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7 Simple Life Hacks for You! A twitter thread...

Here are simple tips to improve your #life and feel the difference. Here’s how you can do it: Image
1) Prioritize Your Health

It doesn’t take time to stay #healthy, wealthy, and wise. Unfortunately, we don’t pay much attention to our personal well-being.

You should know that no work is more important than your #health. Whatever you do make sure it doesn’t affect your health.
Here’s what I do:

Every morning, I practice #yoga for my mental and physical well-being. In addition, I always make sure that my daily diet includes leafy vegetables and fresh fruits. Because I believe health is wealth.

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👋 Hey #Psychologists! 🧐 Are you considering shutting down your individual practice? Providing psychotherapy is a fulfilling but often lonely journey. 🤔 It's natural to question whether it's time to move on.
💭 However, making such a decision can be overwhelming, with many factors to consider. 💰 Financial concerns, personal goals, and more.
💬 Before making any drastic decisions, it's important to reflect on why you became a psychologist and what your goals are. Are they being met in your current practice? #SelfReflection
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As a chapter, we strive to make our annual conference affordable for our delegates. This is possible because of the sponsorships received.

In the run up to this week's #KRNA conference, we would like to take a moment to recognize those who responded to our call for support 1/6
This year's platinum sponsor @AfricaMHF has been instrumental not only providing financial support but also providing fund management services

Read more about their work in #safeSurgery…

@SaferSurgery has stepped in not only to provide equipment for delegates working in remote locations but also facilitate some of the workshops to be offered at #KRNA2022

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Dear International Graduates,

You can hone your skills and bump your income on your 9 to 5 job if you want.

I understand it’s challenging, but it’s not impossible.

I will show you how I doubled my income within 18 months as a graduate working 9 to 5 in Australia

1 — It starts with a desire

Every goal starts with a decision & a genuine desire to make it happen

When there is no desire, there is no passion, no willpower to make it happen. If you can't change your mindset, don’t read on, you will not follow through

You must decide
2 — Identify your strengths

Competence is key.

Employers exchange money for your services. The greater the services you provide, the better your value.

You have to get really good in your field to get more money. You need to be better than average.
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So I was wondering about my career and what success means to me... Read more in the thread :) #career #careeradvice #professionaldevelopment #womenintech #womeninstem #womenwhocode #girlswhocode
Sometimes, I like to ponder on what I have been doing in my career and whether I am living the life that I want. I've often been labelled as an ambitious go-getter (in the nicest way, I think!). Some might even consider my career history as a success story.
But for me personally, I don't consider it as a success story. Allow me to explain...
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Following my increased activity on #AcademicTwitter, if I see a question pop up many times, I write a blog post/article about it

Here’s a thread of 10 articles with useful resources & platforms for students, PhD researchers & academics

@AcademicChatter @OpenAcademics @PhDVoice
Interested in handy and practical books that can help your research, studies, writing skills, presentation techniques, career development and all-round personal and professional development?

If so, check out:…
Looking for a reference management platform to automate your bibliographies and list of references?

Check out:…
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'Leaders Eat Last' by @simonsinek

I had mixed thoughts on this one. I found the overall message on point, even when disagreeing on some observations. Overall, an engaging anthology on leadership.

#TheUnitLibrary #BookClub 🧵
June #professionaldevelopment Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek
I anticipated reading 'Leaders Eat Last' during this challenge. I enjoyed Sinek's TED talk and his book 'Start with Why' (September's book) was one of the first LPD books I picked up.…
"...exceptional organizations all have cultures in which leaders provide cover from above and the people on the ground look out for each other." p9
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‘Mindset: Changing the Way You Think to Fulfil Your Potential’ by Dr Carol Dweck

The “right attitude” you need along with “the right place, right time, right uniform...”

#TheUnitLibrary #BookClub 🧵
May #ProfessionalDevelopment
“I don’t divide the world into the weak and the strong, the successes and the failures...I divide the world into the learners and the non learners.” ~ Benjamin Barber
As Army leaders, we are charged with subordinate development. Of all the challenges to this outcome, maybe the most significant is the idea that some Soldiers are incapable of being developed.
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‘Success through Failure: the Paradox of Design’ by Henry Petroski

A little perspective for those who think they have reached the top.

#TheUnitLibrary #BookClub 🧵
April #professionaldevelopment
History is often viewed as a series of conquests and successes resulting in a modern humans sitting at the paramount of civilization. Petroski turns this on it's head through an analysis of design and engineering failures that stimulated invention and innovation.
“Successful tests are unremarkable... Failures are remarkable. The failures always teach us more than the successes about the design of things.”
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We know from @SashaShillcutt & @JulieSilverMD’s @NEJM paper, that social media has become an important avenue for women physicians to gather, providing #WomeninMedicine new avenues to share information & experiences:… #SheforShe
We wanted to better understand the #womenincardiology Twitter network – not just how many tweets, but more *how* the network is being used & if it is *useful*
We analyzed #ACCWIC #WomeninCardiology #ilooklikeacardiologist #AHAWIC #WomeninEP & #SCAIWIN
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I was born in the 1980s, in the suburbs of Divinopolis, a small city in the Minas Gerais state, 🇧🇷 (right in the middle of the country, so, no beaches there). I’m the oldest of 4 children. I was a happy child who could play in the streets and climb trees.
#IWS #IWSvoices
I also watched a lot of 📺and this helped to develop my passion for science. One of my favourite shows was Beakman’s World. I wanted to be a scientist like him. But I had never met any scientist. I wasn’t even sure if this profession really existed in 🇧🇷.
#IWS #IWSvoices Image
My passion for biology started in high school, because of one very enthusiastic teacher. I’ll never forget my first lab class and she saying: “look at those mitochondria, how beautiful they are!” I decided that I’d be a biologist.
#IWS #IWSvoices
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Press conference starting now. You can watch on our Facebook page, and we will be live tweeting in this thread as well.
IFT President @DanJMontgomery: We arrived at this position by talking to our members extensively...about how do we do this: how do we get back to teaching in the fall and do it safely?
Also consulted CDC, IDPH, ISBE guidance.
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Good morning, we are LIVE with Teala Beischer to talk about "Creating an Online Engagement Strategy that Works". Join us here: #TeMasterClass #TeVirtualEvents #TeVE
Did you know these Master Classes are held weekly to help you maximize your engagement efforts? Different themes each week! #ProfessionalDevelopment #EmployeeEngagement #TeVirtualEvents
How do we share knowledge? Break down the silos! How? Communication is KEY. We need to be able to address the base needs before we can think about innovating together.
#TransformationalLeadership #TeMasterClass #TeVE #TeVirtualEvents #BringPeopleTogether
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Burnout. It’s usually not due to some big thing.

Instead, lots of little things fill the plate till it overflows.

EOY - time for an audit/edit:

➡️What to keep doing

🛑What to stop doing

▶️What to start doing

#medtwitter #WomenInMedicine
Do you already do this?
Yesterday, I started my lists for my Start/Stop/Continue audit.

Like many on #medtwitter, I have lots of lists.

I consider personal, work, community, family, etc

AND break each of those down again and again until I’m really looking closely 🔍
For ex, big items on my “work” list:

👩‍⚕️ clinical
👩‍🏫 academic
👩🏼‍💼 industry
🎤 speaking
💻 virtual courses/Rx Series
📊 consulting/BOD
📚 royalties
🏖 TransforMD

What to start/stop/continue? Have to break each down further...

#WomenInMedicine who can relate?
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Real privilege getting to share our research on #OER and personalization with the #GoOpen community this morning. (Thanks for having me!) Figured I'd share some our key learning points here... 1/ #curriculum #instructionalmaterials
First off, shout out to the amazing leaders in the #GoOpen community. This work isn't about "free" materials, these folks are digging deep to engage teachers in curriculum, flex to meet unique needs, support effective instruction, and build a community. Super cool. 2/
We started the convo with some definition... what did I mean when using terms like "curriculum" "#OER" and "personalization"? Here was @LearningAccel starting point, curious how others agree/disagree. 3/
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We're LIVE! with @GaringerAngela & @cdsmeaton for a #TeVE about "Moving from Accountability to Assurance". Join us for an opportunity to learn, grow and participate in an exchange. #exchangetochange Join us here: #bringpeopletogether #TeVirtualEvents Image
@GaringerAngela @cdsmeaton Here's a sneak peek at what we will be discussing this morning. #TeVE #TeVirtualEvents #bringpeopletogether #buildingtrust #changemanagement Image
@GaringerAngela @cdsmeaton To engage children you also need to engage their parents. If we don’t ask parents, we’re only getting a response from staff. You truly need the diversity of opinion with parents AND staff. @cdsmeaton #TeVE #TeVirtualEvents #bringpeopletogether
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A few considerations about getting paid to speak for #medtwitter, #womeninmedicine, and #SoMeDocs in response to recent thread from @arghavan_salles.

Sometimes speaking and earning those lines on your CV are actually part of your job. In that case, you should have a clear understanding about protected time from your clinical/academic responsibilities.

Also, depending on your institution and possibly your topic, you might be limited in your ability to accept external payment for speaking, or it might be owed to your department. Do your homework!

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I appreciate folks recommending their fav public intellectuals to me. I looked at so many websites yesterday & it’s really helpful. So as a thank you, here is a thread for transparency on what I’m doing here.
My original tweet said that I was looking for models & mentors. That language is very purposeful. I recognize, particularly at this point in my career, that the people I want to learn from are excessively busy & in demand.
Looking for models means finding people who appear to be doing the kind of work you want to do (or living the kind of life you want to live) & learning as much as you can about how they did it.
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