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Independent India has always been a vibrant democracy, except for the #Emergency years of #IndiraGandhi from 1975-77. That it has taken a decisive turn to religious majoritarianism under the #BJP and under #Modi since 2014 doesn't change that fact. (1/)
Democracy is not necessarily congruent with liberal values or even human rights. #Slavery was legal both in the democracy of Great Britain as well as the USA for almost a hundred years since the US' formation. Even a White woman was not considered equal to a man in America. (2/)
#Blacks in the #US did not have equal rights even after the abolition of slavery for another 100 years under #Lincoln, but we still think of the US in #1960 as a democracy.

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#Delhi: A #Hindu man with trishul tattoo, was beheaded & chopped into atleast 8 pieces in Jahangirpuri, to spread communal violence before the #RepublicDay

The video of his killing was sent to their Lashkar-e-Taiba handler in Pakistan and Canada-based #terrorist Arshdeep Dalla
They were also tasked to plan, carry out attacks on right-wing #Hindu leaders in neighbouring states Jagjit Singh (29) alias Yaqub & Naushad (56) were arrested by #DelhiPolice for their alleged links with anti-national elements.Police is yet to recover victim's head #Jahangirpuri
#DelhiPolice recovered hand grenade from a house at Bhalswa Dairy, after interrogating Naushad & Jagjit arrested under UAPA
Jagjit linked to #Khalistani #terrorist ArshdeepDalla, Naushad to #terrorist org Harkat ul-Ansar & was out of jail after serving sentence for double murder
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Just after his victory in the 1984 elections, #RajivGandhi faced his first big challenge. On 23rd April 1985, the Supreme Court ordered the ex-husband of a Muslim woman from Indore, Shah Bano, to pay her maintenance under Section 125 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC). 1/13
Shah Bano's ex-husband Mohammed Ahmad Khan had argued in the Madhya Pradesh High Court, that under Islamic Law, he had paid his divorced wife three months' maintenance, and he wasn't obliged to pay any more. 2/13
But the apex court maintained that "there is no conflict between the provisions of Section 125 and those of the Muslim Personal Law on the question of a Muslim husband's obligation to provide maintenance for a divorced wife who is unable to maintain herself". 3/13
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Had a Puja at home today and interacted with two highly learned South Indian Brahmins (both are Engineers by qualification)

Both believe #RamMandirTrust has cheated donors in the so-called land scam.

They think Trust did the deal of ₹2 crores in 2011, which is untrue…

On 4 March 2011, Mehfooz, Javed, Noor & Firoz Alam entered into an Agreement with Kusum & Harish Pathak and Mohd. Irfan to sell the said land parcel for ₹1 crore.

This Agreement was cancelled on 4 March 2014.

On 20 November 2017, the 4 sellers named above entered into…

… another agreement with Kusum & Harish Pathak, but for double the price (₹2 crores)

Having been a leading real estate consultant for 14 years, let me be clear that there is nothing surprising in a 100% increase in the land price in 6.5 years.
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Fed up of this bullshit "Make hospital, in place of Ram Temple in Ayodhya".

Most non-BJP politicians, pseudo-intellectuals, pseudo-seculars, lutyens & librandus are relentlessly asking this.
Answering to them in this thread.
@Cyber_Hunttss @IndUSGurl
#RamTemple #RamJanmBhoomi
Many of such hypocrites called the Bhoomipoojan death of secularism in India, derogating the decision given by a constitutional body, Supreme court & these hypocrites outcry constitution 24*7.
Let's talk about some more facts & logics(Although these aspects don't matter to them).
The #RamMandirAyodhya is going to be built on donations from believers in Sri Ram.
Central Govt has donated just ₹1 in that fund and UP state Govt has not donated any money yet.
The owner of the land is #SriRam, which would be managed by @SriRamJanmBhumi Teerth kshetra trust.
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I put the whatsapp status about supporting Ayodhya Ram Mandir and one of my friend , He is a Muslim and his feelings got hurt by seeing my status.
He asked me as a reply to the status "Is there any proof that the Masjid is built after demolishing A Ram Temple " ?
@kumarnandaj Image
I told him that I have the proof , which is not any opinion about Historians but Archeological & Scientific proof. And I asked him , "will you support the construction of Ram Mandir if u got enough evidence for a demolished Temple "??
"Of course , atleast I will not oppose the construction of temple , if you have the clear evidence "
He replied.
I felt very happy , atleast he is ready to hear our side. I explained him about the excavation done by Prof. BB Lal and the artefacts they got at first excavation.
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In the LeLi logic, all evils are solely due to the building of temples and hospitals should be built instead.
Let’s look at this narrative and dissect it bit by bit so we can get to the truth.
#RamTemple #RamTemple
Here are just four films from #Bollywood: What was the contribution of
Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo to Indian society?
It cost 180 crore to make.
Why wasn’t a hospital constructed instead? Image
In the same list are two more films:
Dh 3 and Dilwale.
Both also cost 180 crores to make.
What exactly was their contribution to society.
Granted it may have been entertainment, but going by LeLi logic, did they save lives?
Did anybody ask why “hospitals were not built instead”?
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Sri Yoga Ramar #Temple - Nedungunam, TN

Main deity is #Rama in sitting posture -calm,right hand on chest(chin mudra), with eyes closed without weapons,Sita -lotus in right hand & left points to feet of Rama.Lakshmana with bow &arrow. Hanuman is sitting at feet of Ram.. reading. Image
📷- resp owner
Source text - templefolks website
Very rare and Unique #RamTemple with Rama in sitting posture without bow n arrow. #JaiShreeRam 🙏🏻
@BharatTemples_ @TempleTrails @punarutthana @Krishna_Priiya @almightykarthik @Itishree001
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#BabriMasjid dispute would have been resolved much more amicably if Indian "seculars" did not falsify history to whitewash Islamic iconoclasm. This promoted Muslim victimhood rather than a spirit of remorse.

#5AugustBlackDay for liars and aggressors.…
The reason Islamists like #AIMPLB/Owaisi are upset at the #RamTemple is that it is a setback for Islamic expansionism. That even after 500 years dharma rises.

That is what the wailing is about. And Indian "seculars"? They're simply #JihadCoolies.

There is overwhelming evidence for Ram Temple, both archeological and textual. Here Tulsidas' poem documents its destruction, complete with dates. The destruction happened while Tulsidas was alive. One can barely imagine the pain it would have caused him.…
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India has been a wounded civilization because of Islamic violence: Pakistanis know this; indeed they revel in it.
It is only Indian Nehruvians like Romila Thapar who pretend that Islamic rule was benevolent. We should face facts: Islamic rule in India was at least as catastrophic as the later Christian rule.
The Christians created massive poverty in what was a most prosperous country; the Muslims created a terrorised civilization out of what was the most creative culture that ever existed.
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For all those youngsters who were very young or born after 1986, I am offering perspective behind current round of violence indulged into by Jihadists..
1) In 1985, Supreme Court of India, adjudicated a divorce/ maintenance case in favour an elderly Muslim woman; Shah Bano..
2) The SC asked her husband to pay her maintenance every month..Her husband was of the view that under Muslim Personnel law, he wasnt required to pay her any maintence beyond iddat period of 3 months and 10 days..
Since, the Supreme Court of India didn't accept his arguments+
+ Muslim organisations came out on the streets in protest against the SC ruling..Their argument was that the judiciary had no power to rule in the matters of their Personal law..
Many organisations threatened then PM, Rajiv Gandhi that blood will flow on the streets of India+
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This man, Swamy time and again makes tall, contentious, impractical if not impossible claims to ingratiate himself with his supporters..Another reason is to establish himself as a bigger Hindutva icon than PM @narendramodi .
He claims that Kashi and Mathura can be restored+
+ back to Hindus quite easily only if, Govt desires so..According to him, SC has no role to play for getting restoration of Kashi and Mathura land from Muslims..
Now the question arises, why Swamy, whose 2nd home is SC and who filed I/A application in SC in #RamTemple case+
+ on the grounds of Faith & Right to pray, eminant domain, doesnt file a writ petition in SC demanding restoration of Kashi and Mathura to Hindus on the same grounds? Why he is suggesting invocation of Article #300A of our Constitution?
Why is Swamy not approaching SC? Why?
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SC says it has other 'priorities' rather than decide on decades-old #AyodhyaRamMandir case
And here are the priorities Indian Courts are busy with!
#Ordinance4RamMandir #BillForRamMandir #GiveGovtLandForMandir
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Want to become a #GoodHindu', but don't know how?
Here is a handy Ten Point Guide on How To Be A #GoodHindu, as devised by the great Shashi Tharoor himself, the ultimate authority doling out certificates of #GoodHinduHood'
# 10 Ask 'Why do we need another temple? We should build a hospital/orphanage/park/Shopping Mall/Bowling Alley at the disputed site in Ayodhya every time the topic of #RamTemple comes up. But do write glorifying the latest church or mosque that is being built anywhere in India.
# 9 - Chant the #GoodHindu' mantra, 'Terror Has No Religion' each time you hear of an Islamic Terror attack anywhere in the world. Blame poverty, education, trucks, planes, a traumatic childhood, mobile phones...anything but the I word!
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