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🧵1/ #Pennsylvania 📢 CALL your PA Reps & tell them to NOT attend A*dit the Vote T*ni Shuppes Biblical Citizenship classes
🚨She just sent every PA legislator an email invite to attend
⚠️She's P*triot Academy NE Regional Director
#Harrisburg #PAGOV #Philly #Pittsburgh
🧵2/ #Pennsylvania ⚠️ Watch this P*triot Academy B*blical Citizenship class promo video
🚨A*dit the Vote T*ni Shuppe emailed every PA legislator an invite to attend & asked her viewers to call their reps
‼️Sh*ppe is P*triot Academy PA Ambassador
#Harrisburg #PAGOV #Philadelphia
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🧵 #Pennsylvania 🚨
#Harrisburg #NAR L*fe Center Ministries "Supporting 35 ministries & missionaries around world All people on our list have relationship w/ us. 1️⃣st one is HIM Harvest Intl led by Ch* Ahn We as church part of HIM apostolic covering They have 25000 ministries"
2/🧵 #Pennsylvania 🚨
#Harrisburg #NAR L*fe Center Ministries Life Lines missions promo video "God's plan to CONQUER THE WORLD depends on the voluntary offerings of his people"
⚠️NAR = Christian Dominionism
⚠️Mastriano, F*ucht, Abildness all connected to L*fe Center
3/🧵 #Pennsylvania 🚨
#Harrisburg #NAR L*fe Center Ministries supports Apostle Abby Abildness "PA holds historic precedent for a nation led by God's divine direction in EVERY SECTOR OF SOCIETY" ⚠️ NAR William Penn prophecy "My God will make it a seed of a nation" #PAGOV
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Doug Mastriano (R) ended his losing #PAGov campaign with more than $1 million in cash. This is about 15% of the money he had for the entire general election campaign. Josh Shapiro (D) outspent Mastriano by a whopping $66 million to $7 million margin. 1/3…
Doug Mastriano's shoestring #PAGov campaign was so broke it did not launch its first TV ad until October & then only spent $393,000 in TV advertising in the final weeks. His having over a $1 million left over in his campaign is pretty remarkable malpractice. 2/3
One PA GOP strategist called Mastriano's campaign cash hoard "one of the most irresponsible and selfish actions I’ve seen a candidate for office at any level take” & blamed GOP downballot state House losses on Mastriano. 3/3
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.@RRHElections Indeed, candidate quality matters:

The machine's Martha McSally who lost #AZSen by 2.4% in 2018, lost it again by 2.4% in a year that Trump lost the state by only 0.3%.

@KariLake this year is down only 0.6 there and the AG candidate broke even.

cc @EWErickson
.@SeanTrende Besides, many Republicans/Cons who whine about Trump Candidates, made it fashionable or even a call of patriotism for Republicans/Cons to oppose Trump/his candidates, and when they lose (often by fractions), the saboteurs are like all "see? We told you." cc @brithume
Hey @SeanTrende @RRHElections @EWErickson @brithume: I am not sure how candidates of such low quality that they fail in high turnout GOP primaries, would suddenly win the general. The first test is to win the primary, and candidates need many of these "crazies" for the general.
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1/5 Kemp signed new election laws into place following the 2020 elections (meaning, it was predicated on 2020 having issues) and his opponent was @staceyabrams; hardly a bad candidate.

Yet, Kemp won by a margin of 7.6!

This blows up two major talking points about the midterms:
2/5 One being that talking/acting on claims regarding 2020 is a loser. The other: Candidate quality. (Fetterman won. High quality 🤓).

But hey Narratives live on even if there aren't facts to back it such as Clinton's 1992 win being due to the line "It's the economy, stupid."
3/5 Clinton won only 43% of the popular vote in 1992; that's less than the 45% Dem Dukakis won in 1988 when the Reagan/Bush economy was booming. Only diff is that 45% in 1988 was not enough to win but it was in 1992 due to the split on the center/center-right among Bush/Perot.
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Some interesting county-level results in the #PAGov election. Current totals have Shapiro up 53-45% in Cumberland, up by 59 votes in York, and only losing Lancaster 50-48%.
I don't expect the York result to hold (they only have ~125k votes counted; 169k were cast in 2018), but the Cumberland/Lancaster ones are pretty much in line with 2018.
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People want to make every election win/loss about Trump/not Trump.

Trump campaigned endlessly with JDV in OH; he won by 6.6.

Odea in Colorado made anti-Trumpism his banner issue and he lost by double digits.

cc @mattklewis @EWErickson @benshapiro @SeanTrende @AnnCoulter
Zeldin didn't hug or run from Trump and lost by only 5+ in a deep-blue state!

Dems and kept hammering him on Trump. Maybe if he embraced Trump he could've made up the gap from pro-Trumpers since anti-Trumpers anyway got the anti-Trump message from Dems.

Who knows.
Then there is the part of Never/Non-Trumpers saying that X can't win yet those Never/Non-Trumpers either don't vote for X or even actively oppose X. When X loses, the Nevers are all "HAHA. We TOLD YOU they can't win!"

See what @KarlRove did in #PAGov against the GOPer.
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It was an absolute joy to welcome JOSH SHAPIRO & AUSTIN DAVIS to the huge rally in Stroudsburg yesterday! Monroe County REALLY showed up for Josh, Austin & our entire slate of excellent Dem candidates. We have receipts💅🏻 😁…@JoshShapiroPA @AustinDavisPA #PAGov #MonroeCountyPA 🧵… ImageImageImageImage
Our amazing MAUREEN MADDEN! @MaddenforPArep (And MY State Rep…woohoo! 🎉 🙌) I voted for Maureen because she has done incredible things for #HD115 & will continue to protect CHOICE in PA. Go, Maureen, go! #MaureenMadden #PAHouse #BlueNovember #RoevemberIsHere ImageImageImageImage
Our FIERCE 💪 Stroudsburg Mayor & #HD189 candidate TARAH PROBST really got the crowd going. I am thisclose to Tarah’s District. SHE IS GOING TO ROCK THE HOUSE! 🔄 @TarahProbst We are #TeamProbst 24/7/365. She is going to shake up Harrisburg & WE CAN’T WAIT! #FlipThePAHouse ImageImageImageImage
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Next iteration of ReAwaken America Tour starts today in Pennsylvania with speakers like Michael Flynn, Eric Trump, Roger Stone, Doug Mastriano, Greg Locke, & Mike Lindell. We've been covering RAT for a year in @WordandWay's newsletter A Public Witness (
Our reports on previous ReAwaken America events have covered Flynn's #ChristianNationalist vision (… &…), demonizing of political opponents (…) & use of militant rhetoric (…).
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#PAGov #Poll For The General Election(10/13-10/17) Shows a Mastriano Lead.

49.7% @dougmastriano
46.3% @JoshShapiroPA
1.2% Other
2.6% Undecided

2340 LV…
@dougmastriano @JoshShapiroPA Crosstabs taken down due to a error, and we gotta reupload the whole thing.

While we do that, here are they are in Ugly Form.

Mastriano 25.6
Shapiro: 66.2
Other: 3.1
Undecided: 5.1

Shapiro: 55.6%
Mastriano: 38.2%
Other: 3.1%
Undecided: 3.1

@dougmastriano @JoshShapiroPA 35-44
Shapiro: 45.1%
Mastriano: 49.2%
Other: 1.9%
Undecided: 3.8%

Shapiro: 40.1%
Mastriano: 54.1%
Other: 2.7%
Undecided: 3.1%

Shapiro: 40.1%
Mastriano: 53.9%
Other: 2.3%
Undecided: 3.7%

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If elected PA governor, @dougmastriano says “We’re going to drill and dig, we’re going to be a net exporter of energy around the world, we’re going to drive down prices, drive down taxes, and be open for business here—and restore the power to the people.”

Mastriano told @RealAmVoice “The Democrats are taking away parental rights, they want to confuse your kids with pronouns, they celebrate boys in the girls’ bathroom, they celebrate rolling back women’s rights in athletics, graphic porn in elementary school, and just on & on & on”
Mastriano added, “My opponent’s the [Pennsylvania] Attorney General. Crime has gone up 40% since he’s been the AG. We’re leading the way in homicides in Philadelphia, 1,000 carjackings, 4th in fentanyl deaths in nation…the Democratic Party is collapsing…”
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Can you imagine being the Pennsylvania and DC-NY media, and being scooped on John Fetterman (mayor and then Pa. LG) being SUED by his school district for unpaid taxes? It happened in 2015 and now again in 2022. #pasen…
Most of the Fetterman unpaid tax stories are from local Pittsburgh media in 2016. The Free Beacon recently updated the story, noting the liens continued into 2019. (2) #pasen #pagov…
Rule No. 1 about political reportage: You look up all public government records on a candidate. Arrest records. Tax liens and property records. Divorce and family. (Remember when the Tribune sued for the records of Obama's opponent in 2004?) (3)
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I don’t want to debate the margin, but I do think two things are becoming clearer every day.

(1) Shapiro, who is spending massively on the airwaves, is heavily favored against Mastriano, who is broke.
(2) Shapiro is likely to outrun Fetterman (+10 in the poll)
By any metric, whether it’s fundamentals (money + partisan lean + ticket-splitting tendencies in gubernatorial races) or polling (topline + favorables), Shapiro is a very heavy favorite right now.
Shapiro is at 54% already, and his favorables are the inverse of Mastriano’s (which are underwater by double digits). You need a big swing *even if* Mastriano collects all undecideds — but that’s not as easy for him to do, because his campaign is broke and can’t spend.
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NEW FROM @cbsnewspoll: Economy, abortion shape Pennsylvania races as
Dems ⁦@JohnFetterman⁩ and ⁦@JoshShapiroPA⁩ lead in key Senate, Governor contests. #PASEN #PAGOV…
HERE’S THE HEAD-TO-HEAD: @JohnFetterman leads @DrOz:
Most voters describe @JohnFetterman as saying what he really believes, more so than they describe @DrOz doing so. A big majority describe Oz as just saying what he thinks voters want to hear.
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Haven't seen a battleground state poll with this many red-flags lately for Rs.

#PAGov: Shapiro 50 (51% favorable, 34% unfavorable), Mastriano 40 (38% favorable, 48% unfavorable)

#PASen: Fetterman 47 (49% favorable, 34% unfavorable), Oz 36 (35% favorable, 55% unfavorable)
Shapiro has a >$10M fundraising advantage on Mastriano. The bigger problem for Mastriano, though, is that he has < $1M in COH and the RGA has no desire to get involved. With polls like this, you see why. Against a candidate like Shapiro with those numbers, that's a tough climb up
You can't get voters to like you or hear of you if you have no money, and the other problem is that virtually everyone who does hear of Mastriano and isn't a Republican seems to hate him. Tough to win a gubernatorial election that way, especially with those Shapiro favorables.
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Given *the U.S. Senate* existing in its current broken form, this is a pretty strong deal. Puts even more pressure on GOP state legislatures like PA to act.
Particularly intrigued by this. Mastriano and other pro-gun PA GOP legislators have pledged to try to block any new federal gun safety restrictions. This would likely make the list.
Very interested to see whether Mastriano comes out against this bipartisan deal. This is what he said earlier this year about *any* new federal gun safety measures. #PAGOV
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It’s accountability time. #Jan6Hearings beginning now. More PA context below.

My 🧵 setting the scene for how @PAGOP engaged in this anti-American conspiracy to overturn Trump’s loss, void millions of PA votes and have kept the MAGA lies and election sabotage alive ⬇️
Trump’s Attorney General Bill Barr says what PA Republicans like Doug Mastriano have said about the election being stolen is bullshit.

He’s right (but still terrible)
Here’s a tour-de-force of reporting on the nearly limitless 2020 election lies by PA Republicans.

via @Wrschgn then of @CaucusPA…
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Tonight @January6thCmte will hold its first hearing on the criminal conspiracy to overturn the 2020 election, which led to violent insurrection and lasting damage to our democracy.

Few states were more central to than PA and few groups more responsible than @PAGOP.

A thread 🧵
Some toplines:
- 76 @PASenateGOP and @PAHouseGOP members signed letters asking to overturn the election
- All GOP legislative leaders signed letters
- 8 PA GOP Congressmen complied on Jan 6 and joined Texas lawsuit
- 78 Pennsylvanians have been charged by Feds for 1/6 crimes
On Jan. 6, 2022, I wrote about the need for accountability for PA Republican elected officials for their roles.

We’ve seen rightfully dozens of the rioters face life-altering consequence.

But the GOP elected a responsible? They were mostly *rewarded*… ImageImage
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.@davewhiteforgov is going to the Trump rally tomorrow. Is he a special guest of Trump’s? “We got VIP tickets,” White tells me. No endorsement prediction.

“I will be at the rally listening to the president speak, and I’m looking forward to it.”

Big turnout for White campaign rally in Drexel Hill
White tells the crowd Shapiro is worried -- running digital ads against him. Says Philly Building Trades have endorsed him in the primary. "we're growing a party," he says.
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Here at the #PASen GOP forum. Dave McCormick is skipping; John Gizzi, one of the moderators, joked that they thought about putting a “stuffed rhinoceros” (RINO) on the stage.
Of the candidates here - Barnette, Bochetto, Bartos, Gale, Oz, Sands - most applause by far was for Barnette. This is a conservative conference, not a regular GOP meeting, so make of that what you will. (Polite applause for Oz, who's been working the crowd all day.)
First question is about social media censorship: "Donald Trump can't tweet, but the Kremlin can."
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Pennsylvania Republicans think they can condescend to young people, but those meddling #youthvote kids won’t let them get away with it. Here’s who we’re ready to put in office. (1/9) #PApol
#PAGov: Tom Wolf, who opposes right-to-work laws and supports a rapid transition to clean energy deserves re-election for governor. NXTGN.US/fka
#PASen: Bob Casey serves Pennsylvanians admirably in the Senate. He supports universal background checks for firearms and will continue standing up to Trump. NXTGN.US/fkb
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Trump: Day 580
-Claims Flipping "Ought to be Illegal"
-Would Give Himself a Grade of A+
-Argues Against Own Impeachment
-Likely Oust Sessions Post Midterms
-Has Tweeted "Witch Hunt" 110 X's
-'In Deep' on Time's Magazine Cover
-Opposed 'The Secure Elections Act'
Day 685 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 537 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama.

The FISA warrant Trump referenced targeted Carter Page. #TrumpLies
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