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I got digging into the rather curious #WAVES address #3PEEsRmcWspCxhKqobvKY3axW1846AMRwzr, which is the center of some controversy since some analysis was performed on its recent activity in lending USDN to borrow USDC/T presumably to manipulate the market
On November 22, 2020 #3PEEsRmcWspCxhKqobvKY3axW1846AMRwzr withdrew 1,325,034.714 $WAVES from @binance. This address's first transaction was only a few days earlier, and this was only the beginning.. In the course of just over a month, it withdrew 5.64M Waves from #Binance...
4.95M of these were used for #USDN issuance, for a total of 41.28M $USDN. 30.88M USDN was transferred to what appear to be Liquidity / Lending platforms, but I haven't fully confirmed this as of yet..
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#symbol 版のOpenApostilleプレ公開します!
(プレ公開はテストネットで行います) Image
簡単な使い方(アップロード1) Image
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You might have heard about the campaign to Save Solar in California, due to deliberations by state regulators to reduce compensation for solar producers. We're being played by utility lobbyists, my friends. Here's a thread 🧵 #solarenergy #NEM
If you haven't heard about the "utility death spiral," read the infamous Edison Electric Institute report that identified customer-owned solar as an existential threat to the profits for utility shareholders.…
So, Point 1: if we're debating whether solar customers get compensated adequately, let's keep in mind that utilities see it as their legal obligation to screw over solar customers to protect their market share. This debate is their debate.
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Crypto Economics vs Tokenomics (Thread)

Are crypto economics and tokenomics the same thing? No. Tokenomics is a subset of crypto economics.

#economics #tokens #cryptocurrency #DeFi #blockchain #incentives
Crypto economics is about 3 things:

1. Messages in the past (through cryptography)

2. Economic incentives to be used in the present (through game theory and mechanism design)

3. Desired system properties in the future (through token design)
Tokenomics (or token economics) is a subset of crypto economics. It is basically economics of the token; aka the crypto project. It does not include the crypto-system (aka blockchain technology like #ETH, #NEO, #NEM).
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1/5 Just like there are many kinds of #cryptocurrency (security, utility, stable, CBDC, etc.), there are many kinds of #NFTs. Let’s go over them for a moment.

Here are my top 4!
2/5 #Smart_NFTs or #Programmable_NFTs. These NFTs are like cryptokitties in that they are programmable and can do things, in this case, make more cryptokitties. They have a DNA/program and purpose.
3/5 #Ticket_NFTs or #Special_Rights_NFTs. These NFT’s grant a person an ability that others don’t have. It could be a King’s of Leon NFT that grants a user front row seats every so often, or it could be a special sword in a video game that unlocks a new ability.
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#LeCuréÀGuitare de la #VieCatho qui poursuit sa #fixette vs @printempsrepub et poursuit sa stratégie de #Chouineur "délit de paternité" vàv de son fiston #BenêtBigotScout de #CoSectiser.
666 retweets de son article !
Leurs soutiens en dit beaucoup
#JosephKrasny #NEM #Assbague
Ils #crachent sur @printempsrepub
et le gouvernement @JeanCASTEX et surtout sur des #femmes courageuses @MarleneSchiappa et @sarahelhairy et s'étonnent #benêtement et #bigotement qu'elles ne les invitent pas 🤡🤡

#CoSectiser @EntrismeReligieux vs #Laïcité

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Analysis: #NYSE $NEM

Case 131 #Newmont Corporation

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

Thread 👇👇👇

#NEM 1/4
Chart 1
Monthly Chart: Price continues to trade in the 3 year range between 46.00-29.00 and currently stranded just below #trendline #resistance at 45.30. The longer term objective is 68.15 but for this to .....

NEM 2/4
..... happen a close above 53.35 is required. We expect more range play and plan to position ourselves within the range until a firm break is seen.

NEM 3/4
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Reading through @OtherProfGreen summary of the 9th August #UK event, the similarities to the 25th August 2018 #Australian separation event across the #NEM are very interesting to observe.
Firstly, they are all attributed to lightning strikes.

And although the #UK one was easy to identify, the #QLD one took a bit of forensic investigation as it happened at a time that no weather warnings were out for the area.
Both events attribute an initial loss of generation due to disconnection of #distributed #generation #DG

I will get back to this point later, because it is probably the most interesting aspect of both events!!
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Professor Diesendorf's simple four-step recipe for #fairdinkumpower published by @TheAusInstitute in @renew_economy today

1) Provide additional $4 billion to @ARENA_aus & $2 billion @CEFCAus over 4 yrs to to stimulate dispatchable, flexible, renewable electricity and storage
2) expedite construction of key transmission links between Qld and NSW, SA and NSW, within north-western and western Vic, and within northern NSW to better integrate renewable electricity into the grid;… #auspol
3) bring forward simple rule changes in #NEM to reward demand response and flexible, fast-response, dispatchable power and to reduce ‘gaming’ of the market by gas-fired generators

(See @DanJCass demand response rule suggestion -…)
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Lo que sabemos del #Petro hasta ahora, en los próximos tweets:
- Token será representado con el acrónimo $PTR
- Emisión máxima sería de 100.000.000 de $PTR
- Preventa comenzó ayer 20 de febrero y terminaría el 19 de marzo
- Venta pública pautada para iniciar el 20 de marzo
- Preventa estaba pautada en #Ethereum con un token ERC-20
- Maduro y manual oficial del comprador afirman que la preventa será en #NEM
- Hay contratos de ICO en ambas cadenas, Ethereum:…; y NEM:…; No se sabe si son oficiales
- El registro para el ICO es engorroso y presenta problemas
- Maduro afirmó que $735 millones han sido invertidos en el ICO, no hay manera de confirmar pues aceptan transferencias bancarias
- Miembros de @NEMofficial aseguran no haberse reunido con el gobierno, como éste indicó
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