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We speak with Dr. Justin Reich (@bjfr), director of the MIT Teaching Systems Lab (@mit_tsl), and host of the TeachLab podcast (@TeachLabPodcast), about education technology. (1/3)

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Hailed by some as the great equalizer, the beneficiaries of ed tech tend to be white and affluent. Focused on equity by design, Dr. Reich observes that when teachers learn, they have insufficient opportunities to practice. (2/3)

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So he and his colleagues are creating digital clinical simulations, practice spaces for teachers. They’re also helping educators to figure out what they can stop doing, to allow more time for what’s useful. (3/3)

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We're LIVE for the first of our 3-part #EquityInEducation Series! It's not too late to join us... Follow along in this thread ⤵️ @EquitySupt1 @ShaneSkjerven12 @KafrissenKai @CosimoTangorra #BringPeopleTogether #TeVirtualEvents #TeVE
@KafrissenKai opens with a heartfelt welcome. In this work we are supporting each other! We (@thoughtxchng) are learning & growing (with you). We are committed to showing up at co-conspirators, we won't let "perfection" immobile us in starting this important work! #Equity 💜 Image
@kaileymetcalfe, thank you for standing by to jump in for @KafrissenKai in case of a #PowerOutage! Are any of you joining us from #BritishColumbia today? Quite a storm we are having! #BCStorm 🌬️🌨️ #BringPeopleTogether
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We're LIVE in 5 minutes, join us here ▶️ and follow along in this thread ⤵️ #BringPeopleTogether #TeVirtualEvents #TeVE #EquityinEducation
We are gathering today for courageous conversations, by collectively #crowdsourcing intelligence from the group. We want to deliver back that intelligence as learning... in REALTIME. What can we bring to the conversation? The network! Welcome @MarkBedell_KCPS & @AskAdam3!
Thank you for the warm welcome, Andy Krenz! Thank you for recognizing that we are all coming to this conversation at different levels. We are not all in the same place but we are willing to lean into these difficult conversations.💜 #BringPeopleTogether #Leadership #EdLeaders Andy Krenz. Director of Education, Thoughtexchange
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🧵 alert! How can educators support students and lay the groundwork for a more resilient system moving forward? Ahead of #naeycAC and in light of the current challenges in education today, we're proud to share this special collection from our partners at @ChildhoodEdIntl⬇️ #ECE
"One of the greatest challenges educators face is responding to urgent concerns caused by crisis affecting their students, while also creating the groundwork for a more sustainable and resilient system moving forward.
Teachers need creative ways to respond to disruption, students need emotional support to build resilience and perseverance, and schools need ideas for transformative approaches with the flexibility to respond effectively to future disruptions.
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We're LIVE with Teala and @AnnSkelcherte to learn more about the "WHY?" of Thoughtexchange. Join us here: #TeVirtualEvents #TeVE #TeMasterClass #LOUDtocrowd
WHY #Thoughtexchange?
"It's a way to find out what is really meaningful to a community of participants.
Thoughts + ratings help to understand where there is agreement/disagreement"
^^ This is one of the top thoughts from our participants. #TeVE #Leadership
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We're live with @EricTennison_TE and Paul Daniels (from @Milford_Schools) to talk about "Leadership Transitions During Times of Crisis". Join us here: #TeVirtualEvents #TeVE #Leadership
@Milford_Schools reached out to their teachers to #keeppeopleconnected virtually using #Thoughtexchange. Their responses were empathetic and thoughtful, grateful to share their thoughts collectively 💜 #TeVirtualEvents #TeVE
They had built trust previously (bonds and portrait of an "Eagle") which helped tremendously during this time of crisis. Building that trust BEFORE the crisis becomes a valuable foundation for #leadership practices when the crisis arrives. #TeVE #TeVirtualEvents
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Join @KafrissenKai & @schaser11 in 10 minutes for a #virtualevent on resilient and connected #leadership during crisis. "Leading with Heart: Reliance & Connection through Crisis" 💜. Join (for free) here: #TeVirtualEvents #TeVE
We're live with @schaser11 & @KafrissenKai! Discussing how communities with strong cultures are able to adjust and adapt better during hard times. Ongoing conversation builds trust capital. It's important to meet people where they are at. Here is an image that Kai elaborated on:
How do we reach out to families to help guide us in our reaction? It can be scary to hit “SEND” on the email to launch your #Thoughtexchange. The rate of response will help reassure you. (Might even surprise you). @schaser11
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This experience is requiring us, #teachers and #edleaders, to question our practice(s) and the intention behind them. Maybe we don’t need to spend hours of a child's life bogging them down with stuff to “keep them busy.” #remoteteaching #remotelearning A THREAD 1/
Ss engage in an arts class because it is eternally relevant and there is no answer a machine could provide that mimics the art of creation. It is innately personal, therefore, so is the learning it provides. More of our educational system should aspire to be this way. 2/
I searched "#remote," here is what I found. "1.
(of a place) situated far from the main centers of population; distant." "2. having very little connection with or relationship to." 3/
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Join us now to #learnmore about the @thoughtxchng app for a quick 30-min tour with @DaveTheK - we're live here:
#TeVe #TeVirtualEvents #leadership
@DaveTheK The mark of companies that use @thoughtxchng - they're prepared to step their organization into a more open #conversation!
@DaveTheK We're running an exchange on the best ice cream flavours. Cool way to show the process of running an exchange, plus you can see how many people like Vanilla in your organization #zzz
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Here we go! We're LIVE with our engagement coach,
Teala Beischer, for a #TeVE to learn how to identify interest groups and get the most out of your data collected! DISCOVER participants and #demographics tools in this #TeMasterClass. 🎃Join us now! Image
In our Discover Dashboard, "demographics" - is now called "survey questions". now you can conduct a survey AND an exchange in the same place. #TeTraining #TeCommunity #TeVE Image
Understanding who your stakeholders are is key to building strong relationships. #TeTrainingTips #TeVirtualEvents
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Starting now! Join us for this #virtualevent with Dr. James Sebert from @fdlschools & @GaringerAngela ! Click here to join: #TeVirtualEvents #TeVE #bringpeopletogether Image
Big growth in the @fdlschools community! Applied population study was performed to help them determine that they are holding steady with numbers. This helped to make decisions to move forward. #EdLeaders #Leadership #TeVE #TeVirtualEvents #growth
"We doubled the size of the previous referendum" - Dr. James Sebert. This requires preparation and planning! With 42,000 people, that's a lot of people to reach out to. Employee advocacy is a helpful tool when you have 8000 staff. They informed and empowered their faculty. #TeVE
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LIVE from #TeEmpowerNYC - @YoleBrady is BOLD and BRAVE and talking about #empowerment in her #5minutesoffame. Watch this presentation (and more) by clicking here now: #bringpeopletogether #TeEvents #strategicplanning Image
1019 students participated in their exchange - 75,000 stars! 🤩 #StudentVoice is powerful! @YoleBrady #EdLeaders #bringpeopletogether #Leadership #TeEvents #TeEmpowerNYC
Modeling brave #leadership is BOLD and is valuable for the students learning process! Being transparent and visible about what we do is a great way to model this leadership! Be bold and brave! #bringpeopletogether #TeEmpowerNYC #TeEvents #LeadershipDevelopment @YoleBrady
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Congrats @WorldOfWorkNet for achieving the funds that you required to continue your #leadership work with students! We are live now with @EdHidalgoSD in our #virtualevent learning more about how important it is to help students find their WHY #TeVE #TeVirtualEvents @ASA_Impact Image
After our exchange, we are now diving into the Q&A with @EdHidalgoSD and Phil Jarvis in our #TeVE. Here's the first one! Stay tuned for the recording to hear their answers. #TeVirtualEvents #bringpeopletogether Image
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We're live in our #TeVE today! Today we will be talking about Homework! Follow along in this thread and by using #TeVirtualEvents and #TeVE. #bringpeopletogether #leadership #EdLeaders #StudentVoice Image
It was a great surprise for @valleycentral1 to see such fantastic results and participation in their second exchange. #HotTopic #StudentVoice #TeVE #TeVirtualEvents Image
What were the students saying about homework? SURPRISE! They didn't say "get rid of it!" They talked about balance and how homework can be a valuable tool. #studentvoice #TeVE #bringpeopletogether #TeVirtualEvents
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Our deep dive into community building and #strategicplanning with @crawdeb & @AnnSkelcherte has begun! #TeVirtualEvents #TeVE #bringpeopletogether #EdLeaders Image
Here is the #YouTellUs video that @crawdeb was talking about just now in our #TeVE #TeVirtualEvents. Love it! #bringpeopletogether #StudentVoice @SCCDSB
The @SCCDSB Steering committee group felt a sense of #collaboration with their #community after their exchange. They reviewed their vision and mission statement to better align their collective core values, mission, and vision. #TeVE #TeVirtualEvents
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