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CDC came out with another incremental update on #mask & #respirator guidance today:…

Clarifies N95s aren't in short supply & can be worn again!

It's still not perfect, but it feels like we're at least inching in the right direction. Some thoughts via a🧵.
2/ New statement that most respirators (i.e. #N95s) "are disposable and should be discarded WHEN they are dirty, damaged, or difficult to breathe through."

So you CAN #ReuseN95s‼️
See, e.g.:

That's *much* better guidance than to toss after a single use!
3/ Also clearly states that:
"Loosely woven cloth products provide the least protection ... and well-fitting NIOSH-approved respirators (including #N95s) offer the highest level of protection."

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1/ SARS-Cov-2 is airborne and always has been.

Here's a quick 🧵 on where to find high-quality, made-in-America NIOSH-certified N95 masks that you may not know about.

Disclosure: I have no relationship with these companies, just an abiding interest in a secure, healthy USA.
2/ Indiana Face Mask Company.

Vertically integrated manufacturer that scaled up a new factory to ensure a secure supply of USA-made N95 masks. Quantity discounts available. Affordable.
3/ ReadiMask.

Maryland based company producing the only NIOSH certified, STRAPLESS N95 mask. They also make a version with an integrated face shield. If you want a FULL SEAL, then this is the mask for you.…
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Here's what @xiaoxuyvr just asked Bonnie Henry and Education Minister Whiteside about #N95s. #BCpoli #BCed
Dr. Henry says these experts don't take into account the extra layers of protection afforded students in particular: it's the same people mixing the whole time and daily screenings should filter out #COVID19-positive people. #BCpoli
Dr. Henry says "we need to be pragmatic and practical" and reiterates her recommendation that the best mask is a good-quality one that fits snugly and that you wear. Here is the 2010 study we referenced: #N95s #BCpoli #BCed
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It is well past time @JustinTrudeau @CPHO_Canada convene with ALL provincial PHOs & get ALL on same page re messaging & implementation.
Enough of prov to prov mismanagement approach. We all need to follow NS; we all deserve this. We need consistency
I wrote this 11 mths ago; siloed approach still disasterous reality here. Are we not all deserving of NS's approach?? /2… Framework to describe how Public Health can gain Trust & Und
Whatever #Omicron brings (early info concerning), we are STILL keeping so many tools fr Canadians. Must get on same page across country:
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🧵 Here's my honest advice about masks from an American manufacturer of #surgicalmasks & #N95s @armbrust_usa

(Spoiler Alert: most suggestions wont be to use my masks)

First, why does the CDC give "bad" advice about masking?

Guidance is based on statistical models. Cloth or loose fitting masks DO reduce spread for populations.

But you are not a statistic, you are a data point. You don't want statistical advice.

If you want the best protection you need both proper fit to your face AND good filtration.

You can tell if something fits your face, but you can't tell the filtration unless you have an expensive lab like I do or if you're an expert like @masknerd

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THIS!!! Still the best song ever — and best 2 minutes you’ll spend all day, week, month, and year.

(Created and sung by @NoahLLindquist &

#WearAMask    #BeautyandtheBeast #COVID19 #MaskUp #MasksSaveLives

2) Since that video premiered last year, I would add that we should now use PREMIUM high filtration KN95 / KF94 / FFP2 masks or better. Many countries in Europe already had mandated these premium masks in Jan 2021 already. We should too, especially when many others don’t mask.
3) Another strategy is to DOUBLE MASK. I first recommended it in October 2020, and the anti-mask haters came out in force trashing me… they also trashed Biden too, but hey…
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A 🧵 to counter some confusing messages about masks & wildfire smoke (1/x)

1. High-quality masks (i.e. #N95) best for both viral aerosol + #wildfire smoke
2. N95s readily available & should be used for both
3. But other masks can provide non-zero benefit…
2/ The #CDC and #EPA both strongly recommend upgraded masks (respirators) like #N95 or #KN95 to protect against wildfire smoke. I totally agree (unless using something even better like N99 or elastomeric), b/c these filter the smallest particles very well.…
3/ But the #CDC also says not to use N95s, b/c they "should be reserved for health care workers." I totally disagree, as do countless others, b/c supply chain problems in 2020 have recovered in the US.

Follow @projectn95 & see resources to easily buy.
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Stronger prevention against the aerosol component of COVID spread is absolutely crucial for public health, especially healthcare. Major pushback against this has cost many lives. Please listen (2 min) to the best reasons why this WHO leader says they are not worth it. 1/
2/ In relation to the comments by Dr. Conly about N95 risks to pregnant women - this is a nice thread by @caruzycki showing major errors in how that study was designed. Authors modified an N95 mask until it was very to breathe through first.
3/ In contrast, there are lots of legitimate & very important reasons to use upgraded masks (N95s, elastomeric respirators) - because they protect lives.
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1/ In context of extra precautions against new COVID variants, some new questions pop up about #masks.

Article by @cwarzel @zeynep asks/answers some good questions to start. Other thoughts in a 🧵, e.g. N95s, fit (Tw7+ ⬇️), when to replace (Tw25 ⬇️), etc.…
2/ Countless recent articles w/ interviews from relevant experts imploring people to still take mask-wearing & overall airborne COVID health seriously.

One of many, here by @skbaer w/ broad contribution. (Tw33 below has link to a compilation of more).…
3/ Many good arguments recently towards motivating broader use of #bettermasks, i.e. #N95s. So if not using already, consider.

See e.g. this editorial by @j_g_allen:…

Or this opinion-piece by a group of excellent scientists:
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Q4: Exhaled breath understand superspreading? This was from session 1 and the answer is yes. #EnviroHealthMatters
Hospitalized patients from lower respiratory track. #GetUsPPE #N95s #EnviroHealthMatters
Actually Q5
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Background: Healthcare workers are at ⬆️ risk for #COVID w/o adequate #PPE (20-30% of cases). In #GI, upper scopes are aerosolized-generating procedures (AGPs) & therefore even ⬆️ risk for #COVID. Lower scopes also = ⬆️ risk 2/2 some e/o AGPs w/bx + fecal oral spread. 2/13
Rec 1: Wear N95s (or better) for all upper scopes REGARDLESS of #COVID status. (Strong rec, mod quality evid). Why? Testing is inadequate & w/community spread, take universal precautions. If rapid testing for endo pts is avail, prioritize #N95s for known COVID 3/13
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