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You've probably never thought about it, but you almost certainly don't know enough real life historical figures who were #dwarf people - and dwarf women especially.

So let me tell you about Perla Ovitz, a strong, proud Jewish dwarf woman who survived Auschwitz.

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CW: some people may find this thread distressing.
Piroska ‘Perla’ Ovitz, was born in Romania in 1921. One of 10 children, she and 6 of her siblings had dwarfism, like their father. He was a travelling rabbi & jester.

Her childhood was marked by loss: her father died when she was a toddler; her mother passed when she was 9.

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Your periodic reminder that being chronically ill with something like #cancer and/or being #disabled is a full-time job in addition to your full-time job.
I have been working since 6:30 but have had to spend a couple hours trying to navigate the health insurance bureaucracy.
Last week when I refilled my Rx for one of my lung meds, I was informed the price had been raised to $2,700+ So I have spent hours since attempting to find out how I can get this paid for. HOURS. Kafkaesque hours. And my meds run out tomorrow. It is madness.
The last person I spoke with actually said to me "people think their medication will be paid for magically" and then "I understand how you feel."
And you cannot scream and curse at these folks because they didn't make the rules but...who can afford these meds?
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The UK is dotted with the empty shells of old mental health hospitals, which tended to be known as 'lunatic asylums' in their grim heyday. Some have been demolished, others transformed into flats. Some just sit and rot. /1
I used to be obsessed by St John's hospital in Bracebridge Heath, just south of Lincoln. It is an enormously creepy spot, even now when new developments encroach the ruin on all sides. /2
But beyond the weird attraction of sad and decaying places, there's a living history here, and this is where #autism comes into play. /3
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Will be part of the panel on 10th talking about #FitIndiaMovement

Any movement gets success only when public become part of it& take it as its own responsibility.

Isn't #fitness about our own health?

Give your points,how to make #FitIndiaMovement a success?

In series of tweets I'll share my journey of #fitness.
From death in #KargilWar
1stAmputee marathon runner
1stBlade runner
1stSolo disabled Skydiver

&how thru @majdpsingh_TCO amputees are being enabled to be #fit using #sports

I have 50 bomb particles in my body(1 in liver)

Rt leg is amputated& lt underwent open knee surgery and its thigh&calf muscle are sliced by bomb.

Knee&ribs pain 24x7

Intestines partly removed leading to indigestion troubles

Phantom pain


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Flying is a nightmare when you need to bring 2 dozen medications with you.

1st, Despite already having them organized into a large pillbox right now, I have to put them all back into their original bottles again now before flying with them - otherwise they *will* get taken away
Then, despite having put them in those bottles, I’m now faced with a choice. If I put them in my checked bag and that bag is lost, even for a day? I will be in real danger. So for safety they should go in my carry on. HOWEVER...
Putting them in my carry on means I almost always face additional screening from TSA when they see allllll those pills in my bag. Yes, I always have copies of my prescriptions ready to go so I can prove I’m not trafficking any of the pills, but it takes time and is stressful.
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JFC people--don't use #disability as your political metaphor when for some of us it's not just real life, but a state of being relentlessly discriminated against by folks who otherwise perceive themselves as deeply "left" and "woke."
Come back when you understand context & what sub-minimum wage, segregated work space & the fact that #M4A (albeit a start) still ignores #disabled people. And when aforementioned "wokeness" comprehends enough to put freaking captions on your candidates' videos. ALL of them.
Thank you for coming to a TED talk that doesn't provide inspiration porn, just lived reality. I am available for questions after the lecture and to write a blazing piece about why none of you have #disabled staff, consultants or writers and think that is okay.
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1/ If you
• live in #Ontario, #Canada
• access, approved for The #DirectFunding Program through @CIL_Toronto

I would like to hear from you. I'm planning to apply to #DFP and would like client's knowledge of the process/related issues.
2/ I've called CILT, visited the website, and have #TheDirectFunding information application, but nothing quite compares to #livedexperience.
I don't have a terminal condition or quadri/paraplegia, and am not an amputee.
3/ When researching The Direct Funding Program for people with #Disabilities, the above conditions are what I encounter. I do meet the DFP criteria, I believe: i.e. need help w/transferring, grooming, dressing, item 7 of eligibility criteria.

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El Movimiento de la Neurodiversidad es una rama del movimiento de derechos en discapacidad (Disability Rights Movement). Creo que separarnos de un movimiento tan importante porque nos quita mucho más de lo que supuestamente nos quita un "dis".
Diferentes somos todos, cada persona funciona diferente a la de al lado. Considero la diversidad una propiedad de los conjuntos y no de los individuos. Diversidad funcional a mí cognitivamente no me dice nada, no me describe y, en mi contexto, me puede restar acceso, apoyos.
No logro evitar ver capacitismo interiorizado y hasta supremacismo en las personas autistas que rechazan la discapacidad, en particular entre aquellas que sí ven otras personas y condiciones como discapacitadas. Yo no necesito ser arreglado como esas "otras personas"
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I just wrote a long thread 📌about the cost of being #disabled ♿ and/or chronically ill🏥 in America & my hand went spastic & deleted it & honestly that is the perfect coda.

I so desperately want to be able to get out of my house to go somewhere other than the hospital.
I have needed a wheelchair lift and an automatic wheelchair since I was paralyzed. Despite the exorbitant premiums charged by my health insurance company, which is one of the largest in the country so I know they can afford it, they don't provide such things.
It is frankly driving me mad to be trapped inside all the time with the same view and never to be able to have a break from that. The nurse practitioner comes to the house, as does the nurse navigator. I am fighting to get the physical therapist back. It's just so arduous.
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Here’s my latest update to the list of Twitter #Disability & #ChronicIllness Hashtags.

- previous update 02.24.19 -

Please share it! Thank you. :-)

@ImageAltText Graffiti background. Foreground in white letters on a  red background to the left reads “Twitter Disability and Chronic Illness Hashtags”
There will be a PDF version up for download on my Ko-fi, likely tomorrow morning. The link is at the end.
Hashtags For Personal Narratives.

These hashtags are for sharing your stories & experiences. Also good for crowdsourcing solutions.

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When @KamalaHarris reviewed the tape, she was upset by what she heard. She apologized.
Trump has targeted #disabled people for the entirety of his presidency--and before.

In one tweet, Harris showed more leadership than Trump ever has…
When Trump mimicked #disabled reporter Serge Kovaleski, he not only didn't apologize, he doubled down.
It's essential that EVERY candidate call out members of her or his audience who uses this language. And do NOT use it or other words like it on here. They will--and should--get you locked or suspended. We have other words to describe Trump that don't harm disabled & I/DD people.
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Today in the shower caddy section, I fantasized about starting a podcast called, "WELL MAYBE IT WASN'T MADE FOR YOU, SUSAN!"

Each episode would just be me sharing about a product or service that people mock, or judge as lazy, that's actually life changing for #disabled people.
Today's episode would have been about waterproof holders that let you bring your phone into the shower. A woman in the aisle loudly remarked to her friend how ridiculous it is that "ppl these days are so glued to their smart phones that they cant even manage a shower without it."
You know who showers with their cellphone? I do. I used to have to choose between showering only when my husband was home in case I slipped or couldn't get back up from my shower seat, or taking the risk that I would fall and be stuck there until he came home that night.
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#Disabled people often go decades, even whole lives, without being included in definitions of what it means to be human. Whether people are talking about human thought, biology, creativity, or whatever, they often exclude our ways of being. It feels like subtle erosion.
When you're talking about human senses, ways of moving, ways of thinking / feeling, ways of philosophising / relating to various concepts...make sure you're not treating it as a singular experience. Even if you don't know all the different types of human experiences (who does?)
you can still say, "It's likely that some people will experience this differently, and we shouldn't assume that this is the only way of being human." Do make an effort to actually represent different experiences, but I get that sometimes you can't represent everything.
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So It's #Caturday 🐱 & I have a story. 📌
As many of you know, I ran a small no-kill cat shelter for about 20yrs. It was just me, The Wife, two close friends & a bunch of volunteers. This was parallel to all of us having full-time employment, so it was always a labor of love.
We rescued, rehabbed, spayed/neutered & placed well over 1k cats/kittens over that time. It was a mitzvah for the cats & the community in North Philly where we live. There were many stories over the years. It was great work we did. We closed after I was paralyzed 3yrs ago.
So one thing we did was place cats with older and/or #disabled people who needed pets. One person we placed cats with was M, a woman on the #autism spectrum who is also hard of hearing. She came to us through our vet. M needed a service cat to help her navigate her anxiety.
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Today is #NationalDogDay! Lets examine what roles our 4-legged friends have played in #DisHist!
Artistic representations of dogs accompanying #blind singers, beggars etc from across the world suggests that they have often worked and lived alongside #disabled handlers..1/ The blind man wears patched clothing and seems to be a beggar: he is led by a skinny dog with its ribs showing. The blind man appears to be holding a stick to guide him as well.A medieval color illustration from the Book of Hours shows a blind man receives sight from Christ while his dog looks on.
In this #earlymodern illustration of the Dance of Death, Death cuts the rope that links the blind man and his dog: “I cut you off from your guide.”
The blind man responds, saying, “I cannot take a step without my dog (hund).”
#DisHist #NationalDogDay..2/ The engraved illustration shows Death on the left as a skeleton, confronting a man with a hat and cloak, who appears to be a blind and is led by a dog. Death is using scissors to cut the rope used to lead the dog.
For more on #DisHist and good doggos in medieval illustrations, read @drkmurch's blog here:…

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Peter Meijer, 31, heir to a multi-billion $ supermarket chain, is running for Congress, challenging @justinamash (who quit GOP over current admin policies) for MI3 seat. The award-winning @DragSyndrome was scheduled to perform at a venue Meijer owns.
Meijer cancelled the #DragSyndrome appearance. Why? To “protect” them, he says.


The members of the UK-based troupe have #DownSyndrome (as does my daughter). Never mind that they’re adults, talented, successful, with full agency, who’ve performed around the world...
Meijer says he knows better. Claims he’s “protecting” “differently-abled” people. (Hey Peter: say “disabled.” As in “Americans with Disabilities Act.”)

My daughter’s whole life, people tried to exclude her (violating IDEA, another federal law, btw). They called it “protection.”
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Let’s talk bodies, self, and the ethical use of biotechnology. A thread on what a human is, the differences between individuals, and autonomy as the bedrock principle of the biotechnological age. 1/x
Here’s the previous discussion on science, legitimacy, and social capital if you missed it
I’m a molecular biologist. I work with the bits and pieces of biology that are shared by every single living thing on this planet - DNA, RNA, and protein. 3/x
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Excited to have several entries in The Katherine Schneider Journalism Award for Excellence in Reporting on Disability from 3 different publications.
Attention to #disabled journalists writing #disability stories is paramount when the CDC says 1 in 4 Americans has a disability.
Most often it is non-disabled people writing the stories of #disability and #disabled people, which means everything is seen through the lens not of disabled people but of non-disabled people viewing disability. Quite a different POV.
Just the way non-disabled people have reported on the primary and the candidates provides an entrée into what I mean: How many of the candidates are addressing THE largest minority in the country? Z E R O.
And one candidate, Marianne Williamson, has a complicated history on this.
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I spent weeks interviewing #LGBTQ people for my three-part series on #disability.
At #ADA29 it's critical to remember #disabled Americans are THE largest minority group, yet most invisible.

LGBTQ disability and Pride: The case for inclusion…
The 2nd installment of my series on #LGBTQ #disability addresses the impact of being queer and #disabled. Exclusion from our own communities is common for disabled people--and a layer of macro-aggression disabled people fight daily.
The 3rd installment of my series on #LGBTQ #disability deals with access, employment & discrimination. The unemployment rate for #disabled Americans is double that of non-disabled and can be even higher for people with LGBTQ identities.
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The Dude is probably going to die very soon.

The #MemoryCare and our hospice service are managing his discomfort.

We told him that he doesn't have to worry about anything, that he can just rest as much as he needs to.

#Disability #SpoonieChat #Alz

Waiting for someone to die is a strange thing, like a trip into a parallel universe, outside of time.

Without Penny our house is quiet.

And this moment is extra silent, like when you wake up to a thick blanket of snow in the middle of the night.
#Disability #SpoonieChat #Alz
I think it's the quiet that wakes me up on those snowy nights. Or is it the brightness of street lights and the moonlight bouncing up off the snow?

But that spell is always broken by shovels scraping, blowers growling, or car doors slamming.
#Disability #SpoonieChat #Alz
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Autistic people "go hard" when they do something. Finding the autistic community and making the cognitive and emotional paradigm shift from "I am always wrong and need to show deference" (how we grow up) to "I am valuable and have been abused by systems and industries" (cont)
is a brutal rearranging of our whole psyche and sense of self. We make the decisive covenant with ourselves that we aren't going to be abused anymore and we will do anything possible to keep others from having the same experiences. It is a radical shift and a brave one (cont)
Sometimes, we over-correct. The lines are so obscure and hard to read between what is toxic abuse and what is ableism. We oscillate between realities: the reality that our voices are needed to help future autistic generations not suffer the way we did, but also (cont)
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Thread: #Ableism
It is 'how-to-dress-for-academic-job-talks' season & many have pointed out the race/class/gender dimensions of these standards, but it's worth remembering that these standards need to be examined through the lens of disability, which is a part of 'diversity'...1/
...and if we claim are seriously interested in inclusivity/diversity in academia, we need to think about disability in how we design interviews & assess candidates.
Think about the recommended formal suits.
Uncomfortable, expensive & difficult to pull together on a budget. 2/
But, also, clipping an insulin pump or other medical equipment inside a suit can be a little difficult for some. If a suit appears ill-fitting, maybe we should check/assess our initial judgements. Additionally, many #disabled people also have sensory issues with some fabrics. 3/
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Pretty furioius to see @Sephora re-cut their "We belong to something beautiful" ad to excise @aaronphilipxo, a black trans #disabled model who was in the original ad in the opening sequence.
Just saw the recut @maddow on @MSNBC.

This is the fab Philip.

Here's the original, with @aaronphilipxo in the opening. So you can see what was cut. And ask @Sephora why.

.@aaronphilipxo was just featured on the cover of @papermagazine.
June 2019 by Myles Loftin, and interviewed by Naomi Campbell.
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THREAD. Please RT🙏🏼
1. Public breakdown. It’s my mom’s 76th b-day Thurs. She’s my sole caregiver from a bad car accident resulting in a #TBI. R Home #Foreclosed from my #medical bills/crappy #insurance. All I wanted 2 tell her is I found #investors to charitably save our home.⤵️
2. I know accidents are called that for a reason but my mom’s my best friend & everyday/hour she’s helping care for me. After all she has done & years she’s lost taking care of me, she doesn’t deserve to lose her/our forever home in the last 1/4 of her life w/a #disabled daughter
3. How can I recover and find an #angelInvestor that can save such a wonderful mother/daughter duo? We’re in our home paying rent as ordered by the court until an appeal is over & we’ll be out w/nowhere to go, live, survive. No family. We only have each other & our 3 ‘lil pups.
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