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Top secret Porton Down files are found dumped in a recycling bin in a north London car park @Incarnated_ET @Jordan_Sather_ @RodSneaky #WWG1WGA #ChinaLake…
It is home to two British government facilities: a site of the Ministry of Defence's Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) – known for over 100 years as one of the UK's most secretive and controversial military research facilities
Secret documents from Britain’s chemical warfare base Porton Down have reportedly been found dumped in a London bin.​…
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#Meningitis is no doubt a serious disease, but as they push mass #vaccination for this uncommon disease (although already 10% of US teens 16-18 #vaxxed so far), I sense there may be an underlying agenda here too. A victim here: eyes on pillow. Coincidental 1-eye selfportrait.
Take all 70 vaccine shot, Americans! You're most the vaccinated in the world, but none of the supposed "health" to show for it. Highest neonate and infant #vaccination rate, but one of the highest childhood mortality, which under 2 years old, is mainly #SIDS. Aka #VaccineDeath.
Been looking at #Poland, with a very high #childhoodmortality vs rest of Europe, and one of the most aggressive and wide MANDATORY #vaccination programs. You can get FINES for not complying €2500 per "missed shot" up to €12.500. Insanity. #Polska #forcedvaccination #szczepienia
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Well, with @delbigtree planning to "fact check" @PeterHotez guest spot of @joerogan ojn this weeks @HighWireTalk, I thought I'd give him some help figuring out What’s Wrong With “Dr. Paul” and his “real world data”
Select talking points to follow:
1/ Dr. Paul Thomas has presented informal data from his clinical observations.
Dr. Graven was used to lend credibility and appearance of independence but has never commented on this publicly, nor provided actual statistics, just a "P=0.05." On the nose. But what stat was used?
2/ Dr. Paul and Del Bigtree agreed on @HighWireTalk that this “Quality Assurance Project” can’t be submitted for publication, but went on to accept the data. This interview on a QA project has now be disseminate as “shocking truth.”
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Thread exploring the #freemason corruption of the #vaccine world. I thought this was going to be tougher, less structured, but it's all the same old stuff as usual haha. "Science", with a very small s. #Vaccines #Vaxxed #antivaxx #VaccineHoax #vaccination
For reference, a start on some #sunscreen, #suncream research. Same players, same agendas as usual? We'll find out, because "Seek and and ye shall find". Truth. No need for any pineal gland enlightenment bullshit. Just my God-given eyes, ears and logic.
Collection of some scientific data review of vaccines, for reference. Will keep it separated from my thread on the key players in the vaccine scam.
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#Vaxxed II: The People's Truth

The mothers know...

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"[Digital] libraries burn down during [info] wars." -- Alex Jones (August 11, 2018)
Adam Schiff wants FB to shadow-ban anti-vaccine content. Doesn't FB do that already? Developing...…
Vaccines cause brain damage.

The mothers know...…
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I am going to make a thread about my #awakening and I am seeking help for my illness. I only have 86 followers so I will tag some of my favorite #anons #patriots
@jordan_sather_ @tracybeanz @docdhj @jonrappoport @gregRubini @cronsell @markdice @cordicon @prayingmedic
In Sept of 1994, my first “real” flying job, I flew a Piper Lance from Ypsilanti to Searcy AR on an automotive freight run. Eight to 9 hours round trip… long flight!
We had all heard of the rumors that Connie Kalitta’s B-18 were ex-ci_ and had been used for running drugs/guns in Mena, AR. A local pilot warned me not to ask questions. I wish that I had stayed awake
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Softkilled in the Silent Civil War: Young American men with severe brain-damage due to toxic vaccines have no Soldiers’ Homes to go to... #Vaxxed #Autism…
Were medical experts silenced when it comes to the effects of vaccines on children?

An explosive, must watch investigative report by @SharylAttkisson @FullMeasureNews

#vaccines #autism…
Mother's testimony: "The person he was supposed to be was stolen from him [by hospital staff the day his was born]." #Vaxxed ➕➕➕
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@NBCNews The US mainstream media is #FakeNews owned by #BigPharma, it is just one long 24/7/365 Direct-To-Consumer Pharma Commercial.… #VAXXED #CDCwhistleblower #HHSlawsuit
@NBCNews In this 2012 video, Congressman Bill Posey is referencing his Congressional predecessor, Dr. Dave Weldon, who wrote CDC Director this 2003 letter>… … … #VAXXED #CDCwhistleblower #HHSlawsuit
@NBCNews #CDCwhistleblower exposed #CDCfraud in 2014, which has received #MediaBlackout by MSM ever since.
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These "toddler suddenly gets limp arm leg droopy face" stories (acute flaccid myelitis #afm) are going to bubble-burst once one irate Mother won't stop talking about her child's vaccines and/or one Nurse and/or one #CDCWhistleblower leaks the victims' anonymized #vaxxed data.
VIDEO Update: These limited-hangout 'polio-like #AFM mystery illness' stories are going to burst. Look at these damaged children. With CNN's Elizabeth Cohen of #CDCWhistleblower #Vaxxed fame: 'if your child has a drooping face'...
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@Acosta The US mainstream media is #FakeNews owned by #BigPharma, it is just one long 24/7/365 Direct-To-Consumer Pharma Commercial.… … … #VAXXED #CDCwhistleblower #HHSlawsuit
@Acosta In this 2012 video, Congressman Bill Posey is referencing his Congressional predecessor, Dr Dave Weldon, who wrote CDC Director this 2003 letter>… #VAXXED #CDCwhistleblower #HHSlawsuit
@Acosta #CDCwhistleblower exposed #CDCfraud in 2014, which has received #MediaBlackout by MSM.
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Must watch: #Vaxxed death & damage by Big Harma. An explosive, wide-ranging conversation between Infowars reporter Rob Dew and Lori Gregory of Mom Street Journal.…
1) Lori Gregory of @MaStreetJournal delivers a groundbreaking report on the Vaccine Injury & Death payouts by the US Vaccine Court...…
2) VIDEO: The US Vaccine Court only provides an image-based pdf file of their yearly Vaccine Injury & Death payouts. Making compiling the statistical trends -- to then report on, labor intensive. Lori Gregory of @MaStreetJournal explains...…
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Timothy J. Cunningham, ScD. Team Lead, Division of Population Health. Mid thirties, close relationship with sister, and parents. Named "ATL top 40 under 40." Worked on Ebola and Zika. Missing since February 12. Left work early, not feeling well.…
Body found with running shoes and 3 crystals in his pocket. A preliminary cause of death is listed as "drowning." CNN headline reads "No signs of foul play." On the morning of his disappearance, he tried to text his mother "Are you awake" at 5:21AM and called her at 9:12AM.
2. I run the Chattahoochee a lot. It's a wide river with lots of developed shore trails. How do you leave work sick, wake up early, go jogging with 3 crystals in your pocket, then jump in the river in February to drown? Why is this headlined as "not a sign of foul play?" #Qanon
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I keep hearing 7.1+ & seeing Oaxaca
Just putting this here^…
I seem to have missed this one:…
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