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THREAD 1 | The German government has finally agreed on details of the coal phase out law, 12 months after the recommendations of the Coal Commission. Legislation was initially supposed to be approved by end of 2019. New plan to ratify legislation by mid 2020. #Kohleausstieg
2 | Most of the recommendations will be implemented, including a final exit by 2038 with an earlier review option to phase out coal by 2035. This will be linked to a #justtransition law for affected regions - a €40bn investment package until 2038. Hambach Forest will survive.
3 | However, some important deviations from the Commission plan and concerns persist. With #DattelnIV, Germany will put another coal plant online in 2020 - a very bad signal for German climate policy internationally, particularly as a member of the #PoweringPastCoal Alliance.
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THREAD: Here is my take on one of the elements of the #EUGreenDeal that got most attention in the last weeks... the new #JustTransition Mechanism aka #JustTransitionFund 👇

The full proposal will be published in January but the communication gives a taste...
1. The Commission rightly recognizes that the #JustTransition needs to be fair for everyone:
➡️people suffering from the impacts of climate change & a lack of climate action
➡️people negatively affected by climate policy

More on this:…
2. The fund will support the regions and sectors most affected by the transition. Yes, you read that right! It’s not only about #coal. This is important because reducing emissions in other sectors will also have consequences for workers and communities. 👏👏
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Interlude #2: Next episode by Dr Dre featuring Snoop Dogg. '2001' is a perfect album from start to finish.…
Pre-911 I'd not gotten into History or Geopolitics much. I didn't feel like Nations & how they ran themselves would hold many surprises. Expect folks creating a broken/backwards system to themselves be broken/backwards. #911 reminded humans how quickly this stuff can matter /23
End of the day on 911 I felt like I all I knew for sure was America was about to smoke somebody, maybe a whole bunch of somebodies & that it would be nice to know who actually did it & why. What else can you do? You wait for the President to speak. Yeah. *That* guy. /24
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Hey Twitter: Is there a place where all jobs related to #ClimateAction are posted? I'm getting a lot of emails from people wanting to commit themselves to climate work full time. Which is great! And be thrilled if there's a centralized source to direct folks too.
Looks like this is one good resource. Thanks @Lydia_Beeyoobee!…
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The status quo is a dead system walking. It's not about whether we will properly address the #ClimateCrisis or not but rather when & under what circumstances? A Renaissance is best. A Revolution is minimum viable. Either way you want be on the right side of these things THREAD
Humans've made it abundantly clear: Damaging the world, creating mass extinctions, befouling our children's future, none of that's enough. Many (most?) of us are either too stupid or don't care or don't care enough about any of it. The impending #GlobalCataclysm(s) ends that. /2
It's coming & it's coming over the next 10 years and it's not stoppable. That's a safer bet than not & I stand by it. Think of all the climate disasters today compared to 5 years ago or even 2. Everything's going faster. Multiplier effects. And we're still pouring on the gas /3
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Because the latest mass shootings are opening a tiny crack of a conversation about white supremacy in the United States, remember that climate change and white supremacy are also connected.
The political party that more explicitly promotes white supremacy also promotes climate inaction. The worldview that sees non-white people as 'other' or 'less than' also frames other species and ecosystems as 'resources'.
The worldview that puts white men at the top of a hierarchy of humanity also puts humanity at the top of a hierarchy of living beings, a logic that contributes to everything from over-extraction to the biodiversity crisis to climate change.
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Delighted to be an observer at @irishcongress #BDC19 this morning as they debate motions on #ClimateAction and #JustTransition and a keynote address from Mary Robinson. Government plan is hopelessly weak on Just Transition, compared to #JOCCA report. We need a Task Force now.
Speaking to @irishcongress #BDC19 Mary Robinson praises @GretaThunberg for speaking so directly and quotes her:
“We need to keep the fossil fuels in the ground and we need to focus on equity.”
Are you listening @LeoVaradkar, @RichardbrutonTD and @SeanCanney?
Mary Robinson sets out 3 steps for people taking #ClimateAction. First, take personal ownership and action. She says again she has become a pescatarian, still eating fish but giving up meat. @irishcongress #BDC19
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Today we're taking a trip along the Ohio River to see how the expanding petrochemical industry is impacting the country's most polluted river. #savetheohio
Our first site: the Revolution natural gas #pipelineexplosion. Karen Gdula describes her experience waking up to the fire in her backyard.
The Shell Ethane Cracker- the plant contains 42 aluminum silos to hold the 1.6 MILLION tons of plastic pellets it will make per yr (pictured). #frackingforplastic
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Skimming thru 2019 Budget with LULUCF/land-use lens & a few things caught my eye...

$229m package for sust land-use. #JustTransition thinking applied to land sector. Best practice: set up enabling mechanisms to assist landowners to move as Zero Carbon Act pinches. 🤠🐑🌳🙌
A pipeline of future funding for forestry, hopefully to get sector's house in order and diversify away from risky over-reliance on clear-felled Pinus radiata monocultures... 🌱🌿🌳
Vital commitment to agricultural emissions reductions research - to take a lead where we gain most from leading, and where we might assist developing countries with similarly ag-heavy emissions profiles. 🐂💨
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Huge #cleanenergy news to kick off week!

@GuzmanEnergy offering to buy three of @TriStateGT's #coal-fired power plants (and a coal mine), shut them down, replace them with #renewables.

Tri-State would be crazy to pass up this deal,…
Deal would shutter @TriStateGT's Craig power plant in NW #Colorado, also Escalante plant in #NewMexico.

@GuzmanEnergy would replace costly #coal w/more affordable #cleanenergy, saving Tri-State's rural electric co-op members higher rates, promoting local economic development.
According to @GuzmanEnergy release, proposal would also provide, "substantial financial assistance to communities negatively impacted by the early retirement of coal plants, to be driven by engagement directly with those
communities and other local partners."

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We weren't allowed to tweet from the #BPAGM so I've summarised my highlights below 👇
The AGM started off with protesters disrupting the meeting by calling BP a climate criminal & gluing themselves to the board - full video here 👇in response, BP CEO said everybody likes a good Shakespeare
The Q&A of the #BPAGM kicked off w @MsJoAlexander making a pledge to BP to make opportunities for its employees to work on low-carbon solutions & make their jobs more meaningful. #JustTransition The response from the chair was vague & disappointing.
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Fear & Loathing in Alberta: the Big Fat Lie of Election 2019 THREAD #GentThreads #abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli #yeg #yyc
First of all, thank you Edmonton, for being the intellectual & moral hub of this entire province. The rest of us, evidently, were all too ready to elect to power a team already revealed as white supremacists, homophobes, misogynists, frauds, criminals & climate deniers /2 #abpoli
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"Conservatism" causes even smart people to vote stupid. Running government/society is THE EXACT OPPOSITE of running a business. It's how BUSINESS just keeps posting up platform-free tax-cut for the rich nitwits like George Bush, Donald Trump & Jason Kenney #abpoli #ableg #abvote
Think it's a no-brainer that Government should be run like a Business? Here's the end of that forever: who are your shareholders & who are your workers? If the answer is 'the People' for both your analogy has already imploded #ableg #abvote #ableg
What INEVITABLY begins happening for folks that think 'Gov should be run like Business' is they start to see 'the People' as 'the Workers' and their own funders/benefactors as shareholders. Hence a ludicrously wealthy 1% at the expense of all else. The inevitable result is this:
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Calgary is the whole ballgame. If it turns out Calgary isn't as automatically conservative as everybody thinks it is & the demographics have changed for good then it's a whole new political paradigm for Alberta going forward #abpoli #ableg #abvote
Alternatively, if "something something PIPELINES" can make enough Calgarians ignore the open racism, misogyny, hate & homophobia of the manifestly despicable Jason Kenney & his UCP then we've learned something many of us didn't really want to learn #abpoli #ableg #abvote
The last time Calgary voted provincially we voted NDP. Then Alberta elected a progressive mayor in Edmonton & reelected a progressive mayor in Calgary. We find out if the 'staunchly conservative' label still fits this town/province next Tuesday night #abpoli #ableg #abvote
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In April, Alberta, Canada, will elect a new provincial government. Many may be unaware that the current @rachelnotley govt has adopted a globally significant #climate plan. Here is what's in it, what it has done, and what is at stake next month. A THREAD #abvote 1/24
First, where did Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan plan come from? (George Soros, perhaps? Foreign-funded radicals?) No. It came from Albertans. A volunteer panel led by @andrew_leach spoke w 1K residents in-person and heard from 25K+ online. 2/24
The panel also engaged with 350+ stakeholders and met w Aboriginal Peoples in three cities, and received hundreds of detailed submissions from NGOs, industry groups and others. 3/24
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Where do you put your effort as a human being in a rapidly destabilising world?

Peace? Development? Women's rights? Public health?

Or building a social movement large enough to counterbalance the #fossilfuel industry?

@mayboeve @350 @Strike4Youth @sunrisemvmt

Thread /
@mayboeve @350 @Strike4Youth @sunrisemvmt We start by centering the fact that some people have more skin in the game than others. Climate action is always intertwined with inequality.

@presidencymv faces an existential crisis from climate change. Now we're talking extinction, refugees, rights, in ways we can't imagine.
@mayboeve @350 @Strike4Youth @sunrisemvmt @presidencymv @OoredooMaldives @visitmaldives @maldivescricket @350Australia @350action @billmckibben So in this context, facing the vested interest of the most powerful industry in the history of mankind, that thinks nothing of deceit, when do we stop being polite? When do we turn to confrontation?

@ExtinctionR @SkaneXr @ExtinctionR_DE @XR_Sweden @GretaThunberg @GreenRupertRead
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THREAD: We wrapped @Davos #WEF19 today & I want to share my thoughts on the mood this year. Discussions focused on geopolitical & economic risks to the energy sector, #climatechange, optimism abt the pace & promise of technological innovation & outlook for clean energy.
Compared to 2018, the economic mood @Davos was more grim & subdued. Ongoing US-China trade dispute weighed heavily.. Many expect some resolution before March 2 deadline, but thorny issues in relationship will persist & China digging in for long-term. Brexit added to worries.
Last year’s lamenting by world leaders that the U.S. had withdrawn from the Paris climate agreement were replaced w/ deep concern that the U.S. has exited the world stage completely.
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We have just published our Review of Energy Policy: 2018!
Check out the thread below for a summary of all our recommendations.
Read the review in full here:
On #Transport: The target for phasing our conventionally fuelled vehicles is inadequate. The @transportgovuk ‘Road to Zero’ (‘ICE ban 2040’) may neither hit the target nor make the early gains needed for a 1.5°C trajectory. @_chris_brand_ @jillian_anable
On #electricity: policy should build on Electricity Market Reform that has worked well & adapt in the light of technology/cost changes. Change in ‘black start’ incentives & other ancillary services are needed to ensure the system remains resilient @energyukcomms @ngcontrolroom
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"Embodied energy injustices: Unveiling and politicizing the transboundary harms of fossil fuel extraction and fossil fuel supply chains".

New paper with @jenniecstephens & @stephmalin_soc

Thread (1)…
Energy decisions have transboundary impacts. Yet assessments of large-scale energy infrastructure (e.g. EIS) rarely consider upstream/downstream emissions. Justice implications are completely omitted. Net effect = incomplete & flawed energy decisions (2)
The old Salem plant burned coal from La Guajira, Colombia. Fracked gas from PA, USA, now supplies the new gas-fired station*. Decision-makers ignored the ‘upstream’ injustices experienced by both communities. (3)…
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First re: strategy - don't over promise… that just leads to regret. So this is where the 💯%RE thing is a big mistake, which let's face it is fundamentally about 0% nuclear. And my take is that we need nuclear *with* renewables to make this work ultimately. 2/x @simonahac
There's other stuff: other techs, non-electricity emissions,… But clearly nuclear is the big bogeyman here so I'll focus on that. + the next decade or two will make clear(er) the difference in results b/w those that insist on effectively only relying on renewables vs those… 3/x
…using nuclear+renewables+whatever-else. i.e. California vs New Jersey with New York in the middle somewhere.
This strategy then is a long play. And we must recognise there will be "collateral damage" like X% loss of the Great Barrier Reef, where X>10 4/x
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