk losing it all.

Thread 🧵⏬ A group of Extinction Rebellion people in Brussels gather an
@marietouss1 @CaroRackete @ErikMarquardt @EU_Commission @CJAOurPower @EcocideLaw @ExtinctionR @XR_Belgium @StopEcocideNL @EstebanServat #BiodiversityNow #CriminaliseEcocide

The ecological collapse is here, still the EU is not acting.
The time for denial is over!

1⃣ Implement legislation against #ecocide asap and make environmental destruction a crime!
2⃣ Cancel trade deals that destroy the environment! A woman and a man holding a sign "Stop Ecocide everywhe
3⃣ Shift to sustainable agriculture, by reducing livestock and promoting plant-based diets!
4⃣ Design a plan to restore our ecosystems all over Europe.
5⃣ A global #DebtForClimate initiative to leave fossil fuels in the ground, while freeing the Global South from the debt burden! A rebel scientist is speaking on a stage. She can be seen stA banner with "Stop Ecocide" written on it. The O
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