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Mobilitazione parziale dell’esercito russo: il mondo su un piano inclinato

Il conflitto ucraino va verso l’escalation, ma il vero pericolo deriva dal contesto mondiale.

Il mio ultimo articolo per #IntelligenceForThePeople

1/16… Image
La decisione del Cremlino di richiamare 300.000 riservisti dell’esercito è una svolta che deve far riflettere.
Essa si inserisce in un contesto globale dominato dallo sfaldamento della globalizzazione, e da una polarizzazione che porta all’emergere di blocchi contrapposti.
All’ONU (#UNGA), per descrivere la battaglia cruciale rappresentata dalla ridefinizione dell’ordine mondiale, Biden non ha trovato di meglio che definirla “una competizione fra democrazia e autocrazia”, accusando duramente la Russia.
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One questionable idea from #SOTEU is the proposal to intervene in the #electricity markets rather than the #gas markets.

The EU spent decades building an electricity market to foster investment in #renewables, and succeeded

Doing this will likely destroy that market (1/n)
... because investors who turned to renewables will now see their profits capped while those who focused on gas will see record profits. This is compounded by member states rush to build new gas infrastructure to replace russian gas, and the taxonomy decision (2/n)
Von der Leyen's proposal will effectively remove all market incentives to invest in renewables on a large scale, and sends the market one clear message: invest in gas, that is where the money is.

So what should the commission hzv done? (3/n)
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Quick 🧵 on what @vonderleyen #SOTEU speech might mean for @EU_Commission’s approach to EU’s autocracy/ rule of law crisis: it isn’t good news.
2. Here’s full text. Section “STANDING UP FOR OUR DEMOCRACY” starts 2/3 of the way down. It begins (oddly) with a section on Queen Elizabeth II. Then vdL says “This is the time to invest in the power of democracies” & affirms commitment to EU enlargement…
3. She claims “the path towards strong democracies and the path towards our Union are one and the same.” This ignores the fact that the two most rapidly autocratizing countries in world were EU member states & 2 more of top 10 are EU candidates
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The presence of @ZelenskaUA today side by side with @vonderleyen is more than a symbol.

It shows: Ukraine now firmly belongs in the EU. Ukraine and Europe are one.

"Ukraine and Europe will prevail." And I add: Russia's war has only fuelled the power of our democracies. 1/4
This time, the annual speech by European Commission president carries a special weight.

Agree 100% with @vonderleyen: "This is the time for us to show resolve, not appeasement."

It confirms: #EU's course in facing Russian aggression is right, firm and long-term.

#SOTEU 2/4
As @vonderleyen said: "one lesson from this war is we should have listened to those who know Putin."

We know our neighbour. It's not about "we told you so", it's about how we will go forward. Without fear.

The Kremlin won't stop until it's pushed back and justice prevails. 3/4
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🇪🇺⚖️ Not much, and mostly old stuff, in #SOTEU on the rule of law. The focus on corruption is welcome, and so upgrading the external tool that is the sanctions regime. But the lack of reference to undermining EU legal order through captured courts (🇵🇱) is disappointing.
Neither there is any reference to increasing problems with legality, especially in the context of emergency powers (🇷🇴) and border crises (🇵🇱🇱🇹), golden visas and dubious legal schemes that allowed many Russian oligarchs to enjoy EU (🇲🇹🇵🇹), I could go on
Don't get me wrong - it's a shockingly good and strong SOTEU in many areas, from Russia and Ukraine through EU finances, digital democracy to the climate crisis and impending recession. On multiple fronts, it gets far more direct and timely than many previous SOTEUs did.
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🔴Watch Live | War in Ukraine, inflation, energy crisis, pandemic...

President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen sets out her priorities for next year.


ICYMI: 🇪🇺 Here's our roundup of what European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said in her annual #SOTU address:

🇺🇦 The EU has "risen to the occasion" on the Ukraine war, she said.

"Our response was united, determined and immediate and I think we can be proud of that."
🇷🇺 Russia's industry "is in tatters", VDL said.

She argued that since sanctions have been imposed, three-quarters of Russia's banking sectors were cut off from international markets, the production of cars fell by 75%.
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"This is not only a war unleashed by Russia against Ukraine... it's the war on our values, a war on our future, it's about autocracy against democracy," Ursula von der Leyen's #SOTEU speech, the day before Xi-Putin expected to meet in Uzbekistan.
Citing China's dominance of rare earth minerals and lithium markets, Von der Leyen announces a "European Critical Raw Materials Act".

"We need to avoid finding ourselves stuck in the kind of dependence we now see with oil & gas."

"We need to learn from mistakes of the past"
VDL announces a "defence of democracy pact", citing Chinese funding for disinfo on Xinjiang at uni in Amsterdam

Will target "covert foreign influence", "shady funding"

"We won't allow autocracies' Trojan horses to attack our democracies from within."…
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We have brought Europe’s inner strength back to the surface.
With unity, solidarity and determination.

My address #SOTEU…
Dear Olena @ZelenskaUA, it took immense courage to resist Putin’s cruelty.

But you found that courage.

You have given courage to the whole nation.

And you have given hope to all of us

Glory to a country of European heroes. Slava Ukraini!
We will empower 🇺🇦 to make the most of its potential.

Building on the success of the solidarity lanes to ensuring seamless access to the Single Market.

Bringing Ukraine into our 🇪🇺 free roaming area.

I am going to Kyiv today to discuss all this with President @ZelenskyyUa
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🇪🇺 Commission President @vonderleyen about to give the State of the European Union speech #SOTEU - all female commissioners dressed in Ukrainian colours 💛💙


(Sorry for the horrible snapshot quality)
🇺🇦 First Lady @ZelenskaUA is present and getting a standing ovation
Von der Leyen: “glory to a country of European heroes, Slava Ukraini”

“Sanctions are here to stay, now is not the time for appeasement but for resolve”

“We’re in this for the long haul”
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Promises made. Promises kept.

The State of the Union address sets out our agenda for Europe.

During #SOTEU 2021, President @vonderleyen outlined many initiatives relevant for Europeans.

What progress have we made on the initiatives since then? A thread 👇
🟢 European Chips Act

Without chips, there’s no digital transition, no green transition.

Our objectives are high: doubling our global market share by 2030 to 20%, and producing the most sophisticated and energy-efficient semiconductors in Europe.
🟢 #GlobalGateway.

It stands for sustainable and trusted connections that work for people and the planet.

We will support smart investments in quality infrastructure, respecting the highest social and environmental standards globally and build partnerships of equals.
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We #StandWithUkraine and democracy over autocracy.

Since the start of Russia’s brutal attack on 24 February, the entire EU has mobilised to support Ukrainians.

We will continue to do so until they can safely rebuild their independent and democratic country in peace.

The EU has welcomed more than 8.2 million Ukrainians fleeing the war.

And the #StandupforUkraine campaign raised €9.1 billion for people fleeing the Russian invasion.

On the ground, #EUCivPro has delivered over 66 000 tonnes of aid to Ukraine.

#SOTEU Woman holding a banner sayi...
Ukraine and the European Union have never been closer.

Ukraine’s application for EU membership was an expression of its will and right to choose its own destiny.

In June, we opened the pathway towards us by granting them, together with Moldova, candidate status.

#SOTEU President von der Leyen giv...
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Thought I'd check how much COM Presidents have actually talked about Brexit in #SOTEU, following VdL's complete silence yesterday

Yes, this is the first #SOTEU that has unambiguously avoided the topic since 2013 (note, no speeches in 2014 or 2019), but 2016 also made no direct reference (although certainly can read entire content that year as repost to #EURef)

2015 was easily the longest absolute text, reaffirming value of UK membership
2017 was very passing
2018 & 20 were about need to conclude negotiations

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Promised during #SOTEU 2020.
Delivered in 2021.

We are launching the European Health Emergency preparedness and Response Authority (HERA).

It is another building block of a stronger #HealthUnion and a major step forward for our crisis preparedness →!FUVnRV
🌍 Outbreaks of infectious diseases are on the rise.

With HERA, we will be better prepared to anticipate potential health crises & address possible gaps in medical countermeasures.

It will work closely with other EU & national agencies, researchers & industry. #HealthUnion
What happens when an emergency hits?

HERA will ensure critical equipment, medicines, vaccines and other medical countermeasures – such as gloves and masks – are available, when and as necessary.

It can activate emergency measures for research, manufacturing and funding.
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“Climate change is only man-made, and since it is man-made, we can do something about it", said @vonderleyen in the #soteu21

The IPCC has made this clear to us, which is why the EU must lead by example and not fall into the fossil fuel trap 👇…
As President @vonderleyen pointed out, the #COP26 will be "the moment of truth for the major economies"

We welcome the proposal of €4 billion on climate finance for developing countries and the call to the US to also step up.

📣 But the EU needs to be ready to do more!
The new EU farming policy risks continuing funding for climate-wrecking farming models 😷

If it's serious about the #EUGreenDeal, the @EU_Commission must step in and ensure 🇪🇺countries stop harmful subsidies and fund climate-friendly farming instead…
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Societies that build on democracy and common values stand on stable ground.

These values are part of our soul, part of what defines us today.

We are determined to defend them. And we will never waver in that determination.

From 2022, our Rule of Law reports will come with recommendations to EU countries.

The European budget is the future of our Union cast in figures.

When it comes to protecting our budget, we will pursue every case, with everything in our power.

Freedom also means freedom from fear.

And during the pandemic, too many women were deprived of that freedom.

By the end of year, we will propose a law to combat violence against women.

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We stand by the Afghan people.

We must do everything to avert the real risk of a major famine and humanitarian disaster.

This is why we will increase again humanitarian aid for Afghanistan by 100 million euro - part of a new, wider Afghan Support Package.

We are working with Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg on a new EU-NATO Joint Declaration to be presented before the end of the year.

We need to invest in our joint partnership and to draw on each side’s unique strength.

From space to police trainers, from open source to development agencies, it is vital that we improve intelligence cooperation.

That’s why the EU could consider its own Joint Situational Awareness Centre.

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The State of the European Union address turns 10 tomorrow 🎂 and I’ve worked on #SOTEU communication since 2015.

After branding and developing visuals for six SOTEUs, here's a little peek at we learned, how we evolved and how we improved 👇
Setting the scene: SOTEU 2015.

President @JunckerEU's first speech. The refugee crisis, the economy, the Greek crisis, Britain, Ukraine, climate change… delicate topics, huge challenges and no a small amount of European soul-searching.
Balancing these themes/political context, we stayed close to traditional EU symbols and colours for a sense of unity and identity.

Design team was involved at a later stage and drip-fed info.

What still makes me cringe: the crooked scanned letter of intent.
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Erste Male als EU-Korrespondent: gerade erstmals (ja, ich gebe es zu) eine Debatte im EU-Parlament vollständig verfolgt. Ging um #Fitfor55 - den #GreenDeal der EU und das Ziel, Treibhausgase bis 2030 um 55 Prozent zu reduzieren.

Eindrücke eines Novizen hier im Thread... (1/x)
Also: 64 (!) Redebeiträge - davon 60 Parlamentarier, von denen die meisten nur 1 Minute sprechen dürfen. 60 Sekunden! (Nur Berichterstatter u Fraktionsvorsitzende haben wenig mehr.) Das ist extrem kurz, schon die Ansprache nimmt manchmal ein Sechstel der Zeit in Anspruch. (2/x)
Das hat eine Folge: die Redebeiträge müssen notgedrungen extrem an der der Oberfläche bleiben. Eine tiefergehende Beschäftigung mit Aspekten der Fitfor55-Strategie, ja eine echte Debatte? Kann gar nicht entstehen. (3/x)
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In the early days of the pandemic, many leaders around the world chose a “my country first” approach.

This was not the EU’s choice.

We have worked continuously to bring different international players together and launch a global recovery.

Find out more ↓

#SOTEU Image
Europe has led global vaccine cooperation.

We’ve been a leading force behind #COVAX to share vaccines with low- and middle-income countries.

We also co-hosted the Global Health Summit to prevent and prepare for future pandemics.

#SOTEU Image
We have opened new chapters of cooperation with our closest partners:

🇬🇧 The EU and the UK reached a mutually beneficial trade and cooperation agreement.

🇺🇸 We set out a new EU–US agenda for global change, and created a EU–US Trade and Technology Council.

#SOTEU Image
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Throughout the pandemic, we continued working to turn the #EUGreenDeal into reality.

We also presented a new vision for Europe’s digital transformation by 2030, and measures to build a strong social Europe

Find out more here and in our thread ↓

The European Climate Law enshrined in legislation the EU’s commitment to reach climate neutrality by 2050.

To deliver on this ambitious target, we presented in July 2021 a #EUGreenDeal package made up of 12 different proposals.

In March 2021, we presented our vision for Europe’s Digital Decade, with clear targets on:

🌐 digital infrastructure
🎯 skills
📲 digitalisation of businesses and public services

#DigitalEU #SOTEU
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The European economy is bouncing back strongly.

This is thanks to policy decisions taken since the very early days of the pandemic and to the fast vaccine roll-out.

Find out more in our new brochure and in our thread ↓

#NextGenerationEU #SOTEU
From the start of the pandemic, Europe took economic measures laying the foundations of our recovery.

EU countries were able to use the flexibility of State aid rules to support the economy.

In 2020 alone, funds from SURE scheme helped keep 25-30 million people in jobs.

To finance the recovery, we reached a historic agreement on the largest package ever financed through the EU budget.

It consists of:

🔹 The EU’s long-term budget for 2021 to 2027 (€1.211 trillion) 

🔸 NextGenerationEU (€806.9 billion) 

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For more than a year, our priority has been to lead the way out of the global health crisis.

Find out more in our new brochure and in our thread ↓!d3Y6hF #SOTEU Image
Firstly, we worked on procuring vaccines to Europeans.

A broad portfolio was created and today more than 70% of the adult population is fully vaccinated.

#SOTEU Image
In the spirit of European solidarity, we mobilised funding to support:

🩺 the delivery of equipment, medicines, antigen tests
🔬 urgent research into variants

More than €7.6 billion was reallocated under the Coronavirus Response Investment Initiative.

#SOTEU #EUsolidarity Image
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There's been quite a few new development when it comes to Rule of Law in the EU lately. Here's an overview in no particular chronological order.

1) Leading academics are putting pressure on @vonderleyen to let her words in #SOTEU speech turn into action:…
2) Orbán wants @VeraJourova to resign because she "insulted" Hungary in a @derspiegel interview (aka said there were some real issues with rule of law in Hungary).…
3) @EU2020DE is negotiating an "anti-corruption clause" for the recovery fund, trying to get around Hungary and Poland's rejection of a RoL mechanism that would sanction countries breaching EU values more broadly. I hope this won't be watered down any further. @MiRo_SPD
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1/ Thanks for having me to #EUInfluencer to talk about trends emerging from digital communication, corona and the latest EU policies!

Here are a few thoughts 👇
2/ While digital has changed political communication, it is important to remember the communication objectives remain the same:

📰 Media attention
📢 Messaging
🤝 Mobilisation
🙋 reaching people
🌐 Building networks and communities
3/ Digital has changed is the communications environment.

📺 New channels, like blogs and social media influencers
🌀 New conventions, like a 24 hr cycle of content production
💰 Costs of participation down
📊 New measures and metrics
🛠️ New tools for connecting
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