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💥NEW #VKProof💥
Read the #JFKJr post(pic1)earlier today when posted. Immediately thought clues. Specially with follow up post @ 11:48a. Then he made “.” post(pic2)to my #VKProof tweet @ 5:09p. The “.” has served as a ping or MorseCode for “E”
Reading QPost 2816(pic1)posted @ 5:43p, 2 words jumped out. Singly was misspelled on purpose. Should be Singl(e). Also noticed County needs to add “R”. That was addressed in QPost 2817(pic2).
As we have learned from QPost 831 Misspellings matter.
#VincentKennedy timeline:
1)Post @ 11:48a Letters Play Tricks
2)Post “.” (e) @ 5:09p
3)QPost misspelled Singly 5:43p

Another connection, IMO
#KeepWinning #VincentKennedy
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on the move.

R you Ready for it?

ON >> 29 >> 11 << K
THE >> 33 >> 6 << F
MOVE >> 55 >> 10 << J



ALWAYS >> 81 <> 18 R



196 >> 106 or 25 >> 16 or 25
16 - date of The “Start”
26 - date of JFK Jr birth
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#QAnon #QDrop: #2788

1. Read closely #Patrioits. This is OUR message. Something BIG is about to drop:

"How can an entity known only as 'Q' (face-less, name-less, fame-less, etc.) begin to ask questions on 4ch (now 8ch) and build something of this magnitude?
2. How can this same 'Q' entity garner such a massive amount of WW MSM [FAKE NEWS] attention [attacks]?
How is it possible this 'Q' entity can 'forecast' future events or 'know' when the POTUS is about to Tweet?"
3. How is it possible 'FUTURE PROVES PAST' re: information provided?
How is it possible this 'Q' entity, an entity who began by merely asking questions on 4ch/8ch, was able to ………(fill in the blank).
Think logically.
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#LeeRadziwill passes away-

Jackie Kennedy Onassis's sister, an icon in her own right, passes away at 85 yrs.


Jackie & Lee were very close, as r their children.
Anthony Radziwill (Lee's son & #JFKJr=Best Friends!)

In good times & bad (#RFK's funeral)
#LeeRadziwill, younger sister of Jackie Kennedy Onassis, has passed away at the age of 85.

Radziwill was married 3 times, & had 2 children.

An infamous fashion icon, Radziwill was a public relations executive, special events co-ordinator & brand ambassador for Giorgio Armani.
Born Caroline Lee Bouvier on 3-3-1933, in Southampton, NYork.

#LeeRadziwill (Jackie Kennedy's sister) married 3 xs:

1st-Michael Canfield-a publishing exec=annulled

2nd-real est developer Stanislas Radziwill (2 children w/-Tina & Anthony)=divorce

3rd-director Herb Ross=divorce
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"Get EVEN, when somebody screws u, screw 'em back but a LOT HARDER!" shouts Trump.
>>> few months after #JFKJr=missing

Dec '99 Trump explores idea of "Pres Run", intervw w/Dan Rather.

PS- nxt to Melania is Roger Stone, LOL!

Go to 10:10 min marker
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I have decided to stop with the practice of "outing" people in our search for truth in the JFK Jr. is Alive Movement. No more face/eyes/ears/hands/voice comparisons. If @bigredwavenow gives out clues, that's fair ground for me to comment on. Please do not ask me about my ...
… my opinion on a picture, video or audio with regards to if its JFK Jr. or not. I am only dealing with Q-Posts and dates - for which I will continue to give my opinions.

You don't need Trump Rally photo's or Patriots videos to prove JFK Jr. is alive. You need only Q. ...
… Its all there. As @StormIsUponUs said in his incredible video, "a book is being written". We will be told all about this movement - this awakening. We will know who is who, and who were the actors in this movie. We will know the good guys and the bad guys. We will ...
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Filename Abbreviation:
SCSY >> 19 3 19 25

I see 11 and a 25 with 399 left over.

Q-POST 399:

21 Dec 2017 - 11:41:11 AM

We were inspired by anons here to make our efforts more public.
Find the exchange 2 days ago.
Feel proud!

Referencing an Anon post to a link to an ABC ...
… Report. Very pertinent to the previous Q-Post regarding [PP] and human trafficking.

So, I have 11 25. Lets pull 6 from the 399 to get JFK Jr.'s birth date.

11 25 60 339

How about Q-Post 339? (see pic). It is thought that [GS] was arrested yesterday.

How about one ...
… more manipulation:

11 25 60 339 >< (11 25 60) (12 12 36)

12 12 36 >~> 11 22 63

The file name embeds the mirror of birth and death using JFK Jr.'s birth and his father's death.

In the process revealing 2 days ahead, the arrest of [GS] and the implementation of Trump's EO.
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Good Night Patriots!

Two U.S. Air Force F-15E Strike Eagle aircraft fly over northern Iraq Sept. 23, 2014.

EE >> 5:5

F-15E >> 17 Q

2 ~ F-15E >> 2Q >> Q+

9+23+14 = 46 - POTUS JFK Jr - Year DJT was born.

9+2+3+2+1+4 = 21 << JK

23 - The Pain

9 >< 18 R

14 - CK

STRIKE EAGLE >> 17 17 >> Q+

Thank Q!
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I have put much thought into this. I have read the arguments. I have contemplated the sides and have prayed on this.

Much needless division has been caused by this issue.

Patriots who receive donations or other forms of payments from their content does deserve some level ...
... of scrutiny. I believe most that do receive such payments are fine. Those that I consider fine follow these criterion:

1) ALL content is freely available.
2) It is clear the content provided benefits from the fiscal infusion.
3) There is no paywall.
4) Q is LEADERLESS ...
4) (cont.) as we are all instructed to THINK FOR OURSELVES. Therefore, the content provider is not assuming a leadership role or assuming a leadership role in the formation of any sort of association, charter, organization, etc. that claims to represent Q. There is ONLY Q!
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The period of Q-Silence was 1,636,222 seconds.

1636222 >> 22
The time between the first two posts today was 25 seconds.

22 - day JFK was assassinated
25 - day JFK Jr. was born

Once again mirroring birth and death.


It has been:

18.938 days
454.506 hours
27270.367 minutes

Taking the first two digit:

18 - R - JFK Jr.
27 - JFK


I see a 63 and a 22

Split a 6 to a 1 & 5

1 15 36 22 2


11 23 63 with 25 left over

JFK assassination & JFK Jr birth day
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For everyone who is at the very least, feeling a slight itch of impatience, this is an absolute required watching or at least listening to video.

Make time today to watch or listen to at least twice until you fully understand.

... Lots of excellent material that ‘splains where we are in this battle.

If you’re not subscribed to @IPOT1776 here on Twitter and on YouTube, get that done today. You won’t be lost.
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The Final Pictures. I Spent Much Of My Life Behind The Camera Shooting Editorial, Fashion And Advertizing. Studying This Photo, It's Clear That The Hand Pose Is Peculiar To Say The Least, The Way He Holds The 'ALEVE' Bottle Is Simply Not Natural. It's Silly.

#QAnon #JFKJr @potus
A Photographer Would Never Ask A Subject To Do This. If The Subject Suggested It, It Would Not Be Accepted For A Portrait Series.

The Fact That JFK Jr. Holds Bottle Which Reads 'ALEVE' And Could Easily Be Interpreted As 'ALIVE', Is Fascinating.

#QAnon #JFKJr @potus
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Trump Rallies end w/ #JFKJr's all time favorite song!!!

In bk by Kathy McKeon, Jackie's long time assistant.

Ch 12-says, "Always knew John was home, hear his fav song playing."

thanks @brandykpt

"Cant Always Get Wht U Want"
@brandykpt Rolling Stones, "U Cant Always Get What U Want"
But if u try sometimes, u just might find, u get what u need!"

#JFKJR's fav song, played at end of Trump's rallies!…

More Proof=#JFKJRLives!


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Many have speculated as 2 what was in the envelopes @ the GHWB Funeral!
Here is my theory: What past event effects their current wellbeing like nothing else?
What if something that the whole 🌎 held to be fact was in fact not?.....
......What if a certain individual did not die a July 1999 plane crash?
What if the envelopes contained a current instantly recognizable photo of #JFKJr with the words “JUSTICE IS COMING”.🤔What If?🤔
If you think the envelopes stated: ARLINGTON CLOSED I am not here to change your mind. Remember the content of the envelopes remains speculation!
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The Q Intelligence Dissemination Program started 10/28/17.

10 + 28 + 17 = 55 - All's Clear!

1+2+8+1+7 = 19 - Seclusion

1+2+8+2+1+7 = 21 << JK

There is 6679 days between The "Start" and 10/28.

6679 >< 6 6 7 9 >< 60 15 25 18
60152518 >~> 11256058

11/25/60 58
11/25/60 + 58 years = 11/25/18

6679 >< 6 6 7 9 >< 6 33 16 18
6331618 >~> 6311368
6311368 >< 63 11 3 6 8 >< 63 11 12 24 8
631112248 >~> 631122148 >~> 112263148
112263148 >< 11 22 63 148 >> 11 22 63 58

11/22/63 + 58 years = 11/22/21

18 = R
21 = JK
11/25/60 -> 11/25/18 18-R Derived from JFK Jr Birthdate
11/22/63 -> 11/22/21 21-JK Derived from JFK Death

Both dates plus 58 years gives us R and JK from one number. Is the delta of 6679 days a way of saying R is JK?
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It seems we have created ourselves some divisions.

We have divided ourselves on religion.

We have divided ourselves on opportunity.

We have divided ourselves on ideology.

We continue to fail the stress test.

I have noticed that when Q stops posting we choose to ...
... bicker and pick at each other.

What is the common bond we have?

The United States of America Constitution.

Does the Constitution favor a religion?


Does the Constitution favor opportunity for some but not others?


Does the Constitution direct how we think ...
... or speak?


The Constitution affords all of us freedom to worship as we please, which includes not worshiping.

The Constitution affords us the ability to prosper as we want according to our skills and effort and the desire of others to benefit from our wares. ...
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