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@BwareLabs is a #Staking Provider on @MultiversX & other #blockchains and a #Web3 Builder of high-performance and reliable distributed API infrastructure solution.🔥

On #MultiversX, they are Rank 105, 4 nodes, 13K $EGLD, 748 Delegators:…

👇 Image
Their token, $INFRA, has recently been migrated to @MultiversX , enabling builders to access their technical solutions that address data availability & processing needs at scale.

The $INFRA token can be accessed via the #MxBridge and @xExchangeApp

And the collaboration goes back since the early days of #ElrondNetwork, where @BwareLabs ’s distributed API infrastructure solution called @BlastAPI enables the creation of an #MultiversX API endpoint.…

More about @BlastAPI in a new spotlight, soon.
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Fluxtracker by @Fluxylynxx is a compounding optimiser for EGLD staking, a tool designed to answer the question: "When should I re-stake my $EGLD?"

This is important if you are looking to get the best ratio between claiming fees & #Staking rewards.

👇 Image
Simply add your #EGLD wallet in the search bar and hit enter.

It will list all the staking providers of your staked EGLD, claimable rewards, how much time you need to wait and the average days between two restakes.

This tool is open-sourced at:…

As Fluxtracker is a great tool, useful since the #ElrondNetwork days and has been open sourced for others to improve it or built on top of it, we have added it on at:…

Let’s build!🔥🛠️

#MultiversX $EGLD #MultiversXBuilders
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@Mairon_NFT is a real-time #NFTs analytics platform on @MultiversX #blockchain

It consists of a set of core tools that comes handy for every #NFT Enthusiast looking for the beast deal on top-trending NFT collections.

Let's discover it! 🧵👇 Image
Launched since the days of #ElrondNetwork, @Mairon_NFT is currently available for those holding the #alpha-access role - see their Discord.

The core tools are: Top-Trending collection, Deal Sniper, Collection Analytics, Best Deals Markets Health Check and the Watch List.

The top-trending collection tool contains a bullish/bearish meter, listing count, floor walls, real-time charting and more.

The Deal Sniper tool help you snipe great deals on NFTs with the real-time live feed.

The Best Deals tool to find best deals across all collections.
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@risa_staking is a #Staking provider & #node operator on @MultiversX & @ethereum, and a Digital Assets Manager for #EGLD & #rETH 🔥

On #MultiversX, they are Rank 79; 5 Nodes; 26K $EGLD in Delegation Cap & 1715 Delegators:…

🧵👇 Image
As a Proof-of-Stake #infrastructure provider and #validator on @MultiversX, @risa_staking rewards their Stakers with $RISA token, apart from the $EGLD rewards:…

$RISA token details from the #MultiversX Explorer:…

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@Meria_Finance (previously Just Mining) led by CEO @PowerHasheur is a #Staking Provider, #Cryptoassets Manager, #CryptoEducator and more on @MultiversX #blockchain 🪐

They are Rank 3; 224 Nodes; 814K+ $EGLD in Delegation Cap & 17800+ Delegators:…

Together with @Ledger , @Meria_Finance is partner of @MultiversX Global Outreach Tour 🔥

They were also part of @XDayParis event, as part of the panel: Metaverse & Web3 Initiatives, Implications, & Impact for France

As @Meria_Finance keeps on building since the early days of #ElrondNetwork - now @MultiversX - it has been added to our platform at:…

Let's build and grow together!⚡️🛠️

$EGLD #Staking #StakingProvider #validator
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@twispay, future #xMoney, is an #ecommerce payment processor, fully licensed to provide payment services in the European Economic Area (EEA) countries, powered by @MultiversX⚡️

It accepts FIAT payments from debit cards and credit cards issued by @Visa and @Mastercard

@twispay is a brand of Capital Financial Services S.A., led by @Augustin_Dobre and his team.

It has been licensed by the National Bank of Romania to act as an electronic money institution, registered under authorisation no. IEME-RO-0001 from 25.04.2013.


#ElrondNetwork, now @MultiversX acquired
@twispay on 2022:…

#twispay is part of products identity rebranding into xMoney, as announced at the @XDayParis #event.

Following the roadmap, it is set to launch on April 12:

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Incredible 🔥 alpha dropped. Valuable insight into product development & strategy. A few personal notes from the recent spaces w/ @beniaminmincu. Everything rises and falls on leadership; @MultiversX is in good hands. 📚😎
Understanding MultiversX is understanding that #Elrond built one of the most exciting blockchain architectures. A first principle design means you can't just copy the EVM. After extensive research & thinking deeply, the conclusion becomes evident that there is an opportunity. [1]
An opportunity for a larger expansion to everything that #ElrondNetwork was. This is a #Multiverse to the power of X. An elegant positioning between the physical world and the #metaverse. The complete vision was unveiled at [2]
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@UTRUST is a #cryptocurrency #payment solution powered by @MultiversX #blockchain

It aims to upgrade the #finance and payments industry with instant transactions and crypto-to-cash settlements for the merchant.

Soon to become #xMoney, let's discover more 🧵👇

@UTRUST MVP is released in April 2017 and joins Startups accelerator in San Francisco in 2018.

The UTRUST Wallet and platform continues in 2019, then @SanjaKon joins in 2020 as CEO.

The launch of @WordPress & @WooCommerce plugins and @MagentoMP Integration follows.
Their expansion continues with the HOLD app launch, the @Shopify custom payments app and @Utrust Invoicing Solution released in 2021.

@MultiversX #ElrondNetwork acquires @UTRUST on Jan 11 2021 and it’s all over the news:…

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Bonjour tout le monde !

⚡️ Apres un an d'exploration et d'interactions sur @ElrondNetwork , j'ai envie de vous partager avec vous les outils, sites, projets et acteurs que j'utilise et que je suis sur le réseau !⚡️

⚡️ Un tweet, un lien, une explication ⚡️

⚡️ ⚡️

Site officiel du réseau, vous y trouverez le White Paper, ainsi que toute la documentation technique pour les développeurs qui voudraient développer sur #ElrondNetwork

Bon comment s'intéresser a un projet sans en lire le White Paper ? Du coup, j'vous le remets la !
Comme ca, pas d'excuses, vous l'avez sous le nez !

D'ailleurs, qui ici n'as jamais lu le WP de Bitcoin ? J'suis curieux 👀
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As always, I will give you a little dig in the new Launchpad proposed by @ElrondNetwork which may be a major point for the evolution of the ecosystem 

RT/Like very appreciated ❤⚡ 

#ElrondCommunity #ElrondNetwork @ELROND_INITI
@ash_swap @ElrondNetwork @ELROND_INITI 1/ Defi Market Introduction

2/ AshSwap
     - What they want solve ?
     - Liquid Liquidity Provision and $AOC Stablecoin
     - Trading/Minting fees
     - Adoption & Listing Partner

3/ Social Mining and NFT

4/ Roadmap and Tokenomics

5/ Team & Partners

6/ Further Reflexion
@ash_swap @ElrondNetwork @ELROND_INITI 1/ Defi Market Introduction

- What they want solve ? 

#DeFi has been a driving force behind the BullRun of 2021, from its creation in 2017/2018 to today, we have gone from 40k$ deposited on smart contracts, to more than 180 Billions $.
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All information about the epic #ElrondNetwork #XDay event, 3-4 November in Paris, France gathered in this thread 🧵: /1
Done. ✅ /2
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My first few impressions with regards to #NFTs #ElrondNFTs #ElrondNFTMarket #ElrondNetwork /1
So, what are we actually looking at? In the roadmaps it was pretty much touted as a "Marketplace", so most people - including me - expected something like @opensea or @Coinbase_NFT /2
@opensea @Coinbase_NFT I understand the dilemma the Team faced and it's probably the 'best' decision to create a hybrid marketplace, that is integrate the exising ones and offer own functionality. It puzzles me that @FrameItNFT isn't there from the getgo. In fact everything takes me to Xoxno. /3
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How #ApesNFTs projects on #ElrondNetwork will mega-drive adoption and bring billions of users to the #Elrond Blockchain and drive $EGLD to 1000$. #ElrondNFTs A thread: 🧵 /1
They won't. /2
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What's the value proposition of @ElrondNetwork's $EGLD? Two years after mainnet, where has the leadership of @beniaminmincu taken the project? Will #Elrond be a future L1 SC blockchain leader? The next few tweets will be a few of my thoughts and how I value the project. NFA, anon
1) Crypto narratives change literally weekly; important to take note of but also critical to identify lasting value. Recent crypto explosions have increased the need to evaluate survivability & practice risk management. #Elrond has blazed its own trail going against most trends.
2) The quickest way to make a buck & capture short-term hype is now a science. (1) Fork #Ethereum (2) Fork @Uniswap (3) Tweaks settings (4) Launch a token. Solidity / EVM spinoffs are a shortcut. We all saw how $ETH gas fees made transacting on L1 impossible.
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Elrond does not have a monopoly on Launchpad, @BlackHatNetwork is another one that also offers some projects. Focus on NF-Tim a project launched by @CreativeTim focused on Web3 UI/UX devellopements tools.

RT/Like appreciated ⚡️ Image
1/ Market Analysis

2/ @CreativeTim

3/ What do they want to solve and build in web3 ?

4/ #NFTs

5/ #RoadMap

6/ Team

7/ A new way of imagine the tech company's business model (imho, the most interesting part)

#ElrondCommunity #BHAT #ElrondNFT #ElrondNetwork
1/ Market Analysis

The UX/UI market became huge when E-commerce started to grow. Global BtoC E-commerce revenue was $4.938 trillion in 2021, up 16.2% from 2020, according to eMarketer. Online sales now account for 19% of total retail sales worldwide, up from 13.7% in 2019. ImageImage
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How to accumulate #EGLDs while lowering your risk compared to trading by Liquidity Providing [THREAD].

We will focus on the $EGLD <> $USDC pool but this strategy works with all the others but are more risky

#ElrondCommunity #ElrondNetwork
If you are having trouble managing your $ELGD bag by selling high and buying low. LPs are a good way to do the same thing while reducing your risk of loss.
What strategy to adopt?

Instead of farming indefinitely and suffering the impermanent loss on the downside as well as on the upside, the goal of this strategy is to mix DCA, trading and DeFi
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An informational thread about @Gnogen: A Web3 brand in the making.

@EGLDIsTheWay Josh: The brilliant mind behind the whole project.

The @Gnogen Team: A group of hard-working and very talented individuals who want nothing but to see #Elrond succeed and rise to the top.

@Gnogen is more than just an NFT project. It is aspiring to become a big Web3 brand. In the words of Josh: “I want Gnogen to become one of the greatest Web3 brands in the space”. Ambitious? Yes. Realistic? Definitely.
Gnogen Comics, #Gnogons, #Validators, Trading Card Game, #NFT Video Games, CityVerse, GnogenVerse, and many more projects and ideas are being brainstormed behind the curtains.
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Where I come from, we start preparing for a new academic year (rentrée scolaire) towards the end of Quarter 3 (Q3).

It's another session of our daily threads on @HatomProtocol .

Walk with me #HatomArmy !!

#ElrondCommunity #Elrond #ElrondNetwork #Hatom #Egld $EGLD $HTM
Q3 2023
Hatom Bridge
The Launch of the Hatom bridge, which will use the Atomic Swap technology, thus making it possible to instantly trade native assets on different blockchains in a decentralized manner and with no risks.
-Integration of Synthetic Tokens
Integration of pegged tokens like ETH, BTC, DAI, etc. Pegged tokens are tokens where the price is designed to remain the same as a designated asset.

-Hatom V2 Launch
Launch of a redesigned and more advanced version of the Hatom Platform.
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Welcome back #HatomArmy!

Let us continue with the detail explanations of @HatomProtocol's visionary roadmap.

#ElrondCommunity #ElrondNetwork #EGLD $EGLD
In Q2 of 2023, the protocol will launch the following modules;
-Hatom Treasury Module, introduction of the hatom treasury program, where users will be able to deposit their Fiat Currency and earn interest without any of the complexities of crypto.
-Governance Delegation Module:
The Governance Delegation Module will be integrated into the governance program enabling all Hatom holders to delegate their votes.

-Hatom Risk DAO
The team is creating a Risk DAO that will seek to provide committed and professional risk analysis
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Update: Medusa, club membership #NFT rarities.

The reason we are late to release them is technical difficulties due to the way we created our SC. When launching #ClubGorgon back in February, fairness of minting events and #NFTs distribution was a hot topic. ⬇️
Our aim was to launch as transparent as possible. We looked into different ways of making our mint fair. This was the case, especially because the club spared 300 #Medusa #ElrondNFTs for its treasury.

#ClubGorgon #ElrondNetwork ⬇️
We wanted to show that everyone, including our team gets their membership #Medusa generated as provably random as possible. We chose to mix #NFT number sequences for picking images on mint & so, we can’t predict the next # number while minting event is ongoing.

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1/11🔥Good news: The CoOllOok Orion Shop will be officially launched and orders can be placed from Monday 6 June 2022.
The website is translated into 5 languages 🇫🇷🇬🇧🇪🇸🇷🇴🇵🇹


#elrond #ElrondCommunity #ElrondNFTs #ElrondNetwork #art #artist #Maiar
2/11 The website has been designed in compliance with the laws in force concerning the protection of personal data and privacy.
#elrond #ElrondCommunity #ElrondNFT #ElrondNetwork
3/11 Prices are displayed in euros and are converted in real time to $egld.Free shipping all over the world.
You can pay your orders with @Utrust and @Stripe
At CoOllOok Orion, we contribute 1% of our revenue to carbon removal
#elrond #ElrondCommunity #ElrondNFT #ElrondNetwork
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Good morning frens!
So before we continue with today's educative thread on @HatomProtocol , here's a correction to take note of prior to this thread: Hatom protocol is SEEKING to be audited by these platforms and has not yet been fully audited.

#ElrondNetwork #HatomArmy
With @HatomProtocol you can LEND and BORROW $EGLD $MEX $USDC and also $RIDE
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So let's start with some updates (first 10 for now) #ElrondNFTs #ElrondNetwork #ClaudeReviews (see… ) /1
The @ElrondHunters are still active and developing their project as the main #NFT project of VitalDAO. Latest EVO looks pretty cool. Rating remains unchanged. /2
@ElrondHunters The @AngryPenguins_ have created a super cool upgrade system (what #SpaceRobots have yet to do), and have received recognition from @beniaminmincu. Rating unchanged for now, but close to an up-move! /3
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Some info regarding our members only monthly airdrop.. Many people asked the meaning behind the cities we included to @thaisakanne collection. #ElrondCommunity ⬇️
Thaís named her #Medusa themed #NFT #artwork characters as Hydra, Eva, Adelina, Asmodeus, Apophis and Hera. ⬇️
And we had our unique sounds, given to us by our friend Roberto Filippi Jr. from musical duo based in Germany, @scoutsom ( ⬇️
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