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Give everyone N95s to deal with poor air quality from wildfires, & reduce Covid infections. Reinstate mask mandates in healthcare settings. Quickly transition away from fossil fuels. Plant lots of trees & hemp. End poverty with a substantial UBI, & provide good healthcare to all.
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The @BelfastTrust is failing to protect vulnerable patients from exposure to SARS-CoV-2. This is unacceptable and unsustainable.
A thread about my experience on Friday 🧵
I had an outpatient appointment at Belfast City Hospital. Upon my arrival I was dismayed and alarmed to witness the absence of masks among hospital. staff & visitors. I saw just one or two patients in masks, including a woman who was a cancer patient. It was heartbreaking to see.
After my appointment, I had to walk past the entrance to the Cancer Centre and watched many staff, patients and visitors entering and leaving without wearing masks.

I saw one patient and her husband enter - both masked and looking frightened - and my heart went out to them.
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With COVID transmission data removed from the CDC website after the end of the public health emergency, wastewater is now our best indicator for surges.

And wastewater data shows that all of NYC has high COVID levels.… Map of NYC wastewater level...
Note that NYC switched to a more sensitive COVID wastewater detection method in March. But per Dr. David Larsen who runs the dashboard, this isn't responsible for the increase. So likely uptick is due to real world COVID spread.

(Reported by @Gothamist:…) New York County SARS-CoV-2 ...
Note that New York State COVID wastewater levels are graded high, moderate, and low. These levels correlate to similar ones on the CDC's old transmission map tracking COVID tests. Intent is to make NYS wastewater data easier to interpret to the public & to make policy decisions. TABLE:   TITLE: SARS-CoV-2 ...
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Activists projected a message to #KeepMasksInHealthcare onto one of the first hospitals in New York to drop its mask mandate! #MaskWeekOfAction Light projection of a N95 m...
#COVIDIsNotOver! We need to #KeepMasksInHealthcare to protect patients and healthcare workers! Light projection on a wall ...
Healthcare workers should do no harm! We need to #KeepMasksInHealthcare! Light projection on a wall ...
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Mit unseren individuellen, „eigenverantwortlichen“ Entscheidungen können wir anderen Menschen schaden. Das ist beim Rauchen so oder wenn man betrunken Auto fährt. Und deshalb gibt es diesbezüglich auch klare gesetzliche Regelungen. Auch wenn man seine…

#COVID19 #MaskUp #Corona
Mitmenschen einem pathogenen Virus aussetzt, kann das deren Gesundheit und Leben gefährden. „Wir haben ein System struktureller Gewalt gegen immungeschwächte, behinderte und klinisch gefährdete Menschen geschaffen. Eines, das sich nun auch auf das Gesundheitswesen erstreckt.
Wir verdienen es, uns dafür zu schämen, und wir sollten uns immer unwohl fühlen, wenn wir strukturelle Gewalt gegen andere aufrechterhalten.“

#COVID19 #MaskUp #Corona #SARSCoV2 #LongCovid #KeepMasksInHealthCare
#DieMaskeBleibtAuf #MECFS
#CleanAir #Ventilation #AirQuality
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Exactly 3 weeks ago today (April 28 2023) our group met for the first time to stage a die-in with 50 people at the office of BC Health Minister @adriandix in Vancouver to protest the removal of universal masking in healthcare. #DoNoHarmBC #KeepMasksInHealthcare #MaskWeekOfAction Two protest signs reading &...Two protesters on a sidewal...A group of eight protesters...Chalk outlines of bodies on...
Prior to this protest none of us had never met, now we are allies and co-activists. What prompted us to do this was this tweet by @ElaineCarol3:
A lot has happened since our 1st protest on April 28 just 3 weeks ago. It seems some folks in charge of "healthcare" got fired up. Like the 💩 #misinformation by @VCHhealthcare's CMHO Dr Patricia Daly on @CBCVancouver (as debunked 💯 by @SKGandhiMD):
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This week, May 15-21, is the #MaskWeekOfAction to #KeepMasksInHealthcare! Join us and take action!

See the thread below for actions you can take every day to call for masking requirements in healthcare!
Check out our toolkit for more ways to get involved:… Promotional image for the K...
DAY 1 – May 15: SPREAD THE WORD: Share info about the #MaskWeekOfAction to #KeepMasksInHealthCare & how people can get involved!
Spread the word about why we need to keep masks in healthcare! Share your actions, share others' actions, and follow @COVIDSafeCampus + @mandatemasksus Day 1: Call to action image...
Day 2 – May 16: SHARE A SELFIE, SHARE YOUR STORY, OR BOTH: Take a photo wearing a mask & holding a #KeepMasksInHealthCare sign outside a healthcare setting, inside if already there, or from home!
Use #MaskWeekOfAction + tag @COVIDSafeCampus @mandatemasksus
Let’s unite in action! Day 2: Call to action image...
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Still getting too many "covid is the flu" comments, so it must be time for a refresher. I reviewed this in detail in this video (4:54).

TLDR/W, our ability to manage covid has definitely improved, but it’s still NOT the flu!

My longest ever🧵

Covid and flu do have similar symptoms at the onset. Respiratory symptoms, fever, etc. With flu, diarrhea more commonly seen in children; with covid GI symptoms can be seen at any age.

Thankfully, we have outpatient antivirals for both - should be started asap for those at risk.
How they infect humans is different:

COVID - Spike proteins bind to ACE2 receptors which are on MULTIPLE organ systems (lungs, heart, kidneys, liver, intestines, brain, fat, etc.)

Flu - viral surface proteins bind to acids on the surface of RESPIRATORY epithelial cells

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Today was truly uplifting. Inspired by so many ppl in respirators gathering in solidarity at the @DoNoHarmBC DIE-in protest in YVR. Lovely to feel the collective energy to #KeepMasksInHealthCare. Big thanks to @ElaineCarol3 for leading! 🙌🏼 Vancouver Do NO harm protes...Protesters hold signs outsi...3 of us activists - selfie ...Global News reporter talks ...
Not every day you pretend to die in front of the Minister of Health's office. Die in protest - activist o...Selfie being traced in chal...
Thanks to @sylvia_a_fuller, @DrKarinaZeidler for their impactful speeches. And to everyone who shared their personal stories. And anyone I missed!
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Which artists (any medium!) are making thought-provoking art about the reality of the pandemic right now? Who is really engaging on this subject and making art that grapples with it? Tell me who is doing interesting work, I want to follow them
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Guess what my husband brought home? #covid #xbb116 from #India. ✈️ landed 6am 🕕 today. He 1st-time tested [+] w/Symptoms: Sore Throat &🥴cough. Doc informed. Case reported. Waiting for #paxlovid. #n95 doubled-up and windows-downed for me. 😷
#CovidIsNotOver @TogetherWeMask Image
@TogetherWeMask @DemeTech @TheWHN @Survivor_Corps I just want to add one more thing: my husband is triple-boosted, and had the latest bivalent booster. He still caught the 🦠— this is his first time. Let's pay attention to XBB.1.16 please. #travelsafely Wear N95 even if you go nude anywhere!
Making soup 🥣 for my love…hope he will recover quickly 🙏🏽😷 ImageImage
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Are any major disability rights or civil rights groups taking up causes like mask mandates being dropped (esp in healthcare) and the systemic neglect and killing of high risk & disabled people during this pandemic? Cause I'm not seeing it. It's all activists and grassroots orgs.
It's really horrifying to me, this silence from even major disability orgs, the past few years. Not only silence, but a lot of them have been holding in-person maskless conferences etc. We need numbers, we need organizing, we need funding, and it's nowhere to be found.
I see disability rights listed on @ACLU's website. Can you help us challenge the dropping of mask mandates in healthcare? Our health and lives are about to be threatened even more than ever. We've been shut out of public life, are being discriminated against and killed. Help us?
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Last week I was supervising EMTs on a home visit service & a woman called to request her father be seen. He was in his 90s, confused, no other symptoms. Only when I called to confirm the address she mentioned she had COVID, but she "didn't think that was it."
When the EMT got there, the patient had a heart rate in the 120s. He had spent the day in bed. He was #COVID positive. We sent him straight to the emergency room.
He was admitted to ICU and passed away 72 hours later.
It isn't the family's fault that they couldn't protect him. @CDCgov @ashishkjha, @CDCdirector, health pundits, and elected officials are all responsible for propagating misinformation downplaying COVID. The effect: we throw older adults, like my patient, under the bus.
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