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Enjoyed this piece on @decredproject's "conservatives" and "progressives." Funny to see different parties emerging in our digital collectives, just like the meatspace...…
2/ As with any community, there are varying viewpoints re: $DCR's best uses and the way to spend the network's treasury towards those desired ends.
3/ The "conservatives" are largely in control and rolling out a plan for $DCR to progress from SoV to MoE and then to UoA.

The "progressives" want more experimentation with the beautiful Decred machinery they've fallen in love with.
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Time for a #Decred On-chain Update!

There are so many bottom formation + undervaluation fractals at play for #Decred.

This thread covers some of the highest conviction on-chain metrics and the impressive alignment of direction.

Generational confluence on-chain.

Strap in 👇 1/
Miners: As covered in my last research paper, PoW $DCR miners have endured challenging conditions.

With unforgeable costs, PoW miners are known to 'Put the Bottom in'.

The cumulative PoW reward paid (USD) has entered a generational low fractal alongside difficulty squeeze.
The Puell Multiple measures the current USD PoW income against the yearly rolling average.

Miners are long term thinkers and when incomes are challenged, the weak switch off their mining rigs and the reward coins are distributed to the strong.

This constrains supply.

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1/ The year in #Decred.

Markets ebb and flow, but Decred maintains a long-term approach to rebuilding the financial system in a fairer way. The year included software releases, community evolution and maturation, and a crystallization of how Decred will become a SoV, MoE & UoA.
2/ Software Releases
#Privacy using CoinShuffle++ and DiceMix enables opt-in for security of users and long-term network interests via @real_or_random. dcrppool ensures decentralization of PoW. Mobile wallets released for iOS & Android. dcrln launched #LightningNetwork on mainnet
3/ Evolving the Organism
#Decred formally approved and built towards a #DAO, which will provide security. It proved adaptable, as the Politeia platform matured and was updated. Decred upgraded software by changing consensus rules in a coordinated manner.
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1/I am extremely pleased to present the first of a three part series on critically reviewing the stock-to-flow model for #Decred and #Bitcoin.

In this paper I undertake numerous regression analyses to validate inputs and compare performance age-for-age.…
2/ I establish fundamental reasons why I have studied #Decred further as a contractor as well as explain the similarities and differences between monetary policies.

I conclude that in the realm of digital, immutable, sound money, both #Bitcoin and #Decred are best in class.
3/ Undertaking regression analyses for $DCR, $BTC and $LTC over multiple timescales, I present stock-to-flow models for all three assets.

#Bitcoin continues to impress, R2 = 0.90
#Bitcoin at age 3.67 has R2 = 0.66
#Decred at age 3.67 has R2 = 0.70
#Litecoin no valid fit R2<0.5
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1/ I am studying #Decred in the context of #Bitcoin in the early days.

I aim to assess the following:
- Compare $DCR and $BTC supply characteristics
- Performance of #DCR compared to young #BTC
- Decred unforgeable costliness
- Mathematical rigor for $DCR S2F model

Prelim ideas
2/ #Decred launched in Aug 2016 (~ BTC block 33600).

Given similar supply curve, I have offset $DCR performance by 33,600 BTC blocks and plotted as if #Decred launched side by side with #Bitcoin.

Unsurprisingly, #Decred behaves much like a 'smooth' #Bitcoin without halvings.
3/ Plan B established the invaluable and statistically valid S2F model for $BTC.

Key difference between scarcity of $DCR and $BTC is #Bitcoin immaculate conception, time alive (network effect) and block reward distribution.

21Million, predefined schedule and S2F path are equal.
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If looking for an institutional grade #Decred staking pool:…
Imagine if you could have earned a 10%+ annual yield on your #bitcoin, denominated in $BTC.

That’s what’s available for active participation in #Decred, denominated in $DCR, right now.
If interested in #GeneralizedMining at large, check out @coinfund_io’s

Beyond @decredproject, they’re already involved with @LivepeerOrg, @steemit, @compoundfinance, and gearing up to support @NuCypher & @geo_protocol.
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0/ Surprise surprise, it's been another hot start to the week for the #crypto/#blockchain ecosystem. Encouraging to see!

Below is a 18-part thread I created to help you keep informed re industry news that broke over the past ~24 hours. Hope you enjoy it!
1/ 🌐 An ann. from Elliott Suthers (Comms. Director, @Coinbase) revealed that "high-volume @CoinbasePro and Prime customers in Asia and Europe [can now] use cross-border wire transfers to fund their Coinbase accounts."

Now *that* is progress!…
2/ 🙋🏻‍♂️ Staying with @Coinbase, news emerged that the top-tier #crypto exchange hired Quito Zuba as its Head of Market Operations last November.

Formerly, Quito spent over 6 years as the Global Head of Operations for @ThomsonReuters. Big get for Coinbase!
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@antsankov The Decred team has spent the last few years building one of the most robust supply-sides in the industry, with checks & balances + incentives for the devs, miners, and stakeholders. That sets it up very well to answer your question in the years to come: key demand-side drivers.
@antsankov It’s not clear, beyond being the leading alternative SoV to #bitcoin, what those demand-side drivers will be for #decred.
@antsankov What is clear is the community is actively discussing and building out towards that future, as can be witnessed on Politeia:

The short answer to your question is the hive mind of Decred stakeholders will decide!
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@devilninja777 @WeekendSlackers @decredproject - More secure design w/ PoS check & balance layered on top of PoW. (Certainly, Bitcoin's more secure rn b/c it's much bigger, but Decred's design is better).
- Long term funding model for devs baked into protocol
- Fork-resistant, avoiding headaches is going thru w/ etc
@devilninja777 @WeekendSlackers @decredproject As a long-term SoV, then, has the potential to be more secure, better funded, and more fork resistant than .
@devilninja777 @WeekendSlackers @decredproject What has that can't *take* from it is its liquidity/salability, primarily a result of #bitcoin pricing all other cryptoassets over time. can *lose* that, tho, if forks get too confusing, pure PoW shows cracks, or funding scarcity leads to protocol neglect.
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1/ One of my biggest pet peeves is when crypto people talk about on-chain governance blockchains and act like they're all the same.

In reality, nearly every on-chain governance system has a different implementation {thread 👇🏼}.
2/ To illustrate this point, let's discuss two of the most thoughtful teams building blockchains with on-chain governance: Decred and Tezos.

Both teams have stake-weighted voting systems but they differ greatly in terms of proposal scope and overall mechanics.
3/ Starting with #Decred. $DCR holders can vote for two types of proposals:

🔘 Proposals that aim to establish voter support for a course of action (e.g. adopting or changing some policy)
🔘 Proposals that commit to spending the Project Treasury
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Lo que sabemos del #Petro hasta ahora, en los próximos tweets:
- Token será representado con el acrónimo $PTR
- Emisión máxima sería de 100.000.000 de $PTR
- Preventa comenzó ayer 20 de febrero y terminaría el 19 de marzo
- Venta pública pautada para iniciar el 20 de marzo
- Preventa estaba pautada en #Ethereum con un token ERC-20
- Maduro y manual oficial del comprador afirman que la preventa será en #NEM
- Hay contratos de ICO en ambas cadenas, Ethereum:…; y NEM:…; No se sabe si son oficiales
- El registro para el ICO es engorroso y presenta problemas
- Maduro afirmó que $735 millones han sido invertidos en el ICO, no hay manera de confirmar pues aceptan transferencias bancarias
- Miembros de @NEMofficial aseguran no haberse reunido con el gobierno, como éste indicó
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