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1) #QAnon #SaveTheKids

I have been Twitter-silent of late, waiting for the next shoe to drop…and there are a closet full of shoes. It was a needed break as it has been a struggle watching the cabal continue to walk the streets.
2) The breathless screams about yesterday's #TreasonSummit warrant an immediate reply. The best place to start is to ask WHY? Why are the political left and the #MSM/#LSM claiming the Trump-Putin meeting to be treasonous? What is the basis?
3) Did you hear concerns of #Treason when #Traitor44 went around the world on his apology tour, disparaging the United States? They PRAISED #Obama for bowing to leaders of foreign nations & ridicule #POTUS for NOT BOWING in submission, as if we are subject to their kingdoms.
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1. I've been lucky enough to know & occasionally work with Federal Agents on Investigative & Protective tasks; including members of the @FBI & @TheJusticeDept. The actions of #PeterStrzok & #LisaPage are well below the character of 99.9% of their colleagues. @FBI MOTTO DEEP DIVE:
2. The @FBI motto is traced to comments by Inspector W. H. Drane Lester. Inspector Lester was the editor of the @fbi employee magazine, "The Investigator", in the 1930's.
3. In the September 1935 Investigator Lane wrote:

'...But “F B I” is the best and one from which we might well choose our motto, for those initials also represent the three things for which the Bureau and its representatives always stand:
“Fidelity - Bravery - Integrity.”'
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1. #QAnon's been silent as we often see in prep and during @POTUS oversees travel, but h/o to @prayingmedic who's done a masterful review in the wake, or midst, of Page/#Strzok testimony for which the FBI lawyers have been attempting to restrict. #Q
2. #QAnon'd pointed a role of #PeterStrozk in how far back this'd gone. Although the Obama's FBI only opened up it's investigation into Trump campaign 7/31/16 when #Strzok met with London’s Australian embassy, we know it statrted way before July 16. #Q…
3. #QAnon We know that it was March 2016 when Brennan secretly visited Moscow, Mifsud first starts setting up Pap (3/14/16) to suggest arranging meetings w campaign & "#Russians", Carter Page joins (3/21), & WaPo reports Pap at “LCILP” as if unaware only been a matter of weeks #Q
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Sedition is overt conduct, including speech, organization, tending toward insurrection against the established order. Sedition often includes incitement of discontent towards authority! #Ohr #Strzok #Wray #Comey #Page et al Time for Second Special Counsel
2) or resistance against established authority. Seditious words in writing are seditious libel.
Sedition is considered a subversive act, and the overt acts that may be prosecutable under sedition laws vary. #TimeForJustice
#EqualJustice #NotTooBigToJail
Sedition | Up to 20 years in prison via @FindLaw
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"To put SAP info onto unsecure server like Hillary did, is a class one felony that could, in many cases, result in life in prison. Thats because such a compromise is so dangerous it could & likely will result in the death of people protected by & w/in scope of the specific SAP"
Jim Waurishuk is a retired USAF Colonel, serving nearly 30yrs as a career senior intelligence & political-military affairs officer, special mission intel officer w/ expertise in strategic intel, international strategic studies & policy & asymmetric warfare
John Podesta's emails???
How bout Obama admin, FBI, DNI, CIA all covering up what was on Hillary's server? ODNI IG was threatened to not proceed. Clapper was only concerned Hillary's campaign would be upset. THIS is our reality.
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#ReportFromTheRed: Strzok

Things have been hectic lately. But this hearing was too big to go without a comment or two from the right.

#Strzok should be indicted.”

“He was asked where he got the dossier, and he got it from that [Asain man’s] wife that was on the committee with Hillary. I’m telling you man, that dossier is fake.”
“They indicted 12 Russians today. But they’ve tried that already, and not one of them were charged. I bet you none of these will be charged either.”
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YUGE! 💥#Strzok was gonna close the Clinton probe before the IC IG looked over his shoulder & found FBI hadn’t even caught emails MARKED classified. Then he found that emails were being cc'd to a foreign entity!! And Strzok never followed up on the lead!…
Thursday Exchange between #Gohmert and #Strzok
Which #foreignentity (foreign country) received the classified emails?
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Still one of the greatest @realDonaldTrump tweets ever... One could suggest it's *promiscuous* by nature.

What bothers me most is the fact that the Federal Bureau of Investigation were coaching Lisa Page into what to testify and how to do it.


She's a former lawyer, and not affiliated with the FBI???

Why is Christopher Wray, a TRUMP APPOINTEE, covering this up?
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#flashbackfriday #StrzokHearing Fmr ODNI IG warned about SAPs on Clinton server👉Clapper didnt care. Comey knew bout SAPs, didnt care. #Strzok was "concerned" when TS intel & SAPs were found so he/FBI IGNORED IG warnings her server was breached by foreign entities? REALLY?
Everyone knew. @HurdOnTheHill questioned Comey about it a couple years ago.

Not only did foreign entities have access to Clinton's emails, but guess what shared the same network as Sec of State??? Clinton Foundation. THE biggest global criminal enterprise. And dont forget about Teneo.
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@USRepGaryPalmer from Pennsylvania...
Go to 9:53:53 of this testimony & listen. When #Strzok says "we found a bunch of TS & SPECIAL ACCESS PROGRAMS on Clinton server" can someone tell me why the FCK she & EVERYONE who covered this up is not in jail?
Id like to tell @TheJusticeDept @FBI @DHSgov @CIA @NSAGov @Comey @JohnBrennan @BarackObama @HillaryClinton @DeptofDefense & EVERYONE in Trumps admin, especially current DOJ/FBI, to ALL GO TO HELL! Biggest threat to 🇺🇸is all of you bastards that LIE & coverup crimes. NOT Russia
(Alabama, not Pennsylvania)
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Why wasn’t Hillary prosecuted for the emails? Because, Obama OK’d by using the non government email address to communicate with Hillary Clinton.
Why wasn’t Hillary prosecuted for the emails? Because, indicting Hillary Clinton would lead to indicting Obama & his cabinet. He lied about knowing but the server.
FBI - Documents Discussing the Meeting Between Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Former President Bill Clinton (June 27, 2016) Part 01 of 02
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Smart question re: Strzok polygraph and whether he lied on his last polygraph re: affair #PeterStrzok
And whether he should have been read out of SCI if his polygraph was out of scope ?
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Wow... These hearings are a clinic in semantics and opportunities to grandstand... AKA waste of time. Just day time drama for the punditry to yammer about.

To here #Strzok go on and say was is obviously so, isn't so... I have no use for this. #justSaying
If you believe there was no bias at play in their little "secret society" I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale... Cheap! 👇 #Strzok #StrzokTestimony
No crimes could be found in the Hillary investigation.... Um, with publicly known information and Comey's own exoneration. #StrzokHearing
As detailed below.
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FARCE 101: Trump's captured House GOP are pretending they're having an oversight hearing when in fact they brought FBI agent Peter Strzok to badger & hold him in contempt. @RepGoodlatte just had a fit, made up rules, yelled at Dems, told Strzok he couldn't talk w his lawyer.
"At no time did my personal beliefs enter the realm of my work"—FBI #Strzok defends his negative texts about Trump. He said he wrote them late at night after he heard Trump's attacks on a Gold Star family and he was "disgusted" that someone running for president would do that.
Behold an incompetent witch hunt: Benghazi bulldog Gowdy’s mic drop really belongs to Strzok. In recounting his disgust at Trump insulting a GoldStar family, Strzok exposed just how morally bankrupt these disgraceful corrupt lapdog Republicans have become🎤
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Not to spread truth 💥bombs💥 or anything, but I heard awhile back that Peter Strzok, a.k.a. ‘Peter’s Bin Strokin’ Us’, was the guy who forged Hussein’s BC. He’s supposed to be an expert at that sort of stuff. Anyone else here that? #Qanon #WWG1WGA #ThursdayThoughts #Strzok #MAGA
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After a week of relentless attacks, Jordan stood fiercely resolved to defend his reputation in an interview w Bret Baier on @FoxNews on Friday.

Then, it was mentioned that Jordan's nephew had just died in a car crash. Dear, God, I thought. Are they actually attacking his family?
Weeks before this mess, Jordan confirmed his bid for Speaker of the House, following Paul Ryan's announcement to step down.

#IStandWithJimJordan #ImWithJimJordan #IStandWithJim
#JordanForSpeaker #Qanon #MAGA #Trump @realDonaldTrump @POTUS…
Freedom Caucus member, Jim Jordan has fought tirelessly against the DC corruption. In this letter to @POTUS, Jordan urges #Trump to direct Sessions to give Congress docs in the FBI/DOJ 2016 election investigation.

#IStandWithJimJordan #ImWithJimJordan @realDonaldTrump #Trump
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1. #QAnon: "Their symbols will be their downfall." #Q notes that the 2017 flag of the Paramilitary Wing of the Democratic Party of America is same symbol as 1933 Paramilitary Wing of the Communist Party of Nazi Germany.…
2. #QAnon responds to bad elements within the Dems who would deny our statutes, and focus on smart immigration, in lieu of support of terrorism, human trafficking and smuggling trade. #Q…
3. #QAnon- Democrat National Socialist Cortez wants to "abolish" border enforcement, Gillibrand wanna "re-imagine" ICE.Let's "re-imagine"
"Immigration & Customs Enforcement" (ICE) as
"National Immigration & Customs Enforcement"🙂…


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@CHHolte @Green_Footballs #QAnon is believed to be a Military Intelligence operation associates with @Potus that leaves clues on an Internet message board. Many of his drops are then directly correlated to events that follow in the news. One of his catchphrases is “Future Proves Past.” As seen in this pic
@CHHolte @Green_Footballs @POTUS #QAnon often drops cryptic messages that are then verified later on. Some examples are NK, Armenia and Iran. He also informed us that @SecPompeo would be #SoS before it was announced and that a meeting with #KJU had already taken place.
@CHHolte @Green_Footballs @POTUS @SecPompeo #QAnon informed us a very bad month of May for the pope at the beginning of April. His accuracy is beyond prophetic at this point.
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#RodRosenstein served as a US Attorney for the District of #Maryland

His DAG appointment was pushed by US Rep from Maryland #ElijahCummings

The nonsense that " RR=Trump ", because Trump approved the appointment, has to stop

[2] #RodRosenstein highlights how "violent crime" decreased by 15% in Baltimore during his 10 year career as the US Attorney for the District of Maryland on May 2005 to 2015.

But nationwide - violent crime decreased 15% nationwide , so Baltimore was only average.
[3] #RodRosenstein and a #Strzok / #PeterStrzok connection ?

According to Wikipedia, AG @EricHolder appointed #Rosenstein to prosecute General James #Cartwright, a former Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, for leaking to reporters.
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I like to check in on #qanon every now in then. Here's Google Trends data showing how much traffic it's gotten compared to #Strzok and #ChildrenInCages.
... Qanon has gotten 1/5 as much traffic as Pizzagate at its height, but Qanon was/is bigger than the 9/11 Truther movement
... what fascinates me about Qanon is a) how it simply absorbed the 9/11 Truthers and PizzaGaters into a Meta Conspiracy, while b) having date-specific predictions back in November that were completely wrong but was followed by MORE interest/popularity.
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We stand at the ready.

New from #QAnon.
Read the BIBLE.

New from #QAnon.
Nobody is buying what you're selling #Strzok.

New from #QAnon.
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1. @DonaldJTrumpJr tweets a rather noticable string of words, especially after incident at JFK airport to which #QAnon directed much attention. Was he implying more between the lines than the explicit commentary about the party? Was it a #Q marker?
2. #QAnon responds to an anon asking about Don Jr.'s tweet with much elaboration:

"..we are prepared...know this based on earlier drops re: Saudi Arabia, National Guard", and military assets ready for activation here on US soil.

"The game is over when the public knows."
3. #QAnon:

The fight to keep the LIGHTS OFF is all that matters to those who will FAIL, those who have now lost CONTROL.

#DeepState's underestimated the AMERICAN PEOPLE's resolve & their ability to free-think from the pipeline narrative, AWAKE, and no longer SHEEP..

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1. #QAnon notes a Jet Blue Airbus surrounded by emergency vehicles at JFK. #Q says it was an A321 direct flight from SF to NYC.
2. #QAnon, last May 2, dropped a picture of a Jet Blue flight (2nd clear, stock photo provided for comparison).

Review image/location.
Nothing provided is random.
3. #QAnon the same day, last May 2, posted pics of Apple HQ in SF & pallet cargo (i-phones?) loaded in truck. #Q

May 3:…
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