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For months now I have been saying the #Ukrainians would use a bite and hold strategy taking bits here and there until the Russian Army collapsed. Ahh, feels good to be right. The Russian's have lost the Battle of Kherson, though mopping up will likely take some days as stragglers
deserters and dead enders get captured, pocketed and annihilated. I always dismissed the idea that Ukraine would launch sweeping blitzkrieg style armored thrusts. That kind of army requires years and a lot of safe space to build, things Ukraine did not have. Ukraine used what she
have and what she was given masterfully. Now granted I am a nobody. Yet my line was the same as retired general officers (western) and even a few Russians. People with actual formal training (I never got past Spc-4 or bachelors) and educations that reach Ph.D level reading if not
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My latest for @opendemocracyru on the (comparatively!) "soft" occupation of northern #Luhansk #Donbas east #Ukraine. Russia has various occupation formulas and understanding how they are trying to rule here is important. #RussiaUkraineWar THREAD…
Russia claims it has "liberated" the "Ukraine-occupied territories of the Luhansk Peoples Republic." In practices this means obliterating all the cities under government control, depopulating them, but capturing the rural north with minimal force. This is region I describe. 2/
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"The #Ukrainian fighter has demonstrated an ability to win in a level of adversity that is is just surprising in many cases" per sr US defense official
#Sievierodonetsk - "The small number of #Ukrainians that held the Russians at #Sievierodonetsk for as long as they did is really something I think we'll probably all study in the future" per sr US defense official
"When they [#Ukraine forces] chose to leave #Sievierodonetsk, they chose to do it of their own accord & to give that up in order to to move to better prepared locations for the continuing of that defense" per sr US defense official
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Day 124 of #Russia war in #Ukraine: 4 #HIMARS in Ukraine - "All indications are they are employing them very well" per senior US defense official

Says US working to get the additional 4 HIMARS in country, training wrapping up soon
#Russian missile strikes vs #Kyiv - "We're not quite sure abt the #Russian objective of the strikes", per senior US defense official

Says could be protest vs #G7 or due to introduction of #HIMARS to #Ukraine
Little #Russia|n movement out of #Severodonestk, per senior US defense official
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1/3 Recently, our forces have withdrawn in an organized manner from #Sievierodonetsk , Hirske, and Zolote. It’s the right decision that will save lives and equipment. Russian propaganda is trying to picture it as their great achievement, but it’s a Pyrrhic victory for them. Image
2/2 It took “the world's second army” 120 days to take the small town of Zolote. They threw everything they had on these towns and faced enormous losses. And all they get is the occupation of the half-destroyed territory, which won't last long.
3/3 Meanwhile, 🇺🇦 soldiers, with a huge disadvantage in artillery and air defense fought bravely and thoughtfully. If our allies gave us enough weapons, we would have already stopped Russians. We are defending the world from total chaos, and we need help.
📷 Johanna-Maria Fritz
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Day 121 📌 Today marks exactly four months since the beginning of Russia’s war against Ukraine. Four months of struggle by the people of Ukraine. Four months of unprecedented solidarity. Read more about the current situation in Ukraine in the update ⬇️…
EU government leaders holding a 2-day summit in Brussels approved a recommendation from the @EU_Commission to grant candidate status to Ukraine & Moldova 😍 The landmark decision immediately delivered a tremendous morale boost in both countries and was cheered widely there.
Ukrainians took to the streets twice, in 2004 & 2014, to force the government to root out corruption & come closer to the EU. 8 years ago, 🇺🇦 calling for closer relations with the EU during the Revolution of Dignity were shot & killed by police from the pro-Moscow administration
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⚡️#Sievierodonetsk doesn’t exist anymore. 🇺🇦soldiers started leaving the city in organized manner. It’s not possible to hide and fight effectively there.121 days of incredible and professional defense despite quantity superiority of the enemy. What is important here?1/
1) Army of #Russia can proceed only by complete destruction of the areas. Tactics is simple as “scorched land”. They couldn’t win in terms of tactics and planning. That is why less numerous units were standing firmly against so called “2d army” for more than 4 months. 2/
2) #Ukraine has 3 main goals: keep the land, keep the army and exhaust #Russia’s army up to maximum. Battle for #Sievierodonetsk was more and more about exhausting RU skilled human resources last weeks. And now it is about saving #UAarmy units, who are our main resource. 3/
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Day 120 📌 ‘It is the only country where people got shot because they wrapped themselves in a European flag. 🇺🇦 has gone through hell and high water for one simple reason: and that’s their desire to join the EU,’ – @vonderleyen said. More in our brief ⬇️…
@vonderleyen EU leaders will decide today whether to grant Ukraine candidate status, following a positive recommendation from the European Commission last Friday 🙏 Ukraine’s president, @ZelenskyyUa, said he had spoken to 11 EU leaders on Wednesday about Ukraine’s candidacy.
@vonderleyen After the Russian army invaded Ukraine, the #Czech government decided to suspend the issuance of visas to citizens of the Russian Federation and later to Belarus, except for humanitarian causes, till March 2023 🤷‍♀️
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Day 119 📌 Russian occupational authorities proposed introducing the death penalty, the mayor of occupied Melitopol said. BTW, he was abducted at the beginning of the war but later exchanged. More on the situation in Ukraine is in today's brief:… Image
As a result of the unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine, more than 592 🇺🇦 children have been injured, the Prosecutor General’s Office said on June 22. The figures are expected to be higher since they do not include casualties in areas where hostilities are ongoing 😔
Decisive battles are taking place on the territory of the #Sievierodonetsk and #Lysychansk agglomerations, and the 🇷🇺 leadership demands that its troops reach the administrative borders of the #Luhansk region by June 26, – says Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Maliar.
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The US is quietly encouraging agricultural and shipping companies to buy and carry more Russian fertilizer, which suppliers have been avoiding despite the exemptions for fertilizer in the EU and US sanctions… via @bpolitics
#Russia rose to become #India's second biggest supplier of oil in May, pushing #SaudiArabia into third place but still behind #Iraq which remains No. 1…
Despite the harshest Sanctions ever on a country, #Russia earned what is very likely a record 93 billion euros in revenue from exports of oil, gas and coal in the first 100 days of the war in #Ukraine…
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#Sievierodonetsk wurde von der ukrainischen Armee vollständig zurück erobert!😍


* RU Elitetruppen verschlissen
* ausländisches Freiwilligenregiment (Georgier, Österreicher, Briten, Belarussen etc.) mischt seit 40 Stunden mit
* Artillerie in #Lyssytschansk
Große prorussische Accounts flippen gerade völlig aus vor lauter Wut. Man kann das durchaus als Gegenbeleg durch die russische Seite lesen.

2/x ImageImage
Arestovych hat das vor zwei Tagen angekündigt und sprach sogar von einer gezielten Falle für die russische Armee. Ich hielt das für reines "Getöse".

Noch ist die russische Armee gegenschlagfähig - aber es sieht tatsächlich so aus, als ob er recht gehabt hat.

3/x Image
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🧵#100daysofwar. They said, #Ukraine would fall in max.3 days, but we surprised the whole world. Maneuvering defense, sophisticated tactics, top-level military skills. Huge motivation and spirit in the army and society. In this 🧵 some major conclusions so far 1/
Military summing up:
1A)#Russia failed in majority of attacks: #Kyiv, Sumy, Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Odesa, Mykolayiv.
1B) RU “success” in major part of #Luhansk region isn’t due to RU offensive, but rather bcs of tactical step back of #UAarmy. 2/
1C) Where UA army seriously fought in Luhansk obl (#Sievierodonetsk, Popasna, Rubizhne), Russians can’t take the towns for 3 months already!
Their only tactics is to destroy city to zero (Popasna, #Rubizhne), to occupy this empty land 3/ #ArmUkraineNow
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1/ Hello there! Pour finir le Mois de Mai :
Map Update #UkraineMap #ukrainemap #Ukraine
Several maps here to recap the situation in the #UkraineInvasion #UkraineRussiaWar at the end of May 2022
first of all & even if i've never asked for anything : please just share for others.
2/ Topo map / front lines #UkraineWar #Україна #Ukraine
this is 26th Mai but still correct for general aspect and limits (see much more detailed areas in foowing maps)
je mets tout en anglais pour que tt le monde puisse lire mais je pense que mes lecteurs Fra sont Ok avec ça..
3/ les 5 zones que j'ai défini pour montrer les détails. Here the 5 different areas i'm showing in the following tweets.
Zone #UkraineWar #Україна #UkraineMap
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Pertes #Russes estimées en #Ukraine
on passe la barre des 30k tués (même à 10% près cela reste cela reste symbolique - 3 mois de guerre totale, du tres classique et cela induit plus ds ts les cas 60k/70k troupes formés et "compétentes" HS.)
demain les tableaux de stats MAJ.
2/ Rapport du jour : Les frappes aériennes/missiles RU se sont poursuivies hier et pendant toute la nuit, principalement dans l'Est et le S-E du pays. Karkiv a encore été visé et touché uniquement pour que la vie n'y reprenne ps son cours et pour que les populations fuient
3/ (tirs directs de Belgorod qu'il faudra bien penser à "traiter" si on veut que cela s'arrête), et également tirs de missiles depuis la mer sur #Mykholaiv (il resterait donc bien des variantes #Kalibr ss marin & defenses cotières etc)
L'activité aérienne RU a également augmenté
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Day 92 of #Russia's war in #Ukraine

Now 110 Russian Battalion Tactical Groups operating in #Ukraine, most in the south of #Ukraine, per a senior US defense official

"We assess that #Russia has made some incremental gains...still is fighting for control of the town of #Lyman"
"We blv that #Russia|n forces have been able to seize most of northeastern #Sievierodonetsk" per a senior US defense official
"No major changes" around #Kharkiv, per a senior US defense official

#Russia|n forces still within about 10km of the Russian border
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Incroyable image Sat de Sentinel (fourni par un copain)
du 08 Mai 2022 montrant tous les feux qui ravagent la végétation entre #Lyman et #Rubizhne #Rubijne à cause des milliers d'obus incendiaires ou explosifs qui sont envoyés par l'artillerie (Ru & UA)
2/ Idem entre #Rubinzhne et #Sievierodonetsk
on voit les zones tant Ru que UA qui sont visés par ces tirs et qui déclenchent de forts incendies.
3/ idem pres de #Oskil #Оскіл et #Olexandrivka
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The Surge of “Little Green Men,” and Metal is Poised to Strike – Part 5 - The world is closer to witnessing the use of some type of #NuclearWeapons due to war in the Ukraine than during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 - by @TraderStef #TacticalNukes #WW3… Image
#LittleGreenMen #Russia #Ukraine #NATO #War - #TacticalNukes - a bunch of high-ranking Russian military suits were taken out by a Ukrainian hit in #Izium
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Good morning! ☕️

Thread on #Ukraine 🇺🇦 / #Russia 🇷🇺 for today
Russian forces are now advancing from staging areas in the Donbas towards #Kramatorsk, which continues to suffer from persistent rocket attacks - @DefenceHQ
Russian forces destroyed all food warehouses in #Sievierodonetsk - #Luhansk Governor
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A @cnnportugal acredita q "descobriu-se agora um terreno onde estão centenas de carros destruídos" em #Bucha, #Ucrânia...
E se descobrissem quem são os incompetentes q não verificam o q é emitido? É terreno onde depositam veículos recolhidos das ruas:… Image
Nem esse vídeo da @AP, nem vídeos/fotos de outras agências mostram (até agora) 'centenas de carros':……………
(q este #factcheck ñ sirva para minimizar aquela barbárie)
Ñ tinha visto, mas vi comentado no FB: como é q @RTPNoticias passa 1m15s a ilustrar cerco a #Mariupol e guerra na #Ucrânia com imagens do exército alemão num exercício da @NATO em 2017, em Pabrade, #Lituânia? Bastava #verificar (deixo apenas 1 exemplo): ImageImageImageImage
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1/ Bonsoir les gens (Hello English followers : MAP update and all areas maps) Voici la nouvelle carte qui clôture le mois de cette guerre. J’ai pris une carte encore plus "réelle" à mon sens, cad qui représente la géographie ( donc avec relief) de l' #Ukraine
Thread ++ av docs!
2/ j'ai pris une autre carte présentant des caractéristiques terrain et avec des échelles pour les distances et pour l’altitude… puis j’ai mis la même carte avec la "situation militaire" (du 28 pr info). Enfin j’y ai rajouté la carte « nuit » que j’avais déjà réalisé et plus..
3/ voilà la carte nuit pour référence et suivent toutes les cartes de Zones que j'ai définies...
#Ukrainemap #Ukraine #UkraineKrieg #ukrainemap
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1/ Key points from the report of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces as of 24:00, 12.03.2022:
- #Russian invaders are trying to attack #KryvyiRih without any success
2/ After the defeats in #Kharkiv, the invaders retreated one of the battalion tactical groups of the 6th General Army to the territory of the #RussianFederation to restore combat capability
3/ #Belarus has strengthened the protection of the border with #Ukraine, there is a high chance of direct participation of the Belarusian military forces in the war against Ukraine
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New map of #Ukraine during the next minutes. Hope not to make more updates during this time...
Situation at Kreminna front:
#RussianArmy advanced some hundred of meters in the southern forest.
Map: [ ]…
Situation on northeastern front:
During the last hours #RussianArmy continue advancing in the forest area towards Kupiansk reaching the northwestern outskirts of Petropavlivka. Meanwhile, clashes with #UkrainianArmy are taking place at Synkivka.
Map: [ ]…
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