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A *brutal* snapshot of #COVID19
in cancer patients
⚠️75 of 416 patients died
*⃣ 61.3% of these deaths were due to
COVID-related complications… #scicomm #snrtg #openscience #immunology #oncology #immunocompromised
Please 💉get vaccinated💉
to protect yourself
AND the immunocompromised
from Sars-Cov-2.
The immunocompromised, immunosuppressed, and immunodeficient are taking a beating from this virus.
A f-cking beating.
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2⃣'s a party3⃣'s a charm🔸#COVID19 Vaccines Newsroom #3🔸😷#immunocompromised & hosp 🏥, teens, MIS-C,🤰🔸w/ @aetiology @DrOnyemaOgbuagu @SVermund🔸🏆#CME from @NJHealthMedEd @BonumCe 🔗🔸Supported by an edu grant @JanssenUS…
2/Last #webinar in #COVID19💉series🔚
Get ur🆓#CME while u can⌛️

⚠️Please answer⚠️
🟢 PRE-polls before 📽️👇
🔴 POST-polls after👇
🟠or🔗 for #CME

😷#MedTwitter #IDTwitter #ObGynTwitter HCPs
🟢What are your credentials❓
3/ 🏆#CME credit provided by @NJHealthMedEd
🤝In partnership w/ @BonumCe
👇Newsroom #3 CME info 👇 Image
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Well, it was fun while it lasted. And remember that official case counts are just the tip of the iceberg. Most people are being diagnosed via rapid testing at home & never appear in these totals at all. If you aren’t #Boosted, now’s the time. #MaskUp #COVID19
Let me add that my major reason for concern at this point is less about deaths in the short-term. Though we continue to lose a couple thousand Americans per wk to #COVID19, & it wasn’t mild for any of them, deaths are much lower than they’ve been in a long time. /2
I’m worried about the people we are now seeing with persistent cognitive impairment (like early dementia kind of symptoms), given that we now know #COVID19 can shrink the brain even in otherwise “mild” cases.…
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The more I think about airlines abruptly allowing mask removal w/o warning—mid-flight for many—the angrier I get. People who are #immunocompromised had no choice not to travel or to upgrade their protection at that point. Some will go on to die. As an oncologist, I am enraged.
If you haven’t had #cancer or been a caregiver to someone with it, you don’t know how much people endure. I’m a breast oncologist. Our patients have breasts amputated, lose their fertility, go bald, risk nerve damage, infection, & more from chemo, because they want to live.
The fact that the airlines made a corporate decision to drop masks w/o warning—any airline could’ve chosen to give crew/passengers hrs or days of notice—disgusts me. For an industry that prides itself on safety, this is a fail.

@Delta @united @SouthwestAir @AmericanAir @JetBlue
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On across Canada Today PST
Matt Rainnie - Host/Producer
Twitter show/host: @mattrainniecbc…

Vanessa Vander Valk - Host
Twitter: @ShiftNB…
EDMONTON - Radio Active
HOST: Rod Kurtz…

TORONTO - Here and Now
Gill Deacon - Host
Twitter: @CBCHereandNow…
HALIFAX - Mainstreet
Jeff Douglas - Host
Twitter(show): @Mainstreethfx (Halifax Mainstreet)…

Wendy Bergfeldt - Host/Producer
Twitter: @Mainstreet_CB…
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Thank you to our Keynote Speakers from COAST-to-COAST for their insightful presentations & to the 8,752 participants who attended @MedNewsWeek Conference in February 2022. It was a pleasure learning from everyone.
I would also like to thank our great team that helped to make this event possible.
@etahmed @CParkMD @drysilay @LVento @lexyv717 @MedNewsWeek @evolusean_
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A look at the recent WEF leaders and Big Pharma shills' recent calls for mass HIV testing from a marketing POV, brings the issue into clearer focus.
This has never happened before in the history of HIV.
Previously, only high risk individuals (IV drug users, multiple partners,>
having unprotected sex) were advised to test.

Why the change?

It is possible the #WarpedSpeed 💉s have, possibly, destroyed millions of immune systems.
However, the manufacturers of the products don't know to what degree, and for how many victims, I mean clients.>
That information is vital knowledge to have,
in order to capture a competitive share of the future ImmunoDeficient/VAIDS treatment market.
If they can correlate it with COVID batch # s, this gives them even better data. It allows them to know whether to scrap or "tweak" boosters>
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🧵 I’m not sure what I’m about to say has been made clear to ppl w/o a science or #MedTwitter background. It may be a genuine source of confusion (ie good faith questions), so here goes. Many are saying “If #Omicron makes a given person less sick (which appears to be true)…” /1
“Shouldn’t we just go ahead & get it over with? You know, masks off & almost everyone gets infected & then we’ll be done with it?” I get why someone might think or ask that. It makes sense. But it’s not the right thing to do, & here’s why. /2
There are the things you have prob heard before: even a tiny % of infected ppl dying is a lot of dead if most of the 🇺🇸 (or the 🌍 ) gets #Omicron. And there are overwhelmed hospitals, which cause deaths for other reasons. But this 🧵 isn’t about any of that. /3
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🧵My #UrgencyOfNormal includes:
👉People w/ #cancer needing urgent chemo getting a hosp bed without a wk+ wait & a desperate plea by their dr on Twitter
👉My #immunocompromised patients not wondering if kids brought home #COVID19 that can kill them (#vaccineswork less in them)
(P.S. You might think these are someone else's problems, but >1 in 3 Americans get #cancer in their lifetime, so reply w/ care...this could well become you or yours)
👉Timely medical care in our local ERs
👉The same teacher, not a parade of subs, because of #COVID19 illness

👉#NurseTwitter, #MedTwitter, & drs in training not getting called in to cover repeatedly when they're finally off b/c yet another colleague has #COVID19
👉Thousands in US dying/d of a virus we'd never heard of a little over 2y ago
👉170K US kids not being orphaned by this virus
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Read this case study @hcpss @GovLarryHogan @mjmsuper @HoCoHealth @MDHealthDept & tell me how we’re going to have students eating unmasked indoors without infecting all staff, students, bus drivers…(& their households…) all at once in <2 wks. Go ahead. I’ll wait. ⏳ #Omicron
The sensible thing to do is:
1. Delay reopening or go virtual now & do a school-based campaign to get as many as possible 12+ (& 5+ who are #immunocompromised) #boosted next wk:…. That will decrease breakthrough cases & odds of severe illness in community.
2. Use the time to figure out how we can do lunches safely, something we should’ve figured out a yr ago w/ an airborne virus & that we are now forced to confront w/ #Omicron.

👉Eat outdoors (I personally volunteer as a parent to do some shifts to monitor outside)…
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Well, I got 2 messages before 9am from friends telling me they have #COVID19 in their households. And in the 12 mins since, I’ve just heard about 4 more. So Merry Exponential Growth #Omicron #Christmas. 🌲 😫

A quick 🧵 on what to do if that’s you since I’m typing it anyway.
1/ The first thing to say is that if someone has #COVID19 symptoms (#Omicron most common: nasal congestion/runny nose, scratchy sore throat, fever, & aches), you have to assume they have it. You may not have a test (urgent cares are still open & do) or they may still be neg.
2/ You, as the person exposed to the one with symptoms, have to assume that you both do & don’t have #Omicron too. Wait, what? 🤔

I mean: assume you could infect others now & take care to avoid exposing them, BUT don’t assume it’s too late for you to avoid getting it.
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📣#Preprint #COVID19 #ConvalescentPlasma
📌RCT (N=1.2K)
📌Outpatients age 18+
📌High-titer CCP (>1:320) vs placebo plasma w/in 9d of symptoms
📌Primary endpt: Hosp/death by d28
📌CCP 🏆: 54% ⬇️, driven by non-ICU hospitalizations (NNT=29); HR 0.46, p<.01…
2/ A few important points about this #COVID19 #convalescentplasma trial
📌High-titer CCP was much higher than that used in some other studies (median titer of >1:14,580 & 95% had >1:4820)
📌Median days to plasma: 6d
📌53 of 54 hospitalizations were in unvaxxed (#GetVaccinated!)
3/ 📌 Only 3 deaths in post-hosp period, all in controls
📌 Few #COVID19nCancer or #immunocompromised
📌 Study used #convalescent plasma mostly from Apr-Dec 2020 (ie pre-#vaccine availability)
📌Would *predict* CCP from #vaccinated to perform well vs #Omicron & #covidvariants
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I know personally 3 people receiving monoclonal antibodies this evening. All have had 3 doses of #COVID19 #vaccine or prior infection + 2 doses of vaccine. All are careful. They all have risk factors, but all are pretty symptomatic. Jan is gonna be…rough. #MaskUp. #Omicron
Tweet 2: A lot of people seem to be panicking based on this anecdote. Panic is NOT productive. Instead you need to calmly plan & act to reduce your risk. These are some effective things you can do right now:
👉Upgrade your masks. No more cloth alone. Best is N95/KN95/KF94...
Tweet 3: As an alternative to N95/KN95/KF94, if you can't tolerate those or don't have them, I rec a surgical mask (ASTM level 3, 3-ply is great) w/ cloth mask over it. Read this:…. The non-profit @projectn95 has vetted, affordable PPE including masks.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/22/2021…
Ecosystems are really important, are we correctly applying them in Business?…

#BusinessApplications #EcosystemThinking
How Flu Vaccine Effectiveness and Efficacy are Measured…

#vaccine #flu #effectiveness #efficacy #measurement #method
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The #Delta is winning, for the moment, & the Global #coronavirus map shows that we’re failing to fight it. But the #pandemic will be over one day—but the way there is different now 1/
The virus will almost certainly be a permanent part of our lives, even as #vaccines blunt its ability to cause death and severe disease. Most people will meet the virus eventually; we must ensure that as many people as possible do so with two doses of vaccine in them 2/
The vaccines are working and working well. Vaccinated people are indisputably safer than unvaccinated people. But although vaccinated individuals are well protected, highly vaccinated communities can still be vulnerable, for 3 reasons: 3/
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As we learn more about #COVIDvaccine #immune response in people w/ #immunedisorders, remember that not all #immunodeficiencies are created equal. You might see in the news claims about #vaccines not working in the #immunocompromised, but that's not always true. A 🧵
One of the earliest articles showed 15% of #transplant patients were Ab positive after dose 1. This increased to 54% after dose 2, but varied by medications being taken. and
In #cancer patients, Ab response varied by type of cancer. Two studies showed 92-95% w/ solid tumors were Ab pos after the 2nd dose. One showed only 60% w/ hematological cancers were positive. (both) (solid tumor only)
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Around 50 #BlackFungus patients at Govt ENT Hosp, and Gandhi Hosp in #Hyderabad. #Telangana Health Officials urged people not to panic over the fungal infection, reports @Shiva_THNews
@Shiva_THNews The @DMETelangana Dr K Ramesh Reddy spoke about some #hospitals are indiscriminately prescribing drugs. Attendants are running around chemists asking for antifungal medicine vials for #BlackFungus. He said some doctors seem not to have clear cut awareness on it. @Shiva_THNews
@Shiva_THNews @DMETELANGANA @DMETELANGANA said a committee would be formed to examine requirement of antifungal meds for #BlackFungus patients admitted at hospitals. @Shiva_THNews
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#WWI fostered influenza in the crowded conditions of military camps in the U.S. & in the trenches of the Western Front in Europe.
The virus traveled with military personnel from camp to camp and across the Atlantic.…
#SpanishFlu #COVID19 #SARSCoV2
The 1918 #H1N1 influenza pandemic caused 500,000-700,000 deaths in the U.S.— almost 200,000 of them in Oct. 1918 alone— & an estimated 30-40 million deaths worldwide, mostly among people aged 15-35 years.
World-wide transporting of #WW1 military troops was the reason.
The 1918 influenza pandemic was caused by an #H1N1 virus with genes of avian origin. It was first identified in U.S. military personnel in spring 1918.
500 million people or one-third of the world’s population became infected with this virus.… #SpanishFlu
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Let’s talk about the proverbial elephant in the room RE #CompassionateRelease of persons incarcerated in #prisons in the midst of #COVID19. A [long] thread with thanks to @briewsf @DrNovisky @GeriPowerMD 1/21
While a partnership between @FAMMFoundation @NACDL @WashLaw4CR is tackling petitions in the @OfficialFBOP Why don’t we see governors and other leadership extending release to many of the #vulnerable housed in state #prisons? 2/21
By #vulnerable, I mean those persons who meet #CDC guidelines for greatest risk of serious illness due to #COVID19 -- persons over 65 (#olderadults), those with #chronichealth problems including severe #asthma #liverdisease or are #immunocompromised (#hepatitis) 3/21
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Today, @FCNL, @yemenrrf, the Yemeni Alliance Committee, along with 81 other organizations, sent a #letter to key congressional leaders urging that they take action to restore @USAID funding for Yemen. #YemenCantWait [1/7]
This coalition is made up of groups representing #tens of #millions of Americans from the #humanitarian, #Yemeni, #faith, #veterans, #academic, and #peace communities. We are asking Congress to act now!… #YemenCantWait [2/7]
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Like many, I’ve had some extra fee time these days... After rebinging @theofficenbc and #theofficereunion I was inspired.

A thread of Trump’s handling of the #coronavirus (#COVID19) pandemic, as told by Michael Scott. #TheOffice
Way back in 2018, Trump decided it was a good idea to disassemble the #Pandemic Response Team – created by the Obama administration in case there was “an airborne disease that is deadly.” This can’t go wrong! #thiswaspreventable
Trump does nothing to replace this. He plays golf and insults people on Twitter – just the normal things that presidents do right?
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‘Tis the season...let’s talk about #vaccines. You’ll likely see a lot of fear-mongering & misinformation from antivaxxers in the coming weeks. Let’s fight back w/ science & facts.

Here’s a link to @CDCgov’s Vaccines & Immunizations directory:…

Are you a parent? Here is a link to @CDCgov’s handy guide to #vaccines for parents:…

For a visual guide on the CDC’s recommended vaccination schedule for children from birth to age 18, look below⬇️

More on why it’s so important to vaccinate children:…

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