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🛸 More Connectivity!More Possibilities!
BTT Pi - A single-board computer(SBC) with the same mounting holes as Raspberry Pi, packed with powerful processing and versatile connectivity options, making it perfect for a wide range of 3d printing applications. 🌃 Image
😎With the compact and integrated design, BTT Pi enhances the coordination of different components to present high stability and performance.
✅ Highly compatible with #Klipper:
As an alternative to Pi, BTT Pi offers advantages to running Klipper effortlessly to upgrade 3d printing.
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Want to get started in DIY electronics? This is the thread for you:

Robin Mitchell, Electromaker's resident Engineer and Educator, has compiled a list of everything you need to get going, all for under $100. Let's take a look!

#diyelectronics #electronics #Engineering
(By the way, everything in this thread and more can be found in the blog post and video on the Electromaker website:…)

#diyelectronics #electronics #Engineering
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As promised, here is the full process thread for Ghostwriter - the #AI typewriter. A journey from idea to realization:

The idea: With the exponential growth and emergence of a prolific number of AI products we see every day, I wanted to create a mindful intervention that (1/13)…
allows you to take a moment to breathe and reflect on the new creative relationship we are forming with machines. The calm meditative interface of a vintage typewriter takes away all the digital distractions and takes us on an emotional journey through paper and ink. (2/13)
I started my search for an electronic typewriter that would let me read the keys through an #Arduino. After a long search, I found this worn-out brother model.
I then spent time restoring: replacing the broken daisy wheel, getting new cartridges, lubricating and cleaning. (3/13)… Image
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Installed headless #Ubuntu on #RaspberryPi using the Raspberry Pi Imager ? Trying to figure out how to change the wifi password? Read the 🧵
The Wifi config is managed by default using networkd and netplan with the config set up by cloud-init during the first boot. Update your password here : Image
Generate and apply: Image
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Raspberry Pi case in Mac mini style
A few details about the project in🧵
#raspberrypi ImageImageImage
The idea was very simple - to make a device based on the Raspberry Pi 4, and leave only the essentials. Plus PoE (Power over Ethernet).
Hide the printed circuit board and unnecessary interfaces. Make it closer to the average user.
Made as a simple square with rounded edges, unlike the Mac mini, where the case is a squircle
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When operating SAT-portable, the automatic Doppler correction of 2xFT-818 can be conveniently performed by a #RaspberryPi Zero W running #Gpredict and #Hamlib. Proven solid and reliable in DXing over the last 2 years. Read on for details 🧵

#amsat #hamradio #amateurradio #hamr
Doppler adjustment can be made manually but beyond calling CQ things get cumbersome. An automated tracking allows to quickly hop between different stations in the very limited time of the pass. For DX skeds this setup brings you spot on on the transponder frequency. 2/8 #amsat
RasPi connects to the WiFi hotspot of my iPhone enabling control and time sync. RTCZero backs up the system time. 2x CH340 USB-TTL converters connect the FT-818s to the Pi through Zero4U hub. 3/8
#amsat #hamradio #amateurradio #hamr #raspberrypi
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1\ #Ethereum e a maioria das outras #altcoins rodam em uma estrutura de rede predominantemente da Amazon porque as "funcionalidades" adicionais requerem muito mais poder de processamento.

Por que isso é um grande risco na realidade de hoje?

A thread🧵⬇️ Image
2\O mkt da maioria das criptos depende de enfatizar como a #blockchain deles é melhor, mais rápida e mais versátil que a do #Bitcoin

99% desses projetos miram uma audiência newbie que não entende que a utilidade aparentemente limitada do Bitcoin é uma funcionalidade e não um bug
3\ Isso porque o marketing altamente eficaz dos VCs evita apontar que as funcionalidades avançadas que eles estão promovendo, a maneira como esses projetos recebem dinheiro e são criados implicam grande centralização de estrutura e governança.
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1\ #Ethereum and most other #altcoin network infrastructure runs predominantly on Amazon servers because their additional "functionality" requires a lot more computing power.

Why is that a huge risk in today's reality?

A thread 🧵⬇️ Image
2\ Marketing of most #cryptocurrencies relies strongly on emphasizing how their #blockhain is better, faster and more versatile than #Bitcoin.

99% of these projects' newbie target audience don't understand that bitcoin's seemingly limited utility is a feature and not a bug.
3\ That's because their huge VC backed marketing teams carefully avoid pointing out that the advanced features they are promoting and the way these projects are funded and created imply strong centralization of both infrastructure and governance.
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Not gonna lie, I'm loving the Clustered-pi Zero build. Look at it! (just printing out more of the Cushions at the moment). Ordered some 90 degree micro USB connectors so the wires don't stick out the sides.… #raspberrypi #raspberrypizero2 @Raspberry_Pi Image
Here the retro console I designed with it! Image
This is the computer I based it on - the Cray-1 at the National Museum of Computing @tnmoc Image
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Je vous propose un petit thread sur notre atelier de médiation scientifique sur l'#IA réalisé lors de la Nuit Blanche des Chercheurs #nbc à la @Halle6Ouest. Un projet évolutif auquel nous vous invitons à contribuer avec @Chaire_RELIA @classcode_fr et @LaboLS2N @NantesUniv 🧐👇 Image
Cet atelier se base sur une interpretation de l'oeuvre "1000" créé par le collectif d'artistes/chercheurs Exsitu: Une structure d'1m de haut présentant une collection de 1000 objets ramassés sur la route dans 23 pays lors d'un tour du monde à vélo. Image
Chacun de ces objets à été encapsulé dans un tube en verre, et peut être éclairé indépendamment par des leds. Le tout étant monté en circuit linéaire, comme une guirlande, sur 10 étages de 100 objets. Contrôlé par un #raspberrypi, il est associé à un système audio et vidéo. Image
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My pi is burning up... need some active cooling solution recommendation!

Currently, it's in open top case allowing natural air convection with aluminum heat sinks on SoC and and the network unit.

Room temp easily reaches 35°-40°C. Anything better than a simple fan?
Also looking for recommended adlists for @pihole. Added Developer Dan's hosts list but Percent Blocked seems to be on the lower side.

#RaspberryPi #PiHole
Update 1/n: Messed up somewhat big today. Tried to remove the glued aluminum heat sink to apply heat sink paste. While doing so, applied intensive pressure causing the sink to come-off rather strongly and hit some HDMI ICs.
Pi works but HDMI display anymore.
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Hello world! I want to share with you a device I made, its name is "Yayagram", a machine that helps our beloved elders to keep communicating with their grandchildren . How? Let me open a thread to give you all the details of this contraption. Image
First, why Yayagram? Well, "Yaya" means "Granny" in Castillean, a warm way to refer to your grandmother. And, I use @telegram to send and receive messages, so merge both words and you have the... #Yayagram!
The Yayagram has two features: 
🔵Send voice messages via Telegram by just pressing a button.  
🔵Receive Telegram messages and physically print them on thermal paper.
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Gave the #psycopg3 connection pool to #PostgreSQL an initial test run...

Spoiler: Loving it! Thank you @psycopg!!

A thread. 1/?

Created a Flask app to use pgbench tables/queries for easy setup/scaling.

Currently 2 routes: account balance and update balance. Update intentionally uses 1 transaction/query to amplify the effect of many short connections (not a real bank app!)…

2/? was pulled/updated from another project to use psycopg3. Seems to be drop-in replacement! 👍 is reworked version to use conn pool instead of creating/destroying connections per query. The docs were helpful:…

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Some people work while they're stressed and locked indoors. I wrote most of a book during the covid crisis:…

I was feeling pretty pleased with myself on that score, but then I found out what @armadillu did with his time.

His "Modern Retro Computer Terminals" project are a series of tiny computers built around low-cost processors like the #RaspberryPi and Nvidia Jetson Nano, run off a 3D printer and assembled.…

The project includes an "UltraWide 8.8″ LCD Terminal" built around a skinny 4:1 LCD and powered by an OpenGL-capable Nvidia Jetson Nano. It is so wide it didn't fit in Mesià's 3D printer bed, so it had to be assembled from multiple pieces.

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For this year's #30DayMapChallenge i will be trying to create 30 maps on #Berlin just using #OpenData and #OpenSource software. For day 01 - Polygons, a map of all of Berlin's street trees. #QGIS Source:… Image
BTW @citylabberlin has built an #FOSS platform for visualising and managing joint efforts for watering trees during dry periods in the summer: Source code:…
Day 2 of #30DayMapChallenge : Lines. Bike lanes in Berlin provided by @FixMyBerlin's API, showing their HappyBikeIndex. To explore the data set more in depth check out: Code:… Image
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This week was both very intense and very rewarding as we successfully completed our first #RemoteTeaching exercises on #EmbeddedElectronics. It was really cool to see students doing some #Arduino programming from their homes on the physical systems at @AaltoUniversity 🧵(1/9) Image
The exercises are a part of a course on Translational Engineering, so they had to be of a more general/informative nature and to be tailored for a group of master students (not all currently in Finland) with very heterogeneous background ( (2/9)
So, the tricky goal was to set up a remotely accessible user-friendly system able to read, display, and interpret data from accelerometers attached to a prosthetic hand that opens/closes at various speeds (Why hand? Cause it is cool and it leans towards my research) (3/9)
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Please help us welcome our next curator Darryl Takudzwa Griffiths. @BlaqNinja completed his Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering at DUT, graduated in 2011. Due to struggling to find suitable employment he went on to study multiple certificates from bodies such as Microsoft.
He has certificates in N+ (Computer Networking), A+ (Computer Technician & Technical Support), Certified Ethical Hacking V7 (CEH v7), Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP). Sadly even with these, he could not secure his desired post so in 2016 he moved to USA.
Darryl was able to secure a job in a corporation that owns casinos as a system analyst & security architect. Within the same year he embarked on a Masters degree in Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Engineering. In 2017 he resigned from his post and started his own company...
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Friday Night Hacking, August Edition #FridayNightHacking #electronics #arduino #raspberrypi ImageImageImage
Building memory ImageImageImage
Sigh, one of my RAM chips has failed me, it's going to be an almost 6 week time sink before I can acquire a replacement 😞.
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should I update this weather station logger box design ? 🤔 probably. ImageImage
work in progress (fusion360) Image
V1.0 design is ready. The box is sized to host a #RaspberryPi, a 10 Ah Powerbank and USB connectors. It should be both rain-proof and easy to open manually (disclaimer: most of the time a V2 is needed... before the V3). We'll see ! Time to send to 3D printing ... 😋 Image
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#RaspberryPi Zero W Brian bot coming along, going to test out his head later via my OakPi laptop and a little python test script. Heat shrink over LED connections inside the head and wires through head connector allowing movement. RGB eye LED’s @mrdavidjwatts
A little python test script to test Brian’s head. Just for testing purposes poked wires into jumper cables
Brian listens........... erm sometimes 🤣

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Why Python?

A thread as requested by @hackSultan

Will try to make this as unbiased as possible. 😁

Python is a high-level programming language whose structure mimics the way humans think.
It abstracts away low-level stuff like memory management, pointers etc.. which are the main stay of other languages like C++, Java
It is dynamically typed. Don’t be perturbed. Basically when u say a language is statically typed, it means you need to declare your variables upfront. You need to tell the compiler how much memory to set aside to handle a variable in advance.
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