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Guess what my husband brought home? #covid #xbb116 from #India. ✈️ landed 6am 🕕 today. He 1st-time tested [+] w/Symptoms: Sore Throat &🥴cough. Doc informed. Case reported. Waiting for #paxlovid. #n95 doubled-up and windows-downed for me. 😷
#CovidIsNotOver @TogetherWeMask Image
@TogetherWeMask @DemeTech @TheWHN @Survivor_Corps I just want to add one more thing: my husband is triple-boosted, and had the latest bivalent booster. He still caught the 🦠— this is his first time. Let's pay attention to XBB.1.16 please. #travelsafely Wear N95 even if you go nude anywhere!
Making soup 🥣 for my love…hope he will recover quickly 🙏🏽😷 ImageImage
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With all due respect, I sincerely hope you understand the ramifications for the CDC’s complete lack of actual measures to ensure patient safety. Basing the safety PREcautions on already skewed data is only furthering the already chronically ignored issue
Not to mention completely ironic since there’s been absolutely no “PREventative” measures at all
Mask wearing has been a necessary staple in medical facilities since the AIDS epidemic and it’s now up for debate and discretion? These CDC guidelines are lazy and fully adopting them without adjustments is plain ignorant.
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No one knows the future of #COVID-19 but its not going away and will be an ongoing threat to the #immunocompromised even w #vaccines –these r our thoughts and plan to protect them NOW NB this will change! @sax
@CarlosdelRio7 @zeynep @CCalabreseDO @alhkim @Bob_Wachter
Immunocompromised pts (autoimmune, cancer, transplants PID/IEI) make up 3%+ of the pop. But are disproportionally affected w breakthrough and severe outcomes The @CDC definition of who is immunocompromised is inadequate @fitterhappierAJ @zach_wallace_md @jeffsparks @JYazdanyMD
First issue is how do we define #immunosompromised? This is complex and not simply by ICD Dx for sure- many people carrying immune mediated Dxs are not functionally immunocompromised though defining who is more complex
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We're launching a study that aims to reduce the risk of #COVID19 for #immunocompromised individuals.

We hypothesize that detecting and treating COVID quickly can improve outcomes.

The study is completely remote and available across the US at:

Eligible participants will receive 10 @CueHealth tests per month as well as access to Cue's on-demand telehealth and prescription delivery services at no cost.

These tests are much more sensitive than antigen tests.

I hope this helps the immunocompromised community. I know what a challenge it can be to have such different risk/benefit calculations from those around you.

Feel free to share with the immunocompromised people in your life.

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I spent the first two years of the pandemic shielding as an #immunocompromised person.
My boyfriend's roommate decided none of that mattered more than going skiing with friends unmasked in the car ride.

Roommates fine.
I've been #Disabled by #LongCovid and can no longer work.
Roommate was fully in the know and had said that they agreed to the same level of caution because they didn't want to get sick.
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Rolling down the West Coast.

WinCo, Beaverton, Oregon (suburb of Portland).

2.7% air is rebreathed. Insane in here. Insane to be in here.

MAYBE 3% in masks. Maybe.

Gobble, gobble. ImageImageImageImage
Cannon Beach, Oregon.

Insane NOT to be here.

495, and no one around. Suspect I have to recalibrate.

Wearing an N95. Because my face is FREEZING! ImageImage
Lots of folks having family, COVID safe Thanksgivings. At the beach. ImageImageImageImage
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🆕: COVID-19🦠vaxx-💉-response in a cohort of
#immunocompromised children
organ-transplant; stem-cell transplant; rheum, +
- 2 vs 3 dose study #serverless #openscience #scicomm #itrtg #iot #raredisease #datascience #immunology
A majority of the children mounted effective humoral repsonse following 2 doses; increase to near 100% following.
Caveat: these study authors recommend a 3-dose regimen in immunocompromised pediatric patients.
Kids do ⚠️NOT⚠️ have de-facto immunity to 🦠Sars-Cov-2
*⃣ especially immunocompromised kids *⃣
I have read recent case-reports of *fatal* COVID in kids with ▪️Primary Immunodeficiency, ▪️autoimmunity, ▪️rheumatic disease, ▪️cancers, ▪️sickle-cell, ▪️transplants, and more...
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1/x Several months ago, @katebingham2 drove the UK pandemic response. She is incredible 🦸‍♀️- thanks for your insight. But then she finished and something extraordinary happened. The Winter plan to protect the #immunocompromised was quietly dropped....😫 Why does it matter? 🤷🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️
2/x Because it had widespread clinical & academic backing for our 2022 Winter plan. Cohorts were identified & large teams of clinicians worked around the clock to work out which of #immunocompromised who don't have high levels of protection from vaccination could be protected 👩‍⚕️ Image
3/x This would have put us in line with 32 countries who were protected their #immunocompromised during the Winter months when COVID cases rise. If you don't respond to vaccines 💉, then your risk of hospitalisation, ITU admission & not recovering from COVID is 📈 Image
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1/x 🧵 ***NEW RESEARCH 👨‍🔬 *** About #immunocompromised #forgotten500k #cancer. It's a BIG paper, analysing the global data 🗺️. Answers the question- how big is the issue of absent immune responses following covid vaccines. @BrJCancer by @michaeltilby… 💛💚
2/x Why did they do it? Because 1⃣ cancer patients are at high risk from covid 📈 2⃣ Many don't get an immune response to vaccines 💉 3⃣ They wanted to find the scale of the problem 💥. So they decided to go global! 🌐
3/x. The team searched 3065 papers published from the start of vaccination to March 2022. They looked at third dose boosters 💉. They looked across all cancer types. They found 15 studies encompassing 1205 patients🧑‍🤝‍🧑. The largest global review 🌍
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1/x 🧵Let's talk about cancer patients, #immunocompromised, our UK #forgotten500k and COVID. Here's a incredible article by @EnnalsEthan at the @MailOnline and @DailyMailUK. Full post here 👉…. Here's what it reports.....
2/x The father unable to hug his teenage daughter 🫂, a retired nurse 👩‍⚕️unable to walk down the streets, the heartbreaking stories of the Britons with health conditions that mean they are still in self-isolation, shielding from COVID-19. They are the #immunocompromised ♥️🤎💜💙💚
3/x Imogen Dempsy said "my blood test show I have no protection against COVID-19". There is a drug that would provide protection to those that don't respond to the covid vaccines 😷👍. BUT...Evusheld is only available in the UK only to patients who are willing to pay for it. 😢
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This week I spoke to @JamesTGallagher at @BBCRadio4 about what it is like to be #immunocompromised and #shielding from covid for nearly 1000 days.👇…

Here's a 🧵 about why I told my family's story. 1/15 @LUPUSUK @RAIRDA_org #evusheld #Forgotten500k
I am one of 500k people in the uk who is still #shielding nearly 3 years into the pandemic. We are all #immunocompromised due to #autoimmune diseases, transplants and blood cancers 2/15 @bloodcancer_uk @kidneycareuk @LUPUSUK @RAIRDA_org #Forgotten500k @evusheld4theuk Image
Like thousands of others, I am not only more vulnerable to severe illness from covid due to my illness #lupus, but I am completely unprotected despite vaccination. As a result I need alternative treatments like #evusheld 3/15 @DHSCgovuk @RobertJenrick @evusheld4theuk Image
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1/x 🧵 Regarding #Evusheld on Bupa. I am *BEYOND SHOCKED*. If you are immunocompromised with cancer, autoimmune disease, kidney disease or on immunocompromised want COVID protection, you won't get it on the NHS. Your only choice is to go to private healthcare 🏥 #forgotten500k Image
2/x It feels wrong that if you are #immunocompromised and wealthy 💸, then you will get coronavirus protection, BUT... if you are #immunocompromised and poor 🪙👛, you can't. This is going to cause equality based on how much you earn. This doesn't feel right or British. 🇬🇧 Image
3/x Thanks @EnnalsEthan for unshielding this tactic to have covid protection only in the private, but not NHS. #immunocompromised patients just want to hug loved ones and see family 🫂. Do they have a valid choice? Does health need you to be rich? BIG QUESTIONS. @libdemdaisy Image
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1/x 🧵 Regarding Evusheld on Bupa. It makes me sad that if you are immunocompromised with cancer, autoimmune disease, kidney disease or on immunocompromised want COVID protection, you won't get it on the NHS. Your only choice is to go to private healthcare. 🏥 Image
2/x It feels wrong that if you are #immunocompromised and wealthy 💸, then you will get coronavirus protection, BUT... if you are #immunocompromised and poor 🪙👛, you can't. This is going to cause equality based on how much you earn. This doesn't feel right or British. 🇬🇧 Image
3/x Some hope? Maybe @RobertJenrick has not yet to be tested and maybe he might see the right solution here. After all, HEALTH 💪should be for all, COVID PROTECTION 🧑‍🚀should be for all, COMPASSION should be for all 🫂. This ad from today now seems much most apt👇👇🙁😢 Image
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1/x 🧵A friend sent me this asking what is this about? I found out. This is the story of what led to to this most public and most significant direct patient plea to @RobertJenrick I have not seen this EVER happen before. #forgotten500k Image
2/x It's coming from the 500,000 who are immunocompromised who are at risk from COVID-19. Still unable to work, see friends or hug loved ones. They are #forgotten500k, unheard and calling on us to notice. They have collected donations to ask for help from power. Hence all the ads Image
3/x They want protection that has been given to 32 other countries, but decision making has been stalled in the UK. They would like prophylactic antibody therapies to prevent them getting unwell with COVID as cases rise. Image
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1/x 🧵 ***NEW RESEARCH *** from @EdinburghUni. The paper is relevant for the #immunocompromised and #evusheld and #forgotten500k. It really acts as a WAKE UP & ACT call. It a good paper.… Image
2/x What's the background? The pandemic continues. 👾Some people are at excess risk and can't hug loved ones, see family or enter normal life 😢. We all believe they are the #immunocompromised, but what does the data show? 💻 Image
3/x This data looked at 16 208 600 vaccined individuals across England🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿, Scotland🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿, Ireland 🇮🇪 and Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿. i.e. EVERYONE. From Dec 8, 2020, and Feb 28, 2022, so it includes the OMICRON ERA, so relevant. Risk was very carefully defined.
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The #IAPYPL are delighted to welcome you to our global event at the #WHS2022 and hear the 21 outstanding leaders below 40. The event harnesses leading minds to advance sound policies. It is tomorrow- 18th CEST 11am-1230pm Image
Young physician leadership for United Kingdom, me to safeguard #immunocompromised Image
Young physician leadership for Phillippines- healthcare integration and leadership Image
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1/x 🧵 ICYMI, the largest UK health campaign has just kicked off today. For the #immunocompromised in the UK, young and old, those with cancer, @bloodcancer_uk, autoimmune disease, transplants and kidney disease. And it's making a huge splash. I've been asked to comment.
2/x What's the background? There are half a million immunocompromised people in the UK. Many are still shielding, still in isolation, still unable to work, see friends or hug loved ones. They are #forgotten500k, unheard and calling on us to notice.
3/x Health campaigns are rare . Rarely are patients so motivated to demand action from MPs like @RobertJenrick. They are a minority, facing a niche issue, which is easy to dismiss. It's even worse if you can't leave the house because you are still shielding. How are you heard?
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1/x 🧵Worried to be thrown into a big Berlin protest #whs2022. I am here for #immunocompromised patients and learn about better covid prevention. Now there’s protester glued to the buildings, shouting 😡 at the 3500 conferences attendees about climate change. Police have arrived.
2/x This all is not good. Global collective approaches are essential. People must talk. Leaders must talk. Then there should be action. When people don’t feel there is transparency and have to protest, something has gone DEEPLY wrong.
3/x There must be DEEP trust and transparency in leaders. We must bring the public with us and explain the pros and cons. There should not be closed doors. These are key messages that the @IAPartnership are pushing and trained us to deliver. Protests=failure
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1/x 🧵 I was thrilled to be talk to @Chikwe_I, WHO assistant Director-General of Health Emerrgency intelligence at @WorldHealthSmt. We talked about protecting #immunocompromised. As an global leader, he had insight about working at system interfaces for change. #incrediblesummit Image
2/x. He talked about how systems must learn & maintain learning. He talked about a lot of the new talent and expertise generated, particularly entrenching change. He talked about @PeterHorby & other oxford wins, like vaccination. I couldn't believe Oxford had such global reach.
3/x. He was also very gracious with me. I explained the #forgotten500k plan to protect UK immunocompromised patients. He notes that protecting the #immunocompromised and those with cancer who don't respond to #vaccination is a global issue. I told him about antibody therapies.
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1 @JNkengasong is a key global leader on public health, Special Representative for Global Health Diplomacy & prev. director of Africa CDC. He led Africa's COVID-19 response. He was awarded the @virchowprize and was generous with his time . This is what I learnt #forgotten500k
2/x He said it is important to raise awareness of COVID-19. Many are suffering & people are still being hospitalisation & not recovering from it. 🧐 Health advocacy is important 💪. You must speak truth 🔊, use expertise, work for patients to appropriately lead emergency plans.
3/x He said it is important to acknowledge that we stand on the shoulders of giants, but it is also important for the new generation of health scientists 🧪 to show the way forwards when there are new ideas that can help and where there is experience. 🙂. His career showed this.
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1/x 🧵Thanks @acmedsci for picking @DrSusannaMills & me to attend @IAPartnership young physician leaders meeting on behalf of UK. This is as part of a peer-support network to improve health in their countries and globally. Great to connect with eminent covid specialists globally
2/x What have I learnt so far? 1⃣ Leaders show inclusiveness, 2⃣ decision makers should be open enough to re-evaluate in terms of changing situations 3⃣ you must follow the science and avoid overconfidence. Why's this relevant to #immunocompromised patients in the UK?
3/x Well, similar to any other clinician talking to our international clinical colleagues, we find that other countries are prioritising #immunocompromised patients with new treatments, like antibodies #evusheld. This is standard global practice.🧐 Image
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1/x 🧵***New data *** A double🧦 Lancet headline paper @TheCrick in London from @stcshepherd @TurajlicLab @DavidLVBauer. Results are ASTONISHING about whether we need to protect the #immunocompromised #forgotten500k.… &…. Pls RT.
2/x For those who you don't know. @TheCrick is one of our UK's leading research 👩‍🔬💪heavy weights with some of the best scientists in the country like @stcshepherd @TurajlicLab @DavidLVBauer. For them to be weighing into the national pandemic landscape is timely & important
3/x. Paper 1⃣ asked the question about cancer patients. They are very #immunocompromised, especially @bloodcancer_uk patients. @stcshepherd @TurajlicLab assessed ~200 cancer patients from their study and looked at immune response to omicron. A study and measure of "protection".
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1/x 🧵 This is a great read for those interested in the pandemic response for #immunocompromised who don't respond as well to COVID-19 vaccines-… from @Telegraph @katebingham2. Relevant to #immunocompromised
2/x #forgotten500k 👇 **Relevant paragraph** Image
3/x What's my take on the points? There are half a million immunocompromised people in the UK. Many are still shielding, still in isolation, still unable to work, see friends or hug loved ones. They are #forgotten500k, unheard and calling on us to notice.
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1/x 🧵Thank you to @bmj_latest for an excellent article… by @Garethiacobucci "Evusheld: Government is urged to expedite covid antibody treatment for vulnerable patients". It highlights ongoing clinical pressure to protect the #immunocompromised. Pls RT Image
2/x What's the issue......"With covid-19 cases rising 📈 and winter approaching, immunocompromised patients are frustrated at the government’s 🏦 inaction on rolling out the preventive drug" 💉 Image
3/x "The UK government has been urged to re-examine its decision not to purchase a new covid-19 antibody drug for clinically extremely vulnerable people, amid warnings that these patients face renewed risk from the disease this winter."😢 Image
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