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[1/🧵] "#ISO20022 is bigger than you think"

You've probably heard that term a few times and wondered what it meant. 🤔

In case you are curious now:

A brief explanation of everything important.
There will be nothing complicated ahead, so don't worry. 🧵👇 Source:
[2/24] — Outline —

🔹 Origin & Timeline
🔹 What's the big deal?
🔹 Details regarding the transformation
🔹 Migration Approaches
🔹 Relations to #Crypto (#DTI)
🔹 @Ripple & #JSON formats Source:
[3/24] — Origin & Timeline —

The #ISO 20022 standardization efforts began very early on. Indeed, you may be wondering how you missed it until this date. 😅 Source:
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🇺🇸⚡️ A Gallup and Knight Foundation sociological study highlights declining trust in American news media.

According to the survey, half of Americans believe that the media misinforms with their reporting.
#usa #media #reporting #msm #journalism
The study found that only 26% of Americans have a favorable opinion of the news media, the lowest figure in the five-year history of the survey, while 53% have an explicitly unfavorable opinion.
The most notable figure is that 50% of Americans believe that "most national news organizations intend to mislead, misinform, or convince the public".
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#ironic really when I have to watch people like @totalcrime Mr Chris Summers who has the audacity to rt this that talks of what those do not want you to know when this vile little man not only talked with me over the phone a number of times to where we
were even going to meet up, who even attended the @INQUEST_ORG who was #reporting on #myson #AmbroseGGBall case, who heard all that we had seen on #ccvfootage, who saw the so called fake set up #accident scene, who knew of all the attacks on my child just before he Image
went @missingpeople never to be seen alive ever again.

This is the same #vile little man who attempted to humiliate me .

Who was misleading the #publicengagement with statements such as implying that we only started questioning my sons death after we viewed the body 3 months ImageImage
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I was going to save this for tomorrow but I just can't.

A thread.

#Reporting #Searching #SystematicReview

Someone asked me recently if I could share any examples of #SysRev that had GOOD methods sections.

I said, "They're few and far between but usually Cochrane #SysRevs have a well-reported methods section."

However, when I went to look, I couldn't find any great examples. They were all kinda iffy. I was like
Then, this article practically fell in my lap this weekend. It was tweeted from a #COVID19 literature account.

Take a look at that methods section. It's almost glowing. It may as well have a halo around it.…
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#Russia #NewsfromMordor Russian watchdog Roskomnadzor is preparing sanctions against Google, Telegram, Meta, Discord, Pinterest and Twitch. The Ministry of Education is ready to discuss Medinsky's proposal to introduce a prayer for the glory of Russia in schools.
#Russia #NewsfromMordor Medvedev: "No restrictions on the return of the death penalty in Russia, everything will depend on the situation. The moratorium may remain, if everything is calm, or be revised if necessary."
#Russia An Interior Ministry official arrested for spreading "fakes" about war, was charged for speaking on the phone, allegedly spreading "knowingly false information." He called his acquaintances in the Crimea and the Moscow region. No permission to tap his phone, says lawyer
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The muzzling of independent #Russia media, incl. #NovayaGazeta, is a huge blow. In my forthcoming book about #HumanRights heroes, I profile NG cofounder Anna Politkovskaya. Her relentless #reporting on Chechnya shed light on a horrific conflict. THREAD…
#Politkovskaya kept her focus on the human toll. Unlike some who craved war reporting, Politkovskaya said she was “afraid of everything that shoots.” Yet she was determined. Even @Novaya_Gazeta “cut out the toughest parts” she wrote/2…
“People call the newspaper & send letters with one and the same question,” she once wrote. “Why are you writing about this? Why are you scaring us? Why do we need to know this?"/3
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/07/2021…
Book checked out for 110 years returned to Boise Public Library…

#StrangerThanFiction #libraries
1431-1449: The Final Ecumenical Council - Two Churches, One Tradition…

#WesternTheology #pluralism #scholasticism #traditions
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@ItaSIF @SRI_Natives @SriEvent_It @andytuit #SriAgenda just started ⚡ #Nov17

about 700 people are attending this webinar, that proves today's topic is crucial, says @fbicciato1 Secretary General @ItaSIF in his opening remarks…

#sustainablefinance #sri #esg #responsibleinvestment #greenfinance Image
@ItaSIF @SRI_Natives @SriEvent_It @andytuit @fbicciato1 congratulations for sharing the knowledge and raising awareness of #sustainablefinance, the 20th anniversary @ItaSIF is celebrating this year is impressive, says Ulla Hudina-Kmetic, Deputy Head of Unit, DG GROW

#SettimanaSRI #sri #esg #responsibleinvestment #greenfinance Image
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/30/2021…
Global impacts of Nature’s journalism and opinion…

#journalism #OpEd,#RealWorldImpact #publications #funding
Identifying and prioritizing potential human-infecting viruses from their genome sequences…

#ZoonoticRisk #genomics #MachineLearning #models #RiskAssessment
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Filip Gregor will be providing an overview at a session co-organised by @ShareAction @BHRRC @Global_Witness @InvestforRights & @purposeofcorp

Looking forward to the commentaries of @EU_Finance, @Lysgaard_Signe @ericsson @barbara_bijelic & @thomasoftayler

For those that are not able to follow the event live, a recording will be made available in ERIN's platform

#ERIN2020 @ShareAction
“One ring that binds them all” - @MWachenfeld @ThemisResearch refering to the #sustainablefinance, corporate #sustainability disclosure, and mandatory #due diligence. Where are the gaps & synergies?

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#SriAgenda in 15m | #June17 4pm CEST

The #SustainableRecovery, investor collaboration on Covid-19 recovery and the #ClimateEmergency | Webinar 1 of Investor Action on Climate Webinar Series "@LSEplc @PRI_News…

#sustainablefinance @andytuit @SRI_Natives
@LSEplc @PRI_News @andytuit @SRI_Natives @MCL1965 @BNPPAM_COM #airpollution is one of the biggest 'killer' worldwide, especially in the largest Asian megalopolis, says @MCL1965 (so-called '#Airpocalypse')

#SustainableRecovery #climateemergency #COP26 #sustainablefinance
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📣 Starting this afternoon at 3:30 pm PST! Science journalist and @NPR science correspondent Richard Harris (@rrichardh) will be joining the latest #CovidTownHall in our series to discuss science reporting during a pandemic with @ucdavis students. You don't want to miss this!
Richard Harris has covered science, medicine and the environment for @NPR since 1986. His award-winning work includes reports in 2010 that revealed the US Government was vastly underestimating the amount of oil spilling from the Macondo blowout in the Gulf of Mexico. #journalism
He also shared a @PeabodyAwards with colleague Rebecca Perl for their 1994 reports about the tobacco industry’s secret documents, which showed that company scientists were well aware of the hazards of smoking. #journalism #reporting #sciencejournalism
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#Occupy: A #MUST (long-) #READ !
Search for Truth on #Origin of #COVID19.
#Questions needing #Answers.

The #Truth has to come out.
We need ONE MORE #Brave #Edward #Snowdon
or #Chelsea #Manning, another #HERO
to leak the information.

>… <-via @veteranstoday
#Occupy: Serial: "The #Crumbling #Empire".
Episode: "#Final #Blow by a #Feral #Biowar-#Virus".

Despite #WHO obligations, the Empire's #CDC
refuses to #Show its #COVID19-#Origin-Patient Zero,
#Attacks the WHO itself & anyone requesting that information.

#Occupy: In Search of #Truth on the #Origin of #SARS_CoV_2.

The original #Strain, "A"
is not the Main-strain in China (= "B")
and is also found in the #US & #Australia.

#Genetic network analysis provides "snapshot"
of #COVID19-#Pandemic #Origins:

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Why mid-sized companies are behind the #datascience curve: A thread—
Mid-sized companies are behind in terms of being data-driven when compared to startups and large entities. There are several reasons for this which puts them at a disadvantage.
1/ The average age of a mid-sized company is c years. X years older than the average startup and large entities such as Facebook or Apple. Overall, their workforce is older as well which translates into greater domain knowledge and also little technical capability.
2/ There is often a greater majority of non-technical works which places a heavy burden on the few technical workers often leading to burnout, limitations and ultimately churn.
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Join us now to #learnmore about the @thoughtxchng app for a quick 30-min tour with @DaveTheK - we're live here:
#TeVe #TeVirtualEvents #leadership
@DaveTheK The mark of companies that use @thoughtxchng - they're prepared to step their organization into a more open #conversation!
@DaveTheK We're running an exchange on the best ice cream flavours. Cool way to show the process of running an exchange, plus you can see how many people like Vanilla in your organization #zzz
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Since 2017, @uspresstracker has documented at least 38 journalists arrested and 55 attacked, 15 equipment seizures, and 5 equipment damages from #protest #reporting :…
#Protest #reporting can be dangerous, and every year journalists are injured covering such stories. Our partners at @pressfreedom have published a safety guide to help you report on these stories safely :…
If you are a journalist who has been assaulted, arrested, seriously threatened or had your equipment seized or damaged in the course of covering a protest or demonstration, we want to hear about it. DM or email
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So this is where we are now @gop? #meinkampf? Republican Mo Brooks reading Hitler quotes on the floor of the House. I would like to ask @KevinMKruse to dig in, but I will share some facts.…
There is so much irony, especially when you consider “alternative facts” was contrived by the #Trump team to describe their own false statements.…
Another part of concern is that Hitler and the Nazi approach to the #press was to create fear, vilify them, and then brutalize anyone in disagreement. The press truly was the enemy of the propaganda machine.…
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