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🇺🇦🧵🗣Kenneth Gregg here: (1/6) "Midsummer Eve update. On the Eastern Front, we have gone into new positions and despite retreat orders from #Sieverodonetsk, the fighting continues. It is probably to keep the Russians at bay as it takes time to organize the retreat because-->
2:"...we have civilians to take with us. Probably we will now tonight experience a massive Ukrainian artillery fire and in protection of it the retreat itself takes place. It's a classic tactic.
South of Izuim we have small Ukrainian advances but no noticeable changes. -->
3:"On the #Kharkiv front, the Ukrainian positions are under constant artillery fire, but no significant Ukrainian losses.
So to #Kherson, that I am not allowed to report much about. Five artillery shelling on the Russian positions during the day. -->
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NEW: #Ukraine forces retrograde from #Sieverodonetsk - "putting themselves in better position" to defend themselves, per a US senior defense official, saying US #HIMARS, artillery assistance will help

"The Russians are just eeking out inch by inch of territory" per the official
US training in place to make sure #Ukraine forces can use the #HIMARS & other "@NATO-standard systems", per a senior US defense official
Latest US aid to #Ukraine result of "extensive consultations" w/Ukrainian officials, per a senior US defense official

Says US officials consulting w/Ukrainian officials on aid & "moving heaven & earth" to get it to them
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🇺🇦🧵🗣️Report from Kenneth Gregg from yesterday (1/8): "Some info from #Kherson that I am allowed to publish: there has been a whole series of explosions in Kherson today [yesterday]. No information if it is our guerilla squads or our artillery that have been at it.-->
2:" I have 4 fellow soldiers who are active on this front and they have not been active on their phone apps since yesterday afternoon. This means that the info lock is tight.
In #Kharkiv no frontal changes, nor any major changes on the eastern front. -->
4:"The airfield near #Sieverodonetsk is still held by us. The #Bakhmut line is holding and the Russian attacks today have been repulsed. I have informed you that HIMARS have arrived and so have other weapons. -->
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⚡️#Sievierodonetsk doesn’t exist anymore. 🇺🇦soldiers started leaving the city in organized manner. It’s not possible to hide and fight effectively there.121 days of incredible and professional defense despite quantity superiority of the enemy. What is important here?1/
1) Army of #Russia can proceed only by complete destruction of the areas. Tactics is simple as “scorched land”. They couldn’t win in terms of tactics and planning. That is why less numerous units were standing firmly against so called “2d army” for more than 4 months. 2/
2) #Ukraine has 3 main goals: keep the land, keep the army and exhaust #Russia’s army up to maximum. Battle for #Sievierodonetsk was more and more about exhausting RU skilled human resources last weeks. And now it is about saving #UAarmy units, who are our main resource. 3/
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Oggi focus su un tema pratico circa l'invasione dell'#Ucraina da parte della #Russia e il modo in cui viene raccontata.
qualcuno sta vincendo?
la risposta è no.
le guerre purtroppo non rispettano i tempi televisivi e i ritmi dei social
quindi che succede?
vediamolo insieme
Nelle ultime settimane l'argomento principe di quei media che non sono putiniani, ma che ripetono quello che #Putin vorrebbe che gli occidentali pensassero, è che gli aiuti all'#Ucraina non servono a nulla, sono anzi dannosi e comunque la #Russia sta vincendo.
E' assolutamente vero che l'#Ucraina è in difficoltà, è vero che per sua stessa ammissione sta subendo drammatiche perdite in battaglia.
E' altrettanto vero che sia a corto di armi e munizioni, per 3 motivi fondamentali di natura molto pratica…
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A #Sieverodonetsk, i #russi hanno buttato dentro truppe delle repubbliche fantoccio per supportare #ceceni e #wagner, e si è tornati alle linee di circa 3 giorni fa salvo due piccoli centri a ovest della città che sono in mano #ucraina.
1/2 della città è in mano #russa, il centro è no man's land perché oggetto di fuoco di artiglieria, 1/3 è in mano #ucraina.
Penso che col passare dei giorni emergerà come sia stata una carneficina da entrambe le parti.
(nel video, elementi della 72°mech ucraina in città)
Segni di ripresa delle operazioni russe da #Izyum e #Popasna dove molte truppe sono state concentrate di nuovo.
I #russi hanno ammassato truppe anche a sud di #Zaporizzje e molti si aspettano qualcosa verso la città capitale dell'oblast che i russi vogliono annettersi.
3/10 Fonte Institute for the study od War
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#Sievierodonetsk wurde von der ukrainischen Armee vollständig zurück erobert!😍


* RU Elitetruppen verschlissen
* ausländisches Freiwilligenregiment (Georgier, Österreicher, Briten, Belarussen etc.) mischt seit 40 Stunden mit
* Artillerie in #Lyssytschansk
Große prorussische Accounts flippen gerade völlig aus vor lauter Wut. Man kann das durchaus als Gegenbeleg durch die russische Seite lesen.

2/x ImageImage
Arestovych hat das vor zwei Tagen angekündigt und sprach sogar von einer gezielten Falle für die russische Armee. Ich hielt das für reines "Getöse".

Noch ist die russische Armee gegenschlagfähig - aber es sieht tatsächlich so aus, als ob er recht gehabt hat.

3/x Image
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Latest intel suggests #Russia controls of most of #Sieverodonetsk per #Britain's @DefenceHQ

" The main road into the Sieverodonetsk pocket likely remains under #Ukrainian control but Russia continues to make steady local gains, enabled by a heavy concentration of artillery"
#Russia's takeover of #Sieverodonetsk "has not been without cost" per #Britain's @DefenceHQ "Russian forces have sustained losses in the process”
#Britain's @DefenceHQ assesses #Russia now sees crossing the #SiverskyyDonets River as vita as focus shifts from #Luhansk Oblast & to #Donetsk

Several potential crossing sites btw #Sieverodonetsk & #Lysychansk BUT "river line likely still remains controlled by Ukrainian forces"
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1/ Hello there! Pour finir le Mois de Mai :
Map Update #UkraineMap #ukrainemap #Ukraine
Several maps here to recap the situation in the #UkraineInvasion #UkraineRussiaWar at the end of May 2022
first of all & even if i've never asked for anything : please just share for others.
2/ Topo map / front lines #UkraineWar #Україна #Ukraine
this is 26th Mai but still correct for general aspect and limits (see much more detailed areas in foowing maps)
je mets tout en anglais pour que tt le monde puisse lire mais je pense que mes lecteurs Fra sont Ok avec ça..
3/ les 5 zones que j'ai défini pour montrer les détails. Here the 5 different areas i'm showing in the following tweets.
Zone #UkraineWar #Україна #UkraineMap
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1/ MAJ Map update! carte #UkraineMap #Sieverodonestk
Per many reports & Geoint & IMINT.
Russians are progressing deep in the N-E part of the city even to the center (per Ru vid)
Some Areas remains totally unclear and Ru are unknown/Ukr but moving fast... saddly.
2/ After taking #Lyman, Ru forces have reportedly taken the villages of #Dibrove #Діброва & Stary Karavan on the eastern bank of the #Siversky Donets. Next move for Ru is #Sloviansk 12 clicks away. hopefully they have already repulse Orcs along the river.
#Ukraine #UkraineMap
3/ Orcs are still not on the main axis #Bakhmut - #Sieverodonetsk (Map per Oblast Governor -not uptodate but showing the axis)
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1. Jak to było pod #Bilohorivka? Dwa dni temu można było zapoznać się z fragmentem działań dzięki @kms_d4k. Rosjanie są wstrząśnięci rozwojem wypadków i stratami. Dziś możecie się zapoznać z pełną wersją wydarzeń z rosyjskiego punktu widzenia : 🧵 #WojnaWUkrainie #wojnanaukrainie
2. Tekst tłumaczony automatycznie ze źródła podanego na końcu. Mapa własna na podstawie źródła.
Cała operacja trwała od 2 do 10 maja, ale wciąż toczą się walki z rosyjskimi niedobitkami. Operacja forsowania na ogromną skalę, która jeszcze się nie skończyła. #Bilogorivka
3. W dniach 2-3 maja siły rosyjskie przekroczyły Seversky Doniec w pobliżu Shipilovka [przerawa 1].
Po przeprawie wojska rosyjskie przystąpiły do ​​bitwy z garnizonem osady. W Shipilovce nie było gotowych do walki oddziałów, garnizon wycofał się w kierunku Privolye.
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