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From rejecting a seven-figure job to building India鈥檚 largest platform for financial education,

Here鈥檚 the story behind my entrepreneurial journey so far.
I graduated from IIM Indore in 2008 and got placed in JP Morgan. Having a zeal to do something in the #education sector, I didn't take that #job, to start up a new venture of my own.
During that time CAT went online. I started my own venture- FireUp, an e-learning portal for training for #management entrance examinations.
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Luego de algunas semanas de research en ALIBABA $BABA y dada la compleja comparaci贸n con otras empresas, decid铆 plasmar takeaways sobre el modelo de negocio de este gigante (vs similares de USA) del ecommerce $AMZN + fintech $PYPL + cloud service AWS + streaming $NFLX $SPOT.
Todos conocemos $BABA pero hay cierto halo de misterio/confusi贸n sobre el #Businessmodel, su transformaci贸n, como lograron ser el "market-leading innovator" y la convivencia entre fundamentals y el PESIMO contexto del PCC de #china. Su ecosistema combina muchas empresas.
Fundada en 1997, a帽o en que $AMZN hizo su IPO y un a帽o antes de $EBAY's IPO, actualmente tiene un market cap de USD536B. Comenz贸 monetizando la publicidad en su bolet铆n online de negocios y comercio, un modelo mas bien parecido al de $GOOG y $FB con altos m谩rgenes operativos
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We want to move @SafaricomPLC from being just a #telco with a #payment #platform #MoMo #mobilemoney #Mpesa to a #technology #company. Going into areas that are more #solutions oriented ... a #lifestyle brand for #individuals, and an empowering #brand for #SMEs@PeterNdegwa_
The #agile way of working is not new since it has been implemented by global #media and #online companies such as @netflix #netflix and @amazon #amazon
鈥淲hat we are doing now is to #scale. Not everyone will go fully #agile, since departments like #Finance will still operate largely in its traditional way. But those that will be affected will be in the #frontend side of the company such as the #marketing and #technology teams.
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"Greta Thunberg... WHO is grateful for your generosity in donating 鈧100000 to @thewhof in support of #COVAX..."

Perplexed. What #WHO #Foundation?

Dec 8, 2020: "health expert Anil Soni has been appointed as the 1st CEO of the newly launched The WHO Foundation..."
The #WHO #Foundation - is not part of the WHO. It operates "alongside" the WHO.

Soni joined the Foundation (Jan 1, 2021) from #Viatris, a global #pharmaceutical corporation.

Nov 18, 2020: #Pfizer's Upjohn spinoff completes merger w/ Mylan to form new generics giant #Viatris.
"Before joining the #WHO #Foundation, he was Head of Global Infectious Diseases at #Viatris, working across the #pharmaceutical co... Anil has been a senior advisor to the #Gates #Foundation & Born Free Africa. He is an alumnus of #McKinsey..."
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鈥淒emystifying Flexibility, Exposing the Algorithmic Boss: A Note on the First Italian Case Classifying a (Food-Delivery) #Platform Worker as an Employee鈥. New short WP on the misclassification case of a Glovo rider. Link:鈥 鈥 forthcoming in the @CLLPJ
In Nov 2020, the Palermo Tribunal reinstated a #rider and reclassified him as a full-time, permanent employee, to be remunerated according to the applicable collective bargaining agreement (for the service sector), on the grounds that his autonomy was merely notional
The platform could indeed organize the execution of work and discipline noncompliance with instructions issued through the internal system. The judge ordered compensation for wage differentials and reimbursement for the unpaid time the worker spent waiting for orders.
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Here are my top notes from the book
Platform Scale by @sanguit.
Still my platform strategy bible!
#networkeffect #platform #marketplace #growth #startup #scaleup #innovation #businessmodel
The fastest scaling business models
allow external producers and consumers to
plug in and create and exchange value
with each other directly.
Value lies NOT in owning resources
but in managing the exchange of services
in an ecosystem.
The value is not created by the platform itself,
but by the interactions on top of the platform.
The platform business model
is to capture a part of the value
that is created in the meetings between users.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet聽02/18/2021鈥
Thought-detection: AI has infiltrated our last bastion of privacy | VentureBeat鈥

#AI #privacy
mRNA Platform: Drug Discovery & Development - Moderna

#development #discovery #drup #platform
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What is the connection between State-sponsored disinformation and online harassment? Well, closer than you'd think. See how this works and get 3 suggestions for how to fix it in my latest article in the Colorado Journal of Law and Technology.
Many works discuss online harassment harms; few discuss harassment's influence on elections/democracy. Online harassment has created serious policy, technical, and structural vulnerabilities that are exploited by malign actors & go largely unnoticed鈥攐r unprioritized鈥攂y companies.
Online harassment became mainstream with Gamergate. The problem is still plaguing social media, with progress being made in fits and starts after publicized incidents of bullying or silencing of minority voices. However, the problem has grown past these applications to new harms.
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馃憠 Introduced 2 new contracts to the Green Market - Daily & Weekly Contracts
馃憠 Signed a licensing agreement with MCX to launch electricity derivatives market using IEX clearing price, revenue sharing agreement with transaction based fees. Pending regulatory and govt approvals
馃憠 IGX (Gas exchange) secured authorisation from PNGRB as first regulated gas exchange of India
馃憠 Divested stake of 5% each to Adani Total Gas and Torrent Gas and in discussion with further strategic partners.
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Even though I haven't been a big fan of Twitter threads so far, a lot of people I know have made 100-tweet threads for @threadapalooza so I thought I'll give it a try as well. I will start with #APIs and hopefully end up connecting them with the #FutureOfWork. Let's go ...

First of all, when I talk about #APIs, I mean HTTP-based interfaces connecting apps and backend servers as well as different services with each other. For now, the technical details, such as whether they use REST, GraphQL, gRPC etc., shall not matter. (1/100)
When humans interact with computers they require a user interface (UI), and when machines interact with each other they need application programming interfaces (APIs). At the end of the day, however, these have to be implemented by humans. Good #APIDesign considers both. (2/100)
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#Subex is setting the market abuzz with many brokers talking of relisting above 20 Rs - which is across a major 8 year breakout level of around 18.50

#CrunchMetrics #IDCentral #DigitalTrust #IoT #IoTSecurity
Will be see a dream run in #Subex post relisting given fundamentals are fast improving for both business operations and balance sheet

See embedded thread for brief history of its turnaround.

#CrunchMetrics #IDCentral #DigitalTrust #IoT #IoTSecurity #CyberSecurity
Typo-plz read 鈥淲ill be鈥 as 鈥淲ill we鈥

I think we will 馃槉-next 2yrs at #Subex should be similar or better to what #TanlaPlatforms achieved in same time since #Karix acquisition in Aug2018

Cash books are ringing at Subex with good visibility

So watch this space for M&A/BuyBack!!
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Personal Update: After a journey of learnings of decades compressed in few years, I am moving on from Pantomath. As the saying goes 鈥業 am not sad that it is over. I am happy that it has happened'. Today, I enable myself to paint on my life鈥檚 canvas, a future the way I want to 馃
Happy to share the PMS performance which has done reasonably well鈥hanks to #APIs #Chemical #Platform businesses. Thank you @pantomath_group for giving me a chance.
I will take this opportunity to share a few key learnings over the last few years. There have been many, but a sharing the few which have helped me be a better investor....
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(Twitter 瑕忕磩銆佹柊瑕忚拷鍔犲嚭銇︺偡銈с偄銇曘倢銇︺倠銇仹鏃┿倎銇銈撱仹銆佸嵆瀵惧繙銇


鈥淐oordinated harmful activity
Overview鈥 - Twitter Support 锛籘hread锛

tweeted on September 2020
via @TwitterSupport

#Platform #Manipulation #Spam #policy #activity #harmful


#spam #fighter
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet聽09/21/2020鈥
Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Enabling Organizations rhyme with 21C Complexity | by Simone Cicero | Sep, 2020 | Stories of Platform Design鈥

#organizations #design #complexity #ecosystem #platform #entrepreneurial
Income inequality: RAND study reveals shocking new numbers鈥

#income #rand #inequality
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet聽09/19/2020鈥
How to Ship a Vaccine at 鈥80掳C, and Other Obstacles in the Covid Fight鈥

#COVID19 #obstacle #vaccines
Let the Institutional Innovation Begin! (Part I)鈥

#innovation #institutions
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馃Choosing a #Blockchain #Platform to #build on:

A Comparison of @ethereum 2.0 vs @Polkadot

This #thread shows a side by side #comparison between the two #networks鉀擄笍

illustrations provided by: @cryptodate_spqr Image
A Comparison of @ethereum 2.0 vs @Polkadot

鈻讹笍 Main-Chain #Consensus

illustrations provided by: @cryptodate_spqr Image
A Comparison of @ethereum 2.0 vs @Polkadot

鈻讹笍 Main-Chain State Transition Function #STF

illustrations provided by: @cryptodate_spqr Image
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___ "I know how hard it is for folks who are sick, struggling, and wondering how they'll get through the day.

You deserve a president who will fight for you and lead our nation out of these crises. I'll get started on day one." Joe Biden
Biden's Bold Ideas..
"We aren鈥檛 just going to rebuild what has worked in the past. This is our opportunity to build back better than ever." Joe Biden

#BidenHarris2020 #issues

Joe Biden's platform馃嚭馃嚫
I recommend checking out this Joe Biden website on Biden's vision for America plus more, that these 2 created.. 馃嚭馃嚫
#JoeBiden #KamalaHarris
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After 6 months of #lockdown and #lab shutdown I spent a full day 9 am-8 pm in lab doing experiments! New #grad students in #lifesciences: There is always light 馃挕 and #fluorescent images at the end of the tunnel! Filing a #patent on my #invention from #phd work soon @OrganOnAChip
This is an Organ on a Chip platform that enables mimicking #tissues and #organs in a high throughput manner! The main focus will be towards developing #mucosal organs with tissue resident #immune cells and lining #epithelial cells for #testing #COVID19 treatments #covidvaccines
I recently gave a talk at #oooc2020 organized by @GVNlab at @Columbia. In the talk I demonstrated the #ease of fabrication, #functionality, and #modularity of this platform.
We鈥檙e open to #collaborate with interested #researchers! Interested to learn more:
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1/n Short summary for the English world:
@BoschGlobal Research runs a project "Economy of Things" focusing on digital (decentralized) #marketplaces based on their experiences in
2鈨#MPC multi-party computing
3鈨ecentralized identity management (#SSI)
4鈨igital marketplaces
2/n The principles for #platform's they have researched are very well suited for #GaiaX. That's the reason why they have been engaged in and support it heavily.
Their vision of a fair and neutral digital marketplace is based on criteria such as
- openness
- neutrality
- transparency
- souvereignty
- integrity
- coopetion
(which fully coincide with #GaiaX's vision of their #European #dataspace & #servicespace.
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#TWEETSTORM: The #Covid19 pandemic seems to have strengthened the #platform economy further. Multiple issues here:
The obvious include: remote work, food delivery, ecommerce.
The less obvious include: value chain shifts (e.g. movies), public-private partnerships, cartels etc.
Let's start with some of the obvious:
1. Remote work tools
Microsoft Teams hit an all-time high of 75M DAUs in April 2019.
Zoom video calls hit a high of 300M DAU in April.
April 2020 stats: 3x YoY growth in enterprise users and 169% growth in revenue.
Also, less obvious but equally important:
# of PDF documents shared using Adobe鈥檚 software grew 50% YoY for Q1.
Adobe Sign grew 175% since the start of Adobe's fiscal year.
Docusign is up as well.
Growth in e-sign + payments augurs well for supplier network digitization
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"If you don't drop IE11 you are perpetuating the madness!", "Kill IE11 support!" Having wasted months of my life making WC and Proxy's work on IE11 along with some crazy nasty bugs, I couldn't agree more! However a thread on why is not that simple, especially on enterprise: 馃憞
I work on the UI Platform cloud at Salesforce: We provide the UI foundation for many of our clouds and customers. I'm going to focus on our B2B Sales/Service platform since its the one where IE11 is still officially supported. 1/14
This is "Salesforce Classic" our ~20 year old UI that brought Salesforce to the big enterprise company that we are today. As you can see the UI looks a bit outdated and its "deprecated", still being used by many of our customer. This still works on IE6 :) 2/14
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/15/2020-2鈥

Can asymptomatic people spread coronavirus? The confusing WHO remark, explained - Vox鈥

#asymptomatic #spread
Mutated coronavirus shows significant boost in infectivity | Scripps Research鈥

#mutations #coronavirus
Modern monetary theory says that the state has the ability to create and maintain the value in money and most left of centre economists appear to be repulsed by that鈥

#money #MMT #value
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