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I’m so fucking sick of this shit, we’re now in the middle of a third wave, with a province wide shutdown, and we’re getting no help from the government despite Covid cases rising here in Ontario, and with everything from increased costs of using grocery delivery services ... 1/9
the rising cost of groceries, plus having to buy PPE, this is, well, let’s just call it what it is, the genocide and culling of disabled people by the government (both provincially and federally), especially when the only option in front of us is MAID ... 2/9
which the government has made clear by passing Bill C7, honestly how the fuck am I and others relying on social assistance expected to survive this pandemic, hell we’re not even prioritized early on the vaccine list despite many who are immunocompromised ... 3/9
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"The institutionalization of disabled people the barring of us from spaces, through structural or societal inaccessibility, all of these have created the perfect conditions for us not to be heard." @qjusttheletter on #DisabilityFilibuster 1/4
"and events, like this, support groups on Facebook, Twitter, other platforms, blogs, a lot of these have become places of agency...and I hope that nondisabled people look at these places of record as an archive of sorts," #DisabilityFilibuster 2/4
"for disabled thought and a public record of what we are saying. We are saying no to #BillC7 by and large, so much of our community is saying no to this. And I hope nondisabled scholars," #DisabilityFilibuster 3/4
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As promised we are back!

The Disability Filibuster is transitioning from Kill the Bill to #StopTheKill as Bill C-7 has become law.

This Friday at 4:00 pm EST we will be back up and broadcasting for the afternoon.

Info here:…
If you want to pose some questions or make some comments to be discussed on the #DisabilityFilibuster then just hashtag them and we will pass them along. You can do so anytime before or during the broadcast.
We are very pleased to share with you that Senator Mary Jane McCallum will be joining us on the #DisabilityFilibuster this Friday March 18th.

You can watch Senator McCallum's powerful speech about #BillC7 here.

She will be joining us at 4:00 pm EST…
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Ok, I'm just going to do a big thread about this because I'm tired of seeing this argument.

Here's where I'm coming from: I am both disabled and VERY pro-bodily autonomy. I've been a pro-choice activist since I was in high school. I'm still VERY concerned about #BillC7
To be clear: I'm not at all opposed to MAID in concept. I think EVERYONE should be able to make their own free and informed choices about their bodies, and that includes their deaths.

Keep word there being "FREE"
This is where my concerns about #BillC7 start. The current state of disability supports in Canada is ABSOLUTELY ABYSMAL.

Income supports are both incredibly hard to get in the first place and pitifully small for the people who are able to get them.
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We are onto a new segment with @biopoliticalph who is going to read one of her papers.

"Philosophy of disability, conceptual engineering and nursing home industrial complex."


[hope I got that right]
.@biopoliticalph Whether it be data collection, Covid vaccines, housing or income security, disabled Canadians - who have been disproportionately dying from the pandemic - have been left out.

"Neo-eugenics bio-politics"
.@biopoliticalph is explaining what a total institution is and why nursing homes are total institutions.

This video is very helpful for anyone not familiar with the term.

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.@cloudylilbaby: They're making it more accessible for us to die than it is for us to live. #DisabilityFilibuster #KillBillC7
.@cloudylilbaby Transitioning from youth to adult home care there was no information anywhere.
Pre-pandemic lived on campus.
Went through three appeals. Had to be assessed constantly.
Talks about the how dehumanizing and degrading the assessment process is. #DisabilityFilibuster
.@cloudylilbaby Social worker came to home of her parents. Asked so what happens to people who don't have people in their life who can be back-up.
Social worker very non-nonchalantly said: Oh well then we would just put you in a home. #DisabilityFilibuster
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Good morning to everyone opposed to #BillC7

We are busy working today to get the #DisabilityFilibuster back up and running after two concurrent 'zoom-bombings' by hateful people.

We have already made progress in this regard and things are in motion. We'll keep updating.
We are disgusted with Liberal Party and Bloc's plan to invoke a time allocation "guillotine" to shut down debate on amendments to #BillC7 that were made in February by the Senate. These amendments radically expand an already expansive Bill further.…
Contrary to what Liberal Party and Bloc are suggesting there has not been months of debate on these amendments to #BillC7
Very little debate has in fact taken place about them. The original bill did not include mental illness as sole criteria for state administered death
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This is a thread about the Disability Filibuster on #BillC7
Disabled Canadians and our allies around the world plan to leave it all on the field in the final days of the Bill C7 debate
A live Zoom solidarity broadcast running round-the-clock, 24/7 beginning before Parliament sits
on Monday, March 8 and not stopping until the Prime Minister withdraws #BillC7 and returns to
the drawing board.
Parliament is scheduled to sit March 8-12 and March 22-26. Somewhere during that interval, it
appears that the Prime Minister is planning to pass #BillC7 – likely sooner rather than later.
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Let me paint you a picture,

You're disabled & cannot work. You live in deep poverty due to poorly built social programs. You can't afford your basic essentials, nor your meds, therapy or med supplies on the average day, nevermind the pandemic.

You look to the 🇨🇦 gov for help –
When the Canadian government hears that you desparately need help, they do not work on improving the broken programs, but they are rushing through #BillC7. Basically telling you "we hear you need help to survive, but dying would end your suffering completely."

What would you do?
This "picture" is the reality many disabled Canadians are facing right now.

#BillC7 is not an immediate death sentence. You "still have an choice," they say.

But what kind of choice is it? When the only options are suffering in forced poverty or death, there isn't much choice.
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Last time #BillC7 was voted on by MPs, NDP unanimously voted yes.

Since that vote, I have had only 1 NDP MP tell me their mind has been changed on this issue.

Since then, I have seen not even a handful of NDP MPs advocating to #KillBillC7.

I call on @NDP MPs to publically state their planned vote on #BillC7, and an explanation as to why they are voting this way.

It's the least they can do after weakening our mental health by voting for our unneccesary deaths without doing any digging on this bill.

@NDP @JessicaBellTO @MPJulian @LeahGazan @DonDavies @theJagmeetSingh
The disabled community is patiently waiting for you to speak out on #BillC7.

We understand that last vote you didn't fully read the bill. Now that you've had the opportunity to, has your mind changed? Why? 3/3
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This might be the most personal and deeply uncomfortable op-ed I've ever written, and I'm appalled it was necessary to do so.

Canada is, once again, proposing eugenics as a solution to disability, calling it mercy. And it targets people like me.…
Much thanks to @mssinenomine and @SarahJama_ for their support in writing this piece.

Shame on @DWDCanada, @liberal_party, and #BillC7 advocates for their reckless and inhumane approach to this issue, which violates the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
Also fuming at senators like @SenJaffer, who watched and listened to tearful testimony from disabled people, yet voted for the #BillC7 amendment anyway, clearing the path to further exacerbate the suicide & mental health crises among Black and Indigenous people.
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Feeling lately: complete & utter hopelessness. A giant pit of it I can’t get out of and every time I try to look up to possibly see a way out, I seem to just get dirt in my eyes from shovelers up above. I cry myself awake and to sleep. #ODSPoverty #MAiD #BillC7 #Disabled #PWDs
Instead of calls for rates to be raised, I see instead calls to rally behind horse owners who undoubtedly have received CERB, business loans or both. Themselves & their horses are not starving & they are not applying for assisted suicide, others who have received no help are....
...but let’s rally behind them & encourage help for disabled, says NDP Joel. Ok, so where is the Ontario horse owners for disability rates to be raised Twitter page? Where is their group letter to parliament? Or was it just a one-off mumbling from the horse owner community? #ODSP
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Live tweeting CPAC discussion on #BillC7 because I am angry here we go...
okay already frustrated. I mean.. I walked into this though. I always forget how much MPs thank other MPs.
okay at least they are asking why don't we first start with disabled people getting livable sums and supports... but then everyone just agrees by saying " yes disabled people are very poor" and that's the end of that discussion.
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#WhyUs ? A thread.

If #BillC7 passes, disabled people will be eligible to assisted suicide without being near death. No other social group will be eligible like this.

Why only disabled people?

What about being disabled makes us the only exemption?
Seriously. I want you to think about that question. Why, in #BillC7, is assisted suicide deemed acceptable only for those very close to death OR for those who are disabled?

Abled people won't have this same eligibility.
If it goes through, killing ourselves will be much more accessible compared to just being accommodated, being integrated into society, having our rights upheld.

So, Canadian politicians, why are disabled people the ONLY group that should be allowed to kill ourselves?
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