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There's been quite a few new development when it comes to Rule of Law in the EU lately. Here's an overview in no particular chronological order.

1) Leading academics are putting pressure on @vonderleyen to let her words in #SOTEU speech turn into action:…
2) Orbán wants @VeraJourova to resign because she "insulted" Hungary in a @derspiegel interview (aka said there were some real issues with rule of law in Hungary).…
3) @EU2020DE is negotiating an "anti-corruption clause" for the recovery fund, trying to get around Hungary and Poland's rejection of a RoL mechanism that would sanction countries breaching EU values more broadly. I hope this won't be watered down any further. @MiRo_SPD
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1/ Thanks for having me to #EUInfluencer to talk about trends emerging from digital communication, corona and the latest EU policies!

Here are a few thoughts 👇
2/ While digital has changed political communication, it is important to remember the communication objectives remain the same:

📰 Media attention
📢 Messaging
🤝 Mobilisation
🙋 reaching people
🌐 Building networks and communities
3/ Digital has changed is the communications environment.

📺 New channels, like blogs and social media influencers
🌀 New conventions, like a 24 hr cycle of content production
💰 Costs of participation down
📊 New measures and metrics
🛠️ New tools for connecting
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As always, we'll be live-tweeting the best bits from the online conference, so stay tuned to hear more from our experts @katarinabarley, Robert Sermek, @_PaulSchmidt, Lucia Mokrá, and Ol'ga Gyárfáśová!

Robert Sermek from @EP_Bratislava is currently welcoming our audience in place and at home to the conference, and presents the perspective of the @Europarl_EN on the topic of Euroscepticism in Slovakia

"Over 70% of MEPs are pro-European, so the predicted Eurosceptic tsunami of 2019 did not occur as predicted. But this isn't to say it's not a problem we need to face"

- Robert Sermek from @EP_Bratislava

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The languages used in 🇪🇺 @EU_Commission President’s annual State of the European Union speeches 💬 #SOTEU

A thread 🧵 1/
Wednesday, @POLITICOEurope published and interesting article on the languages used by @vonderleyen in her first #SOTEU2020 speech. In it they made a surprising claim: that UvdL had abandoned his predecessor’s balanced use of English, French and German. 2/

Out of skepticism and curiosity I went through all the #SOTEU speeches (on @europarlAV ) to see how the 🇪🇺 EU’s three working languages were employed.

I used timeshare of each language because original transcripts for these speeches do not exist.

So here is what I found:
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Can the Green Deal really be considered as Europe's new growth strategy? A super short thread, with some numbers 👇 #ClimateChange #GreenDeal #EUGreenDeal #SOTEU
1. According to the macro-models used by the European Commission itself to assess the new 2030 climate target, the answer is: NO. At best, the EC economy would expand by 0.5% due to increased climate ambition.
2. This is not surprising. Other studies have illustrated that the macroeconomic effect of Green New Deals is likely to be small (around +0.1% of annual GDP growth according the literature review conducted by Gueret et al, 2019)…
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In her #SOTEU speech yesterday, @vonderleyen reaffirmed @EU_Commission commitment to rule of law & said EU money would be “protected against any kind of fraud, corruption & conflict of interest.”


The EU should use its budget to uphold democracy:… Image
The EU urgently needs to equip itself with a robust tool tying member states’ access to EU funds to respect for core democratic obligations.

This has been a long time coming, and - thankfully - it seems Council, Commission and Parliament are all headed in the right direction.
The ball is now in Germany's court, because it holds the EU’s rotating presidency until December 2020.

It thus becomes a matter of Merkel's legacy: will she reinforce the foundations of democracy in Europe before she departs the stage?
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#SOTEU: It often takes a good lunch to digest EU blah blah, so here we go
There was substance, on health especially. Any push by the Commission to wrest away national powers is notable. Von der Leyen was explicit: dealing with future crises will need the EU empowered more
On that same note, mention of 'own resources' revenues was notable in its absence. The Commission is not banging the drum for tax-collecting power yet, while the EP is desperate for it. UVDL mentioned the possible sources (border tax etc) but not that explicit link
Climate, of course, got a target: 55%. More meat on the bones tomorrow on how to achieve that, so best to hold off until there's official confirmation of what the Comm plan is. UVDL says 55% is 1.5 degrees Paris-compliant, while others will tell you it is not
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📊🇫🇷🇪🇺 Près de deux tiers des Français (65%) souhaitent que les pouvoirs de décision soient renforcés au niveau de la France "même si cela doit conduire à limiter ceux de l'Europe"

21% souhaitent renforcés les pouvoirs de l'Europe

#SOTEU - Enquête "Fractures françaises" 2020 Image
Mais les Français demeurent partagés sur l'appartenance de la France a l'UE

A peine la moitié (53%) déclare que l’appartenance de la France à l’Union Européenne est "une bonne chose" mais un tiers est prêt à affirmer que c'est une mauvaise chose (34%). Les autres sont indécis. Image
Dans la droite ligne du vote de 2005, une majorité de Français rejette l'UE telle qu'elle se forme actuellement (52%) tout en restant globalement favorable au projet en lui-même Image
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In a speech spanning the need to uphold the global rules-based order to discrimination within the EU, commission chief @vonderleyen made her case for a green and digital transformation of the continent while referencing 'great European' John Hume #SOTEU…
Here is @vonderleyen's tribute to the late Nobel Laureate John Hume.
She quoted his words on difference being "the essence of humanity", as she spoke about day-to-day discrimination and the need to build "a truly anti-racist union"
Von der Leyen quoted Margaret Thatcher as she urged Britain to uphold the Withdrawal Agreement.
“Britain does not break Treaties. It would be bad for Britain, bad for relations with the rest of the world, and bad for any future Treaty on trade”.
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Hoy @vonderleyen abrió el Debate sobre el Estado de la Unión con un discurso en el que remarcó que esta tiene que ser la Década #Digital 🇪🇺.

Abro hilo sobre los pilares: en datos, tecnologías e infraestructuras. Con una mirada geopolítica, social, verde y económica.
- 20% de inversiones de #NextGenerationEU se destinarán a tres áreas: conectividad, habilidades y servicios públicos digitales.
- Otro 20% del Plan de Recuperación fortalecerá la soberanía digital en tres áreas: nube europea, conectividad regional, y quantum y supercomputación.
Principales acciones:
- Puesta en marcha de una #Identidad Digital Europea segura y gobernanza de datos personales.
- Cerrar la brecha con lo #rural en infraestr. y conectividad: financiación de redes de ancha banda para el 40% aún sin acceso + human-centred AI para agricultura.
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The #SOTEU was very presidential - and not in a good way. @vonderleyen dropped a lot of headlines but gave very little indication of where the @EU_Commission is headed and failed to strengthen the EP‘s Hand in the ongoing negotiations.

A few examples:
1/ The EU is in the worst recession in history. To get out of it, the EU will need a Post-Corona consensus on fiscal policy. This will take time and probably new rules. The Commission should steer this debate. But nothing on this in the speech but a vague reference.
2/ @vonderleyen promised new spending on digital and climate-related European projects - but she doesn’t have the money. She could have asked member states for it when the Green Deal came out and when the Recovery Instrument was presented. She didn’t, and now it’s too late.
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.@vonderleyen on Internal Market Bill

“This WA took 3 years to negotiate and we worked relentlessly on it, line by line, word by word. And together we succeeded. And the result guarantees our citizens’ rights, financial interests, the integrity of the SM, and crucially the GFA
“The EU and UK jointly agreed it was the best and only way for ensuring peace on the island of Ireland. We will never backtrack on that. This agreement has been ratified by this House [EP] and by the House of Commons.
“It cannot be unilaterally changed, disregarded or disapplied. This is a matter of law and trust and good faith.
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I have a feeling this tweet will soon be quite applicable to @vonderleyen’s State of the Union.
✅ Health Union: check
✅ Economic and Monetary Union: check
✅ Capital Markets Union: check
✅ Industrial Union: check
Getting there!
✅ Digital Union: check
🎁 BONUS: Anti-racist Union
🎁 BONUS: Union of Equality
#SOTEU #SOTEU2020 🇪🇺
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🚨@vonderleyen's 1st #SOTEU
Stay tuned:
"For me it is crystal clear–we need to build a stronger European Health Union
& to start making this a reality we must now draw the 1st lessons from the health crisis
We need to make our new #EU4Health programme future proof"@SKyriakidesEU
"...this was a global crisis we need to learn the global lessons. This is why, along with Prime Minister @GiuseppeConteIT and the Italian #G20 Presidency, I will convene a Global Health Summit next year in #Italy.
This will show Europeans that our Union is there to protect all."
"...the Commission created the #SURE programme(...)This is real European solidarity in action. And it reflects the fact that in our Union the dignity of work must be sacred."💪🇪🇺🤲"will put forward a legal proposal to support Member States to set up a framework for #MinimumWages"
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.@vonderleyen opens her first State of the Union address to the @Europarl_EN as President of the @EU_Commission by thanking healthcare workers across the EU for their bravery during the ongoing #COVID19 pandemic. #SOTEU Image
🩺🇪🇺And UvdL states her first policy proposal: as a result of the pandemic she recommends the need to "build a stronger European health union" and also to look at health competencies in the Conference on the Future of Europe.

#SOTEU #SOTEU2020 #StrongerTogetherEU
🇪🇺Interesting for #SocialRights from UvdL.

💶🧑‍💼👩‍🏭👩‍💼👷‍♀️👨‍🌾UvdL will be putting forward a framework for facilitating more EU workers have access to a minimum wage across the bloc.

#SOTEU #SOTEU2020 #StrongerTogetherEU
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This morning @vonderleyen will give her first "State of the Union" speech to the European Parliament.

Admittedly, even as an EU nerd I have yet to get attached to the tradition. I would struggle to name a single #SOTEU speech that made a lasting impact.
Could this year be different? Expect a positive outlook after a difficult year, with a focus on Green Deal, digitalisation, the EU coming together over the recovery fund, migration and a touch on European strategic autonomy.
#Brexit will likely not be a major issue, besides a call to the UK to keep its commitments and a declaration of willingness to strike a strong partnership.
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🟢 What is the State of the European Union #SOTEU debate? It's an important moment of #EU #democracy, when MEPs hold the @EU_Commission to account, checking on work done & the #FutureofEurope.

🎞️by @Europarl_EN

#NextGenerationEU #EUGreenDeal @boell_stiftung @boell_EU_USA
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As expected MEPs support plan to push the shipping sector into the EU carbon market for the first time, masterminded by Greens @JuttaPaulusRLP

Background here on the vote…
Shippers will also have to meet strict efficiency improvement targets and not produce emissions when docked by 2030

Now, we wait on what details @vonderleyen will give during tomorrow's #SOTEU. Good intentions have been the limit so far.
Final vote on the text is tomorrow. Of interest will be what the Commission do next. MEPs are calling for an impact assessment by end of 2020 and for the ETS to be up and running by 2022. Preferred timeline is therefore quite clear
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1/10 Tomorrow, @EU_Commission President @vonderleyen will make her 1st #SOTEU speech. The #VdLCommission’s been off to a good start with an ambitious #green agenda & the #EUGreenDeal, but the real test of her green credentials is yet to come...
2/10 Our #EU experts @manondf + @Pieter_de_Pous will be live-tweeting highlights during tomorrow’s #SOTEU speech at 9:00AM CEST.

If you’re interested in #euclimate be sure to follow along! In the meantime, here are some major areas we’ll be looking out for 🧐👇
3/10 Pressure by many including @Fridays4future and a #Green wave during last year’s @Europarl_EN elections left @vonderleyen with little alternative than to elevate the #green agenda to unprecedented prominence.… #SOTEU @QuentinGenard
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President @vonderleyen delivers the State of the EU at 9:00 (CEST) tomorrow.

📃 Speech & explainers will be published on

🗣️ Broadcast in all EU languages on EbS

🇪🇺 Follow #SOTEU

Here's a few other things to know 👇 1/n
What is #SOTEU?

🇪🇺 Speech to @Europarl_EN by @EU_Commission President
🗺️ Charts a course for the year ahead
🎯 Lays out vision, priorities and plans
🚨 Addresses pressing challenges
💪 Reflects on achievements of past year

What will be in #SOTEU?

President @vonderleyen's priorities (#EUGreenDeal, #DigitalEU, #NextGenerationEU) are key to launching a resilient, sustainable, fair, prosperous #EURecovery following #coronavirus crisis!

More on priorities:…

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Let us speculate! I think VdL is going to make a #reshuffle. Trade is a very important portfolio, also with regard to #Brexit. So we need an experienced commissioner like @JHahnEU or @dreynders. @EPPGroup's claim to the portfolio weakens the position of the latter. (1/3)
So I think Hahn will win the race. But is @MaireadMcGMEP the perfect match for budget and administration? I don't think so. So why not Reynders on the portfolio? McGuinness could do agriculture. But then where to put @jwojc? Justice to the Polish PiS party? No way! (2/3)
One option would be to give @JanezLenarcic the portfolio and to entrust Wojciechowski with crisis management.

Wow. That means a big #reshuffle of the EU Commission. And that a few days before the #SOTEU. I don't want to be in the position of Ursula von der Leyen ...
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The next #EUelections2019 will take place in May.
We propose new rules to ensure that they are organised in a free and fair manner, and to better protect them from manipulation by third countries or private interests.!fx67KH #SOTEU #EUprotects
To ensure that Europeans are able to make their political choices next May in fair and secure elections, our new set of measures focus on:
🛡️Data protection
⚖️Appropriate sanctions
#SOTEU #EUelections2019
More in our factsheet ↓
Recent revelations have shown risks for citizens to have their data misused and be targeted by mass online disinformation campaigns.
We propose sanctions for the illegal use of personal data to deliberately influence elections.!fx67KH #SOTEU #EUelections2019
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“We cannot continue to squabble to find ad-hoc solutions each time a new ship arrives.”
During #SOTEU, President @JunckerEU proposed:
• A reinforced European Union Agency for Asylum
• A fully equipped #EUBorderGuard
• Stronger EU rules on return
• Legal migration
We are proposing to equip the #EUBorderGuard with the operational capacity and powers needed to effectively support Member States on the ground.
The new standing corps of 10,000 operational staff will ensure that the EU has the necessary capabilities in place.
#SOTEU #MigrationEU
We are proposing to reinforce the European Union Agency for Asylum to help Member States to process asylum applications swiftly, including through the deployment of migration management support teams. #MigrationEU
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“The geopolitical situation makes this Europe’s hour: the time for European sovereignty has come.”
This year’s State of the Union Address revolved around the theme of ‘Sovereignty’.
Learn more →!rf83Qj #SOTEU #EUintheWorld
European sovereignty means developing Europe’s ‘Weltpolitikfähigkeit’ → the capacity to play a role, as a Union, in shaping global affairs.
President @JunckerEU’s vision is detailed in our factsheet ↓
“Together, as a Union, we can plant the seeds of a more sovereign Europe. European sovereignty enables all of us to better protect, defend and empower our citizens”,
said President @JunckerEU on #SOTEU.
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