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This decode is all up for speculation. Let me know what you think.

Potus just tweeted this twice. Makes me wonder. Is it a message?
First tweet was at 7:42 PM
Second tweet was at 7:52 PM

In the last 2 months, Q made quite a few duplicate posts. So, I decided to check there.
There were 4 posts that were exact duplicates.
On Dec. 15, 2019 there were 2 duplicates, which lead me to believe they are tied in together.
The first one.
Q post 3680
You see 2016 and FACTS (TRUTH)
Potus tweet also has "2016" "FACTS" and in parentheses (and others)
"(And other) numbers"
Made me think of indictments.
RECORD BREAKING sealed indictments.
Hinting that those are FACTS?
The second duplicate Q post on this day was Q post 3687.
IG Report & #Durham.
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Below will be an active thread 🇺🇸

This thread will be my way of sharing Q archives I create & also gather from around the net. If it’s not Q being archived it’s raw INTEL useful for understanding “The Plan.”

Credit to Q, Anons & ALL Patriots

#Qanon #WWG1WGA #GodWins
Qmap is a well maintained aggregator for Q posts.

#Qanon #WWG1WGA
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hebrew word for life is:



in Gematria = 18


#GodWins #QAnon
chet ח= 8
yod י=10

chet + yod= 18

in Jewish tradition 18 is a lucky number

is associated with gifts in intervals of 18 or $ amounts in intervals of 18

the yod is the "atom" of Hebrew letters


suspended in air

reps the beginning from which all letters are formed
chet = 8

an 8 turned on its side is ∞ (lemniscate)

yod is 10 or reduced to 1

so 1 next to ∞ reps from beginning to eternal end

a sign of accounting for all of life

donating gifts in amounts of $18 or $36 (double chai) is good luck

called "giving chai"

gift of life
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basically the first 7 tweets twitter deleted on me said

i understand many think religions are horrid

but they play a huge positive role as well which we can focus on

one that helped people like Yig to even be able to journey down self discovery paths

religions taught when
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@realDonaldTrump is giving us clues here... "The WORLD is WATCHING" thread.

Where have we heard that before?
Our favorite anon #QAnon has stated that, and when you type in that keyphrase, there are a total of 17 posts on the board that turn up in search.
After typing in "The World is watching," the first post that mentions this in correlation with #Iran where Q+ is telling us to look..
Q post 1317:
John Kerry Secretly Meeting with Iran to Salvage Deal

Today: JK & Iran
Important - context for future news.

POTUS tweet confirms.
Let's check the timestamp @ 8:48
Cross reference to Post 848.

What I find interesting here, The World is Watching is not mentioned, but it does say "Watch the Water"
Hint that were on the right track.

Future proves past?
Iran Next
You decide.
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President Trump Issues Statement of Support in Persian to Protesting Iranians…
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1 Horse 🐎 on her dress. I see no other horses on the dress. 🧐 Almost looks like it shouldn’t be there. #horseshoe 🤔 💭
Tons of #SunTzu references on war today from this account PhotoWhiteHouse.
2. @TiffanieMcFaul found a rabbit 🐇 in the brush and @RealEye21233163 points to #covfefe 🐎. I forgot about her! #InTheEndWeWin #GodWins
Reassurance? #TrustThePlan. We love you President Trump! ThanQ 🙏🏻 🇺🇸🍿
3. Owls 🦉 too.
Rabbits 🐇 , owls 🦉 and 1 horse 🐎
Fyi I’m stopping.
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Feb 10 2007 #KimClement I will place at your helm a President that shall #pray to Me says the Lord. He will pray to Me. And #God says, in the next two terms there will be a #praying President, not a religious one, for I will fool the people says the Lord.
... I will fool the people, yes I will. God says, the one that is chosen shall go in & they shall say, he has hot blood. For the Spirit #God says, yes he may have hot blood, but he will bring the walls of protection on this country in a greater way & the economy of this country
... shall change rapidly, says the Lord of Hosts. #God says, I will put at your helm for two terms a #President that will #pray but he will not be a #praying President when he starts. I will put him in Office and then I will baptize him with the #HolySpirit and My power, ....
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Central banks are not run by governments
They are privately controlled
With the power to print 10x the amount of money in their reserves
Simply if a bank or government wishes to loan x amount
They print this money and then loan it out with interest
Take the Bank of England for example...

They were originally a private bank
but became nationalised in 1946 (on paper only)
The government has no influence over the bank
Nor does it even regulate it
They are owned by the government on paper only

The UK Government is currently in over


We are charged interest on this debt
Every year we pay over £40bil (your taxes)
To just keep the debt from rising
This equates to over £1000 per second

We spend less than £50bil on the military P.A
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4 a fren
4 all in hospice 👇

Lord do hold her
take her closer
pull her in my fren
for you know her
please do show her
where it did begin
Eden's Garden where it started
before the womb she ever parted
show her frens & family
who left her down on earth to grieve

show her please
those everlasting
angels who she
kept on asking
for some peace
from all the tragic
that seemed to happen
hold her hand
& fill her up
with a grand & glowing love
hold her God & lift above
welcome Lord your newest dove

as an empath this was very hard for me to write

very very hard for me to find the pictures

i am scared cuz all around me things will die & admittedly i have face very little death in my life/fam

so i wrote this 4 a fren (on here) i barely knew,who is dying

& i am a mess
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ode 2 the locust

“Focus focus
on the locust”
this is what they say
“Play his puzzles
Full of decodes”
& you’ll learn his way

“He’s ascended
Light he’s bended”
This is what I hear
All because
He comes with “love”
Saying “Have no fear!”

#QAnon #GreatAwakening
He speaks of Jesus
As he pleases
This is what I feel
Thinks creation
& salvation
Never was that real

That life my frens
On us depends
Christ is just a conscious
That every breath
We take till death
Was because we wanted
Not due to our
Father’s whose power
Gave us light at all
Cicada, please
Buzz off these leaves
Get on with your fall

4 this Tree of
Life is but Love
Planted just 4 us
As a Gift from
God who gives them
If in Him you trust
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unbroken version

It will be
Out Fuckingstanding
If you & me
Hold hands
Heaven sends
Our frens Some love
Yes, in the wind
Do send them doves
Bend the light
So that it hugs
Every tiny
Little Fiber
Make them shiny
Light their fire


You & me?
We’ll keep on holding
Hands & be
2 souls unfolding
4 we have,
My fren, ascended
some are sad
Held back
At their wits end
Dim, suspended
In a state
Of hate
But it’s not
their fault, I tell you
They’ve been caught
In hell & who knew
That you do not
Have 2 even
Wait 2 die
2 try the season
Of the Devil’s
sinful, solemn
Evil, tense pull
On them
On their bodies
Souls & flesh
Meditation helps
One breath
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THREAD: I have said this many times but it bears repeating, we are in a SPIRITUAL WAR right now & you fight a spiritual war w spiritual weapons as it talks about in Ephesians 6:11-17…. I want to encourage each of you that WE WIN in the end. (continued) 👇
Here is an encouraging thread on some Q drops on the spiritual war. #WWG1WGA #GodWins #QAnon
Here is the summary Q drop thread on the spiritual war in one thread on threadreader. You can send this link out via email, text or on Facebook…
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See my fren
Right there’s deceiving
Satan’s got them
All believing
That the pain
Inside their hearts
Indeed had came
From God not dark
That the Light
Could spite it’s sparks
Despite its life
Made bright at all
By God made right
2 never fall
Quite unlike
If I recall
When Satan fell
2 hell because
He could not tell
The Lord he loved
Adam who
HE put before
Those who knew
& Always soar
Before God’s face
Yet he ignored
Him not you
You are his kids
It’s Him Satan
Who did this shit
This is how we
Have ascended
Why we be
So Heaven scented
Cuz we came
2 understand
That our pain
Was at the hand
Of he who came
2 Shame us Man
Samael, Lucifer
Call him Death
Who shuns the word
Cursed, his breath’s
Not worth a turd
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It will be
Out Fuckingstanding
If you & me
Hold hands
Heaven sends
Our frens Some love
Yes, in the wind
Do send them doves
Bend the light
So that it hugs
Every tiny
Little Fiber
Make them shiny
Light their fire


You & me?
We’ll keep on holding
Hands & be
2 souls unfolding
4 we have,
My fren, ascended
some are sad
Held back
At their wits end
Dim, suspended
In a state
Of hate
But it’s not
their fault, I tell you
They’ve been caught
In hell & who knew
That you do not
Have 2 even
Wait 2 die
2 try the season
Of the Devil’s
sinful, solemn
Evil, tense pull
On them
On their bodies
Souls & flesh
Meditation helps
One breath
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1) I have been looking into 'conspiracies' well before Q and was lucky enough to stumble onto Q from the beginning,in part because I refused to accept the Las Vegas shooting. I found out the morning after and within the first 5 minutes it was as if a switch was tripped.
2) If the LV story stood that meant literally everything I believed was questionable.Thank God Q came along or I probably would have believed I was alone.I am also one of those people who wanted the whole world to know the whole truth & I wanted it known right then-2017.
3) Now with the info coming fast ad furious, bringing minefields of rabbit holes I had never considered; I understand the patience required, for everyone’s sake.
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The Senate can vote to acquit even if Democrats withhold articles of impeachment. Dems have broken every law and rule, and turning over articles would prove #Schiff a liar.
House Dems violated First, Fourth and Sixth Amendments. It's the accused that has rights @POTUS. #QAnon
Screenshots. Democrats break Constitutional law and violate the 1st, 4th & 6th Amendments in #Impeachment Inquiry. Case closed. Democrats are stupid. We're United behind our precious @POTUS. Impeach that!
There is no STEP FIVE.
#QAnon #WWG1GWA #FactsMatter #GodWins
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SMH they stick out like a neon sign. Fake Christians. Picking and choosing verses from the Bible SMH the entire book talks about following Law and Order. Not aiding and abetting criminals. Give them the gospel and try to get them to repent yes. ......
When they are new from the cleansing of their sins. The past is done. Real Christians know that. But the fakes don't. Hence why they continue going on about things from two decades ago in reference to the president. A leader we are supposed to pray for. .....
Real Christians know we are to pray for our leaders. And we are to be extra protective of children. If you read the entire Bible. You would know that. Hence pro-life. Anti choosing murder of children. SMH God is separating the wheat from the chaff. You're EXPOSED
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This is how impressed I am with your "abilities"
A long din.

Without LOVE, all that you have and all that you can do is NOTHING


1 Corinthians 12 & 13

Especially 1 Corinthians 13:13
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Good Morning Family!!
God Is For Us!!
Romans 8:31 What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?

#GodIsForUs #GodWins
President Trump and General Flynn’s current Twitter banners!!
In case you wondered - I save these daily for historical purposes and to note any changes.
#TwitterBanners @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
!!NEW Q - 3754!!
16:58:48 EST

US Taxpayer > FED Gov't
FED Gov't [HUSSEIN] > Pearson Publishing
Pearson Publishing > [HUSSEIN]
Follow the money.
#QAnon #FollowTheMoney #BookDeals #Corruption
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Identical tweets 8 min. apart.
Definition of EVE: EVENING; the EVEning or the day before a special day; the period immediately preceding
Q 2931
Think formation of the Freedom Caucus.
Think Jim Jordan.
Think Mark Meadows.
Q 801 AG Sessions
US Cyber Task Force.
Q 808 Did you count the spaces in the tweet&cross ref against spaces left here to match meaning?
Q 3671 When does the B2 drop the FIRST BOMB?
Bill Barr fit into [8] spaces?
Knowledge is POWER.
Q 3690
GANG of 8 DECLAS=[[[AS]]]
Q 3739
Important to read and understand.
Something BIG is coming.
Q 3740
Something BIG is coming.
Do people really think this can happen with no consequences?
NOBODY is above the law [not anymore].
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1. "The infinite Christ Consciousness - the unifying intelligent purpose manifest by Spirit in creation - embraces all beings, nations, races & faiths as one family, all equally loved by the Divine. Let us take time 2 remember that whatever differences may seem to divide us..."👇
2. ... in this realm of maya (delusion), they are superficial. Much deeper is the kinship we share as God's children. May our hearts be uplifted anew with the universal #Christmas message of 'peace on earth and goodwill to all'...
3 ... That is the inclusive spirit and unconditional love #Jesus expressed in His life; and it can be born again in each one of us. ...
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"Double meanings exist," said Q (Drop #2350, 10/5/2018).
Today we will discuss "hunt or be hunted" and its variations, with an emphasis on Neuralink.
In drop 3625, the reference is to Hunter Biden. Q is telling us that a Senate trial that reveals Democratic Party corruption was the point. We know this because "Hunter" is capitalized and in brackets. "[HUNTER]"
In drop 3599 (11/16/2019) Q is telling us (I think) that the long-promised arrests are coming. "Hunters" means the people who tried to hunt down and eliminate President Trump (@POTUS). They will be charged with "treason"/"sedition." They're connected to a "family"/"the family."
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