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It’s pretty safe to say I speak for all our shelter pets when I say their New Years Resolutions are to find love and leave the shelter. But these nine dogs have some extra asks!

We’d love to find rescues to help them with their extra medical needs! They need more than the
shelter is able to provide.

Give us a call at (281) 342-1512 if you’re able to help any of these cuties.

More details about each can be found on our website

#newyear #newyears #newyearsresolution #newyearsresolutions #dog #dogs #shelterdogs
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#Tips for beginner #runners
Just started #running? Want to get into running in the #NewYear? Here are some beginner’s tips (running mechanics + running psychology) that will enhance your running journey and running longevity:
Focus on running efficiently with an emphasis on stride length, vertical oscillation, foot strike placement, and general running form. Let’s go over each.
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Thinking of making a #NewYearsResolution for 2023? Here’s what #science says about whether and how to proceed… 🧵
First, you’re in good company. Lots of people use fresh start dates like new year’s to motivate goal pursuit. If Jan 1 gives you a sense that your past failures are history and makes you think big picture about your goals, great. No reason not to lean into it! Cc: @hengchen_dai
Setting goals also reliable helps you achieve more. The best goals are specific and stretch you to push harder than usual. They are also measurable.
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A lovely #NewYear 🧵

Do you want to develop HABITS to become a more SUCCESSFUL version of yourself?

Well here are my top 'life-hacks' for 2023 that will make you an instant SUCCESS and a BETTER human.

You are welcome.

#NewYears #NewYearsResolution #NewYear2023 #RandomCaps
1. WAKE UP EARLY! Getting up at 4am means you're up an hour earlier than those losers who get up at 5. Even if your kid has been awake most of the night and you've had 90 minutes total sleep, rise and shine, you lazy git. You can use the extra hour to be MORE SUCCESSFUL at life.
2. GET 8 HOURS SLEEP EVERY NIGHT. Sleep is... oh, wait, if you're up at 4, that means going to bed at 8. Uh... you'll figure it out, because you want to be SUCCESSFUL, remember!

Maybe soundproof your kid's room so their night terrors won't disturb your sweet, sweet slumber.
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As we're coming to the end of 2022, it's a good opportunity for us to reflect on the past year and what it has meant for us at Into Work 🕰️

Here are just some of the highlights...
In 2021/22 we served 283 people across our #SupportedEmployment services

Engagements increased by 16% for our #WelfareRights service as we supported clients with their benefits and income maximisation through the #CostOfLivingCrisis
We launched Inclusion Works! our project for young disabled people

This project helps young people thinking about their next steps to increase their confidence and skills

After a successful pilot earlier in the year, we were excited to extend this project Illustrative graphic, text says "Inclusion Works! Suppo
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This #NewYear we must get serious about climate change. A big obstacle: our brains.

Current risks are vastly different from our ancestors, but our brains are wired the same. Knowing the science behind decision-making helps us better talk about climate threats & spark action. 1/
I’ve dedicated my career to understanding what factors influence our perceptions of risk & shape behavioral outcomes, especially around climate action.

We clearly do not judge risks accurately. Let’s try this example. What is more likely to kill you:
Ppl often say shark attacks even though plane parts are 30x more likely to kill us. Attacks are more sensational/easier to recall.

Brains react in certain ways to risks around us, rapidly scanning environmental cues (e.g. snake’s stance) with subliminal and automated processing.
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I wonder how many Americans outside of climate Twitter really understand that the Australian fires have been fueled by climate breakdown, which is only barely getting underway and will destroy almost everything if we don't end the fossil energy era right now.


I wonder how many of our elected leaders understand the #ClimateCrisis?

Less than 50%?

More than 50%?
My #NewYearsResolution and my mission for the coming decade is to bring those numbers up as close to 100% as humanly possible.

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Thread CW: murder, suicide, ableism.
@nytimes published a story about a man who murdered his wife who had Alzheimer's and then killed himself. The author of the article characterized the piece as a "love story" in a tweet. 1/5
The content of the tweet angered me. I have a personal rule against reading articles like this because they upset me so much, but I decided to read the full article to see if the tweet was just poorly written due to character limits and a desire to go viral. 2/5
The tweet was an accurate representation of the author's opinions, and the article included no discussion of rates of fillicide or matricide of disabled people, advocacy to change these trends, or even a basic discussion of Alzheimer's statistics. 3/5
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A small improvement each day for a year can make a big difference

1.01³⁶⁵ ≈ 37.78

#NewYearsResolution #MondayMotivation
#HappyNewYear2020 Image
This is one of the sentiments in @veritasium’s latest video.
The idea is that if you do only 1% better at something than the previous day for a year the result will be quite substantial.
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Here’s a little thought experiment you might like to try... [thread]
Suppose that there’s a disruption to air travel. Let’s not concern ourselves with the cause -- maybe it’s a volcano that erupted, or some coordinated drone activity, or maybe the government finally decides to get serious about avoiding climate breakdown.
At first, you think it’s going to be only a brief disruption. But it drags on, and after a while you realise that you’re not going to be able to fly for the rest of the year.
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A THREAD ON AVIATION & #ClimateBreakdown
Climate scientists & environmentalists have been highlighting the huge impact flying has on an individual's carbon footprint for decades, but the message hasn't sunk in, particularly with us Brits, who fly more than any other nation …
… A 2010 study carried out by the University of Surrey identified a sense of entitlement with regard to holiday travel. Even people willing to make eco-friendly adjustments at home are not willing to change air travel patterns ……
… According to the British Social Attitudes Survey 2017, although 84% of Brits accept that man-made climate change is happening, the Brits unwilling to reduce flying to stop climate change outnumber those of us who are willing ……
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Today I am going to try and cook for the first time since I was paralyzed.

I used to cook most nights for me and The Wife. After Mass on Sundays, I would make brunch.

I made every holiday meal for 17 of our 18yrs together. I did the #Christmas baking.
I started cooking as a child. I grew up in a chaotic household. Great politics but a chronically ill mother. I was the oldest sibling & the maternal stand-in.

I became a vegetarian for political reasons at 14, so I had to learn how cook that diet cheaply since we were poor.

In college I cooked for everyone. I knew how to stretch $.When I was in the domestic Peace Corps I taught people how to cook with next to no money.

I love feeding people.
I think food is an evocation of love for many folks.

I haven't been able to cook since I was paralyzed.
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I have some #NewYearsResolutions to share.

You all know I don't use foul language on here, but this iconic warrior trope seems a good place to start 2018.
I've spent 3yrs reporting on Trump's every egregious move. I'll still be doing that in 2018, but I'll also be focusing on women running for office.

Traditionally women have received less/worse coverage than men. That must change. Only news orgs/reporters can change this.

One of my #NewYearsResolutions
is to beat back #cancer.

In 2017 I didn't prioritize my time within the possibility of my death hovering. I must do that in 2018 and I would urge EVERYONE to live more like you have limited time rather than limitless time.

Focus, act, #resist.

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