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Feels like time for one of my occasional rants about #Education & society. [1 of e^N]

I can't think of a stress test which could have better exposed the hypocrisy of our allegedly education-focused society and its professed love for STEM and
quantitative,"data-driven," approaches than the lack of outcry when our ministries assure us that despite the trials of the past year, "children won't be held back" (literal read: "however little we've taught them this past year, we promise not to take the time to try to [2 of ?]
teach it to them now") & that their grades "won't go down" (literal read: "we will *require* all schools to *lie* about their students' proficiency at subject matter, to justify our choice to abdicate our responsibility to educate, and ensure that they receive quantitative [3of?]
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As we’re heading into uncertain times ahead I’ve collated numerous collections of resources suitable for #blendedlearning #remoteteaching & #inclass - Check them out here ➡️ Literacy Resources #edshareie #edchatie @KECtweet @AnokhaLearning @VoiceforTeacher
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This week was both very intense and very rewarding as we successfully completed our first #RemoteTeaching exercises on #EmbeddedElectronics. It was really cool to see students doing some #Arduino programming from their homes on the physical systems at @AaltoUniversity 🧵(1/9) Image
The exercises are a part of a course on Translational Engineering, so they had to be of a more general/informative nature and to be tailored for a group of master students (not all currently in Finland) with very heterogeneous background ( (2/9)
So, the tricky goal was to set up a remotely accessible user-friendly system able to read, display, and interpret data from accelerometers attached to a prosthetic hand that opens/closes at various speeds (Why hand? Cause it is cool and it leans towards my research) (3/9)
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No more scaffolded assignments, mostly, for right now, a thread on pandemic resilient pedagogy, by me, doing the best I can in a trying time. #ResilientPedagogy #AcademicChatter #RemoteTeaching 1/13
In general, I love scaffolded assignments: they produce mini-deadlines and mini-deliverables and emphasize process and mitigate the possibility of last-minute-panic-writing, while also making cheating more trouble than it's worth. Yes. But. 2/13
12 week terms and scaffolds means that if each component builds on the next, I have a super-fast grading turnaround time, and things are due every week. That's a lot. And then chasing laggards on top of that. It requires me to be 100% fully functioning and *ON*. 3/13
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[Thread on #remoteteaching]

Thank you @ProfJohnRBuck for a wonderful convo on fall remote teaching. I always learn so much from our discussions and the call today was no exception! For the benefits of others, here are a few things that came up in the call. #AcademicTwitter

What is the best way to develop a personal connection with students, when we won't be seeing each other face to face ever. It's different than in spring, when we started off with face-to-face instructions. This requires some serious thinking. #onlinelearning #remotelearning

How to encourage class participation when many universities (like Rutgers) are recommending asynchronous remote teaching (for obvious reasons that students might be spread across different time zones). This also brings up the question of equitable teaching.

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1) Are you creating instructional videos for your courses? A recent study by Mayer, Fiorella, & Stull (2020) have useful design principles to consider incorporating:… #edtech #id #instructionaldesign #remoteteaching #onlineeducation
2) tl;dr (or can't read b/c you don't have access to the article)--here is a brief summary:
3a) If modeling/drawing on a whiteboard (of any type), it is best if instructors are recorded while drawing "research...suggests that video lectures should contain at least some instances showing the instructor writing or drawing on a board or screen while lecturing" (p. 843)
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Some reflections & tips on delivering workshops to health professionals online via interactive webinar. @OCPHDeakin
A thread.
Ask participants join 5-10 minutes early. A welcome slide may reassure those less confident with the tech that they are in the right place. #ZoomMedEd 1/ Image
Structure1 Explain how the workshop will be delivered including tools in the software,where to find them & how to use them. Create an icebreaker that builds group rapport & asks learners to test the tools. This will save time & ensure all can participate.@DeakinMedicine #MedEd 2/ Image
Structure2 Consider working with a co-facilitator if the workshop is very interactive. It is tricky presenting, keeping an eye on raised hands & the chat box. Make them co-host so you can both manage the webinar. Make roles explicit by explaining these with all along the way. 3/
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Hi friends,
A colleague of ours is in need of research to support pushing back on a planned move to make all fall courses online and FULLY SYNCHRONOUS!!!
Tagging a few of you...
@tjoosten @OnlineCrsLady @RyanStraight @actualham @readywriting @calimorrison @greeneterry & others?
I threw together a Google doc on this for those who want to contribute. Prob worth having this in one place as this keeps coming up.…

Adding @MDMillerPHD ImageImage
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So much negativity being directed towards #remotelearning #remoteteaching #onlineteaching #onlineeducation. The underlying sentiment: classroom teaching in #highered is far superior. Let's investigate the myths! 1/10
Myth 1: education is social, and only a classroom can create the conditions necessary to make it social. Classrooms with 100, 200, 400, 800 students are ideal learning situations? Everyone participates, even as the term wears on and attendance falls like a rock? 2/10
Myth 2: I can't have meaningful connections with my students online; I need to be with them in person. For smaller classes, maybe. But how meaningful are the interactions when the classes hit 100+? How meaningful are the connections when the students don't attend class? 3/10
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This experience is requiring us, #teachers and #edleaders, to question our practice(s) and the intention behind them. Maybe we don’t need to spend hours of a child's life bogging them down with stuff to “keep them busy.” #remoteteaching #remotelearning A THREAD 1/
Ss engage in an arts class because it is eternally relevant and there is no answer a machine could provide that mimics the art of creation. It is innately personal, therefore, so is the learning it provides. More of our educational system should aspire to be this way. 2/
I searched "#remote," here is what I found. "1.
(of a place) situated far from the main centers of population; distant." "2. having very little connection with or relationship to." 3/
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🚨 Announcement: I just took over leading product for Microsoft Whiteboard on iOS.

I want to give everyone a quick update on where things are in full transparency because I believe in being customer connected and want your feedback!
Due to #COVID19 the need for #remotework and #remoteteaching tools has obviously skyrocketed, including a digital Whiteboard.

As a result, Microsoft Whiteboard iOS went from ~150 in Apple's @AppStore to #13 in US Productivity apps for iPad last weekend.
I have personally read every app review, tweet, @UserVoice comment and email we've had for Whiteboard iOS in the last 6+ months and it is clear the app needs some ❤ in the stability & bug area.

I've also become a DAILY user of the iOS app and experience this first-hand.
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#100daysofCPD is where @UoB_HEFi will be beaming a spotlight onto #teaching and supporting #learning in #HigherEducation #CPD opportunities especially for #Beacon #HEAfellowship applicants & @uob_pgche participants during #COVID19 times & beyond Image
#100daysofCPD: #Day1 is the @UoB_HEFi #Learning and #Teaching Gateway. Full of self-paced online courses on a range of #technology and teaching topics. #BestPractice #CPD Go to… Image
#100daysofCPD #Day2: @matt_tel_brum shares this Resource - How to Keep Uninvited Guests Out of Your Zoom Event containing all you need to know about Zoom’s #settings when using for #teaching, #meetings or #socializing during #COVID19 & beyond…
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