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Tu stakes tes $ETH sur @LidoFinance pour des bETH, tu les collatéralises sur @anchor_protocol et empruntes des stablecoins ( LTV de 70%) pour farmer avec du $LUNA en LP tokens grâce à la #DeFi, tu as un APY de 16%

Rien compris ? Le guide👇

L'airdrop est une stratégie marketing des startups #crypto pour promouvoir le projet. Il s'agit de distribuer gratuitement leurs #cryptomonnaies aux utilisateurs actuels ou potentiels.

Altcoin est un mot-valise composé de "alternative" et "coin" pour former "altcoin". Il désigne en réalité un groupe de #cryptomonnaies , l'ensemble des monnaies virtuelles autres que le #Bitcoin
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"WHAT THE F*CK IS $pLUNA?" Say no more!

Finally it's here, the COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE to $pLUNA 📚📚📚

A thread🧵for all #LUNAtics, #THORChads and those just looking to invest in strong fundamentals 🚀
1/ The overview

1. What is $pLUNA? (tweet no. 2)
2. What can you currently do with it?🛰 (tweet no. 7)
3. What will you be able to do with it #soon?🚀 (tweet no. 10)

2/ What is $pLUNA?

To understand $pLUNA, we must first introduce its parent: @prism_protocol and their one-of-a-kind "refraction" mechanism that they recently introduced to the @terra_money ecosystem.
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You've asked for it and here it is:

The COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE to @prism_protocol 📚📚📚

Every single functionality on explained in detail, enabling YOU to make the most of your $LUNA 👀

A thread 🧵.
1/ The overview

This guide will be structured like @prism_protocol's functionality tabs:

1. Refract 🪞 (tweet no. 2)
2. Stake 🥩(tweet no. 9)
3. Swap💱(tweet no. 13)
4. Pools🏊 (tweet no. 15)
5. Govern🏛️(tweet no. 18)
2/ Refract 🪞

Refracting is without doubt @prism_protocol's main functionality.

Within the "Refract" tab, you have the ability to:

a) Split
b) Merge
c) Bond
d) Redeem

Let's have a look!
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Here's why everybody should be buying $pLUNA on @prism_protocol right now👀

A short 🧵, you won't regret💸
1/ Let's start with the basics: @prism_protocol let's you split ("refract") your $LUNA into two components:

- $yLUNA: representing the underlying $LUNA's yield (current APR 42 % on @prism_protocol) and
- $pLUNA: representing the principal

2/ The current ratio of these two components is heavily weighted towards $yLUNA, it representing around 87 % of $LUNA's price ($81), while $pLUNA is only capturing the remaining 13 % ($12). 🤔

That's no wonder as...
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Splitting ("refracting") your #LUNA into #yLUNA and #pLUNA can currently earn you the highest attainable #LUNA yield in the @terra_money ecosystem 👀

That is, if you know what to do 💡

A quick 🧵 on how to maximize your #LUNA #ROI on @prism_protocol 🔥
1/ First step: Refract your #LUNA (see above). You now own an identical amount of #yLUNA and #pLUNA.

These tokens can always be merged back together to form a full #LUNA (well, #cLUNA, which has to unbond back to #LUNA for 21-24 days, like #bLUNA - but you get the point!)
2/ #yLUNA is #LUNA's yield component. Therefore, it can be staked, just like regular #LUNA. You can attain the "normal" staking yield in @prism_protocol's "stake" tab.

#Airdrops are automatically claimed by the protocol, further simplyfing your UX.
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1⃣What do DRAGONS love even more than having coins?🪙
🎓Learning how to earn more!

Become an expert dragonite with this beginner tutorial MEGA-thread!

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#AlphaUI #Tutorial

1/5 - @QuickswapDEX 's Alpha UI - Fast Walkthrough
2⃣How to Connect Your #DeFi Wallet to @QuickswapDEX

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#AlphaUI #Tutorial
3⃣How to #Exchange #Crypto on @QuickswapDEX

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#AlphaUI #Tutorial
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Some great tools and essential resources for getting started with #DeFi and #Crypto
A thread 🧵 👇 1/8

#Cryptocurrency $BTC $ETH $SOL $ADA $AVAX $LUNA $FTM $DEFI $ALTS #CryptoTokens #YieldFarmers #DeFiTools
2/8 ⚡️ (@zapper_fi) helps you keep track of your DeFi portfolio across many chains and protocols. It's great as an overall dashboard to manage your tokens, pools, #staking and farming positions.
#Zerion (@zerion_io) is similar but I prefer #Zapper.
3/8 🏦 DeBank (DeBankDeFi) is another great tool similar to Zapper, with very similar features. I like using #DeBank to snoop around whale wallets. For example:…
Always fun seeing what projects #cryptowhales are investing in 🐳 Zapper allows this too.
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Bridge your assets to @SecretNetwork and get earning on these juicy rewards! 💦

Bridges to BSC, ETH, & XMR LIVE! More under construction 🏗️

Use the bridges🌉

Learn more 🧐…

Get earning with 🤑 Image
191% APY
$1,327,606.67 TVL

$XMR @monero #Monero #XMR $SEFI #SecretFinance #YieldFarm #LiquidityMining Image
166% APY
$1,445,499.14 TVL

#USDC $USDC #PriFi #DarkFi #StableCoin #YieldFarming Image
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The crypto boom is taking off like crazy! Everybody now wants to own digital money. People are using Exchanges/P2P to buy them. However, exchanges are currently the most popular choice for many! So it's high time we talk about them & understand "How they Work" in this 🧵 #thread! Image
Table of Contents: 📝
▪️What's an #exchange & how it works?
▪️Who are #MarketMakers & why we need them?
▪️What's #liquidity & why it matters?
▪️Types of Exchanges:
- Centralized Exchanges #CEX
- Decentralized Exchanges #DEX

#Retweet if you like the content! Let's get started! 🚀
What's an #Exchange?
It's just a platform that matches #buyers & #sellers. They say what price, they are willing to buy/sell any particular asset, the exchange matches these 2 orders & the trade happens. The price at which the trade got executed becomes the "Last Traded Price".
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1/19The next generation of liquidity mining will be the introduction of NFT Smart Vaults to Decentralized Finance... (a thread) #DeFi #NFT #LiquidityMining #DecentralizedFinance #Balancer #Uniswap #SmartVaults #Visor
2/19 NFT Smart Vaults will solve the five main issues within the existing landscape of liquidity mining. However, before we talk about the solution being non-fungible tokens, we need to define the problem(s) they solve. What we are about to define are all major characteristics of
3/19 network effects and signaling theory. Namely discoverability, reputation, programmability, and security. Therefore, it is simple to understand the issues as it pertains to liquidity by adding ‘liquidity’ before each of those words and explaining them separately.
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