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$TSLA With NTM EV/Sales of 7.2x and NTM EV/EBITDA of 30.7x & FCF yield of 1.5%,#Tesla announces earnings tomorrow.

Cons est:
Rev : 17.09B (13% YoY gr). Last 8Qs, it has beat on Rev. Avg: +5.7%

Net Income: 2.32B
Gr Mrgn: 25%

#Tesla #earnings #preview
$TSLA - For past 8Qs, the NLP analyses of transcript indicates, the Co officials deflect significantly to analyst questions.

Other than Jan 2022, the 8 quarters price reaction has been well within implied move as measured by options

Src: @Sentieo

#Tesla #earnings #preview
$TSLA's #BTC holding, if held since purchase will be a headwind to earnings.

#Bitcoin #digitalassets #cryptocurrencies #doge #heatwave
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15 takeaways from .@APompliano’s discussion with .@RaoulGMI that will make an immediate impact

= THREAD 🧵 =
Pre-2017 was #Bitcoin’s first season. It went from completely unknown to the first steps of mainstream adoption.

2017 was the beginning of season 2, which was a continuation of season 1, just on steroids.

2020 was the beginning of season 3, which is where we’re still at…
Season 3 brought in new players. Guys like Paul Tudor Jones, Ray Dalio, and Stanley Druckenmiller say they have #BTC in their portfolio

BTC’s holder base is changing. Historically they weren’t macro traders and just focused on DCA.

Now, #Bitcoin is very correlated to #NASDAQ
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The Fed often takes a lot of heat for being behind the curve... but what if those assumptions are wrong?

Chief Innovation Officer at the @federalreserve, @Sunayna sat down with @colleenklein to shed light on the many facets of work that the #Fed does.
"People don't realize how #decentralized the central bank of the United States is..."
"Money is the ultimate consumer facing product..."
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That magical time of year is upon us... And no... We don't mean the holidays.

We're talking about The #CryptoGathering 🚀

⚡️ Join thousands of investors, thinkers & doers at the most electrifying 3 day event in #crypto ⚡️

🎆 March 23-25 🎆

Here's @RaoulGMI with the details👇
Follow this thread to learn more about the #CryptoGathering & what you can expect.

First off - How much is it? This one is nice and easy.

If you are an Essential, Plus or Pro member you go for FREE.

Everyone else: $99 for tix + 6 month Essential membership included.
What kinds of things will you learn about? Here's a break down of each day.

Day 1 🚀
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One word @CaitlinLong_: GREED.

You’ve been spot on. I struggled w/ noticing the same issue of #derivative and #TradFi games infecting #bitcoin & #Crypto over the last 1.5yrs or so.

Structurally it was quite easy to see. But...

/1 👉🧵 on a few thoughts.
you have to know how these things have played out in other markets as well as how intermarket relationships work within markets in general. And, you never really know how the change will play out. Especially, in new asset classes like #DigitalAssets.

It felt like most in the space chose not to acknowledge the changes & continue to pump the narrative of NGU and BTFD with little regard for what’s *actually* happening w/ the fundamental picture. Time horizon matters. All participants have different goals.
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I read this G20 policy brief which was released Sept 2021

A lot of positive talk about harnessing the benefits of #Blockchain/#DLT

Compares USA FinCEN VS China CBDC

G20 Implementing policies that leverage DLT⏬

My theory with examples of how it can relate to
First of all, shout out to the writers as this was well written on global DLT @KingsCollegeLon

If you are into global law, regulated DLT, and G20 topics, this is a technical one to review as it has lots of good thoughts.…

#DLT #Blockchain #crypto #G20

The G20 is uniquely placed to implement policies that leverage the benefits of cryptocurrencies, in particular, DLT for faster and more efficient transactions process.

#DLT #Blockchain #isthe #Future #Utility #Theory
#Crypto #fintech #G20
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Throwback to 2018 Edition of Electronic Payments International News Release:

Cover story on @Ripple

--Quick Thread of the Ripplenet / $XRP mentions--

#Ripple #DLT #Blockchain #XRP #XRPCommunity
#DigitalAssets #NotASecurity #fintech #news #Throwback #ripplenet #payments #2018
2. This document talks about $XRP and @ashgoblue states PNC hasn't adopted #XRP.

@ashgoblue do they still just use X Current?

If anyone found anything that shows they adopted XRP post in the comments.

#fintech #discussions #news #oldschool
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Follow along as we report live from #Links22 London. If you haven’t already, sign up for the livestream 🎥

Thanks for your patience! We're getting started in 10 minutes. #Links22
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SEBA Bank Joins ADGM!🤝

This is huge for $XDC! 🌎🌱

I show the power partnerships in this picture... 👀🧩

@inside_r3 Corda < @lab577 @DASL_Me Bridge < #XDC Network

--Thread Below--⏬

#DLT #ADGM #crypto #blockchain #research #MLETR #Enigio #dDOC #CBDC #Digitalassets #fintech
📞Wake up call to do research & stop sleeping on $XDC

@DASL_Me + @inside_r3
DASL + @XinFin_Official
DASL + @BCBcrypto

Powerhouses laying foundational rails for traditional finance.🚂

#fintech #banking #tradFI #XDC $XDC #Deep #research #DLT #Blockchain
Any deniers that don't believe me that $XDC is connected to R3 Corda

Here are some sources you can spend some hours reviewing.

I've done my research and don't need to explain to anyone when the info is all here👇
#XDC $XDC #R3 #Corda #Connected
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@𝚝𝚑𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚍𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚍𝚎𝚛𝚊𝚙𝚙 𝚞𝚗𝚛𝚘𝚕𝚕 🧶

@punkscomic @pixelvaul_ @SportsCheetah @Gfunkera86 @chriswahl73 @geaniemaxi @𝚋𝚎𝚊𝚗𝚒𝚎𝚖𝚊𝚡𝚒 @Hackatao @killeracid @RobbieSTrevino @fvckrender
#CryptoPunks #CryptoArt #NFT #NFTs 

I am a #degenerateArtLover #degenArtLover
I do not follow #NFT #NFTs #NFTCollectors #NFTMarkets or #trends.

For example, I identified with character #Courtney as a #Punk - farewell Corporate and Suits - Hello! NextEraWorld! Implying Hello ME AGAIN. The REAL ME (ageless!). Bonus… I dug the bad-ass-woman-vibe in
statement fashion.

I am also a #1-1!, #blockchain #digitalAssets #dataOwnership strong believer. I have been dedicated to personal projects and learning about the technology in #decentralized models. In short, I wish the day had 48 hours instead of 24. Unfortunately, I haven’t
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Want to be in the top 1%?

Find the blockchain projects 99% aren't looking at.

I've done 1000s of hours of research on some of the best projects and compiled them into educational threads for other citizens to research

Here are some of my deep dives🌊

--Thread of Threads-- Image
My focus is on long-term utility blockchain/ DLT projects⛓

Not short-term meme coins

These threads will cover:

• CBDC's
• IoT + IoV
• Innovation
• Supply chain
• Data protection
• Paperless trade finance
• Cheap payment infrastructure
• Interoperability of DLT ledgers Image
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PLI in 14 Sectors to create 50 lakh new jobs and additional production of Rs 30 lakh Cr

Budget lays blueprint of Amritkaal

Modern Infra for India at 100 with Multi modal approach

PM GatiShakti,Energy transition, Climate Action to fuel Sustainable development

PM #GatiShakti Master Plan to power 25000km of Highways

Unified Logistics Interface Program for JIT Inventory Management

Railways to fuel Logistics for Small Farmers

One Station One Product for Local Businesses

2000km under Kawach

400 Vande Bharat Trains
100 Cargo Terminals
NRDP for Better Connectivity

Rs 20000Cr to boost Transport Infra

Rs 2.73 lakh Cr as Public Procurement/MSP for Wheat &Paddy

Focus on Natural,Chemical Free& Zero Budget Farming

Drones for Agriculture

ECLGS till March 2023,with total cover of Rs 5 lakh Cr

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Deeper review of the Amend Reg ATS release re "Communication Protocol System" (sooo not done). @HesterPeirce is right to signal its future ramifications for #digitalassets /1 @JSelway3 @ChrisGrobbel
Deep concerns re HOW #SEC can even apply exchange regulation to digital assets (e.g., Customer Protection Rule??), but TL. Square peg, round hole. IMHO, this release turns that peg into a block. /2
I agree w @lex_node that this expanded def'n of "Communication Protocol System" will be used in the SEC's push to regulate AMMs and defi generally as exchanges...with ambiguous terms permitting an expansive definition /3
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GM Frens!

Today is a VERY special day for me, @MediaOptions, @OnRallyRd ...and for the entire domain name industry!

#DomainNames #DigitalAssets #Fractional

Time for a thread 👇👇👇
First, I am proud of our partnership that @MediaOptions has built w/ @OnRallyRd over the last 4 years & today's public offering of is the culmination of that effort! YES, (the domain) is being offered for fractional investment! 👇
We have worked with RallyRd to get Domain Names as an asset class approved by the SEC for fractional investment through public offering. We believe this is a natural evolution of the asset class & an incredible leap forward for the domain industry!
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1/ SEC chair #Gensler’s speech at the Securities Enforcement Forum yesterday if you missed it. Quoting the first SEC chair Joseph Kennedy - apparently are at war with #crypto and it is just a bunch of buzzwords for the same old thing.…
/2 Gensler should read up on his history and not just throw around quotes. Kennedy was a pragmatist who had to manage the zealous enforcement reformers in the SEC. Good article to read on the #SEC founding here:…
/3 The regulatory war (his words not mine) is a sign of the maturity of the #blockchain #crypto #Digitalassets industry. Ignore us, make fun of us, fight us and then we win. Oh and @MarkYusko check the source of your quote on :)
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1/JUST FINISHED the first of my series of speeches this month to mainstream audiences about #bitcoin/#crypto--this one was to @actl, annual meeting of American College of Trial Lawyers. Multiple Supreme Court justices usually in audience. Two key themes:
2/ First, I recommended swift clarification of legal status of #digitalassets so US courts aren't clogged w/ disputes in this $2trn industry due to murky laws (incl swift passage of draft UCC Article 12, or even early adopting it). It's on agenda for @uniformlaws mtg on Nov5-6.
3/ #Wyoming led charge to make #blockchain tech "backwards compatible w/ US legal system"--draft UCC Art. 12 (similar to WY law) was already early-adopted by AR, NE & TX. We're seeing increasing litigation due to murky laws--not only clogs courts but consumer fairness issues too.
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1/3 The true threat for true digital property rights #NFTs #ownyourdata will not come from regulation or government but from big tech companies unwilling to surrender their data hegemony and wrestling for control of their definition of the #Metaverse
2/3 Part of the reason why .@animocabrands has such an aggressive investing strategy (inc. building our own stuff @TheSandboxGame @REVV_Token and others) is to support the growth of an open metaverse to a point that it becomes unassailable and true interoperability is a given
3/3 #NFTs have the potential to transform #digitalassets and #dataownership in the same way that #opensource has transformed our relationship with code #closedsource with new layers added on top of #opendigitalasset to give rise to entirely new experiences that may accrue value
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@sentosumosaba - I completely agree, I would love it if @GaryGensler would explain the supposed "clarity" he touted at the Aspen Security Forum based on the growing twitter fire. Gary, have you seen the posts by @digitalassetbuy lately?

@GaryGensler - here is a link to a video of your comments if you've forgotten you said "I actually think there is a FAIR AMOUNT OF CLARITY"


In that video, you also say "the probability is quite remote that with 50 plus tokens, that none of them are securities - it just sort of belies the arithmetic that I've learned and how I learned to think about probabilities at @MITMath"

Fair enough - but conversely...
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June 30, 2021: ASIC has just released a consultation paper titled "Crypto-assets as underlying assets for ETPs and other
investment products"

Below is a thread to summarise some interesting highlights from the paper.

Read full here:…
It covers how exchange traded products (ETPs) that
invest in, or provide exposure to, #digitalassets can meet existing regulatory expectations for ETPs.

The paper sets out our proposals on good practices on related products.

ASIC also noted that the proposals are preliminary.
ASIC acknowledges the interest in Australia for digital asset ETPs, in particular ETFs.

While also raising the unique features and risks which need to be recognised by operators and issuers, and they should meet and stay consistent with existing
regulatory obligations.
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@CaitlinLong_ @uniformlaws @Prof_CarlaReyes I'm very proud of the work done by the brilliant members of the @uniformlaws Digital Asset Working Group incl. @Prof_CarlaReyes @Andrea_Tosato to create this draft. For the twitterati who don't practice law, you may wonder, what's this? & Is it important? YES. A quick #thread
@CaitlinLong_ @uniformlaws @Prof_CarlaReyes @Andrea_Tosato The proposed new article 12 of the UCC would include rules for commercial transactions of what we’ve termed "controllable electronic records" or CERs. This would include a wide variety of #digitalassets including what we generally call #cryptocurrency along with /2
@CaitlinLong_ @uniformlaws @Prof_CarlaReyes @Andrea_Tosato #digitalassets that are related to other assets or legal rights such as precious metals-backed assets, certain types of #NFTs etc. /3
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1/ @quant_network is here to build that foundational layer on which others can build and create value on, they’re here to (inter)connect large ecosystems / networks that may be national, regional or corporate, finance or health related. They’re here to change your future. $QNT
2/ Yes, their focus is mostly on #Enterprise at this moment, as that’s where mass adoption is taking place. People using #Quant products without knowing they do so, that being #CBDC’s or other #DigitalAssets. They’ve been building silently, to unveil a work of art.
3/ But they’re here to open up the technology to anyone who’s willing to learn and put it in the effort. Yes, this is aimed at the $BTC, $ETH, $XRP, $AVAX, $DAG, $DOT, $ALBT, etc developers. Anyone is welcome to create a connector (due H1).
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Let’s explore $QNT- Vocalink-Mastercard connections.

#Quant_Network core team members have previous working experience at #Vocalink (Mastercard company):

✅ $QNT CEO Gilbert Verdian was Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

✅ $QNT Chief Product Officer Martin Hargreaves held mutiple top positions (see last pic below) ImageImageImage
However, Gilbert Verdian and Martin Hargreaves are not the only team members with working experience in both $QNT and #Vocalink/Mastercard.
There was also Mark Aldersey, Head of Product in #Quant_Network from Nov 2018-March 2020 and Colin Paterson, former $QNT CTO. ImageImage
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1/ HEY CRYPTO LAWYERS: buckle in bc a big piece of US #crypto regulatory puzzle fell in place yesterday. Culminates >2yr process, coordinating w/ SEC & other regulators, to clarify "#qualifiedcustodian." #NoActionLetter by #Wyoming Banking Division🤠here:…
2/ Here's an article from @ForbesCrypto's @AndreaTinianow & a post from McDermott Will & Emery, the attorneys who obtained the letter for @TwoOceanTrust of #Wyoming.

3/ Follow along! Under SEC Custody Rule & SEC Customer Protection Rule, #RIAs (Registered Investment Advisers) & investment managers must hire a #qualifiedcustodian to store customers' assets.

But traditional custody banks can't/won't touch #bitcoin & other #crypto right now.
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