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My #nepali brothers & sisters, What you're doing to yourself is what our ancestors did to them and we're paying the price for it, we lost our chance at hindu democracy by succumbing to the scumbags, who're the stooge of imperialist expansionist china and terror state pakistan..
India is nowhere as good as nepal if we talk about the religious freedom for hindus, our temples are being bulldozed we can't voice ourselves because people are labeling us a terrorists, extremists merely for existing, secularism eats whoever adopts it for those who promote it.
Hindu rights advocates are being shot in the broad daylight, our enemies make remarks to wipe us out in 15 minutes, our symbols/gods have been and are being disrespected, if you complain to the police, the police sides with those who are doing that because our media is biased..
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Welcome back to another episode of the #WildAboutFacts series. Today, we are taking over your feed with pictures and #trivia of one of the most alluring creatures from the #wild, the #RedPanda.

Join us, share your #photographs of the #Firefox of the #Himalayas.

📷Sourav Mondal

Its distinctive fur has earned this species monikers such as #Firefox, Firecat, or Fire-coloured Cat. Arguably, the #RedPanda is the only true #Panda, as the #GiantPanda, which is believed to be closely related, belongs to the #bear family.

📷Senthil Murugan

Around half of the #RedPanda’s natural habitat lies in the Eastern #Himalayas#Nepal, #Sikkim, northern #WestBengal, #Bhutan, and #ArunachalPradesh.

Its remaining home is in northern #Myanmar and a few provinces of central #China.

📷Ramshesha N
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On today's #COVID19 live-blog:
1. Tens of millions of migrant workers who have lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic crisis now face unemployment and poverty in their home countries.
Read more: 1/
2. Some factory owners in #Bangladesh report receiving new orders, although much less than usual.
3. In response to the #Cambodia employer association's call to delay annual wage negotiations, unions & workers urged to negotiate a minimum wage increase this year as planned. 2/
4. Union leaders in #Cambodia pointed out that the distribution of the government's relief efforts has been too slow and the application process is too complicated. According to the Ministry of Labour, so far $3.9 million have been distributed, benefitting 169,161 workers. 3/
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1/n #SunTzuWithMe Everyone has heard about Sun Tzu. ‘Art of War’ must have sold millions of copies. 2500 years and it still hits bulls eye!! I will, over a period, take you through what exactly did he write and how does it effect us, governance, business and life? Contd...
2/n #SunTzuWithMe 2500 yrs back he pointed out a BIG FLAW in Chinese Army. Officers in Administration studied ‘military tactics’ late in service and came to command while actual military officers could never reach highest levels. FAMILIAR?? NSA? DefSecy? Cadre Offrs? IPS?
3/n #SunTzuWithMe These people without experience ‘directed operations’ in time of war while experienced military officers executed. This system brought disaster to the Army. What he write then can be seen today. #Galwan Do not play with organisation is the simple lesson.
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Few big mistakes by India, which led to anti-Indian feeling in #Nepal.

1) During UPA 1, the 12 point agreement signed in Dilli for restoring democracy in Nepal. Decades of balancing between India & China from the Nepalese side, started shifting heavily towards China.
Bad move.
2) UPA1: Since 1996, the Communists were trying to overthrow Nepal's monarchy. In May 2008 King Gyanendra lost it. Maoists disbanded the world's ONLY official Hindu Nation which existed for 240 years under a Gurkha Shah dynasty.

Huge blunder by India. Didn't do anything to save.
3) 2015 Nepali blockade under NDA 2. Communists accused India of imposing an undeclared blockade. Modi govt in India said shortages due to Madheshi protesters. 300 fuel trucks from India daily, fell to 5 to 10 daily. Nepal fell on Communist China's lap after this.

Big mistake.
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Indebted to the very ideology of communism and not #China. Not only there in China, but one may find it in capitalist #US, #CzechRepublic, #Guinea and even in #Nepal as well, which was celebrated to be a #Hindu nation by the sanghis themselves in the quite recent past.
No one can find even a vestige of #SanghParivar when one seek for it outside India and that's the very reason why the global homosapiens could not get in to solidarity with it. Those can set aside their impression that communists can be targeted in the space of the current
tension. The 56 inch - gauged - chest will also be questioned and audaciously reprehended. The unparalleled and squeamish thing in between is all the neighbouring countries have now turned against us. It's not #Pinarayi Vijayan who visited china more than 6 times within such
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1) This is a thread for young Indians to understand China:

I will explain -
How Communist China got a border with India which it didn't have in 1949.

Where are the potential flash points for long term?

Where are the conflict zones of 2020? Why #IndiaChinaFaceOff now?
2) China NEVER had a border with India historically. India's border was mostly with Tibet and to some extent central Asian East Turkestan.

What you see in Yellow here was 1949 China when Communists took over.
They drove away socialists to Taiwan. Gobbled Tibet, Xinjiang & more.
3) There are 2 places in China called Heihe & Tengchong. If you draw an imaginary line connecting them, it roughly divides today's China into 2 halves.

The Eastern half has 94% of China's population! That was historic China.

Most of the Western half was acquired with land grab
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1. #China’s recent aggression at the border with India at key strategic locations in Union Territory of #Ladakh is nothing new nor is its betrayal of historic treaties with (former) J&K, #Tibet & HK. However, the dragon now faces a new India that attempts to tame it. A thread:
2. #China already occupies about 1/5th of original state of Jammu & Kashmir incl. Aksai Chin and Sakshgam valley “gifted” by #Pakistan. However, historically, these parts have been a part of formerly princely state of J&K that officially & legally became a part of #India in 1947.
3. Not just J&K but significant parts of #Tibet were also controlled by J&K rulers. Here’s the chronology of how #China illegally occupied these territories and clearly flouted the treaties signed during these times.
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Day 69 of #COVID19 #lockdown in #Nepal. Good morning from windy and cooler #Pokhara.

#CoronaCases: 1446
#LockdownExtension: June 14, 2020
#CoronaDeath: 7
#Recovery: 219

👇 Corona cases increasing everyday, govt is the boat. Eichhornia as the corona. World as the #phewalake. Eichhornia ruling Phewa Lak...
Day 70 of #COVID19 #lockdown in #Nepal. Good morning from greeny #Pokhara.

#CoronaCases: 1572
#LockdownExtension: June 14, 2020
#CoronaDeath: 8
#Recovery: 220

⚡Admist ongoing debate whether to give Corona a damn to open business versus let's make money attitude Everyday view, so green
Day 71 of #COVID19 #lockdown in #Nepal. Good morning from hot and humid #Pokhara.

#CoronaCases: 1811
#LockdownExtension: June 14, 2020
#CoronaDeath: 8
#Recovery: 221

❗Just another day in lockdown, prepared for WFH. Shopping in Covid era
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Is it a Smokescreen or Blatant escalation?

**A Long Thread on the latest developments at the Indo-China Border**

China is in no mood for damage limitation; nor is it interested to repair its relations with nations it has had a frictional relationship.

Perhaps, this is a post-pandemic normal. China strangely is in a hurry. Amidst all the COVID-19 commotion, China continued its provocations in the #SouthChinaSea. Now that China is back on its feet, they have started from where they left off in #HongKong... #INDIA #CHINA initiating a new National security law that has come to a lot of criticism. In the Line of Actual control, India and China have been engaged in heightened extensions in terms of troop and machinery build up on both sides. #INDIA #CHINA
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The #Lipulekh Controversy that wasn’t – A THREAD
#Nepal and #India have been two friendly states that share a relationship which no other countries share – ROTI & BETI.
That said, relationship between both states go back a long way - not only in history but in mythology too.
The recently flared up controversy on the #Lipulekh Pass and Kali Nadi are nothing but a well calibrated propaganda and information warfare tool employed by the PR China which has been doing the rounds since the #Doklam standoff in 2017 between India and #PRChina.
I thought of sharing this thread to put things in perspective for all Indians and Nepalese to read upon and not get swayed irrationally on the lines of pseudo nationalism – which is what PR China and other fringe elements want.
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Whatever is happening today, relax. This was in the offing. This is one of the unavoidable step towards something else that is expected to happen.

PM of Nepal, did cross a line which was crossed by his neighbour 2yrs ago. One Mr Pawan Chamling. Go figure. 😎
This entire thing started after Yogi took office. Even Gorkhaland was tried. It is hurting them big time. Kyunki... kyunki...

Jai Gorakhnath Ji Maharaj!!

Rest, later.

Larger context: China is losing one pearl after another in the string. This is Maldives redux. KP Sharma Oli Yameen isn't in control of his own flock, am hearing.

Certain things are best left to gravity once it attains critical mass. Nepal will always be an equal for India.
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#Jodhpur Air Base
South Western Air Command SWAC
Strike mission profile:
ADGES network
Defence Sq MiG-21, MiG-29 and Su-30.
Ground Sq MiG-21 and the MiG-23

Follow the thread for each detail
@zlj517 @MFA_China

#Jodhpur Air Base

South Western Air Command SWAC
Strike mission profile:
Mil Service hangers
HAL Dhruv
Sepecat Jaguar
Much more can be seen


(Thread Cont)
#Jodhpur Air Base

South Western Air Command SWAC
Strike mission profile:

Base Air Defence Zone
SAM units, Mobile SAMs
#INDRA DR 1 & 2
Bofors L-40/70 AAA guns
ADGES network/Radars

3/ (Thread cont)
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A big hue and cry about online classes for students and this takes me back to the “Maoist Insurgency”era!That period is a black phase in the history of #Nepal & to be specific for children of school going age!Many lost opportunities to get basic education1/8
The ones who could continue their education during the time were the ones who had access, less risk and of course, few children of the Maoist leaders who were sent elsewhere! We used to talk about the class division that were to come in few years time 2/8
A void in the quality education received! And now when I see the discussion around not letting children go for online courses, I am pulled back to that phase again and fear that void for children sitting idly for months would lead to eventual frustration! 3/8
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There are MAJOR issues with the image below depicting #equality & #equity, HOWEVER, there are Nepalis (including an association of private school teachers in the country) that think/believe d third method is the way to go when it comes to providing equity in education!
#Nepal 1/n
First, the MAJOR issues with the image.

"Imagine if you will, 3 people —all the same goddamn size. [...] The foundation on which these people stand is unequal, [....]"

That is, the PEOPLE aren't the problem! Follow link for more. 2/n #Equality #Equity…
In d context of education in #Nepal, what lies beyond d wall is QUALITY which imparts #CriticalThinking skills, among other things, to a majority or a significant percentage of students. What we have, on this side of the wall, in d country is... #equity 3/n
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The #IMF says the "Great Lockdown" recession will likely be the worst since the Great Depression. Global economy projected to shrink by 3% in 2020. By contrast, in January, the IMF had forecast a global GDP expansion of 3.3% for this year. Details in chart below. Table: @IMFNews
IMF: Partial global rebound to 5.8% in 2021 “assumes the #pandemic fades in the 2nd half of 2020, & that policy actions taken by countries are effective in preventing widespread firm bankruptcies, extended job losses, & system-wide financial strains.” #WEO
How does your country fare in the latest #IMF projections for 2020 & 2021?… @IMFNews #economies #GDP #finance
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@aavaas_412 @ritinewa 1/ Avaas, here's why I am confused.

You seemed to be making a gender-based argument for how violence is NOT just a male domain. And yet, your supporting argument seems to be that women with power can be violent. I can see how if power were something ONLY women had then...
@aavaas_412 @ritinewa 2/ would bolster your your gender-based contention about violence. But it's not. When there is power differential between people, the more powerful (whether a man, a woman, a child, able bodied, disabled, a trans etc.) has the potential to be and can be violent on a less...
@aavaas_412 @ritinewa 3/ powerful individual(s) regardless of their gender (sex, age, sexuality, physical capabilities etc.!

I agree with you and @RITiNews about that violence. The violence that woman metted out was based on race where she, thinking of herself as a superior race & feeling more... Image
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#Nepal: Clashes erupt between #Nepali people and #Chinese workers at Nepal hydropower project; go back to #China, Nepali people said

The locals were agitated as the Chinese workers had just returned from China & violated the lockdown…
Residents blocked the entrance to their village to avoid unnecessary movement of people. However, when 2 Chinese trucks used for transporting construction materials of the hydropower plant tried to enter their village by removing the blockage, the irate youths came out in protest
The villagers protested the movement of trucks carrying construction materials of Nyadi Hydropower Project based at Thulobesi in Marsyangi Rural Municipality-6 of Lamjung district, a local online media portal, Khabarhub reported.
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Good morning from #Pokhara.
Day 8 of #covid19 #lockdown
Day 9 of #lockdown. No mountains seen. #Pokhara
Day 10 of #lockdown. #covid19.
Good morning from #Pokhara
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Finally confirmed that all the senior citizens (48 in the bus) from the #UT of DNH are crossing the border of Nepal now today. Have no words to thank @PMOIndia @HMOIndia @DrSJaishankar @prafulkpatel @MohanDelkar @EONIndia the cons Gen Birgjunj Nitish ji. My dear friend
Former MP Rana Deauba for all the help rendered. A big thank U to @DGSSB Cmdt G C pandey, Asst Cmdt Reena 4 being such a consolation. Last but not d least @NepalPoliceHQ DSP #kakarbhitta shri Gyanmani pahudev and local leader Bijay Dalmiaya ji u took care of them... borders Unite
While I am tweeting this I receive a msg from Cmdt GC pandey reading “they have Crossed”. It’s a united effort that made this happen. God bless each 1 of U involved in this. every deed mattered. @UHaveli prepare for a grand welcome !..but ensure thy are ##CORDONED #StayHomeIndia
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I will be sharing my Ph.D. research during the next 30 days #Covid19 lockdown, while I wait for my Ph.D. defence!

My Ph.D. mainly aimed to improve pain care in Nepal.

Paper 1: Nepali Numerical Rating Scale and Global Rating of Change! Image
Paper 2: Validation of the Nepali Patient-Specific Functional Scale published in our very own @JOSPT. We found that PSFS is comprehensible, reliable, valid, and responsive in people with MSK pain (who r able to comprehend numbers). Full-text:… Image
Paper 3: Clinimetric properties of the Nepali version of the Pain Catastrophizing Scale (PCS). We found a 2 factor structure for the Nepali PCS. The scale is reliable and valid. @DovePress… Image
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MAR 19 #WWIII #COVID19 MD THREAD 1: Most stories from WaPo: Siobhán O'Grady, Rick Noack, Marisa Iati, Alex Horton, Miriam Berger and Katie Mettler
March 20 at 7:31 AM PT .. skip all TRUMP lies, JUST FACTS HERE FRONTLINE TROOPS @AMSA_News @ANANursingWorld
MAR 19 #WWIII vs #COVID19 MD THREAD 2: Way too late for #Fresno #McCarthy THIS IS #WWIII on our #AmericanSoil. Against tiny but vicious Enemy #COVID19 ...AND OUR #FRONTLINTROOPS Need #N95 masks #ProtectiveEquipment (Like #China has) HERE is a 60 page PDF #HANDBOOK @usairforce
MAR 19 #WWIII vs #COVID19 MD THREAD 3: FIRST the toll to date. 250,000 Reported CASES (Remember MANY Countries do not report..including #Turkey #Russia ) 11,000 DEATHS #Italy passed #China #Spain up 30% @WHO @maddow @CNN @JohnsHopkinsSPH @UCSF @BuzzFeed @SCMPNews @guardian
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A few extra points on @philipperater's story. A quick calculation suggests that these 9 contributors currently deploy about 17,500 personnel (troops and police) on UN missions, or 21% of all current @UNPeacekeeping personnel [1/4]
Of the 9 @UNPeacekeeping contributors asked to avoid peacekeeper rotations due to #coronavirus, #Nepal (5658 personnel) is biggest, followed by #India (5404), #China (2544) and #Italy (1084). All others deploy under 1K [2/4]
Some missions will be more affected than others: About 1/3rd of UN personnel in @unmissmedia (#SouthSudan) are on this #coronavirus non-rotation list for example. That's over 5,000 personnel stuck in a country and probably getting a bit peevish... [3/4]
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Today's UN noon briefing Inner City Press was banned from for 598th day by corrupt UNSG @AntonioGuterres took only 5 minutes. Inner City Press sent 10 Qs, on China, Camerooon, Togo, Kurds, Nepal, Coronavirus & UN corruption - no answers, stakeout to come. Thread
@antonioguterres @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC @kristina_wong @allimadi Banned Inner City Press asked On #Coronavirus (on which you have refused all of Inner City Press' Qs about UN preparations), what are the comments of SG Guterres & @MelissaFleming on #Nepal’s media condemning the censoring statement made by the Chinese embassy?
@antonioguterres @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC @kristina_wong @allimadi @MelissaFleming @RepublicaNepal @nepal24hours Banned Inner City Press asked, On #Kurdistan, what are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres on the safety of Kurdish media-freedom campaigner Hakki Boltan after he was detained during a police raid on his home in Turkey south-eastern city of Diyarbakir?
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