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My two cents on the latest EU RoL. I expected to write about the report's content, but ended up doing a political analysis of where we stand - bc in the end, the report can be a brilliant analysis, beautifully written and very thorough, the question is what we do with it. /1
First, let me emphasise that this is a positive development. The European Commission recognises the relevance of Rule of Law, analysing the situation in all EU27. Glass half full, but it could have been different. It is a first step in the right direction. /2
The annual report creates the evidence needed to assess the RoL situation. We already had ample information on some EU MS (heads up to the EP & CoE), but not on all - this EU27 report allows to say “we looked at everyone the same way”. Evidence is always good start for PM. /3
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So 🇭🇺, 🇵🇱, 🇸🇪, 🇫🇮, 🇩🇰, 🇳🇱 & 🇧🇪 opposed 🇩🇪’s compromise proposal on how to tie #NextGenerationEU & #MFF disbursements to the rule-of-law. 🇦🇹 & 🇱🇺 abstained. The proposal still got the required qualified majority. But in theory, any of these countries could still block the package:
Allowing the European Commission to raise the agreed debt (750 billion) needs unanimity. So the rule of law legislation only needs qualified majority, and 🇭🇺’s objections can be bypassed there, but if 🇭🇺 wants, it can block the “own resources” decision and blow the whole thing up
Plus we need to keep in mind that the EU Parliament also needs to give its backing to the package (by simple majority). Germany only got a mandate from Member states today to negotiate with the Parliament on the rule of law conditionality. It’s something, but not the end of it.
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1/ Thanks for having me to #EUInfluencer to talk about trends emerging from digital communication, corona and the latest EU policies!

Here are a few thoughts 👇
2/ While digital has changed political communication, it is important to remember the communication objectives remain the same:

📰 Media attention
📢 Messaging
🤝 Mobilisation
🙋 reaching people
🌐 Building networks and communities
3/ Digital has changed is the communications environment.

📺 New channels, like blogs and social media influencers
🌀 New conventions, like a 24 hr cycle of content production
💰 Costs of participation down
📊 New measures and metrics
🛠️ New tools for connecting
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Aujourd'hui, la Commission précise le mode d'emploi de la "Facilité pour la reprise et la résilience": combien, quand et comment les États membres vont obtenir leur part du gâteau.

Résumé 👇
Prérequis: de quoi parle-t-on? Le plan #NextGenerationEU mobilise 750 milliards, on se concentre avec cet instrument sur le gros morceau: 672,5 milliards.

➡️dont 360 milliards de prêts et 312,5 milliards de subsides.
De ces 312,5 milliards de subsides :

▶️70% seront alloués à chaque État selon une clé qui tient compte du taux de chômage des cinq dernières années.
*Pour la Belgique: 3,402 milliards d'euros.
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Hoy @vonderleyen abrió el Debate sobre el Estado de la Unión con un discurso en el que remarcó que esta tiene que ser la Década #Digital 🇪🇺.

Abro hilo sobre los pilares: en datos, tecnologías e infraestructuras. Con una mirada geopolítica, social, verde y económica.
- 20% de inversiones de #NextGenerationEU se destinarán a tres áreas: conectividad, habilidades y servicios públicos digitales.
- Otro 20% del Plan de Recuperación fortalecerá la soberanía digital en tres áreas: nube europea, conectividad regional, y quantum y supercomputación.
Principales acciones:
- Puesta en marcha de una #Identidad Digital Europea segura y gobernanza de datos personales.
- Cerrar la brecha con lo #rural en infraestr. y conectividad: financiación de redes de ancha banda para el 40% aún sin acceso + human-centred AI para agricultura.
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🚨@vonderleyen's 1st #SOTEU
Stay tuned:
"For me it is crystal clear–we need to build a stronger European Health Union
& to start making this a reality we must now draw the 1st lessons from the health crisis
We need to make our new #EU4Health programme future proof"@SKyriakidesEU
"...this was a global crisis we need to learn the global lessons. This is why, along with Prime Minister @GiuseppeConteIT and the Italian #G20 Presidency, I will convene a Global Health Summit next year in #Italy.
This will show Europeans that our Union is there to protect all."
"...the Commission created the #SURE programme(...)This is real European solidarity in action. And it reflects the fact that in our Union the dignity of work must be sacred."💪🇪🇺🤲"will put forward a legal proposal to support Member States to set up a framework for #MinimumWages"
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🟢 What is the State of the European Union #SOTEU debate? It's an important moment of #EU #democracy, when MEPs hold the @EU_Commission to account, checking on work done & the #FutureofEurope.

🎞️by @Europarl_EN

#NextGenerationEU #EUGreenDeal @boell_stiftung @boell_EU_USA
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1/10 Tomorrow, @EU_Commission President @vonderleyen will make her 1st #SOTEU speech. The #VdLCommission’s been off to a good start with an ambitious #green agenda & the #EUGreenDeal, but the real test of her green credentials is yet to come...
2/10 Our #EU experts @manondf + @Pieter_de_Pous will be live-tweeting highlights during tomorrow’s #SOTEU speech at 9:00AM CEST.

If you’re interested in #euclimate be sure to follow along! In the meantime, here are some major areas we’ll be looking out for 🧐👇
3/10 Pressure by many including @Fridays4future and a #Green wave during last year’s @Europarl_EN elections left @vonderleyen with little alternative than to elevate the #green agenda to unprecedented prominence.… #SOTEU @QuentinGenard
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President @vonderleyen delivers the State of the EU at 9:00 (CEST) tomorrow.

📃 Speech & explainers will be published on

🗣️ Broadcast in all EU languages on EbS

🇪🇺 Follow #SOTEU

Here's a few other things to know 👇 1/n
What is #SOTEU?

🇪🇺 Speech to @Europarl_EN by @EU_Commission President
🗺️ Charts a course for the year ahead
🎯 Lays out vision, priorities and plans
🚨 Addresses pressing challenges
💪 Reflects on achievements of past year

What will be in #SOTEU?

President @vonderleyen's priorities (#EUGreenDeal, #DigitalEU, #NextGenerationEU) are key to launching a resilient, sustainable, fair, prosperous #EURecovery following #coronavirus crisis!

More on priorities:…

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(THREAD) While Europe has responded to a major challenge, it is not out of the woods yet and we need to remain vigilant, says Executive Board member Fabio Panetta at The @Economist_SEUR’s Roundtable with the Government of Greece. Watch the speech 1/5
European and national policies must continue to play a crucial role in absorbing the shock, supporting the recovery and achieving sustainable growth. For the first time, we are borrowing together to recover from a common shock and invest in our future #NextGenerationEU 2/5
The results achieved by our monetary policy measures are remarkable, but they are not totally satisfactory yet. Inflation is expected to stay uncomfortably below our aim and the balance of risks remains on the downside 3/5
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From next week, we'll be giving you a #PublicationOfTheDay📚...

Every. Single. Day.

To celebrate, this week we'll be showcasing a whole bunch of publications based on topical interests: today, check out these great pieces on #ClimateChange and the #EuGreenDeal

First up, here's a great piece for @FedTrust by Bob Savic “The EU’s ambitious plans for a climate-neutral Europe”

It breaks down the details of what @vonderleyen called "Europe's 'Man on the Moon' moment"



.@IAIonline has started a quarterly report on the #EUGreenDeal: Green Deal Watch!

Read the first edition!⤵️…


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El Gobierno presenta la Agenda #EspañaDigital2025

🌐Su objetivo: impulsar la transición digital del país como palanca esencial para relanzar el crecimiento económico, reducir la desigualdad, aumentar la productividad y aprovechar las oportunidades de las nuevas tecnologías.
Durante 2020/22, #EspañaDigital2025 contempla la movilización de un volumen de inversión pública y privada de en torno a 70.000M€

📌Pública: 20.000M, unos 15.000 corresponderían a nuevos instrumentos de financiación del Plan de Recuperación #NextGenerationEU
📌Privada: 50.000M
La Agenda #EspañaDigital2025 recoge 4⃣7⃣medidas, articuladas en🔟ejes estratégicos con un horizonte de 5 años.

Se pondrán en marcha en línea con la estrategia digital de la UE, con la colaboración público-privada y la participación de todos los agentes económicos y sociales.

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🗓️In October, we're going to have our delayed Final Conference🗣️

If you missed the action from the cancelled March event, check out these #VIADUCT_EU video submissions!📺

October event➡️➡️➡️…

First, check out @tomas_weiss's submission from @CharlesUniPRG on the topic of the #FutureOfEurope⤵️

The #FutureOfEurope will be shaped by its current crises

It's strange to think how many of the crises @tomas_weiss discussed a few months ago are still relevant

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THREAD - #NextGenerationEU

Un italiano percepirà netti 500 euro, uno spagnolo 900, un greco 1600. Un tedesco ne pagherà netti 840, un francese 400.
Non è quello che sarà per sempre: è quello che è per questo intervento 1/12
per quelli che parlano di umiliazione, forse un pochino disinformati: si tratta di una partita doppia calcolata per il Programma ben preciso di interventi post Covid.
Che ha dimensione e termine.
Occorre anche ricordare che l’Italia di soldi ne versa (e tanti) sul bilancio, sui fondi, sul MES, e continuerà a versarli.
Il finanziamento sarà con emissione di debito comune, e questa per me è una cosa gigantesca, impensabile fino a un anno fa.
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🔎After reading the 68 pages of Council conclusions, here are m 2 cents on the #EUCO #NextGenerationEU deal 1/
The total amount of funds available under #NextGenerationEU remains 750bn as in the original EC proposal, but the composition changes: grants fall from 500bn to 390bn while loans increase from 250bn to EUR 360bn. But the composition of cuts matter 2/
⬇️Here is a comparison of program allocations as per the original proposal and the current deal. While the grants in the Recovery Fund (RRF) has been preserved, the cut in grants has concentrated on programmes that would have financed truly European public goods. 3/
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La France obtient 35 à 40 millions de subventions... mais pour quel montant de contributions ? 🤔#EUCO
La France obtient donc 40 milliards de subventions directes parmi les 390 milliards de subventions directes décidées, soit environ 10%. Si la clé de contribution de la France est de 21% cela correspond à près de 82 milliards de contribution française. #NextGenerationEU #EUCO
En plus des subventions directes, il y a 360 milliards de prêts qui seront en théorie remboursés sur 30 ans grâce à des taxes supplémentaires sur les GAFA, sur des taxes carbone aux frontières... pas encore votées et approvisionnement d'un fonds de garantie ? #NextGenerationEU
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Mich erreichen übrigens nach dem gestrigen @ARD_Presseclub E-Mails von Zusehern, die mir vorwerfen, ich böge mir die Wahrheit zurecht, und die nun debattierten Corona-Gelder seien - anders, als ich es dort erklärt habe - EU-rechtswidrig. Das ist falsch. 1/4
Rechtsgrundlage für die Verordnung zur "Einrichtung einer Aufbau- und Resilienzfazilität" (was für ein Sprachverbrechen, liebe @EU_Commission...) ist Artikel 175 AEUV. Hier ab S. 7 nachzulesen:… 2/4
Und wie ich auf @Volker_Herres Frage sagte, wurde die Kommission bereits einmal zur Begebung von Anleihen ermächtigt: 2010, EFSM. Rechtsgrundlage damals: Art. 122 AEUV. Hier zu lesen:… 3/4
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Su #NextGenerationEU chiariamo un punto.
La proposta originaria della Commissione di maggio prevedeva che fosse la Commissione stessa ad approvare i piani nazionali… 1/ ImageImageImageImage
Il Presidente Michel ha proposto, a causa delle spinte nazionali, di affidare la decisione al Consiglio (quindi ai singoli Paesi) ma a maggioranza qualificata.
All’#Olanda non basta: unanimità! 2/
Ergo, nessuno ipotizza che un Paese (ad es il nostro) possa spendere senza controlli.
Si tratta di capire chi controlla.
Se siete concordi con #Rutte non vi lamentate se un giorno 1 dei 27, magari 🇭🇺 Orban o un polacco 🇵🇱intralceranno l’Ue!
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In view of the upcoming special #EUCO @EUCouncil a number of related studies have been published recently by @wiiw_news together with our #EU partners @IMKFlash @ofceparis @BlomeyerSanz @WIFOat @oegfe on the #MFF and the #NextGenerationEU plan (a thread)…
This includes an @oegfe policy brief together with @JBachtroegler @v_kubekova @MargitSchratz on 'Overcoming the net position thinking in EU member states'
The policy brief is based on a joint @BlomeyerSanz @WIFOat @wiiw_news study on 'How EU funds tackle economic divide in the European Union' for the @EP_Budgets of the @Europarl_EN
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A quick, depressing 🧵 on what to expect in next steps toward autocracy in Poland. I hope @fromTGA is right and Poles will defend their democracy. However, I think things will get much worse and Poland will become an autocracy like Hungary 1/n
So far Kaczyński’s PiS government has been following the standard elected autocrat’s playbook very closely, following Orbán’s example of how to get away with building an autocracy inside the EU. Here are the steps: 2/n
As @fromTGA said, so far PiS focused on capturing the courts, turning state media into propaganda arm, & demonizing opposition. Next key steps will be to suppress vestiges of independence in lower ranks of judiciary & to establish PiS control over private media 3/n
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1/4: A deal we will NOT accept: @eucopresident graciously offers not to cut €€€ for #democracy programs in exchange for destroying effectiveness of conditionality in EU budget ‘22! Thank you, but #NO thank you!…
2/4: On the same day #Orban and #Fidesz demonstrate how blackmailing goes, if they have voting power: „No“ to post-Covid recovery for everyone, if the EU insists on „Yes“ to democracy in #Hungary #NextGenerationEU…
3/4: My answer is the other way around: no €€€ for #Hungary et al unless: 1) commitment to EU values; 2) participation in anticorruption-System of EU Prosecutor office; 3) indiscriminate funding with part of € for #NGOs, #freemedia, municipalities. @GreensEFA @PeterMueller9
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What is @eucopresident 'negobox' presented today?
It's the proposal EU leaders will discuss at #EUCO 17-18 July.

In a nutshell:

➡️ €1 074 bn
💶 #EUbudget 2021-2027

➡️ €750 bn
📈 #NextGenerationEU
€500 bn grants + €250 bn loans

#RecoveryPlan #StrongerTogether 1/7
What is #NextGenerationEU?

A temporary fund of €750 bn to support the recovery from the #COVID19 pandemic 📈 powered by new financing raised on the financial markets.

Here's what today's 'negobox' proposes to use it for 👇

#RecoveryPlan #StrongerTogether 2/7
#NextGenerationEU includes a Recovery & Resilience Facility for investments & reforms 📈

➡️ It aims to help 🇪🇺 countries emerge stronger from #COVID19 crisis 💪

➡️ Here's the criteria proposed to ensure funds go where most needed 👇

#RecoveryPlan #StrongerTogether 3/7
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