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$DAG is undervalued 🧵
When @Conste11ation completes its work with IBM to build an L0 bridge to #Hyperledger Fabric, it will create a powerful and seamless integration between the two platforms, unlocking new possibilities for businesses and developers.
#IBM (NYSE: $IBM) market cap: $125B. IBM leads in blockchain, partnering with Hyperledger for projects like TradeLens, Food Trust, & World Wire. Collaborations with major firms like Walmart, Maersk, and Visa bolster its value. #IBM #Hyperledger #BlockchainPartnerships
Here are some potential impacts and examples of this collaboration.
Enhanced Interoperability: The L0 bridge will enable seamless data exchange between Hyperledger Fabric and @Conste11ation 's Hypergraph.
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#Luxembourg is years ahead in regulation for blockchain adoption.

Could #Luxembourg country become the key to massive adoption? A 🧵

Must read article #QNT $QNT…
#Luxembourg has been actively working on Blockchain adoption and on it's way to pave the road for other countries to adopt similar legislature.

Luxembourg is 47 times smaller than New York City. Its GDP per capita is 115k dollars. It is one of the highest in the world. https://medium.datadrivenin...
The #Blockchain II Act 2021 provides legislature to allow use of #DLT's to settle fungible securities.…
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There's this little old token called $Cheq


It's very well hidden down the bottom of #CMC, and also not captured the full attention of the #Cosmos #CosmosEcosystem yet. @cosmos @CosmosClub_ @cosmoshub @cosmosibc.

Let's learn a little about its position in #identity👇 Image
Let's begin with the Co-creators of @cheqd_io $Cheq, @evernym (now @Avast)

"We’re the creators of #Hyperledger #Indy and the #Sovrin Network, a co-creator of the #cheqd Network, and a primary contributor to Hyperledger #Aries and #Ursa"
Some more on @evernym,

We’re a co-editor of the Verifiable Credential spec at the @w3c, which was approved as an official recommendation in 2019 .. also a co-author and co-editor of the Decentralized Identifier spec .. a co-chair of W3C’s DID and VC WGs
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$QNT really is ‘THE’ NETWORK of NETWORKS disrupting all industries🤯

@blockdata_tech recently made this famous overview of blockchain consortiums in different sectors.

A mini 🧵on $QNT (7/10) involvement 👇🏻

🟩 Confirmed / highly likely
🟧 Solid leads
🟦 Possible

1/11 Image
I’ll start with the 🟩 ones.

1. SPUNTA; official and build on SIAchain (Corda, Hyperledger, Eth)

Fun fact #1: 100/580 banks live✅
Fun fact #2: just 1 dapp to produce 8.4B transactions💪🏻
Fun fact #3: 11 more SIA dapps to come🔥

2/11 ImageImageImageImage
2. MOBI 🚘🚙

Consortium of:
- 20 financial insitutions💰
- 140 corporates✅

Fun fact: A pilot involving 280 million vehicles with the EU Commission 🇪🇺is being launched soon.

See thread attached👇🏻

3/11 Image
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Hey Citizens!🌎

Tomorrow at 10 AM PST/ 6 AM UST

We are doing our next #DLT Utility Conversation!

With a special guest whos an electrical engineer who is building on Hyperledger!

RT To spread awareness!

⏬See below to see topics we cover⏬
Some Topics Include✅
•Technical Industrial Perspectives- why a company would use DLT
•Benefits of collecting Industrial data from IoT Sensors & Devices
•Food industry how DLT will help efficiency
•Interoperability between DLT networks
•Digitalization of documents
+ More!
This will be an hour - 1.5-hour twitter space and will be recorded for anyone who cannot make it!

Throughout the discussion, we will be answering questions from the community!

⏬A little bit about Ascend Tech is Below!⏬
#builders #hyperledger #IoT #IoV #automation #DLT
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Usos de blockchain, capítulo uno.
Unidad de cuenta

El uso primero que se le dio a la blockchain con la aparición de Bitcoin fue computar unidades y subunidades que pueden cambiar de propietarios sin necesidad de pasar intermediario que tenga que autorizar ni pueda denegarlo.🧵👇
Para que #Bitcoin sea unidad de cuenta por definición debe ser un valor de referencia. Esto es así para mucha gente y traders del mundo cripto. Puedes ver muchos tweets cuya referencia es $BTC
Apliquémoslo al mundo privado. En los albores de "la blockchain" (término posterior a bitcoin y ampliamente aceptado por consultoras) cuando alguien quería una unidad de cuenta propia debía montarse la blockchain por su cuenta.
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People are following mainstream media and buying $ETH at ATH's

But are missing out on this hidden gem built on the $ETH network.💎

That provides interoperability between blockchain networks for TradFi Banks & Enterprises

-Super Thread on Quant Network-
#QNT 👑 #Quant #Fintech Image
1/ The problem: ❎

Traditional Institutions and Enterprises need an operating system that will allow them to easily interoperate between these new nascent crypto markets

For example, you currently can't send $ETH to a $BTC address or $XRP to a $DAG address

Networks are silo'd Image
2) Quant created Overledger - an operating system that allows anyone to enter 3 lines of code on a computer to interoperate between networks

This allows value to flow between blockchain ledgers flawlessly without having to worry about which network it's on.

#fintech #quant #QNT ImageImage
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Oneday soon, you are going to hear commercially that there is a new internet scale architecture coming to handle all Virtual Assets.


It is called the
' Open Digital Asset Protocol '

As you can see some household names.

#Intel #IBM #MIT.... $QNT

It is building a network of networks achieving interoperability via gateway to gateway.

Any to any blockchain
Legacy networks
Eg. core banking

$Btc $Eth $Xrp
#Corda #Hyperledger
#Quorum #Ripple

There was some recent development with another household name


With reference to the #ODAP
The #TC307 blockchain standard…

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1/ The sheer scale of what @quant_network is working to achieve is incredible and an amazing opportunity.

✅Internet scale interoperability for any blockchain / existing network
✅ Already connect , , , , , , , #Corda #Hyperledger #Quorum

2/✅Implemented in the largest European Financial Network in Europe with SIA
✅Oracle Fintech partner - going to Tier 1 Banks, Central Banks and other Oracle customers to provide mission critical services
✅ Working with Central Banks, Banks, Governments, Healthcare,Supply Chain
3/✅Previous CISO at Vocalink (in charge of security of payments for the UK - £6 Trillion per year)
✅Vice President of Product at Vocalink recently joined
✅Vice Chairman of Comcast and MD of Rockefeller Capital on the Board
✅ Rapidly expanding team consisting of 4 PhDs
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1/ As awareness is increasing for @quant_network after recent announcements I encourage everyone to see the thread below providing more details around the project. Excellent Team, Tech, Use cases, Tokenomics, Partners $QNT has it all.

2/ Quant’s Overledger Blockchain Operating System not only provides interoperability between all the leading Enterprise and Public Blockchains but also connecting the world’s networks to blockchain with just 3 lines of code.
3/ Unlike other solutions, Overledger solves interoperability at scale without the overhead/bottleneck/single point of failure of adding another blockchain in the middle, nor does it impose restrictions / require blockchains to fork their code to connect.…
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1/ In these uncertain times it's more important than ever to choose what to invest in. Below are some of reasons why I believe $QNT is low risk with incredible reward potential. Excellent Team, Tech, Use cases, Tokenomics, Partners $QNT has it all. #Interoperability is key. 🧵👇 Image
2/ Hedge against Inflation - $QNT has a total supply of just 14.6 million, no inflation, no new tokens minted and no huge % of tokens controlled by the team waiting to be released. Circulating supply is 12 Million which will reduce over time with #QNT being locked up for licenses
3/ Whether it's #Bitcoin, Stable Coins, #DeFi, Central Bank Digital Currencies that come out on top or a combination of all, @quant_network is working with them all, connecting $BTC, $ETH, $XRP and working with multiple Central Banks all leading to more demand / usage of $QNT
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