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We're LIVE in 2 minutes with Teala Beischer. Join us! And follow along (thread) ⤵️ #TeVirtualEvents #LiveTweet #TeVE #BringPeopleTogether
Today we're going to learn how to see exactly where everyone in your group lands with Teala! AKA: Breaking your exchanges apart to make them more manageable and define the data (with Survey Questions and Participant Groups) #TeMasterClass #TeVE
Our participants will leave this #TeVE with the knowledge of how to set up their own survey questions & participant groups. Survey questions are close ended questions to better understand participants. Use them to see who has participated and who hasn't.
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We're LIVE with @KafrissenKai @EquitySupt1 @DrArtMcCoy @teresa_lance. Join us here: Or follow along in this thread ⤵️ #BringPeopleTogether #TeVirtualEvents #TeVE #DEI
@KafrissenKai & @EquitySupt1 with a warm welcome to all 💜 Dennis opens with wise advice from a mentor: "As a leader, stay far enough ahead so that your people know you are leading, but stay close enough that you are accessible" #TeVirtualEvents #BringPeopleTogether
@EquitySupt1 These #DEI conversations are so difficult and can quickly gain the wrong kind of attention. Dennis explains his own experience of safety being compromised for having these conversations. Cadence matters when reaching out to have these conversations!
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We're LIVE in 5 minutes, join us here ▶️ and follow along in this thread ⤵️ #BringPeopleTogether #TeVirtualEvents #TeVE #EquityinEducation
We are gathering today for courageous conversations, by collectively #crowdsourcing intelligence from the group. We want to deliver back that intelligence as learning... in REALTIME. What can we bring to the conversation? The network! Welcome @MarkBedell_KCPS & @AskAdam3!
Thank you for the warm welcome, Andy Krenz! Thank you for recognizing that we are all coming to this conversation at different levels. We are not all in the same place but we are willing to lean into these difficult conversations.💜 #BringPeopleTogether #Leadership #EdLeaders Andy Krenz. Director of Education, Thoughtexchange
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We're LIVE with Teala Beischer to discover the magic behind Creating Impactful Reports. Join us here: or follow along! (Thread ⤵️) #TeVirtualEvents #TeVE #TeMasterClass Image
Sharing results back is VITAL! Today we will learn how to use the tools available to us in the Discover Dashboard to create impactful reports for all. Here's what we will be be talking about today. #BringPeopleTogether Image
Leader Comments - Builds a world of trust! Transforms your exchange into a meaningful two way dialogue. This helps provide clarity, show appreciation, and answer questions. SO much more than a survey 😉 #TeVirtualEvents #TeVE
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We're LIVE in 3 minutes with Teala Beischer to learn how to Increase Participation in a #Thoughtexchange. Join us! Or follow this thread to learn more ⤵️ #TeVirtualEvents #TeVE #TeMasterClass #BringPeopleTogether Image
Here we go! Thank you to all attendees who are joining us. Teala is a Customer Success Manager that specializes in product onboarding, strategic design coaching and virtual events producer. #TeMasterClass #BringPeopleTogether Image
Yes we are recording this! Stay tuned for the replay link at the end of this thread. Here is what Teala will be going over today. We ran an exchange ahead of time, and you will see some resources from that exchange to help you today in this #TeVE. Image
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We're LIVE with Teala Beischer to learn the best tips and tricks for running a #DEI #Thoughtexchange. Follow along! ⤵️ (Thread) #TeVirtualEvents #TeVE and surprise! @EquitySupt1 is with us also💜
This is what we'll be going over today! ⤵️ Let's go! #TeVirtualEvents #TeVE #TeMasterClass #BringPeopleTogether Welcome also to @KarenCraggs!
What is your why? Trying to create a safer space to foster open dialogue? Creating more PD learning opportunities? A combination of both? Get clear on where your org is at is the strongest way to approach this type of #Thoughtexchange. #DEI #BringPeopleTogether
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We're LIVE in 5 mins with Teala Beischer for a #TeMasterClass to discover the impact of participant grouping. Using this new feature, you can easily sort and compare your results based on your participants’ roles. Join us here: #TeVirtualEvents Image
More about our host, Teala Beisher! She works with thought partners through product onboarding, strategic coaching, and these #TeMasterClass & Getting Started virtual events. #TeVE #TeVirtualEvents Image
Here is what she will be teaching us over the next 30 minutes! #TeVirtualEvents Image
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We're LIVE with Teala Beischer to learn more about making the most of each exchange. Think more broadly about considering our objectives and working with our results. How does the data inform the action? Join us here: #TeVirtualEvents (Thread) Image
Here's what we will be talking about today. #BringPeopleTogether #TeVirtualEvents #TeMasterClass Image
What is your timeframe? A few key dates to help maintain momentum:

▶️ When you want to be finished working with the results

▶️ When you need to report back to your participants/leadership team/organization
▶️ When you want to host your next exchange Image
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We're LIVE in 3 minutes with Teala Beischer for our latest #TeMasterClass to learn how to get the most out of your exchange with Presenter Mode. In 30 minutes you'll learn how to run a live exchange like a pro 🤩 Join us: #TeVE Image
@shannont_te is our #TeVE special guest this morning. She works with our customers to integrate exchange into their live events. She will review planning steps, hosting, and post-event steps to take. #TeMasterClass Image
@shannont_te says: What are your expectations for your live event? Address what is top of mind like "What are the things keeping you up at night?" Don't jump straight into deep questions. Make sure your expectations are in line with your objectives. #BringPeopleTogether #TeVE
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We're LIVE in 2 minutes with Teala Beischer to dig deep into Differences. Join us to better understand how your interest groups agree or disagree to help you take action on your results. Join us here: #TeVE #TeVirtualEvents #BringPeopleTogether
Today Teala will be teaching us: You'll learn:

▶️ How to understand and interpret the Differences visualization
▶️ How to turn this information into action
▶️ How to use Survey Questions to get more from Differences

#TeVE #TeMasterClass #BringPeopleTogether
What is "DIFFERENCES"? It's a visual breakdown of areas of polarity. It allows you to highlight dynamics that you are already aware of.

Here is a word cloud from an exchange that we ran with our CSMs asking them the value of "differences". 👇 #TeVE
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We're LIVE in 2 mins with Teala Beischer for today's #TeMasterClass. We want to show you how to adjust your moderation settings to successfully prevent censorship, limit bias, & build trust. Join us! #BringPeopleTogether #TeVirtualEvents #MondayMotivation
Follow along in this thread and click on #TeVE or #TeMasterClass to learn other best practices for running an exchange from previous #TeVirtualEvents.
Teala is such a knowledgeable host! She always sets us up with clear expectations and keeps us on time (30 minutes). Here is what we will be discussing today👇 #TeVE #TeMasterClass
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We're live in 5 minutes with Teala to discuss #backtoschool exchanges. Join us to get a set of recommended questions for different situations, templated introductory text, & a plan for working with your results to make it easy. #TeMasterClass #TeVE
We're live! Follow along in this thread and using the hashtags #TeVE and #TeMasterClass.👇#BringPeopleTogether #LOUDtocrowd #BackToSchool
This is what it's all about today. #TeMasterClass What does it all mean? Stay tuned. As always, we will wrap up with a Q&A in the most collaborative way... by running a #Thoughtexchange to make the most of our time together. 😊 #LOUDtocrowd #BringPeopleTogether #TeVE
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We're LIVE with Teala and @AnnSkelcherte to learn more about the "WHY?" of Thoughtexchange. Join us here: #TeVirtualEvents #TeVE #TeMasterClass #LOUDtocrowd
WHY #Thoughtexchange?
"It's a way to find out what is really meaningful to a community of participants.
Thoughts + ratings help to understand where there is agreement/disagreement"
^^ This is one of the top thoughts from our participants. #TeVE #Leadership
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We know our customers are at the cutting edge of organizational culture, and we see our tool as a vital part of the cultural shift from top-down leadership to collaborative #leadership. We want to share our "Why?" with you! 1/3 #TeMasterClass #TeVE Image
We think you’ll want to see how our customers can gain a competitive advantage and build trust in their stakeholders. Join our special guest @AnnSkelcherte Sr. Engagement Consultant at #Thoughtexchange, at a special #TeVE June 22 #BringPeopleTogether 2/3 Image
We'll explore:
- How and why the Wisdom of Crowds works

- How #Thoughtexchange will impact your organizational culture

- How to find use cases to build an engagement plan.
Join us! ⭐️ Register here: 3/3 #TeMasterClass #TeVE Image
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Good morning! We're LIVE with Teala Beischer in today's #TeMasterClass to "see what's important to your participants in a glance" (aka Theming). Join us here: #BringPeopleTogether #TeVirtualEvents
Theming for actionable results - We are seeing LARGE participation in exchanges. So how do you work with your results? That's what we're here for. Follow along with #TeVE and #TeVirtualEvents #TeMasterClass
Teala knows what she is talking about! She is a Customer Success Manager with so much experience and knowledge about #EmployeeEngagement and how to get the most from your results. #TeMasterClass
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We're going LIVE (right now!) with Teala Beischer for our #MondayMotivation. "Planning Your Communications for Maximum Participation". Learn how to invite more voices in! #TeMasterClass #TeVE #TeVirtualEvents

Join us here:
Teala is focusing today on the following:

What makes a great plan?
3 phases of Exchange Communications
Resources & Automation

#TeVirtualEvents #TeVE #TeMasterClass
Each comms plan needs to be unique to your organization.
Replicate your comms plans structure to streamline the process! Meet the stakeholders on their level. What is the best way to reach your people? Multiple platforms will cover your bases. #TeVirtualEvents #TeMasterClass
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Good morning, we are LIVE with Teala Beischer to talk about "Creating an Online Engagement Strategy that Works". Join us here: #TeMasterClass #TeVirtualEvents #TeVE
Did you know these Master Classes are held weekly to help you maximize your engagement efforts? Different themes each week! #ProfessionalDevelopment #EmployeeEngagement #TeVirtualEvents
How do we share knowledge? Break down the silos! How? Communication is KEY. We need to be able to address the base needs before we can think about innovating together.
#TransformationalLeadership #TeMasterClass #TeVE #TeVirtualEvents #BringPeopleTogether
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Good morning! We are LIVE with Teala Beischer in our #TeMasterClass to learn about using Leader Comments to communicate with your participants. Join us here: #TeVE #DiscoverDashboard Image
We will be talking about "Leader Comments" and "Theme Comments". This is a great way to help people feel heard, and it will incentivize them to participate in future exchanges. #TeVE #TeMasterClass #bringpeopletogether Image
Leader comments - Show appreciation, show curiosity and can offer clarity. Your way to demonstrate high-level listening 👂#TeVE #TeMasterClass Here is an example of how to show appreciation with Leader Comments ⤵️ Image
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We're LIVE with Teala in our #TeMasterClass about setting up reminders to increase engagement. Join us here: #TeMasterClass #TeVirtualEvents #TeVE Image
Reminders - They are engaging and help to demonstrate the "why". Examples - "We need your voice!" "have your voice heard" Also, set clear time constraints in your reminders "Only 5 days left to star thoughts" #TeVE #TeMasterClass AND clear CTA 💥 Image
Hot tip from Teala - "The more personal your reminders are, the more likely people are to engage." You can add images! (word cloud!)The word cloud from your exchange can be very powerful to incentivize people to participate. 🌩️ #TeVE #TeMasterClass Image
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Our #MondayMotivation is strong today with 2 #TeVirtualEVents back to back! 🚀 Join us NOW in our #TeMasterClass with Meghan Humphrey to learn about HeatMaps! #TeVE #bringpeopletogether ImageImage
What ARE heatmaps? Visual representation of data! So helpful to understand starring patterns⭐️, understand large amounts of data, and help you identify themes! #TeMasterClass #TeDiscoverDashboard #exchangetochange #TeVirtualEvents Image
What is the progress you are trying to make? Reflect on your objectives before you design your survey questions. What are 2-3 things you are trying to accomplish with your exchange? #TeVirtualEvents #TeMasterClass #TeVE Image
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Here we go! We're LIVE with our engagement coach,
Teala Beischer, for a #TeVE to learn how to identify interest groups and get the most out of your data collected! DISCOVER participants and #demographics tools in this #TeMasterClass. 🎃Join us now! Image
In our Discover Dashboard, "demographics" - is now called "survey questions". now you can conduct a survey AND an exchange in the same place. #TeTraining #TeCommunity #TeVE Image
Understanding who your stakeholders are is key to building strong relationships. #TeTrainingTips #TeVirtualEvents
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