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The #BonnClimateConference failed once again to address the key drivers of the #ClimateCrisis [= #FossilFuels]. Delay is the new Denialism.
A 🧵on the #FalseSolutions increasingly being pushed in the @UNFCCC negotiations: #CCS #CDR & #geoengineering are dangerous distractions!
Science is crystal clear, the only way to meaningfully reduce emissions is a rapid, equitable, full & funded phase-out of ALL fossil fuels. In this essential #JustTransition, there's is NO space for dangerous distractions such as #CCS or #CarbonRemoval.…
#CCS is NOT a climate solution @CA_Latest…
#CCS may carry even more risk & uncertainty than drilling for oil or gas, according to @ieefa_institute…
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Why mechanics, garages worry about #ElectricVehicle revolution: Only 2% of India’s vehicles are EVs, but sales rose 155% in 2022-23. @kavithawrites on need to re-skill large workforce to ensure #JustTransition 

“Every third vehicle that I see is an #ElectricVehicle. It will have an impact on small informal workers like mechanics, spare parts dealers: Y Vamshi Krishna, owner of service centre in #Hyderabad. Millions wary of #electricMobility revolution’s impact on #labour. 2/4
“I am scared…We may lose our jobs as we don’t have the necessary skills.” T Sai Kumar, a technician at a car dealership in #Hyderabad. Major auto companies are currently looking at what training workers need amid transition to #ElectricVehicles. 3/4
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With the goal to catalyze more rapid and coordinated action across the full technology value chain, @ENERGY's #NuclearLiftoff establishes a common fact-base for the private sector for critical clean energy technologies. #BuildNuclearNow 1/x… Image
Regardless of level of #renewables deployment, to achieve net-zero in the U.S. by 2050 requires ~550–770 GW of additional clean, firm capacity. Modeling results indicate demand for 200+ GW of new nuclear capacity. #AdvancedNuclear 2/x Image
Multiple system-level decarbonization modeling exercises over the last 2 years have concluded that, especially with estimates for #renewables buildout that account for limitations from #transmission expansion and #LandUse, significant new #nuclear power would be required by 2050. Image
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The fossil fuel industry wants to roll back NY's methane accounting standard, the more accurate 20 Yr. GWP. Why? To cover up the damage they cause & slow down climate action. Here’s what you need to know. A thread. #energytwitter @howarth_cornell
Methane is a potent GHG but dissipates faster than CO2. Instead of using an outdated 100 year global warming potential metric, NY law, the CLCPA, uses the 20 year GWP to capture the climate damage caused by methane.
The difference in using the 20 year GWP versus the 100 year GWP are profound. NY’s Climate Plan calculates that the state’s net total emissions were 338.5 MMT CO2e in 2019 per the 20 year GWP. Compare that to 165.5 MMT CO2e net emissions in 2019 using the 100 yr GWP.
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All month, the island nation of Vanuatu has been in a state of emergency as it rebuilds following a brutal 48-hours of two cyclones and an earthquake.

How this is devastating reminder that fossil-fueled climate impacts are here and now... A thread 🧵…
Cyclones are among the most destructive extreme weather events &, on a warming planet, they're predicted to be more intense & costly due to

📈more storm surges
📈faster wind speeds
📈more rainfall
📈more flooding

A great fact sheet from @climatecouncil…
The loss and damage from climate change — whether it's these cyclones, flooding that engulfed parts of India and Bangladesh in May, or heat waves that gripped much of the United States and Europe last year - will only escalate with every fraction of warming.
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1/14 70th anniversary of #Germany's #DebtCancellation after #WWII! This laid the foundation for 🇩🇪’s economic "miracle". Here’s why a debt cancellation for the Global South is a necessary precondition to enable a #JustTransition & #ClimateJustice!
🧵👇 Projection by Koala Kollektiv
2/14 History taught us how intelligent debt policy works. February 27, 2023, marks the 70th anniversary of the cancellation of 🇩🇪’s debt. This contributed decisively to the reconstruction of a heavily war-torn country.… #DebtForClimate #LondonAgreement1953
3/14 Through the #LondonAgreement1953, signed on February 27, 1953, during the the age of bloc confrontation, the young 🇩🇪 nation was closely tied to the Western defense alliance. #DebtForClimate #CancelTheDebt
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On Feb 27, we will take to the streets in 🇩🇪 and in front of German embassies worldwide!
This day marks the 70th anniversary of the debt cancellation 🇩🇪 received after #WW2 in the #LondonAgreement.
Here is a little history lesson that you may not have heard in school:
Post-war 🇩🇪 was a heavily indebted country:
there was pre-war debt, consisting of outstanding reparation payments from WW1 & private debts of German banks & companies (standstill debt), the amount of the debt made by the Nazi Government (Konversionskasse) and post-war debt👇[2/18
Bear in mind that the #DeNazification of 🇩🇪 was never properly done: major powerful figures from the Third Reich remained in influential political & economic positions after the war, and were able to build their businesses also due to the outcome of the #LondonAgreement.👇[3/18]
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Incredible introduction to @SierraClub's Executive Director @BenJealous!

Thanks @Sammy_Roth for a great story covering topics of how to navigate racism, financial affordability and internal tensions in an ambitious agenda to tackle the climate crisis.…
2 / @BenJealous: "Racism has always been the wedge that kings and oligarchs have used to weaken people’s ability to assert their claims to justice. It’s an artifact of an old colonial divide-and-conquer strategy..."
3/ "...So for those at the Sierra Club who have wondered why we are so on fire to fight racism, I explain that it’s an obstacle to us saving the planet. Racism helps to ensure poverty, which keeps people desperate in making bad decisions about the future of the planet."
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Today @ClimateZA released a discussion paper on Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanisms #CBAM… Thread 1/
#CBAMs are intended to impose a tax on imported products equivalent to the domestic cost of emission reductions i.e. to ensure consistency in carbon pricing of goods traded between different jurisdictions. 2/
EU has been debating different versions of #CBAM between the EU Commission, Parliament and Council, and in Dec 2022 reached agreement on common approach (although some details still need ironing out). 3/
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The fossil fuel industry is not going to design its own demise. Instead, they seem to have no problem enabling the production of the biggest driver of our climate crisis.

Why @antonioguterres speech to #UNGA this morning is so important. A thread 🧵
Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Exxon & Shell all reported record profits for 2022, a year in which Russia's war on Ukraine collided with the post-pandemic economic recovery to drive oil prices to their highest levels in history.…
Together, the four companies saw $1 TRILLION in sales last year. TotalEnergies and BP are still due to report their 2022 financial results next week. These obscene profits of the fossil fuel industry are jarring when set two broader contexts...
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What does Net Zero (emissions) mean to India? @a_khosla from @ClimateTrendsIN setting the stage for @earthjournalism's 3 days intensive workshop on Net Zero & Just Energy Transition in Kolkata, India w/ @joydeepgupta ⚡️

#IndiaNetZero ImageImageImageImage
"For me, #JustTransition is a story. Not just a story on energy transtion BUT a story of intersection of everything that we work on - business, health, water, environment, wildlife, social & gender etc." says @journomayank from @ClimateTrendsIN in @earthjournalism's workshop 💭
"If we want to learn about #JustTransition we need to ask right questions to the community" says @ps_iitk "we need to understand the role different stakeholders play in the community & what's the story angle we're focusing on" from @Jtrc_iitkanpur 💡

#IndiaNetZero Image
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Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) won’t save us.

Here are just three major reasons why: 🧵 Image
1. Even if CCS *did* actually capture all CO2, it would then be transported through CO2 pipelines that, like all pipelines, risk disastrous leaks.

It also wouldn’t do anything to capture other greenhouse gases like methane, water contamination from fracking, or other pollutants.
2. CCS is inordinately expensive.

Even CCS proponents acknowledge this fact, and argue for public subsidies for CCS on the basis that it’s too expensive and risky for private investment.
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🧵/10 Very proud to present our rapid evidence assessment report review from @JTLAberdeen on just transition in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire - it can be found on… 1/ Image
We conducted an REA (in essence, a mini-systematic review) to find out what the existing evidence says about how has the oil and gas industry presence shaped the region; and what are the scenarios/visions/planning for just transition in Aberdeen and Shire. 2/
We searched academic databases, google, and the archives in the basements of the @silvercitylibs and @aberdeenunilib (thanks to the great teams there for support!). We reviewed over 4000 sources. After screening - ended up with 173 sources from which we extracted evidence. 3/
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3 confessions from #ClimateActivists & #ClimateEconomists seeking to tackle the #ClimateCrisis

We were wrong

-2 promise apple pie & motherhood sans costs
-2 repeat solar PV cheapest form of power sans caveats
-2 dismiss any trade-off between climate & development

Back in the day those, including me, who worked on many different versions of the #greendeal all focused on the win-win scenarios ... #greenjobs #greengrowth #justtransition etc. and tho the context has changed completely this win-win farming remains even in the year 2023
Had we mobilised on a war-footing back then, invested at scale, imposed #carbontaxes, innovated like mad & massively increased financial & technological support 4 developing economies to shun coal & adopt #renewables, the #greendeal may have worked, albeit not without real costs
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☀️ NEW: New Mexico is particularly vulnerable to climate change impacts, and dirty industries have treated the state like a sacrifice zone.

Fresh findings expose those industries' false climate claims and outline a #JustTransition to a healthy future:…
The oil & gas and uranium mining industries have poisoned communities in New Mexico while residents don't see the benefits.

While New Mexico ranks second in the country for oil and gas production, it’s the third poorest state.…
Monopoly investor-owned electric utilities often charge high rates to poorer New Mexicans, a pattern that risks being repeated even if cleaner energy sources are adopted.

For an energy transition to benefit all residents, it must be a #JustTransition.…
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Here is my take on #COP27 outcome(s) on #climate #mitigation based mostly on fieldnotes from COP, focussing on #FossilFuels, #JustTransition & #equity/ambition dichotomy.@TheIndiaForum @girmanipal @CentreMarcBloch @FU_Berlin @NavrozDubash @ClimateDiplo 1/8…
I argue, "Despite alarming evidence about the pace of cc, #COP27 failed to raise mitigation ambition. While the 1.5°C limit was salvaged in the end, the lack of consensus on fossil fuel phase-down/phase-out scuttled the possibility of meaningful action in the coming years." 2/8
Not only are #industrialized countries' mitigation commitments grossly insufficient to meet the 1.5°C limit, their efforts to sidestep their pre-2020 commitments, Paris decisions & delink developing countries' mitigation efforts from #climatefinance dilute #equity. 3/8
Read 8 tweets NORWAY MOVES TO GREEN FUTURE DESPITE OIL RICHES The Nordic nation is moving faster than most in de-carbonising its economy, but it has faced criticism for not rushing to Europe’s aid in the current energy crisis. Norway has become astonishingly rich thanks to its oil and natural gas.
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In the spirit of stubborn optimism, I'm crowdsourcing a list of COP-firsts.

#COP27 was far from perfect (and that's an understatement!) but some pretty incredible things did happen for the first time ever (please add!)
Another first in the #LossAndDamage realm: #COP27 agreed to set up the #SantiagoNetwork on L&D

It will provide a match-making service between countries suffering from loss and damage and those organisations that can support them to respond.

More here:
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‼️Happening NOW @CANIntl press briefing:

On the state of play of negotiations at #COP27 with a focus on #LossAndDamage and #FossilFuels

🗣️@mohadow @PowerShftAfrica, @catabreu_ , @MartinellChiara @CANEurope, @yebsan @GreenpeaceSEA

Webcast:… Image
At this #COP27 we are looking for #ClimateJustice and #ClimateAmbition. But we haven´t seen progress. @mohadow @PowerShftAfrica. Image
“You cannot have a LossAndDamage fund, if it doesn't deliver solidarity to those communities on the frontline that cannot adapt to #ClimateChange anymore. We are in need of international solidarity.” @mohadow @PowerShftAfrica
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As this #ANCNEC, we extend our congratulations to the people of Angola and the MPLA on the celebration of the centenary of António Agostinho Neto.
As one of the founders of the MPLA, he was an internationalist, who supported the struggles of oppressed people across the continent, and in particular the struggle against apartheid in Namibia and South Africa.
The #ANCNEC welcomed the agreement reached between the Government of Ethiopia and the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front as a first step towards resolving the devastating conflict which started in November 2020.
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BREAKING: at #COP27, the UN Secretary General’s high-level expert group is releasing a new standard to turn empty net-zero commitments into meaningful climate action. Stick with me for details - it’s very good news 🧵 Image
HLEG Chair @cathmckenna gives us the highlights. From now on, a real commitment from businesses, investors, and cities to #NetZero must mean:

🚫No more fossil fuels - that means no new oil, gas and coal projects and no new $$ for fossils
🌳No deforestation
💨No hot air offsets instead of real, immediate emissions reductions
🌐A commitment to reducing emissions across the full supply-chain - that means NZ commitments must address scope 1,2, AND 3 emissions
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Today we see faith institutions representing 1.5B+ persons call for a #FossilFuelTreaty in response to govt action being "painstakingly slow & catered too much to the reckless & deceptive fossil fuel corporations"🧵

Read their letter:
#NoFaithInFossils Image
Religious institutions have led the way on divesting from fossil fuels, playing a vital role in major climate mobilization. They now join this #FossilFuelTreaty call "to remedy the decades of negligence" & "heal the planet & people alike" as stated in their letter.
Faith leaders are part of a growing movement that recognizes fossil fuels are the greatest contributor to climate change. That list includes the likes of @WHO, European Parliament, Vanuatu, 101 Nobel Laureates and leading academics. See the full list:
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+++ Politicians chatting about a “just transition” in Europe +++

Dark Reality: fossil gas expansion in Africa
Just Solution: climate finance + local renewable energy systems


Read more here:… ImageImage
@EU_Commission + 🇪🇺-countries need to stop their neocolonial grab for gas in Africa.

Instead, EU leaders must support a #JustTransition on the continent & accelerate a renewable based energy system globally @marietouss1#DontGasAfrica

Read more here:… Image
European governments, esp🇩🇪, proactively push for new gas infrastructure in Africa even though we have local renewable potential in Europe. 🇪🇺leaders: Keep your Glasgow promise + listen to the @Europarl_EN: end new support for fossil fuels! @EU_Commission @vonderleyen @OlafScholz
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🌍As #COP27 is about to begin, @Luisamneubauer @FoEint @CANEurope @Global_Witness @Germanwatch @ciel_tweets @amisdelaterre @AlbaGlezVilla & +100 signatories urge European govts to grasp this historic moment & act as true climate leaders.

New fossil #gas in Africa would:

🧑🏿‍🤝‍🧑🏿Destroy livelihoods, public health & biodiversity
💰 Undermine African development, saddling countries with more debt & stranded assets
☀️Prevent finance going to energy access & a transition to clean energy in Africa…
.@EU_Commission 🇪🇺 needs to stop jeopardizing Africa’s development & access to electricity. Instead, as @marietouss1 says, EU leaders must support a #JustTransition in the continent & accelerate a renewable based energy system globally.

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