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☕️💡 Hoy la concejala de innovación económica, @pilarbernabe, participa en el ‘Café a la @lamarinadevlc’, donde responsables institucionales abordan los retos de la innovación y la economía del conocimiento como motor de transformación Image
🗣🧬 @capasvil, @GVAinnova: “La pandemia nos ha hecho ser más conscientes de la importancia de la investigación. Y desde la @generalitat materializamos esta apuesta con los esfuerzos presupuestarios de este año, hemos aumentado un 70% el presupuesto de ciencia e investigación” Image
🗣📲 @juanangepoyatos, DG de Coordinación de Acción de la @generalitat: “El reto de los fondos #NextGenerationEu va a ser cómo vamos a ser capaces de absorberlos y la digitalización es clave. Hay muchos recursos del propio plan para impulsar la propia digitalización” Image
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The European economy is bouncing back strongly.

This is thanks to policy decisions taken since the very early days of the pandemic and to the fast vaccine roll-out.

Find out more in our new brochure and in our thread ↓

#NextGenerationEU #SOTEU
From the start of the pandemic, Europe took economic measures laying the foundations of our recovery.

EU countries were able to use the flexibility of State aid rules to support the economy.

In 2020 alone, funds from SURE scheme helped keep 25-30 million people in jobs.

To finance the recovery, we reached a historic agreement on the largest package ever financed through the EU budget.

It consists of:

🔹 The EU’s long-term budget for 2021 to 2027 (€1.211 trillion) 

🔸 NextGenerationEU (€806.9 billion) 

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🔥Pour le fond de relance européen next generation EU, nucléaire et gaz ne sont pas inclu dans les obligations vertes, le gaz pourrait toutefois être financé via des obligations standard.

Le nucléaire doit toujours être inclu dans la taxonomie via un acte délégué.

Étant donné que les négociations sur la Taxonomie sont attendus pour prendre des années, il est nécessaire de trouver un cadre pour financer la relance dès maintenant.

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C’est avec #fierté que je vois mon avis sur le rapport d’initiative législative « Protéger les travailleurs contre l’amiante » adopté par la Commission de l’environnement et de la santé publique (@EP_Environment) adopté par 77 voix pour et une seule abstention [thread]⤵️
1. Qu’est-ce qu’un rapport d’initiative législative ? Si le Parlement européen ne dispose pas du pouvoir d’initiative législative, il peut néanmoins adopter des rapports auxquels la Commission s’engage à présenter une proposition législative suivant l’avis du Parlement.
2. C’est cela un rapport d’initiative législative (INL). Il y a donc un enjeu majeur à ce que le texte adopté par le Parlement européen soit le plus ambitieux possible afin d’orienter dans le bon sens le travail de la Commission européenne.
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The @TRACK_EUCO conference "Spreading Knowledge about the European Council" is starting as we speak! The event, co-organised by @ceteus and TEPSA, is all about the @EUCouncil

Join us LIVE 🔴 or follow along here for the breakdown 👇

Our TEPSA Executive Director Mariam Khotenashvili is giving the welcoming remarks to the conference, where there is significant participation from the TEPSA Network throughout the agenda - we look forward to discussions!

On the @TRACK_EUCO side, Harun Suratli from @ceteus, manager of the #TRACK project, gives a second set of opening remarks on the work of the project to spread knowledge about the @EUCouncil

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#NextGenerationEU, our recovery programme, is going to frame our action during the Slovenian presidency @EU2021SI

Europeans want to leave this pandemic behind.

We are here to help them to achieve exactly that.

We will get out of this crisis together.
Zuallererst bleibt unsere Impfkampagne entscheidend.
Sie wird endlich zu einer Erfolgsgeschichte.
Unser Durchhaltevermögen zahlt sich aus.

Mitte April lag unsere Zahl der min. ein Mal geimpften Erwachsenen noch 25% hinter 🇺🇸 - heute nur noch 5%. Die Lücke ist fast geschlossen.
We will work with @EU2021SI, despite our differences, to deliver results.

But how we exit the crisis is linked to the question of trust.

EU taxpayers care too, as they ultimately finance our recovery.

So I call on Slovenia to continue the important work on rule of law files.
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Varias organizaciones de la plataforma @OpenGeneration_ han analizado el Plan #EspañaPuede.

Spoiler: no sirve para afrontar la crisis climática, social, económica y de cuidados.

Aquí un hilo #NGEULucesYSombras con los artículos de @twitt_odg, @FondoCalala y @OMAL_info 🧵
1⃣ El Gobierno anuncia los primeros 9.000 M€ de los fondos #NextGenerationEU Pero ¿qué implican? Ligados a condiciones ponen en riesgo los servicios públicos y abren la puerta a recortes. Lo explica @Sandra_ViBa en @SentitCritic. #NGEULucesYSombras.
2⃣ El plan #EspañaPuede ignora los impactos sociales y ambientales de la #digitalización. Muchas voces advierten sobre la precarización laboral y la ampliación de la frontera extractiva, escribe @NicolaKSch en @_infoLibre. #NGEULucesYSombras…
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La @EU_Commission ha rifatto le stime sull'impatto macroeconomico dei Piani Nazionali di Ripresa e Resilienza. I numeri sono di molto inferiori a quelli nazionali, ma la sostanza non cambia: rispetto agli investimenti programmati 🇮🇹 è il paese che creerebbe meno occupazione.
Queste stime includono solo l’impatto degli investimenti e non quello delle riforme. E sono probabilmente MOLTO prudenti (spero!). Ma comunque, a parità di ipotesi, la Spagna creerebbe un numero di occupati uguale a quello dell’Italia con un terzo delle risorse. Perché?
Ho solo ipotesi e nessuna certezza. La Spagna in passato ha mostrato capacità di ripresa occupazionale più forte dell’Italia. Gli investimenti green e digitali, poi, non è detto che creino occupazione in 🇮🇹 visto che non abbiamo particolare specializzazione produttiva in materia.
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Maja Bucar, from @FDVLjubljana, is giving the initial address to #PPCLjubljana: "one of the positive things of having a conference virtually is that we can reach more people around Europe"

TEPSA has been hosting our flagship bi-annual Pre-Presidency Conferences (PPC) for decades, always joining up with our Member Institute in the country taking on the upcoming @EUCouncil Presidency, it's become a milestone in the European calendar 💪

TEPSA Secretary-General Jim Cloos welcomes participants to #PPCLjubljana: "the Presidency gives an impression of ownership in the Member States"

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🗓️#PPCLjubljana is tomorrow!🇸🇮

Before we launch into the TEPSA Slovenian Pre-Presidency Conference, a landmark on the European calendar, let's have a quick run through all the panels you can enjoy over the next two days


#PPCLjubljana opens with remarks from @FDVLjubljana and TEPSA, and we welcome @AnzeLog Minister of Foreign Affairs @MZZRS to give the @SLOtoEU position on #EU2021SI


We then present #TEPSARecommendations, coordinated by @FundaTekin17, @NicolePirozzi, and @IlkeToygur, featuring work from @agarcod, @LouiseVanSchaik, and Natasha Wunsch to Gasper Dovzan from @MZZRS

We'll also hear from @EngagEU_Project


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Las cartas de la industria #textil ya están sobre la mesa @euratex_eu. Nunca fue tan claro el #fastfashion, aunque ahora algunos se desmarquen. En los próximos meses/años podríamos ver:
1. Producción masiva en Europa o norte de Africa
... sigo hilo…
2. La #industria #textil puede aguantar un mal año
3. La recuperación optima será con menos volumen y más valor
4. Ya no se verán precios muy bajos en los #textiles
5. #globalización, #sostenibilidad y #digitalización es el nuevo padadigma
... sigo hilo
6. Aprovisionarse en Asia y decir que se es #sostenible es hacerse trampas al solitario
7. Si la #fibra textil #reciclada adquiere la escala deseada, podría ser incluso más barata que la original
8. La #industria quiere parte de los fondos #NextGenerationEU
... sigo hilo
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Thank you @gpapak @alexstubb @BrigidLaffan for hosting me as a speaker in the excellent @STGEUI @EUI_EU executive training seminar on #NextGenerationEU. Here are 5 issues I highlighted in my presentation, and that I think it will be worth keeping an eye on in coming months ⬇️
What are countries prioritising? Looking at some of the #NRRPs published so far, spending areas are largely driven by the targets on green and digital, but priorities (the largest single spending items) vary. Italy stands out for prioritising infrastructure investment ⬇️
How effective will the investment be in creating jobs? Estimates vary. Spain is the country where the expected number of new jobs per million of euros invested is largest, #Italy - despite investing the largest amount - seems to expects the most moderate job creation ⬇️
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Secondo le stime @MEF_GOV, il #PNRR 🇮🇹 porterà alla creazione di 750.000 posti di lavoro in più di qui al 2026. Non molti rispetto ai soldi e le riforme promessi. Gli altri paesi 🇪🇺hanno “moltiplicatori” ben più elevati. Cosa spieghi una differenza così forte non è chiaro 👇 Image
Le stime sono nazionali quindi la differenza potrebbe essere dovuta a modelli diversi o maggiore/minore prudenza. Oppure dal tipo di investimenti e dalla capacità del mercato del lavoro 🇮🇹 di assorbirli (la transizione ecologica e digitale per i lavoratori non sarà scontata).
Altre ipotesi interessanti che sono state sollevate in risposta al mio tweet di ieri: che aumentino le ore/i giorni di lavoro di persone sottooccupate (questa sarebbe una cosa buona)👇
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Dopo un anno di pandemia, #vaccini ci stanno permettendo di uscirne. Ripartire dalla #scienza e dalla #ricerca sarebbe la giusta lezione da imparare. Purtroppo non è così, nonostante le promesse e gli appelli 1/7

#PNRR #RecoveryPlan #PianoAmaldi
Come avevamo previsto in pieno primo #lockdown, l’amnesia da fine #pandemia si è già abbattuta sui nostri rappresentanti politici, sempre più “cicale” e poco “formiche”. 2/7

Il #PNRR prevede circa lo 0,5% del PIL come fondi alla #ricerca. “Bruscolini” in confronto a esigenze reali. #PianoAmaldi prevedeva aumento fondi alla media Europa, 1% de PIL, in modo controllato e strutturato 3/7
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Laut EU-Kommissar Hahn hat Österreich seinen Antrag für den EU-Wiederaufbaufonds Recovery and Resilience Facility nun doch schon abgegeben? (…. Vorgestern hieß es, man sei mittendrin. Da bleibt einem der Mund offen. Ein Rant-Thread. #NextGenerationEU 1/n
Der Plan soll nämlich nicht nur einer der Regierung sein: Die Kommission hat die Staaten aufgerufen, mit Sozialpartnern und anderen Stakeholdern in einen *breiten politischen Dialog* zu treten, um den Aufbauplan vorzubereiten. Andere Staaten haben das genau so gemacht. 2/n
Immerhin geht es um Milliarden, die von der EU abzuholen sind. Griechenland hat eine Kommission eingerichtet unter der Führung eines Nobelpreisträgers, ihr Plan ist  300 Seiten dick – plus 500 Seiten wissenschaftliche Erläuterungen.  3/n
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2020 was a year to remember.

In the face of the unfolding human tragedy, Europe stepped up in the greatest collective mobilisation in the history of our Union.

See some examples of the initiatives taking place throughout 2020 in our Annual Report #StrongerTogether thread ↓
The climate crisis remained the defining challenge of our times.

With the #EUGreenDeal, we committed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and become the first climate-neutral continent, by 2050. #StrongerTogether
The pandemic has shown the need to step up EU coordination before, during and after a health crisis.

In 2020, we proposed to build a European #HealthUnion with a Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe, to make sure that patients have access to affordable medicines. #StrongerTogether
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🔵 Ya disponible el número 228 de RETEMA - Especial #Agua.
📰 Reportajes: Agua y Fondos NextGeneration EU / Ampliación de la EDAM de Santa Cruz de Tenerife y más.
💬 Opinión: Horizonte 2021 / El día a día del agua urbana.
➕ Esto y mucho más. Léelo aquí:… Image
🚀 Lanzamos el primer número de 2021, Especial sobre #Agua 💧, cargado de novedades y nuevas secciones para enriquecer y potenciar aún más los contenidos de la revista. Más de 160 páginas con los contenidos más destacados: reportajes, entrevistas, opinión, I+D, y mucho más. ImageImage
💬 Las principales asociaciones sectoriales nos ofrecen su visión de cara a los próximos meses en el panel de #opinión de la revista. Participan @AeasAgua, @AGAagua, @AEDyR_es, ASAGUA y @AquaEspana.
➡️ Página 12:… Image
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We're about to go LIVE 🔴with @CoE_POL to discuss solidarity:

@collegeofeurope's @FedericaMog
@MichaelKaeding, co-editor of the "Views from the Capitals" series
@JuhaJokela1 from @FIIA_fi
@IAIonline's @Poli_Eleonora
and Ramunas Vilpisauskas from IIRPS at @VU_LT

.@MichaelKaeding is our host for today's event with @CoE_POL

Welcome to our (highlights from the) online debate on "Solidarity in Action and the Future of Europe: Views from the Capitals" 💪

Our keynote speaker kicks things off: @collegeofeurope Rector @FedericaMog will give us her views on #Solidarity and the #FutureofEurope before we get to the contributions of our participants from the TEPSA network

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The Commission has not learnt from the mistakes of the past, says @joseggusmao.

"This Recovery Fund has an umbilical cord relationship with the European Semester and the looming threat of a return to the infamous macroeconomic conditionality."
For @joao_ferreira33, member states will have to foot the bill of the Recovery Fund:

"Member states will have to pay for the money they receive now with cuts in the money they were expected to receive in the future."

#NextGenerationEU #EPlenary
It is positive that the Recovery and Resilience Facility has criteria for the disbursement of funds and specified objectives, according to @silviamodig.

"We need to improve the economy and to create trust in the future for the people."

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Conte in primis ha avallato fin dall’inizio la logica del vincolo esterno, presentando il Recovery Fund come un generoso regalo di mamma Europa
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Se debate hoy en el @Congreso_Es el ‘RDL 36/2020, por el que se aprueban medidas urgentes para la modernización de la Administración Pública y para la ejecución del Plan de Recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia’

▶️ El GP Republicano votaremos NO

Abro hilo para explicarlo👇🏿
▶️Es un plan de recuperación, sí. Pero no de la gente y de lo público, sino de las GRANDES CORPORACIONES
▶️Es un plan europeo realizado a la medida del SECTOR PRIVADO
▶️Se quiere ASUMIR la NO TRANSPARENCIA y mermas en los controles y garantías en aras de la “urgencia”
▶️Cero cogobernanza. Hemos ido conociendo muchos temas importantes por la premsa, han prescindido del @Congreso_Es
▶️El público asumirá los riesgos y las grandes corporaciones asumirán los beneficios.
▶️Son 140M€ pactados en Europa para ponérselo más facil al gran capital.
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Many EU governments are excluding regions and cities from the preparation of post-#COVID recovery plans
- Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) is the EUR 672.5 billion instrument designed to support EU countries in carrying out reforms and investing…
The Recovery and Resilience Facility (the Facility) will make €672.5 billion in loans and grants available to support reforms and investments undertaken by Member States.
- The Facility and NextGenerationEU…
Recovery plan for Europe
- #NextGenerationEU is a €750 billion temporary recovery instrument to help repair the immediate economic and social damage brought about by the #coronavirus #pandemic.…
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E ora ci manca solo rating junk. #Moodys lancia alert #Italy #governoConte indebolito "fa fronte a sfide spaventose sia in gestione #COVID che in utilizzo risorse #NextGenerationEU . Spread BTP-Bund boom, +9% a record novembre #22gennaio #coronavirus
"#Moodys said on Friday that Italy's inability to take advantage of the available EU resources to boost its economy's growth potential would likely exert downward pressure on its credit rating" VIA @Reuters
#Moodys on #Italy: "the weakened government led by Prime Minister Giuseppe #Conte "faces daunting policy challenges both in managing the current phase of the pandemic and ensuring the effective and timely absorption of EU recovery funds" #COVID19 #22gennaio
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Il disco che la democrazia e le scelte politiche debbano essere costrette dal virus e consegnate nelle mani di pochi per vincerlo è un disco rotto, il modo per ingannarci con la paura.

Abbiamo affrontato emergenze, ben +gravi, con nervi saldi e parlamento nel pieno dei poteri. Image
Che questa perenne emergenza debba essere per forza gestita dagli stessi fa pensare. Ricordo che con la pandemia abbiamo un rapporto morti/abitanti tra i peggiori al mondo.

Non dà certo lustro ad attuale squadra, come si sbandiera falsamente.…
Un numero di morti enorme raggiunto malgrado una chiusura delle scuole senza pari in Europa, esponendo l'intera gioventù Italiana ad una perdita di apprendimenti mostruosa e ad una sofferenza psicologica di cui iniziano ad emergere i danni.

Squadra "straordinaria"?
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