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In 1996, Richard Fink, an executive at #Koch Industries and a top advisor to Charles Koch, outlined a three-tiered strategy for getting the #fossilfuels industrialist's free-market ideas out into the world: through academia, think tanks, and activists’ organizations. Image
How Charles #Koch Is Buying Credibility With Academic Investments The 1st tier of this “structure of social change” strategy is the “investment in intellectual raw materials”, that academia would develop. #unKoch #HigherEducation
This level of #Koch funding in academia and think tanks has broad implications for policy implementation, as state governments routinely rely on the state university systems to provide independent analyses of issues before the legislature and agencies. #unKoch #highered Image
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On not expecting your trainees to be in perfect mental health, a thread:
I debated disclosing my grades, but because science twitter is so into toxic, over-achiever culture, I'm gonna do it. It's not like I'll ever get into a PhD program so what the hell. I also worry about someone on twitter getting pissed and weaponizing this, but the only
time we seem to talk about grades is to humble-brag. "LoL I oNlY gOt FoUr As ThIs SeMesTeR". So anyway, here are mine, and they're very much a reflection of how I was doing each semester, good or bad.
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THREAD: My thoughts on the announcement this afternoon by the Deputy First Minister @JohnSwinney on the 2020 SQA exam results. #SQAResults

This is a very welcome decision which will ensure young people in #Scotland who have worked so hard in incredibly difficult circumstances do not lose out based on factors outwith their control, and we should all congratulate them on the grades they have achieved. 2/10
These achievements now provide an opportunity for us to accept even more Scottish-domiciled students to the University of Glasgow @UofGlasgow – particularly those who may come from #WideningParticipation backgrounds @UofGWP – with an increase in places funded by the @scotgov 3/10
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Live tweet of a state budget and #COVID19 impact seminar at my school @UNG_News: #HigherEducation #highered #gapol 1/x
President in her state of university noted that not having students on campus would have serious existential impact on the school. Official is overviewing how we got here: state budget cuts, Covid impact, etc. State went from proposed 14% cuts to 11% cuts. No furloughs. 2/x
Two capital projects approved: takeover space of Lanier Tech and new business innovation center. (Capital projects are separate budget allocations than those that fund ongoing state business) 3/x
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So excited for the #NtlMtg20 to kick-off!!!

Ready to hear from @NASPADavid, Aimee, Courtney & so many other amazing people in our field!
Really awesome that @hecaod has Closed Captioning & an ASL interpreter on screen! #NtlMtg20 Image
And it's a GREAT time to say Happy 5th Year Anniversary to @hecaod!!! #NtlMtg20
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New Education Policy


Very important #Thread

* Universalization from ECCE to Secondary Education by 2030, aligning with SDG4

Attaining Foundational Learning & Numeracy Skills through National Mission by 2025

100% GER in Pre-School to Secondary Level by 2030
Bring Back 2Cr out of School Children

Teachers to be prepared for assessment reforms by 2023

Inclusive & Equitable Education System by 2030

Board Exams to test core concepts and application of knowledge

Every Child will come out of School adept in at least one Skill
Common Standards of Learning in Public & Private Schools

#MajorReforms: School Education

Board exams will be low stakes & test actual knowledge instead of rote learning

Mother tongue to be a medium of instruction till 5th grade
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My day in the lab as a disabled person, a thread (feel free to RT).
I have cerebral palsy, autism (which I normally don't publicly admit), ADD and a learning disability. I'm also profoundly visually impaired. Those involved in #wormgate though it was ok to compare that joke to mocking the disabled.
This is just a form of tokenism from people who have NEVER in all their professional career, lifted so much as a finger to help this community.

Because some professors think it's ok to double down, I thought I'd do the sensible thing, and take you through my day in the lab.
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(1/10) Higher education needs to provide meta-cognitive skills that allow students to think critically, communicate effectively, solve big problems. -Ben Nelson, Founder & CEO, .@minervaproject #RL2020
(2/10) Students should be able to apply these tools, no matter what they pursue.

So if they encounter a new situation, a new culture, a new field of study, new set of circumstances, they have insights on how to apply lessons learned from other contexts to that context. #RL2020
(3/10) Psychologists call this ability to take generic learning learned in a particular context and transfer that to a different subject matter 'far transfer'.

How do we set up an education system that enables this? #RL2020
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#LearningReimagined 🌍

“Do away with curriculum. Do away with segregation by age. And do away with the idea that there should be uniformity of all schools and of what people learn.” 👈🏼

The education conveyor belt of the last century that went school to university to work and a job for life just doesn’t work in an era of rapid transformation.

#highered #highereducation
Over the past few weeks, schools all over the world have abandoned exams and testing that used to be required — and with them, the pretense that they ever really meant anything in the first place.


#examscancelled #education
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My tips for conducting a #SystematicReview - a thread.

1. Have a look whether any systematic review or #metaanalysis has been conducted on your topic before. If so, what (gaps) did they uncover? How did they structure their results? How will your review differ?

2. Have a look at the resources available at @PRISMAStatement, including the checklist and flow diagram (…), and use it to guide your processes.
3. Get in touch with the reference #librarian at your institution, or check out the resources available through any #HigherEducation #library website. They'll have valuable insight into search string development and database best practice.

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Stephen Hsu: “These horrible people will stop at nothing.”

“These horrible people” are faculty at the uni where he is VP Research.

“These horrible people” are graduate students where he is VP Research.

He doesn’t have their trust.

He is in a leadership positions over them.
They wrote a petition.

A VP Research at a public research uni in the US is threatening a lawsuit against graduate students over a truthful petition.

@michiganstateu, let him go.

Let him sue when he is no longer VP Research.…
Please, #highereducation let it sink in how twisted this situation is. Hundreds of faculty members and graduate students sign a petition--with evidence and good reason--calling for the removal of the VP Research & Innovation at their institution, a public research university.
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1/ Want to know when that devastating second wave of Covid-19 in the UK will come? I am going to go out on a limb and say October this year. There will be several catalysts for it, but I am going to talk about the one I have some expertise in - the Higher Education system.
2/ Caveats: I am an academic working in a university. I am not an epidemiologist or a scientist. I study culture and meaning; how people communicate and behave. My observations here are anecdotal but they are informed by sociology and statistics.
3/ Let me tell you about Fresher's Flu.

By week two or three of every first semester of the university year, everyone gets ill. We call it Fresher's Flu. That's because every year, a soup of virii descends into this environment. Some years it's a cold, some years it's worse.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 5/23/2020-2…

Sooner or later we all face death. Will a sense of meaning help us? | Aeon Ideas…
#Death #meaning
How to Trade Oil With Negative Prices: Interactive Brokers - Bloomberg…
#Oilprices #trade #negative #price
Science in the Age of Computer Simulation, Winsberg…
#Computers #Science #Simulation
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#Trailblazer: Dominique Anglade.

“Dominique Anglade named Quebec Liberal leader, becomes first black woman to head a party in province” #WomenInPolitics #qcpoli #cdnpoli @globalnews… ImageImage
Liberal MNA #DominiqueAnglade becomes first Black woman to lead a provincial party in Quebec:

“I'm proud to become the first female leader of the Quebec Liberal Party, a party that has always been at the forefront of economic and social progress”—Anglade… Image
#Trailblazer: Gloria Brown-Johnson
Black Canadian Women in #HigherEducation, @fdnPETF Fellow project: A Seat at the Table:Engendering Black Canadian Pasts & Futures

Medical practitioner was Concordia University Science College first graduate: @RonFanfair1… Image
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I'm getting more worried about the fall semester.

Here are some reasons why.

Many campuses want to open up again. It's understandable, for a some reasons. But it's going to be hard.

To begin with, US #HigherEducation enrollment will probably be lower. It'll vary by institution and which scenario they follow (…), and some may enjoy growth, but overall should tick down compared w/fall 2020.

At the same time, many costs will go up.

Think about what's likely involved in opening up a campus: contact tracing, surveillance, doing perimeter temperature checks, frequent testing (assuming that's possible), and whatever "deep cleaning" means for a school.

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Qualitative research tip (a thread):

1. If you really want to be a stellar qualitative researcher, one of the most important skills you'd have to cultivate and sharpen, especially if you want to work with people, is to learn to listen deeply. #AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter
2. This means not thinking about the question you will ask next, or how what the person is saying fits with your study or not. It means staying so present that the person knows that for those moments, there is nothing more important in your life than listening to them. #phdlife
3. Forget everything you learned in school, all processes that you read in a textbook. Nothing matters than your genuine presence in bearing witness to a fellow human being's sharing of narratives. This is how you build trust and cultivate a sincere relationship. #highered
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Surely but how do you put 60 bodies in a 60 sits classroom, when the new conditions call for 30 persons max? Dividing classes in half, renting more classroom space, extending teaching hours to the weekend & evening... that's what we already had in normal conditions (1/9) Thread⏬
Other possibilities: do a mix of in-class teaching and distance teaching?
1. giving an in-class course to half of the class, while the rest of the students connect online: technically possible but questionable experience for everyone (2/9)
2. giving an in-class course to a small group of students, recording this and making it available online to the rest of the students? Recorded lessons have zero interactivity, that's not a promising direction. (3/9)
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1) Here's a beginning thread of #HigherEducation associations' & organizations' #InstructionalContinuity #DisasterPreparedness #COVID19 #COVID2019 resources:
2) Let's start with Coronavirus (COVIDー19) Response from @OLCToday, @QMProgram, @UPCEA, and @wcet_info:…
3) American Association of University Professors
(@AAUP) -COVID-19 Resource Page for Higher Ed:…
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#UCUstrikesBack Since today's @StrathclydeUCU strikers are participating in today's #FeministPicket I want to add a thread about the motherhood penalty and the fatherhood bonus that I mentioned at the teach in last week #IWD2020 #IWD #IWD20 /1
The motherhood penalty impacts all women - regardless of whether a woman can have or wants to have children - 40% of managers admit to discriminating against women of childbearing age #UCUstrikesBack #FeministPicket #IWD2020 #IWD #IWD20 /2…
"Many mothers also face discrimination from employers. ... This discrimination extends to women without children too, with some employers regarding all women of childbearing age as potential liabilities" (Woodroffe, 2009:3) #UCUstrikesBack /3…
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Latest on #coronavirus , a short thread:

"'It’s not so much of a question of if this will happen in this country any more but a question of when this will happen,' said Dr. Nancy Messonnier, director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases..."
"She said that public health officials have no idea whether the spread of [COVID-19] to the United States would be mild or severe, but that Americans should be ready for a significant disruption to their daily lives..."
"'We are asking the American public to prepare for the expectation that this might be bad,' Dr. Messonnier said..."…

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Tweet storm here pegging off a recent report by @edtrust on systemic racism in #highered. There’s a lot in the report, but particularly shocking is new data on the Black student loan default crisis, yes crisis, that deserves much more discussion. 1/16…
@EdTrust Reported in the trade press & examined further by academics & wonks like @EduBenM is a finding first made by @rkelchen that nearly half of Black student loan borrowers default over a 12 year repayment period. Nearly 1/4th of Black bachelor degree holders default. Horrible. 2/16
@EdTrust @EduBenM @rkelchen I've tried to make the case that there's a moral imperative to extend the education reform paradigm to higher ed & suggested a series of policies in furtherance thereof. 3/16…
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I had a follower DM me asking why I was excited and “Celebrating” having the Elite Title IX attorney’s following my story. Not wanting to get in an argument, I thanked her and said I would spend some time thinking about her question & send a message out in the group sharing my
perspective. My reasons are fairly simple! First, this group of attorneys, accused student warriors and their supportive family members following my #twitterfeed are amazing. This group together BLAZED a TRAIL & SHINED a LIGHT on #Colleges & #Universities denial of #DueProcess &
#UnFairHearings. #HigherEd Schools have been denying students #fundamentalfairness for years. So without these attorney’s, brave student warriors & supportive families determined to prove their #innocence there would be very little protections for me now as I take the next step
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Some key points on party commitments on #healthcare #highereducation as indicated in their manifestos.
First, a reminder of @councilofdeans asks:
Growing #nursing workforce is central to @Conservatives :
Aside from the commitment to 50,000 more nurses that has been heavily commented on, plans include:
1. £5-8k annual maintenance grants for students
2. 14,000 new undergraduate nursing students
Still @Conservatives
3. 5,000 new nursing degree apprenticeships
4. 7,500 extra nursing associates
5. Increase NHS funding by 29% by 2023
6. No reduction of tuition fees but focus on interest rates to reduce burden on students
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we live in a red state in which Republicans just dismantled state university education. it takes years to build the infrastructure for viable higher education and all that has been undone in two weeks. thousands will be fired and the rest will leave. this is seriously evil shit.
programs for the vulnerable, seniors, the homeless: all cut. scholarships: cancelled. the worst of #akleg gone off #22strong alone, “obeying” the gov. this is textbook fascism. red states, again, please take note of the rightwing movement in your states bc you could be next.
as I mentioned before, this hurts people of color—indigenous communities in a state with a large native population—the most, in every possible way. it is targeting them. it is not just about anti-intellectualism, though that is a part ofc. textbook fascism.
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