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[1/8] 📚 Introducing #Quarto: A Versatile, New and Exciting Publishing Tool! 🌟
Quarto is a powerful, open-source, and user-friendly publishing framework that streamlines the process of creating beautiful books, documents, and websites. Let’s explore it now!
#RStats #DataScience Image
[2/8] 🤓 Language Agnostic: Quarto works seamlessly with multiple languages, including #Markdown, #LaTeX, #RMarkdown, and #Jupyter notebooks. So, whether you're a researcher or a creative writer, Quarto has you covered! 🌍
#DataScience #RStats
[3/8] 🔁 Format Flexibility: With Quarto, you can convert your content into various formats, such as PDF, HTML, EPUB, and even slide presentations. It makes sharing your work with diverse audiences a breeze! 🌬️
#RStats #DataScience
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La sera dell'8 dicembre 1980 fu ucciso #JohnLennon. Non tutti conoscono la sua storia psicologica e quella dello psicoanalista che lo ebbe in cura. Piccolo thread 👇🏿
La madre di #JohnLennon, separatasi dal padre, dopo le lamentele ai servizi sociali di Liverpool da parte di sua sorella maggiore, Mimi Smith, le lasciò la cura del figlio. In “Mother”, Lennon racconta il suo dolore di separazione in modo straziante 👇🏿
Mother, you had me
But I never had you
I, I wanted you
You didn't want me
So, I
I just got to tell you
Goodbye. Molti colleghi hanno diagnosticato #JohnLennon un paziente borderline…
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#Roslyn is shaping up to be another truly terrible Hurricane with massive size & widespread heavy rain (flooding) impacts, similar to #Julia & #Ian.
But with much more time to strengthen in favourable conditions #Roslyn also forecast to develop major major hurricane wind speed.
New NHC advice now predicts 95 Knot winds on landfall the threshold for Cat 3 Major Hurricane status, but strengthening beyond that is possible with Landfall not expected till 7pm Sunday. ImageImageImageImage
Current GFS model rainfall estimates at 24, 48, 72 & 96 hours. ImageImageImageImage
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[#CentralAmerica #ExtremeWeather #ClimateChangeNOW update THREAD (ongoing coverage - initiated October 2 - storms #Julia #Karl]

With #Karl now dissapated the next disturbance has now been designated by @NHC_Atlantic.
The situation remains complex and unpredictable with many significant variables at play which could alter the outcome. The latest complete GFS run shows the next hurricane landfalling in Mexico 24 Oct. & remnants forming into a Gulf cyclone on 26 Oct.
The latest GFS run (incomplete) does not see the storm reforming into a tropical storm in the Gulf, but the synoptic scenario here - with this storm forming and crossing Mexico has been fairly stable for some time - as indicated in previous #KARL #TSKarl updates.
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#ExremeWeather #ClimateChange continuing event coverage initiation.

Vietnam has just seen landfall of a huge Tropical Storm - and now three more cyclones are forecast to follow the same path. The first being #Nemeng. Another slow wet giant storm. Image
Yesterday Typhoon #Sonca made landfall in Vietnam as a Tropical Storm - the 25th named storm of 2022. #Sonca was a huge slow moving wet behemoth like #Ian and #Julia (ATL). This characteristic has been a pattern with many post equinox nth. hemisphere storms. Image
#Sonca has also reportedly caused 4 fatalities already - but the event has only just finished.
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Know, How do tech businesses create successful data science products?

Step by Step 🧵

#DataScience #DataAnalytics #Data #MachineLearning #ArtificialIntelligence #deeplearning #Python #R #SQL #Julia #Agile
👇🏻 Image
💡Business Types

There are two types of businesses:
1. service-based (TCS, WIPRO, INFOSYS, Cognizant, and Capgemini)
2. product-based (TCS, WIPRO, INFOSYS, Cognizant, and Capgemini) (Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Tesla).
Product-based companies grant data science projects to service-based companies.

While product-based businesses, receive data science projects from the various departments that make up their organization
- such as sales, logistics, manufacturing, and so on.

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#CentralAmerica #ExtremeWeather update thread.

Sunrise over #Karl is imminent. Its going to be another interesting day I think. Image
1. Sunrise on Karl, it may be a trick of the early light but I can see a larger low level circulation that fully surrounds the 2nd larger part of Karl.

2. The second image says where we are supposed to be now in the model timeline and it certainly looks about right. ImageImage
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[#NotYetAHurricaneKarl update Thread, waiting for sunrise ed. #ExtremeWeather #ClimateChangeNow ]

The ridge to the north of #Karl has moved south a fair bit and appears to be pushing #Karl to the south at the eastern edge of the offical NHC Track cone.
Here's another view where you can see the leading edge of the ridge that is pushing down on the hurricane capturing it near the entrance to the Tucanpecer's northern funnel.
Lookingclose at the last four hours @NHC_Atlantic may have a point about #NotYetAHurricane #Karl not quite yet being a hurricane - as predicted by the GFS it has collapsed and broadened out close to midnight as the models said.
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This IR satelllite image [src: @TropicalTidbits] shows #TSKarl is unquestionably now #HurricaneKarl. It also shows it is not moving towards the Mexico coast line as per the current @NHC_Atlantic forecast - but moving NE. And the transformation into this was 3 hours ago.
Here are its first three hours as a hurricane.
And this is the most recent @NHC_Atlantic discussion bulletin for #TSKarl, issued 2 hours ago.
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Computer visualization of where landfall occurred for #Julia Image
Looks like the eye may have been a direct hit on Laguna de Perlas, per GOES satellite loop. Image
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It's probably worth noting that a lot of this wind shear (black arrows) is being driven by the position and strength of upper-level features rather than varying mid-level flow. In fact, winds beneath 500mb are relatively uniform and in line with the storm's motion (green arrow). Image
IMO, this is reflected pretty well on satellite imagery, where cirrus outflow from thunderstorms is being shunted south while shallow convection continues to build around the better defined surface circulation. Could allow for some deepening over the coming hours before upper...
...winds over #Julia weaken and become more easterly. Once that happens, more significant (and possibly even rapid) intensification could set in depending on the state of the TC's inner core by then. Fairly large variety of predictors show a moderate shot at RI in the timeframe. ImageImage
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#JSM2021 panel led by @minebocek on upskilling for a statistician -- how to learn??
@minebocek #JSM2021 @hglanz no shortage of stuff to learn. First identify what you don't know -- that comes from modern media (blogs, twitter, podcasts; groups, communities -- @RLadiesGlobal or local chapters; professional organizations -- @amstatnews ).
@minebocek @hglanz @RLadiesGlobal @AmstatNews #JSM2021 @hglanz What do the job postings require these days? (This is how the content for the @CalPoly stat/data science program was developed.)
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An interesting summary of an interview with Yukihiro Matsumoto, the creator of #Ruby programming language about ‘What’s a Perfect Programming Language ‘

🧵 A Thread for 🧵

#CodeNewbies #100DaysOfCode
(Yukihiro Matsumoto):

Language designers want to design the perfect language. They want to be able to say, "My language is perfect. It can do everything."

But it's just plain impossible to design a perfect language, Why ?
Because, there are two ways to look at a language.

One way is by looking at what can be done with that language.

The other is by looking at how we feel using that language—how we feel while programming.
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#Julia v1.6.0の公式バイナリが



② sum系の函数で「初期値」を指定できるようになった。空の和もエラーにならないようにできます。

sum(x^3 for x in 1:0; init=0)

#Julia言語 v1.6.0


using Printf
Printf.format(Printf.format"%15.10f", π)


#Julia言語 Julia言語では、コンパイル時に与えられたフォーマット専用のコードを生成する爆速のマクロ版printfがデフォルトで使えていました。C版のprintf函数より速い。

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1. En este hilo analizaré declaraciones de @CosseCarolina a lo largo de la campaña, que demuestran el contenido de su discurso. Para quienes hemos seguido de cerca su gestión pública en @AntelDeTodos y en el @MIEM_Uruguay no nos llama la atención.
I: Presidencia
2. Aún estando en el @MIEM_Uruguay ya estaba en su rol de candidata y repetía mentiras que el @Frente_Amplio ha repetido desde hace años -como es la leyenda que afirma que los niños comían pasto- y han quedado en evidencia por parte de los propios protagonistas.
3. @CosseCarolina (27/09/2017): "(En) los primeros años había compatriotas que tenían hijos que comían pasto, y por eso el gobierno en su momento desarrolló un plan de emergencia", actualmente, "los problemas que se nos plantean son la obesidad y el sobrepeso en niños y jóvenes".
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So I’ve been wanting to be play this game..Finally going to do it... Image
1. (#Damon & #Elena) #Delena |You want a love that consumes you. You want passion and adventure, and even a little danger..#TVD
2. (#Liam & #Steffy) #STEAM | No one can stop us. You know why? Because we are written in the damn stars.
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