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Next Monday is a big day for the Foreign Agents Registration Act (#FARA) and foreign influence in the US—on top of what has already been a big year (DOJ has charged a record number of people w/ acting as unregistered agents of foreign govts). /1
First, the Tom Barrack trial begins for acting as an unregistered agent of UAE (in violation of 18 USC 951). It’s only the second trial of a person alleged to be acting as a foreign govt agent to influence people in the US (most other cases involve espionage-like activity). /2
Second, Kaveh Afrasiabi is scheduled to plead guilty to violating FARA for acting as an unregistered agent of Iran. Afrasiabi allegedly lobbied a Congressman, counseled Iranian diplomats, made TV appearances, and authored articles to promote Iran govt policies. /3
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Newly released materials from the Mueller investigation raise questions about Paul Manafort's trip to Morocco.

On July 31, 2016 Tom Barrack sent Manafort this email. What's behind the redactions?

Barrack's testimony indicates that Manafort was supposed to meet a redacted party.
George Nader told the FBI that MBS & MBZ stay at a compound in Tangier, Morocco every summer.

Local news reported that even King Salman was at the compound hosting the Abu Dhabi royal family.

Did Manafort plan to meet MBS & MBZ in Tangier with Barrack?…
According to Tom Barrack, Paul Manafort was too busy to attend.

A recently released July 29th email may explain why: Russian Intelligence Agent Konstantin Kiliminik requested a meeting in NY at the same time.

READ MORE on Barrack, Manafort, & Kilimnik:…
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BONUS EPISODE: The narration of our first T.M.I. post about Tom Barrack leveraging his Ukrainian network to put Paul Manafort on Trump's 2016 presidential campaign is now available to listen on podcast platforms and our site.…
DID YOU KNOW: Trump was initially uninterested in hiring Manafort because of his association with "dirty trickster" Roger Stone.

Imagine how different things would be if Tom Barrack hadn't "leaned hard" on Trump to hire Manafort.

Trump kept dismissing the idea of hiring manafort for the campaign because of his association with Stone, so Tom Barrack pushed harder – this time, through Ivanka.

Ivanka forwarded an email pushing for Manafort's hire.
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Reminder: Semion Mogilevich purchased Hungarian Armaments from Orban. #FARAFox
@loonyberg @myrubypearl
🎯 This thread should go viral. Jihad, savior, antichrist, 'Bannon’s holy war', BRAINWASHING, and mind control sewn together tighter than a tapestry!
💯 Bush + Orban: Ambassador to Hungary, George Herbert Walker, was married to Mary Carter. Mary Carter Paint was a front for the CIA.
Fox is a foreign actor, agent.
Kavanaugh and Hungary? Does that then link to Orban, Tucker, and Murdoch? Thx to @gregolear for helping to connect the dots.
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Update: 2 days after my report from last month, former Soviet Foreign Ministry official Sergey Shestakov filed an amendment to state that his dealings with Oleg Deripaska's top aide are now terminated:…

My report from December:…
In this amendment, Shestakov, the former Soviet official says he got $25,000 from the law firm Kobre and Kim in November 2019 and $8,000 from a "business intelligence" company that does not seem to exist anywhere online in November 2021.
I've updated the article to include this new information that makes this filing even weirder. I would love to hear from the #FARA expert community @annalecta @CBHolman @JoshRudes
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HAPPENING NOW: During hearing on #FARA case against Tom Barrack, his lawyer Dan Petrocelli again implies politics at work in indictment. Says investigation was done in mid-2019, but client wasn’t charged til 2021. Of course, may have been politics in his non-indictment, too
Issues around classified info expected to complicate case, Judge Brian Cogan says he’ll meet privately with defense counsel in May to hear their theories about what secrets could help their case. Later, he’ll meet with prosecutors about what’s actual in government files
‘That’s great,’ Lowell says about judge’s offer to meet with defense ex parte
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1. I can recall the issue of 'Kuleana' rights holders arose regarding the large parcel Zuckerberg purchased. I've had to address this complicated issue of Hawaiian land ownership and I didn't see the way his lawyers handled it as extreme or improper. Also, the Ka Loko dam is a
2. threat to public safety that has killed people in recent times. The Zuckerberg family has apparently taken the dam on as their responsibility or 'Kuleana' in the Hawaiian language. I'm not a fan of @facebook or the firm's role in the attempted overthrow of the Republic but
3. simply from a perspective of news reporting, I don't see this story backed up by local media reporting from either the more mainstream @StarAdvertiser the investigative @CivilBeat, or the smaller more activist Hawai'i Free Press. Rather than go after Zuckerberg for
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1. I don't think this is Baradar. Not even close. This is a younger voice. In addition, Baradar has a protruding right incisor that makes his speech distinct. Meter and breath is all wrong. This is not Baradar IMO. #Taliban #Haqqani #PanjshirGenocide #Panjshir
2. Here's the real one. I don't think it's even close. So IMO he's dead or severely injured. At least it's a reasonable conclusion. @DefenseIntel

Taliban leader Mullah Video Abdul Ghani Baradar's message to Afghans via @YouTube
3. If that assessment is accurate, then what are the Haqqani going to do now? The charade can't last. What's their plan? I would think that may be the reason that Zabiullah Mujahid flew to Mazar-e-Sharif. Designated survivor, while Haqqani and the Pak ISI complete the coup.
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@CT_Bergstrom Cambridge Analytica, Russian intel, etc could have blundered into using evolutionary algorithms in psychological warfare.

Evolutionary algorithms take a multitude of programs and throw them at the same problem. You eliminate the ones that fail & mix together those that succeed.
@CT_Bergstrom With automated and micro-targeted propaganda it's a similar process, informed by your targets' reactions to your latest efforts, their previous responses and psychographic profile.

You don't just elicit responses.

You drive them to particular decisions or attitudes over time.
@CT_Bergstrom But your key targets are not your only test subjects.

You're studying people on an immense scale.

So you have people with matching or near-matching profiles in less critical locations - non-swing states, voters w/more certain voting profiles, etc.
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🚨The Feds conducted pre-dawn raids of Rudy Giuliani's home & business, along with the home of Victoria Toensing, who represented Dmitry Firtash, a pro-#Russia Ukrainian mobligarch under indictment in the US.

Team🇷🇺Traitor is gonna go thru some things.😎…
"The execution of search warrants is an extraordinary action for prosecutors to take against a lawyer, let alone a lawyer for a former president."

Meaning: prosecutors had to show evidence that Rudy had committed a CRIME to get the search warrants.

Prosecutors are investigating Giuliani's role in the ouster of then-Ambassador to #Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, who blew the whistle on Trump's corrupt efforts (via Lev Parnas & Igor Fruman) to dig up/make up dirt on Biden in #Ukraine.

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Matt Gaetz hired the son of the attorney that Rudy Giuliani partnered up with when they repped the Turkish-Iranian money launderer that ran his sanctions-busting op out of #TrumpTowerInstanbul. Stick a pin in that. 📌…
Matt hired Marc Mukasey, pops is Michael Mukasey.
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🔥A federal probe into the overseas and business dealings of Rudy Giuliani has resumed after being stalled last year amid Giuliani’s prominent role helping Trump’s attempt to overturn the election.…
“The full scope of the investigation is unclear, but it at least partly involves Giuliani’s Ukraine dealings, the officials said.”😎
Federal prosecutors in Manhattan pushed last year for a search warrant for records, including some of Giuliani’s communications, but officials in the Trump-era DOJ *refused* to sign off on the request.🤬

#corruption #TrumpCrimeSyndicate
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Elliott Broidy and NSO hacking software, all the way back to...2010. 👀
Elliott Broidy’s VP of Bus Dev, selling tech products into South America and Central look at Trump, 2010-2011: 👀
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#bandaGuaidó entregó a bufete de Washington contacto con funcionarios del gobierno de EEUU con respecto a la preservación de los activos de Venezuela en ese país desde ENE 2019.
Arnold&Portman es el despacho que negó propuesta de usar el oro en #UK para vacunas del Covid19. Image
Su presentación de la Ley de Registro de Agentes Extranjeros #FARA, el 11FEB 2019, #ArnoldPortman tiene como contratantes a Guaidó y Carlos Vecchio. Dice que "el registrante puede participar en actividades políticas en nombre del mandante extranjero", o sea, de la República. Image
Esas actividades incluyen "el contacto con funcionarios del gobierno de EEUU con respecto a la preservación de los activos de Venezuela en los Estados Unidos, el establecimiento de una presencia diplomática y la asistencia económica y humanitaria." Vean aquí documento completo. ImageImageImageImage
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Check when Greenberg Traurig reg’d #FARA for Turkey. Did Rudy take that business there for Flynn? Was Rudy & Turkey pkg deal? 🤔 When did Rudy go to GT?
"In 1/16, Giuliani moved to...Greenberg Traurig, where he served as the global chairman for Greenberg's cybersecurity and crisis mgmt group...In 4/18, he took an unpaid LOA when he joined Trump's legal defense team. He resigned from the firm on 5/9/18."…
(8/9/16) Michael Flynn/Flynn Intel Group/FIG belatedly files #FARA for Turkey. Per the contract with Inovo BV, they make the effective date August 9, 2016. View links here:

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@AWeissmann_ Since we're talking about Stone, and Facebook just shut down one of his social-media networks over there, perhaps it's time to discuss what the @FBI has known about how vulnerable they are since 1/2/20.

Also of interest to @GCHQ, @csiscanada @AIVD @CyberGovAU.
cc: @ericgarland
@AWeissmann_ @FBI @GCHQ @csiscanada @AIVD @CyberGovAU @ericgarland Let's start with the original 1/2/20 message.

With apologies for the length of the following, and the unpolished prose (it's the second of four sent over four days, and not remotely the longest)...

Here it is...
@AWeissmann_ @FBI @GCHQ @csiscanada @AIVD @CyberGovAU @ericgarland Data Mining Online Illegal Influence Networks
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News Analysis🔎The @EpochTimes has so far counted 85 “Unusual” instances for the case of Lt. @GenFlynn, which has been filled with contradictions, falsehoods, apparent blunders, extraordinary moves, and strange coincidences. (Thread👇)…
The case of @GenFlynn is inevitably heading toward its conclusion.

While District Judge Emmet Sullivan is trying to keep it going, there’s only so much he can do since there’s nobody left to prosecute the case after the #DOJ dropped it last month.…
In the latest developments, the #WashingtonDC appeals court set a hearing in the case on June 12, while the #DOJ’s solicitor general himself, as well as 5 of his deputies, urged the court to order the lower-court judge to accept the case dismissal.
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@ericgarland @thespybrief @nielsrosenquist One of the reasons it's useful to have multiple global, interlocking evidentiary maps showing hard, court-admissible evidence is it effectively *forces* many investigations to fuse.

It's not *just* where the money comes from and where it goes.
@ericgarland @thespybrief @nielsrosenquist Other threads go into this in more detail, but it's really more than you can fit into even epic Twitter threads.
@ericgarland @thespybrief @nielsrosenquist Example given: Flip everybody. Sift their computers/devices for more evidence, whether they cooperator or not. Turn cooperators phones into walking bugs. Dial-a-crook.
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Here’s a full list of President Trump’s pardons and commutations today 👇
Full pardon went to former San Francisco 49ers owner Edward DeBartolo:

Former football player Jerry Rice thanked Trump.

Full pardon to junk bond king Michael Milken (Ugh, though he already served his time and had his sentence reduced for cooperating with the feds in previous years).

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People seem distracted by other events, but Michael Flynn's defense team offered rare window today into his decision to plead guilty in Mueller probe. Weeks before he pled, his lawyers said they saw no 'significant' criminal exposure from his FBI interview…
Also defense insisted or discussed insisting that Flynn would not consider pleading guilty to a felony, which he soon did. They also dismissed as 'nothing to worry about' concerns abt potential conflict of interest stemming from firm's earlier advice to Flynn on his #FARA filing.
Flynn's new defense team is going whole hog with a strategy of blaming his former lawyers at Covington & Burling for giving him bad & conflicted advice. New lawyers dumped emails showing Covington planning to tout Flynn's plea deal 2 win other business even before deal was signed
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Giuliani told U.S. that his client Alejandro Betancourt (target for fraud, money-laundering in Miami) should receive leniency for financing Venezuela's opposition, Guaido denies the support - Parnas #WhereIsTheFARA ?…
Any other @TheJusticeDept - not under the thumb of Bill Barr - Rudy Giuliani would have been in handcuffs already. Mucho #FARA violations!
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1/ Nothing to see here.
Oct. 5, 2019
"Sweeney filed paperwork w/ the DOJ saying he's acting as a foreign agent, w/ a lobbying contract to rep Vnesheconombank State Development Corp, a Ru state-owned development bank w/ leaders appointed by the Kremlin."…
2/ #FARA
Vnesheconombank is the largest development bank in Russia. It's headed by Igor Shuvalov, an appointee of Putin and former first deputy PM in Putin's cabinet.…
3/ The Kremlin’s $220 Million Man
Igor Shuvalov, Russia’s deputy prime minister, is supposed to have the cleanest hands in the Kremlin. So where’d he get a quarter of a billion dollars?…
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“Our allies need to know that we remain a force for good, and to please bear with us as we move through this moment in time.”

RU Inquiry Review Is Expected to Undercut Trump/RW Narratives

Giuliani’s Firm Was in Talks to Receive $500k From Ukraine Prosecutor #FARA

Lutsenko said Giuliani told him he would have to hire a lobbyist to get the meeting.

“They even offered me such a company,” Lutsenko said.

Ballard or Livingston?🤔

He said that he was told it would be “impossible” for him to get the meeting without paying. #FCPA

Pay-to-Pay Scheme to enrich Trump loyalists in the Lobbying, PR & Legal businesses, inorder to ‘get a meeting’, resolve sanctions or tariff “issues”

The FBI never tried to place undercover agents or informants inside the Trump campaign, a highly anticipated
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"One [Firtash] had been indicted on federal bribery charges. The other [Kolomoisky] was embroiled in a vast banking scandal and was reported to be under investigation by the F.B.I."
"...they had one more thing in common: Both had been singled out by Rudolph W. Giuliani and pressed to assist in his wide-ranging hunt for information damaging to one of President Trump’s leading political rivals, former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr."
"That effort culminated in the 7/25/19 ph call between the American and Ukrainian presidents that has taken Trump to the brink of impeachment and inexorably brought Mr. Giuliani’s Ukrainian shadow campaign into the light."

Recall, Firtash was supposed to be extradited in July.
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