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Guilt Culture in South Asian Families.
This is such an impt aspect that impacts so many individuals growing up which leads to distress in interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships and mental health concerns which go unnoticed.
It isn’t always easy to understand what guilt is. In fact, guilt & shame are often confused with each other, though they’re distinct emotions. Guilt describes a sense of regret or responsibility that relates to actions taken.
People may feel guilt over things they actually did wrong, things they believe were their fault. Like every emotion has a purpose, Guilt also signals us when we may stray away from our values/beliefs. It nudges us to be mindful of our actions with genuine intentions.
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Using cleaner cooking fuel/technology is about #accessibility, #affordability and so much more. It’s interesting to see the related equivalence and disparity between developed/advanced and low- and middle-income countries (#LMICs). #AirPollutionEquity #EnergyEquity 1/n
This .@nytimes article by .@MelissaClark brings back memories from the field work I had done for my household #AirPollution (#HAP) research in India🇮🇳 in the states of West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal and Himachal Pradesh. 2/n…
People from #GlobalNorth in this .@nytimes article differs largely from the ones I had interviewed in India🇮🇳#GlobalSouth – demography, socio-economic conditions, education, housing, privilege, etc. but at some point, the thought process of both align. 3/n
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थोड्याच वेळात सुरू होणाऱ्या वेबीनारमध्ये सहभागी व्हा!

विषय आहे- किशोरवयीन मुलांचे कोविड19 लसीकरण

वक्ते आहेत- डॉ. मृदुला फडके, वरिष्ठ सल्लागार, महाराष्ट्र शासन व @UNICEF बाल आरोग्य तसेच प्रा. प्रवीण कुमार, लेडी हार्डिंज मेडिकल कॉलेज, दिल्ली

#COVID19 #Vaccination

⏰ 11 AM
@UNICEF @BOC_MIB @rajeshtope11 @CMOMaharashtra @goacm @visrane @MoHFW_INDIA @DHS_Goa @MahaDGIPR @MahaHealthIEC @ddsahyadrinews आमच्या यू-ट्यूब वाहिनीवरून आपण यामध्ये सहभागी होऊ शकाल.

तुमचे काही प्रश्न असतील तर नक्की यू-ट्यूबच्या चॅट बॉक्स मध्ये विचारा.


@airnews_mumbai @airnews_nagpur @AirPanaji
@UNICEF @BOC_MIB @rajeshtope11 @CMOMaharashtra @goacm @visrane @MoHFW_INDIA @DHS_Goa @MahaDGIPR @MahaHealthIEC @ddsahyadrinews @airnews_mumbai @airnews_nagpur @AirPanaji सर्व माध्यमातून योग्य माहिती लोकांपर्यंत, पालकांपर्यंत पोहचविण्यासाठी आम्ही पूर्ण प्रयत्न करत आहोत.

किशोरवयीन मुलांसाठी जे लसीकरण सुरू आहे, त्यासंदर्भात पालकांना असलेल्या शंकांचे निरसन व्हावे, हा या वेबिनारचा उद्देश आहे: स्मिता वत्स, अतिरिक्त महासंचालक, पसूका, मुंबई

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HIV Edmonton would like to address the comment made by Premier Jason Kennedy during his announcement of the removal of COVID-19 restrictions in the province, where he drew parallels between what some might refer to as anti-vaccination stigma and HIV stigma, which has since been
followed by an apology from him.

First, we’d like to thank everyone who reached out to us and showed solidarity; we appreciate everyone. Over the course of last night and today, HIV Edmonton has connected with a number of our community members and other
AIDS serving organizations and we have seen the need to hold an information session, to enlighten the general public, and correct some narratives.

HIV Edmonton is inviting the Premier and members of the general public to a “lunch n learn” session at 12pm on Friday the 11th of
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#Medium #Mediumship, was reading an old #Tufts@TuftsDaily⁩ article from 2008 interviewing ⁦@jessicaalba⁩ about her film #TheEye, watched the trailer:
you do see how see people died, though, if contacted by the deceased, they share their personality, images of what is relevant, what they think is, which can be difficult; I take #antidepressants, and, am #healing myself from illness, some #trauma, too, and, was seeing more,
earlier in my healing, and believe it is crucial to have a filter/level of #health with, a pretty well-known #medium told me he also got very sick with #pnemonia, I had #mycoplasmapnemonae, in #MeCFS #CFS, had #Lyme #LymeDisease, too, and, the information is for #healing,
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It is more likely that humans are doing what they have always done...

... than there is a massive co-ordinated conspiracy where lots of people are deliberately choosing evil

#conspiracy #human #nature #awareness
Humans generally:
😶Do as they are told by perceived authority figures
😶Do not want to be responsible for poor decisions
😶Think & live in familiar patterns
😶Care & worry

When they have an 'upline' telling them what to do they feel safer as that person has the accountability.
This is why many people enjoy tribes & a place in society where they know what their role and these patterns are.

Even leaders enjoy an upline to whom they can delegate responsibility up the chain.
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அக்டோபர்"மார்பக புற்றுநோய் விழிப்புணர்வு மாதம்", மார்பக புற்றுநோயின் தாக்கம் குறித்த விழிப்புணர்வை ஏற்படுத்துவதற்கான பிரச்சாரங்கள் நடந்து வருகின்றன.அதே போல மார்பக புற்றுநோய் குறித்த கட்டுக்கதைகளையும் தெரிந்து கொள்வது அவசியம், அது தேவையில்லாத பயத்தை போக்க உதவும் #Thread
(1/n) Image
கட்டுக்கதை no.1 :- உங்கள் மார்பில் ஒரு கட்டி இருப்பதை கண்டுபிடித்தால், அது உங்களுக்கு மார்பகப் புற்றுநோய் இருப்பதைக் குறிக்கிறது !?

உண்மை :- மார்பகக் கட்டிகளில் ஒரு சிறிய சதவீதம் மட்டுமே புற்றுநோயாக மாறும்.

(2/n) Image
ஆனால் உங்கள் மார்பகத்தில் தொடர்ந்து புதியதாக மார்பக திசுக்களில் ஏதேனும் மாற்றங்களைக் கண்டால், அதை ஒருபோதும் புறக்கணிக்கக்கூடாது. மார்பக பரிசோதனைக்காக மருத்துவரை அணுகுவது மிகவும் முக்கியம்.

(3/n) Image
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Do you #KnowyourHBVstatus? According to a study published in the Lancet Gastroenterology & Hepatology Journal, "Up to 90 percent of people living with hepatitis B virus (HBV) worldwide are unaware of their infection"…
#HBV #KnowyourHBVstatus #ph260720
Have you been tested for Hepatitis B? #HBV #KnowyourHBVstatus #ph260720
According to @WHO estimates, 257 million people worldwide are living with chronic HBV infection. In the US, the @CDC estimates that 862,000 people are living with chronic Hep B

#HBV #statistics #awareness #ph260720
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"In #cognitive_warfare, the human mind becomes the battlefield."…
"The aim is to change not only what people think, but how they think and act. .. it shapes and influences individual and group beliefs and behaviours to favour an aggressor’s tactical or strategic objectives. "
" In its extreme form, it has the potential to fracture and fragment an entire society, so that it no longer has the collective will to resist an adversary’s intentions. An opponent could conceivably subdue a society without resorting to outright force or coercion."
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1-We have been discussing the importance of #Moon and its placements in various #Rashis

Today we shall discuss #Gemini and #Cancer. (1/5)

2-Moon in #Mithuna or #Gemini

Such a person is seen to possess a certain #Sexual #Awareness and seeks to enjoy life sexually. (2/5)

3-Moon in Gemini makes the native display creative and artistic gifts

But might be prone to develop diseases around the neck region

Moon in Gemini makes the native bright complexioned with good intellectual abilities and the person is usually tall. (3/5)

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this is what i experienced yesterday at school. please help make it safer for us. @maszlee @zunarkartunis @KemPendidikan @adibahnoor #Awareness #Malaysia
this is what my councelling teacher said when i referred to him. Image
is this the way teachers should reply to students asking for help? moreover hes the counselling teacher...who are we supposed to ask help from when things like this happen. not all students have great family either.
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In March 2020, India's 1st Lockdown Started Due To Novel Corona Virus Pandemic & During This Crises King SHAH RUKH KHAN Came Forward To Help INDIA.
#COVID19 #ShahRukhKhan #MostCharitableActor @iamsrk
A Thread- 9 ImageImageImageImage
🔸SRK donated undisclosed amount in PM Cares Fund .
🔸2 Crs in Maharashtra CM Relief Fund .
🔸Donation of 2.5 Crs to West Bengal CM & Donation to Delhi CM .
🔸Donated 75,000 PPE Kits.
🔸Provided 5500 daily food requirements for a month. #दानकर्ता_शाहरुखखान #SRKDonatesForCovid 2/9 ImageImageImageImage
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After Siva sutra and Spanda karikas of Kashmir Shaivism, I'm planning a twitter thread on 112 meditation techniques mentioned in Vigyana Bhairva #vigyanbhairava
If you are IN and think it's useful, kindly RT🙏...
112 meditation techniques- Vigyan Bhairav Tantras(VBT) by JAIDEVA S

*S Lakshman Joo & Osho

Context & background- Verse 1-23 are uploaded on..…
Some of it will be covered here!

Meditation techniques- starting soon!
Pls RT & invite others 🙏🌹
Introduction 1 - No discussion on meditation is complete without mentioning the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra (VBT). This 5000-year-old ancient Indian text on meditation is considered by many as the last word on meditation. Image
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Good morning. Not looking for sympathy. Sharing the truth hoping to raise awareness.
Please remember Glioblastoma multiforme is a grade IV brain tumour. I am Not in remission. There is No Cure. I still have piece of the glioma in my head.
This unique form of brain cancer and the survivorship is extremely grim. The Life expectancy is 12-16 months and the five-year survival rate is only 6.8 percent.
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@wiredmau5 thank you for allowing me to translate / post his tweet.

@ArjunSaravanan5 @aravindramanw7 for suggesting me to post this in Tamil.

#awareness #health #insurance #finance

குறிப்பு: இந்த பதிவு ஒரு புரிதலுக்கு மட்டுமே. யாரும் இதன் மீது எந்தவித உரிமையும் கோர முடியாது.
தகவல்களை வேறு தளங்களில் உங்கள் திருப்திக்கு சரி பார்க்கவும்.

தனிநபர் மருத்துவ காப்பீடு பற்றி அறிய வேண்டிய தகவல்கள்.

(இதை அரசுக் காப்பீடு திட்டத்தோடு குழப்பிக்கொள்ள வேண்டாம்)
Sum assured (SI) உங்கள் காப்பீட்டு தொகையை குறிக்கும்.

1.உங்கள் SI 5லட்சம் என வைத்துக் கொள்வோம். நீங்கள் மருத்துவ சிகிச்சை எடுத்த பிறகு பில் 3 லட்சம் என வைத்துக் கொள்வோம். அத்தனையும் உங்களுக்கு க்ளைம் வராது. பொதுவாக ஒரு நாள் ரூம் வாடகை SIயில் 1%, ஒரு நாள் ICU பெட் சார்ஜ் 2%
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Catch our Director Dr @laveeshbhandari interact with young, budding economists and share about our initiatives on creating a sustainable and inclusive world! @UNCTAD @yahindiadelhi @aashima_arora_ @NikkhilKalia
Register: ImageImageImage
"#Economic #Growth is leading to a fall in #employment for women due to a structural shift in the #economy. Due to technological advancement - demand for agri labourers, most of whom are women working on small family farms is reduced." -@laveeshbhandari (1/11)
"I am not saying it is right. Fall in demand is for all landless labourers, who are generally unskilled and not just women." - @laveeshbhandari (2/11) Read more: @narendramodi @thegwpfcom @JoeAgneya @alindaMjan @anshuman1tiwari @capt_amarinder @smritiirani
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1-Today is the #Birth #Anniversary of quite possibly the most interesting #God in the #Sanatana #Pantheon - #Ganehsa!

For #AyurvedicAstrology and #VedicAstrology #Tradition in general – Ganesha is the central #God controlling all the #Planets.
2-The Puja timings at most places today in #India are between 11 and 1 during the day.

No tradition is as rich in #Mythical #Symbolism (that if properly meditated upon – can point to the reality) – as the Vedic Tradition.
3-According to the #Vedic Traditions of #Yoga, #Vastu, #Ayurveda and #Jyotish

..the following are the #Metaphors and #Allegories associated with #Ganesha
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43yr chronic #alcohol user on Liv.52 #Herbal supplement for 1yr. Believes Liv52='hepatoprotective'. Consumes along with to cancel alcohol-toxicity. Diabetes uncontrolled on #Ayurveda. Comes with #jaundice, severe #headache, eyes 'bulged' 2 days, nasal discharge #livertwitter Image
At admission, #seizures, uncontrolled, put on #ventilator. Deep jaundice, comatose. Investigations=acute on #chronic liver failure #aclf
#MRI Brain Part 1👇
Extensive hemorrhagic infarcts, almost all of anterior and mid #brain.
#medicine #MedTwitter #radiology Image
MRI Brain Part 2👇
Both sides cortical venous thrombosis and anterior third of superior saggitsl sinus thrombus.
#imaging #stroke #NeuroTwitter #neurology #NeuroTwitterNetwork Image
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This is a short thread on how some diseases are seen after slaughter.
Please if you encounter any of it during this Sallah, or anytime, properly discard the meat (burying preferably).
This is a case of Tuberculosis, which is highly infectious, and Zoonotic.
When encountered, please use gloves or any means of protection and dispose of it by deep burying.
This is a case of Cysticercosis. Also Zoonotic and affevts humans like it does animals. Usually seen on the heart, muscles of the ribs, rumps and shoulders.
Do not consume. Discard properly.
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Siva Sutra 1.3 Yonivargah kalasariram
"The universe is the product of the energy of illusion & its classes, direct/indirect- responsible for the rise of one's body & own individual world".
That is to say, when one is limited in action/knowledge-that is called yonivarga. (1/4)
Kalasarira is the embodiment of actions. Every action impacts your knowledge, mind & thoughts leaving an impression. Kala means being bound to a particular time, space and form.

Earlier We concluded that the word Caitanya means the complete freedom of universal consciousness...
Because of the impurity (anavamala), which is limited action/knowledge, Caitanya is lost & absorbed in attachments of objects. This along w the limited ego unites with sense organs & 3 Gunas (tendencies-sattva/rajas/tamas), results in 'Universal I' perceived as 'individual I'...
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Your children *will* watch Porn - make sure they know what they've seen are *NOT* realistic portrayals of generally healthy relationships, sexuality, consent, respect, sex, pattern of interactions and body image. 1/

#internetsafety #childsafetyonline
Your children are accessing Porn at younger ages. They can easily find it via search or by accident. Let them know beforehand they can come and talk to you - about porn or anything - always. 2/

#childsafety #onlinesafety #internetchildsafety #keepchildrensafe #cybersecurity
Children are also approached online by child predators, asking to see naked pictures of your child, threatening them if they don't - and after they do "share."

Talk with your children about how to #staysafe when using all their online devices. 3/

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1/ Remember that you will not dismantle the systems of racism overnight. It took over 400 years to build up and maintain systems of inequality and injustice.
2/ While 2020 has created a significant inflection point for fighting racial injustice – there is much work to be done and it all won’t happen or be solved overnight. The Scriptures remind us that every part of the body must do its work.
3/ This is applicable both spiritually and naturally. Everyone may not be called to march on the street, but we are all called to commit to loving our neighbor. One of the ways that we love them is by committing to the work of anti-racism.
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Michael Moore Presents Planet of the Humans (2020) via @YouTube
#Allah Ta’aala created this world and the entire system in which this tiny planet exists – the entire universe.
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