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The yen is the proverbial canary in the coal mine for Asian currencies. BOJ Governor Kuroda has engaged in several “unlimited” and very public bond buying operations. Their Faustian bargain on rates has two major problems that act simultaneously against Japan: 1. Every bond 1/6
purchased by the BOJ injects that many more Yen into the system. 2. Rates differentials between other developed economies (primarily the U.S.) causes Mrs. Watanabe to immediately take those Yen and invest abroad at much higher rates (+250 bps now).The third rail and lingering 2/6
Explosive problem is confidence in the BOJ eroding daily. These ‘disorderly’ moves in the Yen break confidence in control. Market forces can turn into a panic 😱 once participants realize the yen is completely unhinged (happening now). Once lack of confidence on 3/6
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The previously mentioned Mikhail Podolyak was quick to use the #Bucha "massacre" to ask for more weapons
It's worth noting that the Rus Army left the town on Mar 30,,,,4 days ago but footage appeared only today
#UAV footage of a strike on a Ukr target during the battle for #Izum at the end of March
#LPR Artillery....some awards given to distinguished crews
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#OperaciónEspecial: todo va según lo planeado que sorprenderá al mundo

Durante los últimos seis meses, el Instituto #RUSSTRAT ha predicho con precisión los principales eventos reales y su lógica interna de desarrollo.
Por lo tanto, en el informe de noviembre "#Rusia se ha centrado: el país y el mundo en vísperas de grandes cambios" se afirmó directamente: en el próximo año y medio, #Rusia ajustará significativamente la alineación planetaria de fuerzas.
El desarrollo actual de la situación en el informe se definió como probable, pero en menor medida. Además del hecho de que la operación militar se llevará a cabo con la introducción de tropas solo a lo largo de las fronteras administrativas
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#DPR Tank duelling with Ukr AT Missile crews
#RussiaUkraine #Chechens
Footage of Chechens during street fighting in #Mariupol
The launchers they're firing seem to be disposable RPO-A with thermobaric rounds
#RussiaUkraine #Chechens
Chechen unit in a large weapons depot they captured in #Zaporozhye Region
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La storia non si ripete ma qualche volta fa rima. E cosa dicono i precedenti storici sul caso #Putin? Due cose:
1. le sanzioni contro un Paese aggressore aiutano, ma non riescono quasi mai a creare un isolamento totale
2. una dittatura non cade mai per le sole sanzioni (thread)
Nel '43 USA, UK e altri 15 paesi dichiarano che avrebbero potuto considerare nulle le transazioni avvenute in territori controllati dai nazifascisti. Nel '44 si impegnano a non comprare oro da chi aveva rapporti con i nazifascisti e chiedono ai paesi neutri di fare lo stesso 2/
Erano sanzioni simili a quelle attuali: oggi la banca centrale russa non può usare euro e dollari, allora non si poteva commerciare con Germania e Italia in oro. Effetto netto, lo stesso: quei paesi non potevano comprare materie prime sui mercati internazionali. In teoria 3/
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1. Most interesting presentation by a prominent Russian academic of the economic and geopolitical rationale behind a #ChinaRussia strategic alliance. This is a key piece of the puzzle of "how we got #Putin wrong when we thought he wouldn't invade."…
2. All evidence coming from Russian independent journalists and American intelligence sources point to the same story: In Putin's mind #UkraineInvasion remained a possibility rather than a certainty until his summit with #XiJinping
Xi was key!…
3. The meeting 4 February #Beijing summit was a turning point in Chinese-Russian relations and also a milestone in the development of post-Soviet Russian foreign policy.
That's the thing I got wrong here:…
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Day 19 of the #US - #Russia war on #Ukrainian soil:

In over dozens of wars I have covered, I have never seen so much disinformation campaign, speculation and false narratives from "experts" producing so much information with no access of any fact whatsoever of the ground.
This is how it is working:
Brainwash everybody with an avalanche of information so you sound like an expert and get thousands of followers a day and become "the expert" on "#Russia weakness and incapability to occupy #Ukraine in one single day".
An example of the narrative:
1. " #Russia failed to occupy #Kyiv in two days."
A country, #Ukraine, with over 600k km2, bigger than France, Belgium and Hollande together; or bigger than #Syria and #Iraq, should have been occupied in two days according to experts.
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Local media reports that the UAF troops from the territory of Ukraine launched a rocket at #Belgorod, which is a Russian city near the border with Ukr. It was reportedly shot down
Captured UAF Manpad and #NLAW in the #Kiev area ImageImageImageImage
The Rus Army captured a large UAF field camp in the #Kherson region with large quantities of supplies and equipment
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❗️La Russia torna al gold standard

Già tempo la Russia ha proceduto a disinvestire parte delle sue riserve dai Treasury americani, e di converso, ad accumulare riserve in oro, strategia che è ravvisabile anche nella politica di un altro grande player sul mercato, la Cina. Image
2/. Il fatto che la Russia 🇷🇺 abbia recentemente aderito al sistema di pagamenti alternativo bilaterale messo a punto dalla Cina 🇨🇳, che non ha mai nascosto l’ambizione di voler rendere lo #yuan uno strumento di pagamento internazionale,

#CIPS #RippleNet Image
3/. pone il concreto rischio che il dollaro 💲 si trovi in qualche modo spiazzato da questa alleanza, soprattutto in un momento in cui gli Usa si trovano a dover sostenere il peso di un debito molto elevato stampando moneta che di fatto, ☝️
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Well well well what do we have here 👀

Still think BTC and ETH is the future? 😂

Rude awakening coming for some maxis

#regulation #ark #XRP #XRPcommunity #XRPARMY #SEC #securitiesandexchangecomission #tether #ETHgate #BTCgate
“Oh No…or 0H ¥€$!!?” 💀👎👍

BANG BANG 6|9 💥 LFG flip it!

Delisting has begun! & it’s only September.

#ohhellyeah <- I don’t use these words but recommend by twatter 😂 #yesorno #yesplease #pleasert #upbit #netcoins #coinsmart #overnight #kek 🐸 ImageImageImageImage
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@jnordvig shows $CNY 8% TW rise since Covid confounding expectations. Why? $RMB Reserve FX status requires $CNY trades strong during domestic crises [Covid, Trade & Evergrande] as Strength = Credibility with #DCEP launch imminent, thus why #BTC strength will
be resisted. As Jens highlights, China's FX reserves collapsed in 2015/16/17, falling 1.0 Trio USD. PBOC MU, the head of the digital lab told us at HK blockchain week in 2019 that the popularity of #bitcoin during this period lead the PBOC to fear for sovereignty of the Yuan. So
China decided to launch it's digital Yuan project as all the outflows were leaving the country. They broke the dollar peg in aug 2015, which crushed US stocks, and pivoted to tracking the CFETS basket a precursor to DCEP. China has changed its FX regime on avg every 5 years.
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@mattosernesto 🗣️: "La situación es compleja, pareciera que volvimos a ese viejo tablero en el cuál se va disputando la #geopolítica pero también el #comercio"
@mattosernesto 🗣️: "La reactivación de #China es en base al gasto en #infraestructura"
@mattosernesto 🗣️: "Al entrar el #yuan en la cesta de monedas del FMI, pasa a ser una moneda de rescate y esa es la razón por la cual una parte de nuestras reservas internacionales pasó a ser en yuanes"
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"Çin malı": Antik dilde ucuz, adi, çabuk kırılan.

"7" bariyeri önemsenen paralardan biri:
Çin malı #yuan (CNY)
Mayıs 2011 = 0,25 TL
Kasım 2016 = 0,50 TL
13.08.18 = 1,058 TL (paritenin üstünde tek gün)
Son 15 gündür = 0,98-0,995 TL Image
Şu tahmini yapmak "enflasyon beslemesi" kavramını biraz ileri projeksiyonlayınca zor değil ama nedense müneccim/kahinlikle eş görülüyor 😉 Image
Türk yatırımcısı açısından Yuan yapısal olarak diğer dövizlere göre daha cazip bir para değil. Yine de detaylarına bakmıştık:

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@niubi 🇨🇳 🇺🇸 #China Hints U.S. Blacklist Imminent in Threat to #Trade Talks - Bloomberg

@niubi 🇺🇸 🇨🇳 Here’s What Happens to Markets If U.S. Tariffs on #China Kick in Dec. 15 - Bloomberg…
@niubi 🇨🇳 🇨🇦 🇺🇸 #Huawei plans to shift research center to #Canada from U.S.: Globe and Mail - Reuters…
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@niubi 🇨🇳 🌎 🇺🇸 #China to Raise Penalties on #IP Rights Violations - Bloomberg
*Guidelines (Chinese):…
@niubi 🇺🇸 🇨🇳 Another reason for #Trump administration to reach a partial trade deal with #China soon.

@niubi 🇺🇸 🇨🇳 US moves closer to resuming chicken exports to #China as #Beijing approves processing plants - SCMP…
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A Thread on #China. Some data and some thoughts. I hope you find it useful.

What's different about China's GDP number?
Is China growing at 6% as it lets everyone else believe?
Can China come out of this without devaluing its currency?
1/ #China’s GDP is an input number and not an output figure like in western economies. National accounts are based on data collected by local governments which are rewarded for meeting growth targets; hence, they have an incentive to skew the data they provide to the Central Gov.
2/ Looking at different data sets one will see that #China is merely growing. PMI sentiment is falling fast; a number below 50 denotes a contraction and not an expansion as the GDP growth rate suggests. Manufacturing (49.8) & New Export Orders (48.2) have already fallen below 50.
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1) Is China’s currency undervalued like the everyone seems to believe or overvalued?

Are #China’s FX reserves sufficient to prevent a further devaluation of the #Yuan (#RMB)?

Are #China’s FX reserves what they appear to be?
2) Why would China need to clamp down capital flight if the #Yuan is undervalued and/or FX reserves are more than enough, as China claims?

#China clamps down on capital flight risk as #yuan weakens…
3) Stricter bank oversight while real estate developers will have restricted access to foreign currency bonds. If the fin system is judged to be on the brink of instability SAFE will declare the situation "abnormal" & banks will be evaluated on the #Yuan amounts wired offshore.
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( 1/2) Indian #Market
1.Market correction
2.FPI pull out - no +ve changes yet by goi
2.#Rupee weak
3.earnings elusive, expected for downgrade
4.slow demand, consumption weak, economy will get hit
(2/3) Global Factors
1. #TradeWar , #yuan devalued, tumbing of Asian markets, nasdaq and dow Jones.
2.US delayed 10% imposing of tariff on few remaining Chinese goods
3. Hence Gold price fall, silver followed suit, rebound on equity
(3/3) Global factors contd.
3.#Argentina #Marvel crashed 39% in one day
4. #HongKong protest

Ufff.... anything still left to happen🤨

Possible #RBI rate cut due to #CPI easing, #CSR rule lifting might provide relief to #FPI
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#China has taken a managed floating exchange rate regime since 2005 in a bid to
maintain exchange rate at stable and reasonable level, but PBoc has largely
reduced intervention of forex since 2017 and a “clean float” has been basically
achieved, according to Huang Yiping.
The volatility of the value of #Chinese #yuan has been increasing since the end of
2010, and in early 2019,the volatility in yuan got quite close to that in
other major reserve currencies like US dollar,#Japanese yen and euro, an
important sign of increase in flexibility of yuan. Image
President Trump’s sudden and unilateral announcement to impose additional 10% tariffs during ongoing China-US #trade negotiations, negatively impacted market confidence on RMB, which brought new pressure on yuan. It’s unfair to name #China a currency manipulator in such a context
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#CBOE #VIX #volatility index, also known as #WallStreet's "fear gauge" records biggest one-day spike in 10 months
MSCI’s All-Country World Index, which tracks #shares across 47 countries, fell for a six straight day on Monday - marking its longest losing streak this year.
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🇨🇦 🇺🇸 🇨🇳 🇮🇷 #Canada arrests #Huawei’s global chief financial officer in Vancouver – The Globe and Mail…
A gauge of #technology shares on the MSCI #Asia Pacific Index slid as much as 3 percent before paring some losses - Bloomberg
🇺🇸 #SPX ⬇ as much as 1.9% from Tuesday’s close, before paring some losses. Selling pressure early in the session was so intense that it forced CME Group to intermittently pause trading, according to a spokesperson for the exchange - Bloomberg
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#demographics #militaries #economies #currencies
- Best demographics
- Largest military
- Largest economy
- Most used currency
- Liquid financial markets
- Open capital account
- Rule of law
- Best geography
- Can be self sufficient if required
- Not trade dependent
Top trade partners as of 30 June 2018:
- China: 15.2% (strategic competitor)
- Canada: 15.1%
- Mexico: 14.6%
- Japan: 5.1%
- Germany: 4.4%

The next 10 years could result in the below:
- Mexico (25%)
- Canada (20%
- Japan (7%)
- South Korea (5%)
- Great Britain (4%)
Bring the manufacturing (jobs) home while negatively impacting China's economy.………
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