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My ex - who had covid initially at the same time I did & also never recovered - was hospitalized several months ago with severe lymphopenia and opportunistic infections. He died early this morning. I am beyond shaken.
Many of you know I have also been dealing with persistent cd4 lymphopenia and opportunistic infections. We were both infected in February 2020 - long before vaccines existed, before the virus was officially documented in our city, and before masking had even been discussed.
He was a vietnam veteran that served this country like millions of others when drafted at 18. The final years of his life were spent on the streets - blocks from the largest VA hospital in the nation. Like us, there was no help for him.
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I had no intention of speaking about this on here, but seeing as as I'm still getting attacked by GC trolls over stuff I said - NOT about individuals - in 2020 here it is.
It was NOT a TRA who reported me, it was a GC woman. How do I know? Because she used information I had……
She asked me what groups I was involved with and who is supporting me now, precisely to use the information against me. Started a campaign of lies against me the next day and then made the report to the charity I work for. So all of her little flying monkeys might want to think……
I am DONE with this bullshit. This sort of thing is precisely why I believed the propaganda against GCs in the first place. Its too full of ppl who are about the hate and the drama not the feminism.
I'm here for the #sextrade survivors and #autistic and #disabled women. That's……
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For 13 years #disabled people have been waging war on the #Tories using the courts. They've had to organise, plan, raise funds and (because of illness and some disabilities) put themselves in harms way physically and mentally due to stress.
All of this has been done with little to no support from

The unions
Left wing parties
The Left wing media
Jeremy Corbyn
Left wing Labour MPs
Able-bodied Left wingers.

By a strange coincidence a lot of the above have spluttered about the Tories but done no actual fighting.
Rallies and general back slapping each other don't count.

Even the unions have only engaged in the last 2 years out of THIRTEEN.

Corbyn is the exception. But Corbyn gave uck all support to disabled activists doing the fighting, barely even mentioned them. Even though it is
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As I think about this @Eurovision #Eurovision2023 , I wonder – are we truly united by music? I considered writing some scathing diatribe saying ‘no’. And then realised I was wrong.

Because this popped up on my @YouTube feed 👇
@ChoirOfTheEarth, directed by @mrbenengland, teach music line-by-line in full choir & sectional rehearsals via YouTube. You record your own voice @ home, on your📱! A team of elves / sound engineers play back YOUR performance in a live online concert.
So what? Well, I was at the Messiah in person get together in Belfast, hosted by @DownandConnor.

I thought
get a church + sing = go time 🎙️

But no. No no no no no.
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[thread CW: child & patient abuse, mention CSA]

A Boston hospital just sent out a new "code of conduct" message thru their patient portal to tell me all about the zero tolerance tone policing policy.

Because patients are "being more combative".
Let's consider that.

Are patients becoming more combative?
Or when patients get caught on the jagged edges of our shattered healthcare system, when patients are hurt by this violent to all system, is it now a dischargeable offense to do anything other than sit there silently while being hurt?
[child abuse]
As a survivor of long-term child abuse, my vigilance is hyper.

A medical analogy: I don't have super specificity, but do have high sensitivity to early & slight signs of toxic, abusive, & violent systems & people.

I want this to be a false positive, but...
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THREAD: #Oregon's failing curriculum policies have taken an astounding amount of resources away from #Disabled students, if this report is correct:…
2/ Comparing the numbers in this report with the total student numbers reported to the public & to the feds is particularly alarming, because the report shows that a full 20% of the unqualified teachers are working in special ed, whereas....
3/ ...special ed students account for only 0.8% of Oregon's total student population. Granted, they should have a higher teacher-student ratio. But not a higher unqualified teacher ratio.
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🧵An important thread:
At some point, if u are #Disabled & dating someone new, no matter how much that person loves u, they may at some point or another receive what I call the *Friends & Family Warning⚠️*… where a friend or family member of theirs warns them not to date u. 1/5
It’s at a times brutal moment when the projections of an insecure and ignorant society are projected on the you, the person you are dating, and the relationship itself. And it’s hard not to internalize it.
The warning to your partner may sound like
👉“are you sure you want date someone who has a disability?” 👉“What if they get sicker?”
👉 “How will you be happy if they can’t do all the things you can do?”
👉“I’m just saying this because I care about you”

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"Make Canada Work for People Who've Done the Work" @PierrePoilievre who voted against #CERB shares a press release amending the budget that reflects zero compassion for low income earners and the #disabled
A re-elected Liberal government will:
Continue to ensure that secondary earners—mostly women—can exclude up to $14,000 of their working income when income-testing the #CanadaWorkersBenefit, so that families can receive up to $2,400.…
1/2 You can read abut the Liberal Party Policies for disabled people at… #CanadaDisabilityBenefitAct was unanimously adopted Febeuary 2, 2023 as a federal income supplement for working-age persons with disabilities.
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1/2 A growing number of folks realize that California is where they get their produce from & it's been slammed by forest fires, floods, etc. so they are going to grow their own veggies this year and escape the high prices in the grocery chain stores.
2/2 An estimated two-thirds of all produce consumed in Canada is imported from the U.S. accounting for approximately 37% of Canada's fresh fruit imports in 2021. California exported $4.8 Billion to Canada, including: $1.7B in fruits and nuts & $203M in vegetables and roots.
I live on a Gulf Island where the best weather conditions found in Canada are found so I purchase FRESH produce from organic farmers at farm gates and at Farmer's Markets twice weekly. Hubby also grows some of our veggies.
Are you now or will you be growing your own produce?
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Boom! 🔥
For @Newsweek ✍️

Elon Musk's Cruel Mockery of a Disabled Worker Exposes an Ugly Truth About America🇺🇸♿️
😞… @ibdgirl76 @iamharaldur @TaylorLorenz @maiasz @daveweigel @elonmusk @YoungVoicesOrg @wil_da_beast630 @chadfelixg @edzitron #disability
Thank you to the amazing @bungarsargon for letting me write about this topic🙏
tale of @elonmusk v @iamharaldur is a public version of an experience countless disabled Americans have suffered when working or trying to find employment.

Disabled people are deprived of the opportunity to work not because they lack talent but because of the Bigotry of No……
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After nearly 20 years yesterday was my last day in uniform for the @usairforce! For the next 6 months I’ll be interning w/ @TilsonTech until I officially retire on 1 Sep. This day almost never came due to the @SecDef 💉 mandate. I need to thank some people who saved my career. 🧵
Last July I was denied a religious waiver & the AF was going to separate me just shy of retirement. I tweeted of my concern for my #disabled daughter’s loss of medical & @TuckerCarlson asked me on his show. He gave me a platform to speak for the 1,000s of us facing persecution 🧵
The next week I was given separation papers & a reprimand for going on Tucker’s show. The next day though a judge granted an injunction thanks to @AaronSiriSG & team. Those lawyers & others, like @dalesaran, have slaved to protect #Military members’ first amendment freedoms. 🧵
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No, this is wrong,

Anxiety disorders can be extremely disabling,
& they qualify for welfare assistance in most western countries

I've met people who cannot leave a single room in their apartment because of solely extreme anxiety disorder
Now is there a problem with Genz & tiktokers self-diagnosing anxiety disorders, yes, some social contagion going on

But that doesn't invalidate the millions of Americans with well-documented, officially diagnosed anxiety disorders as having those disorders control their lives
pls @ZaldanExtremist & anyone else,

do not confuse people with actual anxiety disorders to the weirdos that plague the internet

There are truly horrible mental illnesses out there, not everyone claiming to be bipolar or have Tourette's syndrome is making it up
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#Zionist-#Leyen's Revenge:
#EU #Ombudsman - page down at least since Feb 14, 2023, 8:22pm CET.
EU institutions and bodies profiles | #EuropeanUnion!btCjND ImageImage
#Zionist-#Leyen's harsh #revenge:
#Ombudsman's last webpage saved Oct 7, 2022
The European #Ombudsman, Emily #OReilly, works with the institutions, agencies and bodies of the @europeanunion to achieve the highest standard of #administrative practices… ImageImageImage
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And to my colleagues? The ones calling me "crazy" or "not believable" ? I will be writing about you next.

I mean, if I feel like it.

I don't know if I feel like it. I have not decided yet.

I have two other books with @HarperCollins before I get around to writing abt you
There's no way in hell I'm going to interrupt my current memoir to suddenly pay attention to some standard abuse that we disabled faculty (and students and staff) receive all the time. Abuse so standard? I already wrote about version of it

No, the memoir will not be about you.
What do I mean by "I already wrote about version of [standard abuse of disabled ppl inside higher ed]" ?

Here's "Some Husbands I Work With." It appears in @epiphanylit and these are tags & content warnings : #EmilyDickinson #SpousalHires #Censorship #Disabled #AcademicChatter Photo of a piece of paper w...
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Please do not give any person, especially not a disabled person, this advice:

Why don't you go work for [one of the most unethical corporations in existence]?

Giving this advice to someone because they posted something about a kind of job hunting or wanting $$ is no exception.
In that circumstance, it would still be awful advice, and when you give it to a disabled person, it's bad, awful, ableist advice.

It's so frustrating that I'm almost out of my 20's and any family member of mine still thinks this is okay.
I never asked for assistance with a job search or even said I said I was searching for a job. I have a profile on a freelance work site.

Giving me this awful unsolicited advice is willfully ignoring my disabilities and my principles.

#ableism #disabled #work #family #advice
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With all due respect, I sincerely hope you understand the ramifications for the CDC’s complete lack of actual measures to ensure patient safety. Basing the safety PREcautions on already skewed data is only furthering the already chronically ignored issue
Not to mention completely ironic since there’s been absolutely no “PREventative” measures at all
Mask wearing has been a necessary staple in medical facilities since the AIDS epidemic and it’s now up for debate and discretion? These CDC guidelines are lazy and fully adopting them without adjustments is plain ignorant.
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Update/background on this situation:
@janis_wilds helped an older #disabled #unhoused woman discharged from a hospital emergency room to the streets of #SanDiego with no place to recuperate.
She had been living (?) on a bus stop bench since CHRISTMAS!
This is all too common
Fortunately: Janis coordinated w/@Housing4Hmless to find a hotel room until Tuesday BUT- it was not an #ADA room.
The woman's wheelchair could not go into the bathroom, so a bedside commode was essential for her dignity & health.
Many thanks to friends at #JewishFamilyOrg for providing exactly what this woman needs: A commode that allows her to transfer from a wheelchair.
I share this as a reminder: Providing shelter/hotel rooms for PEH w/disabilities is only one step in keeping them safe & healthy
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There's no friendly way to put this:

The new CDC Opioids Guidelines are a farce when it comes to saving patients' lives.… #chronicpain #opioids #opioidcrisis #fentanyl #lawenforcement #drugs #politics #health #disability #disabled #cancer #addiction #pain
The CDC 2022 update is not meant to reform the guidelines

It's meant to absolve the CDC of guilt & wash its hands of an opioid prohibition & crisis it helped create… @elizableu @yashar @chadfelixg @conor64 @lhfang @stillgray @joerogan @TaylorLorenz
Christopher Jones, acting director of CDC’s National Center for Injury Prevention & Control

Said the guideline is about "improving the lives of patients living with pain.”

Then why did the CDC push further & deeper restrictions against patients?
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I spent the first two years of the pandemic shielding as an #immunocompromised person.
My boyfriend's roommate decided none of that mattered more than going skiing with friends unmasked in the car ride.

Roommates fine.
I've been #Disabled by #LongCovid and can no longer work.
Roommate was fully in the know and had said that they agreed to the same level of caution because they didn't want to get sick.
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1) First #energy bill received since smart meter installation?


I'm a single, #disabled man living in a 1 bed flat. I can't afford to put the #heating on. I only shower twice a week now. I barely use the oven/hob/kettle. I'm rationing lighting, for goodness sake.
2) There's nothing else I can cut back on. The cold makes my #MultipleSclerosis worse, but I'll have to ensure it. But because I'm on the wrong legacy #benefits I don't get energy assistance, so I'm stuck spending the equivalent of 2 weeks rent solely on energy.
3) How is this right in a supposedly civilised country? Why must we vulnerable & disabled suffer for the sake of shareholders profit? Who will call the energy companies to account? Not this #government for certain, but we infirm, disabled, & vulnerable just cannot live like this
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It's been 5.5 months since I had #COVID19. This is the best I've felt.

I ended up with #LongCovid. I lost my summer to the infection. Most days it was all I could do to walk to the end of my driveway and get my mail.

The neurological aspects of the result of the virus have ++
been the most difficult to deal with. The brain fog. The tingling and numb toes and fingers.

Then there's the cardio aspects - months of arrhythmia. I needed an ECG.

Then there's how my bloodwork has been a mess. Sugars up, cholesterol up, blood pressure up, liver enzymes ++
elevated. All of these things were fine before I got #COVID19.

I barely recognize myself post #COVID infection. I'm trying to reclaim my health but it's a battle.

Being #disabled and an activist, I'm all too aware of how #eugenics and #Ableism would factor into how this ++
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Shame on @nataliesurely and @emilyecooke for Shure's lazily-reported, ableist, misogynist article on #LongCovid in @newrepublic. It appears that Shure did not speak to a SINGLE longhauler, #pwME, or legitimate LC researcher.
#MECFS #neisvoid
@nataliesurely and @emilyecooke seem to think that it's cute and sexy to drum up drama about whether #LongCovid is *real.* Such an original take!

There are SO many errors and holes in Shure's reporting. The fact is that she didn't do the real reporting required.
Trying to sell the idea that #LongCovid has a psychological origin is easy: it fits right in with the racism and misogyny so many of us w post-infectious illness have dealt with for decades.

There are numerous studies that have shown concrete biomarkers of LC and #MECFS.
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A little thread for folks who are new to the #a11y field in light of the news, as LinkedIn and Twitter is full of people talking about the alleged atrocity of firing all of the @TwitterA11y team. There are several assumptions being made and myths I'd like to bust. 🧵
First, I'd like to say that this absolutely abominable, just not the atrocity people are making it out to be. My favorite boss led the @TwitterA11y team, and it is awful that they were fired without proper notice, and I hope the class action about the WARN Act wins.
Myth 1: Twitter is the only tech company with 3,500+ employees and no #accessibility team.

I've been working in #accessibility for over a decade. This isn't just untrue now, but it's been untrue. Lack of jobs is one reason I've been underemployed for nearly a decade.
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Austerity has led to excess deaths through poverty. Austerity has led to David Cameron’s Big Society Actually meaning #FoodBankBritain. And it’s not just the unemployed using food banks. Wages for hard working people is so poor, and inflation so high that teachers and nurses are
using them to feed their families too. #FoodBankTories
The #Tories have run down schools and run down the #NHS. Schools aren’t properly supported or ventilated. Staff turnover is ridiculously high. Burnout is commonplace.
The #NHS has been deliberately run down in order to justify selling it off. #Covid was deliberately mismanaged to justify selling the #NHS off. Billions of pounds were given to Track and Trace during the pandemic while Nurses and Doctors of colour were forced into frontline
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