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#ClimateChange is a health problem.

#ClimateChange is a health problem.

#ClimateChange is a health problem.

#ClimateChange is a health problem.

#ClimateChange is a health problem.


Burning fossil fuels is the main driver of #ClimateChange.

It also causes #AirPollution that kills 7 MILLION people every year.


#ClimateChange is already threatening our health. We MUST move to cleaner:
- Energy sources 💨☀️
- Transport 🚡🚴‍♂️
- Agricultural systems 👩‍🌾🎑
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#Dengue is currently the fastest spreading mosquito-borne viral disease in the world.
@WHO_Europe @WHOAFRO @pahowho @WHOEMRO @WHOWPRO @WHOSEARO Pakistan 🇵🇰 is battling one of the worst #dengue outbreaks the country has experienced. Over the past months, thousands of patients have been admitted to hospitals with headache, muscle pain & high fever, all classic symptoms of dengue.
@WHO_Europe @WHOAFRO @pahowho @WHOEMRO @WHOWPRO @WHOSEARO The #Dengue outbreak in 🇵🇰 is blamed to the prolonged monsoon rains🌧️, which promote ideal breeding grounds for Aedes mosquitoes that carry the virus and thrive in warm, humid conditions, laying their eggs in used tires, flowerpots, tree holes & any water-filled container.
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A technique that sterilizes male mosquitoes🦟 using radiation will soon be tested as part of global health efforts to control diseases such as #chikungunya, #dengue, and #Zika.
The Sterile Insect Technique is a form of insect birth control. It involves rearing large quantities of sterilized male 🦟🦟 in dedicated facilities & then releasing them to mate with females in the wild. As they do not produce any offspring, the insect population ⬇️ over time.
.@TDRnews and @iaeaorg, in partnership with @FAO and WHO have developed guidance for countries that have expressed interest in testing the Sterile Insect Technique for Aedes mosquitoes.

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On #ScienceDay,

We celebrate all the women who have had a pioneering role in advancing science and health!

@WHOWPRO @WHOEMRO @WHOSEARO @WHOAFRO @pahowho @WHO_Europe @UN @UNESCO @DrTedros On #ScienceDay, let's remember Florence Nightingale, a 19th- century statistician and founder of modern nursing, who understood the benefits of hygiene and sanitation in preventing disease.
@WHOWPRO @WHOEMRO @WHOSEARO @WHOAFRO @pahowho @WHO_Europe @UN @UNESCO @DrTedros On #ScienceDay, let's remember Fe del Mundo, a paediatrician from the #Philippines, who did pioneering work on infectious diseases including #dengue. She was the first female student at Harvard Medical School.
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Brazilian Regulator's Irresponsibility Produces #Dengue 'Super Mosquito'… (Portuguese) New hybrid mosquitoes may be more harmful to health and the environment. #gmo
Without being consulted, nor even informed, about the risks to which it would be exposed, the population of the Pedra Branca district was subjected to an experiment between 2013-2015... 1,144 residents were infested with thousands and thousands of #GMO mosquitoes by Oxitec.
The #GMO mozzies had the mission of copulating with Aedes females and transmitting to their offspring a protein capable of killing them before reaching reproductive age. The PR claim was that the GMO insects wouldn't reproduce, much less perpetuate themselves in the environment.
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Hoy la SS publicó la actualización de casos de #dengue hasta la semana 36:….

Se confirmaron 2,370 NUEVOS casos en la última semana.

Ésta es la cifra más alta de casos confirmados en una semana, durante las primeras 36 semanas, de cualquier año desde 2013.
Por desgracia, esto confirma lo que planteé como una posibilidad el lunes ( el número de nuevos casos confirmados en esta última semana fue tal, que 2019 ya es el segundo año con + casos de dengue de los últimos siete.
Otro ángulo de la misma situación...
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#ClimateChange is increasing the risk of #dengue and other 🦟-borne diseases.

Warmer temperatures are expanding habitats for mosquitoes & putting millions more people at risk of these diseases.

🌎🌍🌏, dengue infections have increased 30-fold over the past 50 years.
#Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral infection, widespread throughout the tropics, with risk increased by:
🏙unplanned rapid urbanization.

#Dengue virus is transmitted to humans through the bites of infected female 🦟 : Aedes aegypti and Ae. Albopictus (also known as Asian tiger moquitoes). This #mosquito also transmits:
-Yellow fever
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