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Daily Bible-reading & prayer is the #1 indicator of spiritual growth. #NewYearsResolutions But it's not easy! Get our free @RedeemerNYC morning & evening prayer emails. You'll read:

* Psalms 3x/yr
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Our morning prayers today. When you pray for these, you intercede for our world with 💯s of others:

Mon: work & industries
Tues: gospel identity
Wed: church community
Thur: family & relationships
Fri: neighborhood & justice

Join us in 2020! Image
Our evening prayer tonight, with one of my favorite verses from the Psalms calling us to prayer. Image
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Happy New Year! Every year my family and I work up our #NewYearsResolutions in four areas of our lives - work, health, music and social. Here are mine! ☺2⃣0⃣2⃣0⃣
My work resolutions for @beisgovuk are:
🌍Reaching Net Zero 2050, with 2020 being the year of decarbonisation
🧬Solve our Grand Challenges - making the most of space & helping people live longer, healthier lives
🙋🏽‍♀ Make the UK the best place to work and grow a business
My health resolutions are:
🏃🏼‍♀Get fitter
🙇🏼‍♀ Manage my menopause symptoms & help to reduce the taboo surrounding menopause
🤱🏾 Ensure every baby gets the best start in life - those first 1001 days are critical
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Some thoughts occurring to me in response to the common atheist critique that “I don’t need God to tell me that murder is wrong” & “I don’t need the threat of hell to not murder” that I would appreciate feedback on: first, there are a lot more wrong things than just murder
Religion, being from an Omnipotent God, can tell us things that are wrong from the perspective of the whole, a balance with the earth and all other beings, that we simply don’t have access to through our subjective reasoning
Of course that’s just one level because that perspective assumes there is a universal good separate from what God created and ordained to be good and commanded us to follow (the euthyphro dilemma)
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#NewYearsDay feels all fresh and shiny and delicious.

Tell me your #NewYearsResolutions.

My then-therapist told me years ago that three is the most manageable and least self-defeating number.

So I am going for that.
1. Finish my next book by writing 20 solid pages a week so I am done before summer(it's half done already).

2. Somehow get a motorized wheelchair & wheelchair lift for the porch so I can go for "walks." I only got out of the house to go to hospital in 2018.

3. Still pondering.
To all the lovely people who were willing to pitch in to make #2 happen--you are wonderful. I am going to try to get my ridiculously expensive health insurance to pay for it. But if not, I will get someone smart to put up a Go Fund Me, because I really need this. Thank you!
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#NewYearsResolutions you should make:

In 2019, let trash men go.

You can start with #LouisCK and every single dudebro on here stanning for him.
(Looking at you, David Axelrod with your Hillary-should-smile-more-but-it's-ok-LouisCK-terrorized-women-&-slammed-kids-who-got-shot.)
#NewYearsResolutions you should make:

Be kinder to yourself.
Believe that you are worth more.
Leave toxic partners--no matter what gender they are.
Give yourself space to be whole.
Build a new narrative for yourself. ❤️
#NewYearsResolutions you should make:

Read a book every two weeks.
You can do it.
Start with short books if you are out of the habit of reading books.
But reading books is immersive and we all need that for our mental acuity and balance. 📗📚📖
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Today I am going to try and cook for the first time since I was paralyzed.

I used to cook most nights for me and The Wife. After Mass on Sundays, I would make brunch.

I made every holiday meal for 17 of our 18yrs together. I did the #Christmas baking.
I started cooking as a child. I grew up in a chaotic household. Great politics but a chronically ill mother. I was the oldest sibling & the maternal stand-in.

I became a vegetarian for political reasons at 14, so I had to learn how cook that diet cheaply since we were poor.

In college I cooked for everyone. I knew how to stretch $.When I was in the domestic Peace Corps I taught people how to cook with next to no money.

I love feeding people.
I think food is an evocation of love for many folks.

I haven't been able to cook since I was paralyzed.
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I have some #NewYearsResolutions to share.

You all know I don't use foul language on here, but this iconic warrior trope seems a good place to start 2018.
I've spent 3yrs reporting on Trump's every egregious move. I'll still be doing that in 2018, but I'll also be focusing on women running for office.

Traditionally women have received less/worse coverage than men. That must change. Only news orgs/reporters can change this.

One of my #NewYearsResolutions
is to beat back #cancer.

In 2017 I didn't prioritize my time within the possibility of my death hovering. I must do that in 2018 and I would urge EVERYONE to live more like you have limited time rather than limitless time.

Focus, act, #resist.

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