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📢 Thread: RBI Withdraws ₹2000 Banknotes, Here's What You Need to Know! 💵🏦
👉RBI is withdrawing ₹2000 banknotes introduced in 2016 after demonetization. These notes will still be legal tender, but their usage has decreased, so RBI wants to replace them with other denominations. #RBI #CurrencyWithdrawal
👉The decision is part of RBI's "Clean Note Policy" to ensure good quality banknotes in circulation. You can still use ₹2000 notes for transactions, but it's better to deposit or exchange them by September 30, 2023. Banks will help with the process. #CleanNotePolicy
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#DelhiHighCourt to hear plea filed by Advocate @AshwiniUpadhyay seeking direction to the Central Government to implement a Uniform Banking Code for Foreign Exchange Transaction in order to control black money generation and Benami transactions.
#BlackMoney #MoneyLaundering
Upadhyay submitted that the RTGS, IMPS, NEFT, money transfer methods should not be used for international transactions. The money sent through these methods cannot be said that this money is coming from some other country.
One, Nawal Kishore Sharma connected from Australia submitted that people are sending money to Separatists, Fundamentalists, Naxals, Maoists, Terrorists,
Traitors, Conversion Mafias & Radical Organizations like SIMI, PFI.
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@Rajeev_GoI @narendramodi 1/n
#Challenge every single individual, Party, association, group or influencers to debate on benefits of #Demonetization
#Agenda points for the debate could be as follows
A.Short term Purpose
B.Long term Purpose
C.Short term Benefits
D.Long term Benefits
@Rajeev_GoI @narendramodi 2/n
E.Side effects & yet to achieve targets

Short term purpose of #Demonetization & #Digitalization
a-To identify Persons, Organizations, NGO’s hoarding #BlackMoney
b-To bring terror funding under Government radar
c-To identify shell companies dealing in #BlackMoney
@Rajeev_GoI @narendramodi 3/n
d-Identify Government scheme money leaks
e-Identify foreign funding

Long term purpose of #Demonetization & #Digitalization
a-To reduce the gap between rich & poor
b-To arrest funds leak
c-To discourage #BlackMoney and encourage white money
d-Balance the tax structure
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Discussion on #pricerise starts in #LokSabha with Manish Tewari, INC speaking:
- In last 8 yrs, 5 economic values (savings, investment, production, consumption, employment) have degraded
- 23 crore have slid back into poverty
- 77% of country's wealth concentrated in 1% people
Tewari on #PriceRise:
- 100-166 billionaires in country, but poor people suffering
- started due to BJP's #demonetization
- then #GST imposition made MSMEs suffer, still not recovered
- 10.6 lakh crore money outstanding in this sector
- 8& #unemployment in 2022
Tewari on #PriceRise:
- #MNREGA was called 'gaddha khodne wali scheme' by NDA, now keeping families alive
- Instead of filling money in common peoples pockets, in 2014-2022 4.32 lakh crore concession given to businesses
- Why imposing #GST on cremation sites? How is this justice?
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Thread for AAP Ka News #E99 - 26th July 2022

Add your news articles & links to the last post in this thread.

#aapKaNews #aap #News

@phani_nath @Randhr602 @Gokul_kool @RupamCh81732018

#thread : post 1 / n
#news Thread 2/n

The probe agency said the mountain of cash found at Chatterjee's aide's home belonged to the minister.
#WestBengal #sscscam #politics #corruption… #MamataBanerjee #Bhubaneswar #ParthaChatterjee
#news #thread 3/n
#Gujarat hooch tragedy: Village head had approached police in March seeking action against illegal #liquor trade…

#ModiHaiToMumkinHai #bjp @AAPGujarat @HasanSafin @AAPYouthWing
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Please explain how can #NoraFatehi afford a fancy apartment (even if it’s on rent) and a #mercedes in #Mumbai? She does like 3 item numbers in a year. What are her income sources? Black money? #ED #BlackMoney #BollywoodDarkSecrets
Ekdam bakchod filmography Image
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All right, all. #RheaChakraborty arrived at #EDOffice in #SuvedLohia’s car. So who is this SUVED LOHIA who turned his car into Ola and Uber for Rhea? Let’s find out:
#ArrestRhea #JusticeForSushant Image
#SuvedLohia is close friends with the Morea brothers, seen here with #SantinoMorea. Do not forget that the ppl who killed SSR first came together at #DinoMorea’s bungalow in #Bandra and then went to #MountBlanc. #JusticeForSushant #ArrestRhea Image
#SuvedLohia is a flop actor who is now a restaurateur. Where is he getting money from to open #MumbaiRestaurants like #Mirabella? IT Raid toh banta hai. #SalmanKhan #ArrestRhea #JusticeForSushant Image
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THREAD: Who is IMTIAZ KHATRI? Why is he being protected by #MahaGovt & #UddhavThackeray along with #SoorajPancholi?
#ImtiazKhatri is Sooraj’s best friend. read this thread to find out why he is being protected:
#Warriors4SSR #MahaGovtSoldOut #MahaVikasAghadi
(2/n) #ImtiazKhatri is the son of an influential #Bandra builder who owns F.A. Infrastructure Ltd. This company is rotten to its core and is closely tied to many politicians from the #MahaVikasAghadi. Company details here:
#Warriors4SSR #JusticeForSushant #JusticeForDisha
(3/n) Now get this: FA Infrastructure, through #corruption got 13 contracts in #Konkan region of #Maharashtra. How? They were handpicked by #AjitPawar (DY CM) & #SharadPawar. This happened in 2012 - that’s how old their association is! #MahaVikasAghadi #JusticeForSushant
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Would like to present my e-Book on Angel Tax which shall be a helpful guide when someone invests in Indian Startups

@amitabhk87 @telljeeves
@ianetwork @dkhare
@harshmadhusudan @BlumeVentures

Perils of Angel Tax and its effect on Startup Ecosystem
The Common modus operandi between a Shell Company ( used to convert black money into accounted ) and Angels/VCs genuinely investing into Pvt Ltd is that both are issued shares are a premium. The Govt cannot differentiate the good from the bad, and so the birth of "Angel tax"
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#FBR اگر واقعی ٹیکس نیٹ بڑھانا چاھتی ہے اور اگر حلومتِ وقت واقعی ملک کی خاطر ٹیکس کلیکشن میں اضافہ چاھتی ہے تو بینک میں موجود پیسوں کی انفارمیشن لینے کی بیوقوفی کو چھوڑ دے کیونکہ اس سے کچھ حاصل نہیں ہوگا الٹا لوگ بینکوں میں پیسہ رکھنا مزید کم کر دینگے۔

جس کی وجہ سے ملک کو اور نقصان اور مسائل کا سامنہ کرنا پر سکتا ہے جو اس وقت مناسب نہیں۔اگر ہم واقعی ملک کی بہتری چاھتے ہیں تو #FBR اور @pid_gov فِل فور ایکشن لے اور ملک میں موجود تمام #DHA_Falcon ،#NavalSocieties ، #AskariSocieties کے پلاٹس اور فلیٹس کا ڈیٹا حاصل کریں۔

ہم سب جانتے ہیں کہ عوام کی ایک بہت بڑی تعداد عموماً انھیں پلاٹس اور فلیٹس میں اپنا #BlackMoney انویسٹ کر دیتے ہیں کیونکہ یہ پلاٹس صرف ایک #Paper پر #Transfer کیا جاتا ہے، کسی کے 100 پلاٹ بھی ہوں تو صرف ایک #File میں سماء جاتے ہیں اور ریکاڑد بھی کہیں نہیں جاتا۔

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This thread will list down the 75 reasons why everyone should vote for @narendramodi and @BJP4India

Thanks to @muglikar_ and @IndiaPeCharcha for coming up with these brilliant 1 minute videos.

My effort here is to list all the 75 reasons in a single thread
#Reason1 - @BJP4India MPs work for you.

👉 #Attendance #DiscussBills
👉#PassLaw #75ReasonsToVoteForModi #PhirEkBaarModiSarkaar

#1MinuteTalk by @muglikar_ and @IndiaPeCharcha -

#Reason2 - Electricity for All

👉 100% Rural Electrification #DeendayalGramJyotiYojana
👉 Electrification of 100% households #Saubhagya

@PiyushGoyal @grameenvidyut

#75ReasonsToVoteForModi #PhirEkBaarModiSarkaar

#1MinuteTalk @muglikar_
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3. வெளிநாட்டு வங்கிகளிலேயே அதிகமாக பணம் போடப்படும் வங்கி சுவிஸ் வங்கிகள்தான் என்பது உலகறிந்த செய்தி. அதிலிருந்து கருப்புப் பணத்தை மீட்டெடுப்போம் என்று மோடி அரசு கூறிய நிலையில், அதிர்ச்சி அடையத்தக்க வகையில் செய்திகள் சுவிட்சர்லாந்திலிருந்து வருகின்றன.
#4yearsModiGovt #SwissBank
பா.ஜ.க. ஆட்சியில் கடந்த ஆண்டில் இந்தியர்களின் கருப்புப் பணம் பதுக்கல் 50 சதவிகிதம் உயர்ந்துள்ளது என்று செய்திகள் நேற்று முன்னாள் (28.6.2018) வந்துள்ளது! (சுமார் 7 ஆயிரம் கோடி டாலர்கள் உள்ளே சென்று ஜாம் ஜாம்மென்று' அமர்ந்துள்ளது).
கருப்புப் பண வேட்டையின் துரித கதி', அதிதீவிர நடவடிக்கை' என்றெல்லாம் பிரதமர் மோடியும், அவரது சகாக்களும் உரத்த குரலில் கூறியது என்னவாயிற்று?
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If we take into account the amount we spen don AADHAAR and the amount various irganisations are still spending and the charges for each and evey verification process at retail stage, the profit will be negative. (7/n)
Having seen that #Aadhaar is not feasible technologically or economically. We will move to Rights. I have another thread explaining how Aadhaar violates Universal Declaration of Human Rights here
Since, #Aadhaar involves mandatory collection of biometric and demographic data, and its centralised storage, it essentially involves the question of #Privacy . Especially in country where there are no Data protection frameworks.
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