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For those who have not followed this closely and are just learning, the very latest post by #Q begins to lay the groundwork for the big reveal, which involves broad, illegal #SPYING by #Obama/#HRC/#DEMs against political enemies, including #Trump.
2/ #Q post in 2 pieces [interpretation in brackets]:
Apr 22 2018 12:58:19 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 195414 1145824 NEW
Not ‘official’ product - 5 Eyes.
Listen carefully.
No evidence to support POTUS targeting.
None. [FBI counterintelligence op was NOT based in official intel]
3/ Part 2 of above #QAnon post #1238:
Do you understand the gravity of what’s unfolding?
She had to win at all costs.
You know why.
How do people support/vote 4 these people?...…

Screenshot of Post #1238:
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1/ #QAnon

Follow-up re: meaning of "witness" in this post:

Why is Mueller going after 'inside plants'?
Flynn is safe.
Define 'witness'.
Can a 'witness' hold a position of power/influence while ongoing?…
2/ Earlier in the post, #Q had called out both #Manafort and #CarterPage as plants, something I had long suspected this based on their previous connections (#Podesta, #Russia, #DeepState). It was more obvious with Page since he had been an identified #FBI informant.
3/ #Q is basically implying in this post that, as hard as it may seem, #Mueller has been doing a quiet counter-coup investigation this whole time (going after inside plants)...which is WHY it was not YET supposed to be revealed that #Trump is not the criminal target.
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Part 1: #Qanon returns March 28, [live] from Beijing... discusses #KimJongUn meeting with #EmperorXi, history on NK, involvement of big tech, etc.

Post #NavySeal (#Punisher) emblem, suggests #DeepState enemies are being rounded up for #DayofReckoning

#IranPurge coming...
Part 2: #Qanon has eyes on the #KimJongUn meeting in Beijing...suggests he is watching "live". Q warns to expect #FalseFlags and distractions. The Global #DeepState will do everything to prevent peace on the Korean Peninsula. Reunification is possible!

#GreatAwakening #Peace
Part 3: #Qanon suggests Patriot #GeneralFlynn will be free within 30 (days).

Q suggests there is no threat to the #2ndAmendment . #DavidHogg's hubris alone :)

Now in the #FinalStage

Read about how Flynn was set up by #Strzok #McCabe and #Comey here:…
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Today seems like a wonderful day to try a little experiment in Twitter community engagement. I so often see many tweet about #MAGA and #KAG. It is one thing to tweet about those things, but another thing to live by that ethos.
I propose, we put that ethos to use. This is about empowering those who believe in #MAGA & #KAG. So, how many of you are ready to take a major step forward, and do what your part for the nation?
The opportunity to bring change is here, if you simply grasp onto it. If you're ready to live by what that hashtag truly means, let's do this. So, who's ready? If you are, reach out.
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Combining the FISA Memorandum & Nunes Memo shows a lot going on in the background. #MemoDay #ReleaseTheMemo #FollowTheWhiteRabbit #Comey #TheGreatAwakening #QAnon @Avery1776 @connieketchup @CharlesOrtel

FISC Memorandum below:
Director Comey briefed President-elect Trump on a summary of the Steele dossier, even though it was-according to his June 2017 testimony-"salacious and unverified." (Nunes page 4)

BTW the renewal of FISA was the day before inauguration. @Comey knew it was bunk.
Team A + Team B @Comey ⬅️common denominator

Team A (FISC)
CIA #Brennan
FBI #Comey
DNI #Clapper
DOJ #Lynch
NCTC #Rasmussen
NSA Adm. #Rogers

Team B
DOJ #Boente
DOJ #Ohr
DOJ #Rosenstein
DOJ #Yates
FBI Comey
FBI #McCabe
FBI #Page
FBI #Preistap
FBI #Strzok

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Dont 4get: #Strzok gave immunity 2 Huma Abedin. Strzok changed "gross negligence" 2 "extremely careless." THAT was Clinton server case. What else was goin on that Strzok & #McCabe were involved in? Do u know the back story why #Comey testimony on Weiner laptop is important?
Clinton Foundation investigation run by FBINY thru EDNY (Lynch old office) was obstructed by Lynch DOJ & EDNY.
@NewYorkFBI wanted investigation moved 2 @SDNYnews. McCabe said NO, "cant go prosecutor shopping." Kadzik called McCabe August 2016 pissed.
3/? What was FBINY trying to get from DOJ? ACCESS TO DEVICES. They were told NO. Flash forward to Weiner laptop. THAT case being run outta SDNY(Preets office). FBINY finally had their hands on evidence they were seeking for Clinton Foundation case. What did they do?
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#JohnCarlin is the next guy to watch for in #RussiaGate get to know him #BostonMarathon…
From 2007 to 2011, he served in leadership roles at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), ultimately serving as Chief of Staff to FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, III
When Rajesh De, the chief lawyer for the National Security Agency, needs a special court order so the agency can spy on potential security threats, he turns to John P. Carlin and his team of attorneys in the Justice Department to advocate for the new authority.
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(1) #AboutStrzok This is #PeterStrzok . He is in his 40s. He works for the #FBI . He was the only person to interview @HillaryClinton , with no recording, on her #HRCEmail investigation .
(2) #AboutStrzok How many #STRZOK family members are there? There are only 100 total Americans out of 300 million with this name . You can Google this. #PeterStrzok must be unique in such a small family, right?
(3) #AboutStrzok The father of #PeterStrzok (ii) is Peter Strzok Sr, and he was in the Army core of engineers. Oh, he was actually a career expert in sanctions and nuclear activity in #Iran .…
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Part 1: Jan 13/14 #Qanon returns, hitting all the major topics we've been discussing here this week, and particularly Assange and Hawaii. Seems to confirm Assange is about to go "checkmate" on global #DeepState and Hawaii was no fat finger error!

#FollowTheWhiteRabbit #TheStorm
Part 2: #Qanon's longest post ever gets into #ClintonFoundation corruption, potential government shutdown, some coded script, #Strzok, #GITMO. Commentary in graphic.

#FollowTheWhiteRabbit #TheStorm #Q
Part 3: #Qanon suggests #FlyJackFly over Twitter tampering and censorship of conservatives? :)

Also brings up Obama corruption/capital raising, Loop Capital, and Assange in #Checkmate. Did Assange cut a deal for freedom?

#FollowTheWhiteRabbit #TheStorm
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#SundayMorning 👉In order 4 #Mueller 2 prove #Russia interfered in election & colluded w/ #Trump, he'd have 2 prove #Russia hacked #DNC & weaponized emails by giving them 2 #wikileaks. He CANT. While every1 focuses on #Dossier, @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse should stress this FACT
The entire investigation into Russia interference & influence stemmed from Crowdstrikes flawed intel report which Perkins Coie solicited & was paid for by DNC & Clinton campaign. Same people who hired & paid #FusionGPS to concoct the fake dossier
Crowdstrike (Shawn Henry, former FBI w/ ties to McCabe, Comey, Mueller & Dmitri Alperovitch, an Atlantic Council fellow w/ shady past) refused to cooperate w/ Congressional hearings. They never showed up.
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1) Devin Nunes January 4th, 2018 Letter to Rod Rosenstein documenting their conversation and agreement. #SteeleDossier
2) Nunes secured the critical FD-302's and FD-1023's that relate to the #SteelDossier!
3) FD-302 is an FBI form that is used to document interviews/interrogations. It details questions asked and answers given as well as who was present during the interview. Here is a sample
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🙋🏼 #Saturday thread questions that should be answered regarding
#FBI #McCabe #Strzok #Comey #Clinton #HumaAbedin #WeinerLaptop #NYC FBI agents
#WhatHappened #coverup #ClintonFoundation #emails
#LockHerUp #DrainTheSwamp #DrainTheDeepState #HappyNewYear
Justin Cooper? U were pissed Braverman trying 2 clean up foundation. U hate Chelsea. She saw u put spyware on computers. Did u tell Ron Fournier "Follow foundation 💵." Wasnt registered 2 u? U ran it till 2014 w/ NO sec clearance? Were u feeling the heat?
Referring to May 2016 IG report...u were in charge of server during entire tenure of Clinton while Sec of State. Why didn't u get immunity like all the others? Were u ever questioned on or off the record for the "other" investigation NY agents conducting?
👉Clinton Foundation
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#FlashbackFriday Before the 2800 #Huma #Clinton emails from Carlos Danger laptop drop, just remember #Comey testimony, #Strzok #McCabe involvement and "If Hillary was guilty, so was #Obama."
Joe Digenova spoke out LAST YEAR about what is now *breaking news*. "I know inside FBI there is a revolt. There is a revolt against the director. People inside the bureau believe the director is a dirty cop."…
How bout senior FBI Agent John Giacalone who is former chief of NYC, Philly & D.C., field offices? He was in charge. 6 months into case HE RESIGNED & RETIRED. Why? Because DOJ & FBI leadership (Comey/McCabe) already decided to exonerate Clinton.…
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#Thursday rant bout 1 of biggest swamp dwellers that always gets overlooked: USAID
👉August 2017 article. (If u followed my original account, do u remember me bitching bout CHEMONICS?). Why does this FOR PROFIT org continue 2 fuck up & get more $? #MAGA…
Remember in 2015 when people warned about Chemonics and the largest ever contract to a PRIVATE, for profit, consulting firm w/ a history of problems? Guess what, their warnings were accurate as the previous article shows.
Do you not know who Chemonics is? Let me remind you... #Haiti
Yes. They worked in tandem w/ #ClintonFoundation. Chemonics made millions while Haitians suffered.…
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#Tuesday question/answer. Was there a permanent Inspector General during #HillaryClinton tenure as Sec of State?
NOPE! So much corruption & criminality overlooked.
#FBI #IGreport #WhatHappened
#Mueller #POTUS #TRUMP
#MAGA #Strzok #McCabe
While we are now getting info on the corruption in the FBI at the highest levels, how can we forget Clinton fixer Patrick Kennedy?…
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1. So #Q's #Qanon's new #Bread today Tells a Story. One we've expected..n now it's confirmed:

#SethRich #Dossier #ms13

21 more "stories" coming!

DNC BREACH/ (fake) Dossier
Breach by Seth Rich
To @wikileaks
Under Obama, & mob &
Clown = CIA director shopped dossier to Google
2. & Crowdstrike
At same time:
DNC had Seth killed by Two MS-13 gang members who were killed next day in DC.
Debbie Shultz w/ help from FBI & DOJ made "insurance policy"
Which is fake Dossier, to get FISA WARRANTS 2 spy on #Trump & team 2 catch them in a crime n impeach him
3. #obama #clinton #lynch #comey #McCabe #Strzok with support from #Schumer & #Pelosi & #Schiff gave 6 classified docs n paid 4 help from British intel ppl who did spying on #Trump camp to avoid US laws.

Hillary n DNC pay 4 dossier written by #Steele
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Part 1: Dec. 22, #Qanon is posting like mad, and I'm trying to keep up while looking busy at work 😇 Q's first probes why North Korea seemed to advance its nuclear technology right after Trump took office. #UraniumOne yellow cake in NK? Missing missiles?
Part 2: #Qanon continues posting about North Korea, "stringers", and gets into #technocracy & mass surveillance of citizens worldwide. Who controls NK? Q again paints CIA as the muscle of the #DeepState, which seems to be involved/linked in many evil things #FollowTheWhiteRabbit
Part 3: #Qanon links to post outlining execs that have resigned since Sept 2017:… Q expects more. Talks Iran & nuke proliferation. Paints #Rothschilds as leading evil force, implicates CIA, Brennan, #DeepState as puppets. A few good guys on IOB?
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Since #ClintonFoundation is coming up a lot w/ regards 2 active investigations, time 2 resurrect your "sources" comments? #Followthemoney
It's not JUST emails; it's the Foundation. Any followup? U ever come 2 Brooklyn 4 answers😉?
What are the laws for safeguarding, storing and disclosing (knowingly, willfully, or NEGLIGENTLY)? How bout #Clinton team
shipping a laptop thru the MAIL & it just gets lost? @JudicialWatch @TomFitton @Jim_Jordan @TGowdySC @DevinNunes Do you know?…
Was HRC laptop w/ email archive, "lost" in mail, really lost? Was stolen laptop from SS Agent Marie Argentieri really stolen? 🤔ADA Nicole MARIE Argentieri from EDNY? Lynch old office👉blocked FBINY investigating Clinton Foundation?
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2) I wanted to she'd a little light on the special counsel, who's involved, why, and the conflicts surrounding it.
This is a huge topic as it expands many different ways.. I'll highlight a few points and try to link anything relevant.
3) first..

What is the special counsel?.

The 2017 Special Counsel investigation is an ongoing investigation in the United States led by former FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel under supervision of the United States Department of Justice
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1. Gonna give some advice to all you aspiring Federal employees who wish to use another phone to communicate your plans to bring down a President to your bit on the side:
2. One of the texts Page sent Strzok was:

“So look, you say we can text on that phone when we talk about Hillary because it can't be traced.”
3. The answer is no.
Though you may ask "How, if we are using a pair of burner 🔥er phones 📱s to communicate our 10,000 (!!) secret texts, did they get discovered by normal FBI counterintelligence monitoring?"
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You need to go back to #Comey testimony regarding Carlos Danger infamous laptop. #Strzok was on that case. Comey closed the case admitting Weiner never was asked about #Clinton emails found on laptop. What else happened with @NewYorkFBI?
Really? REALLY? So a defense is TOO STUPID TO KNOW? How bout signed forms?
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😉 #Sunday When its all finished, you will discover it was NEVER random.
An explanation used by fools and liars.
#WaitForIt #DrainTheSwamp
#DeepState ➡owing no allegiance & acknowledging no responsibility to the people!
Ya know how #fakenews & establishment losers always say "Are you actually doubting our intelligence agencies?" 🤔Yes, yes I am. My question 2 you is, why do you doubt the men & women once in those agencies who risked everything TO TELL THE TRUTH?
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Shall we go back to news from June? #LisaPage #Strzok #Mueller #FBI bias. Who knew what, when & how did they know it?…
What if we go back to January? @JudicialWatch @TomFitton In light of the info finally coming out... It's time we see Peter Kadzick emails.…
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