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🥦Following our earlier post for #COP26 on #vegetarianism, we wanted to share some insights & quotes from #suffrage activists who *were* #vegetarians 🥒🌶🍅

☮️ Vegetarianism was associated w/ peace, & standing up against the poor treatment of fellow living creatures 🐄🐑🦆🐖
📣This quote from MrsDespard describes how #vegetarianism was linked to #socialjustice:

​🗣“The #women ’s movement relates to the other great movements of the world…The awakened instinct which feels the call of the sub-human, which says ‘I am the voice of the voiceless.'"
🥖🐁Some #vegetarian #suffragettes who went to prison got better food. Nancy John describes prisoners declaring they were vegetarian to avoid eating mouse-eaten bread.
​🗣“When they said they were vegetarians they were given milk - it was really the milk that kept them alive.” 3/
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New #Womenshistorymonth thread. Was the #NineteenthAmendment only about women’s right to #vote?
#suffrage #whm2021 #whm #womenshistorymonth2021 #feminism (1/15)
That is precisely the question that politicians, activists, and legal authorities fought over in the years following the #NineteenthAmendment ‘s ratification. #whm2021 #suffrage #rights (2/15)
The Nineteenth Amendment explicitly forbid withholding the right to #vote on account of sex. #whm2021 #rights (3/15)
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Aujourd’hui, j’ai un peu de #temps (je blague), et je tente un #thread #scpo sur la #démocratie, parce que c’est un tout petit peu d‘actualité. Et oui, je vais mettre des #mèmes Internet parce que, en vrai autocrate, je trouve cela très très drôle. Prêts ?
2) D’abord, la #démocratie, ce n’est pas la #République (la chose publique). La République, c’est moi...euh, c’est quand le #pouvoir est exercé par tout ou partie du peuple (exit la monarchie) et que les élus représentent plus que le peuple (la #Nation dixit #Sieyes).
3) Les #députés représentent l’intérêt #général plus que le peuple. Utile pour voter une loi impopulaire, comme l’interdiction de la peine de mort (#Badinter), ou la taxe carbone sur l’essence. Encore faut-il bien prouver l’intérêt général (n’est ce pas les gilets jaunes ?).
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We're looking 👀 at Black Minority Ethnic herstories🧑🏿👩🏽 over #Lockdown & researching BAME suffrage activists in #Scotland ✊🏿✊🏽✊🏾 for 'Celebrating Scotland's Suffragettes'! So here's info👇🏾on 💥Ms Jessie Margaret Soga💥(1870-1954) in this thread👇🏾#BlackHistoryMonth
We're still gathering research 📚 & we've not found a picture of her YET🤞🏽but so far we know
Jessie Margaret Soga was:
* a 'prime mover' &Joint Secretary of the Women's Freedom League (Hillhead/Glasgow Branch)

#BlackHistoryMonthUK #BlackHistoryMonth2020 #BlackLivesMatter
* a regular donor of money, items and time to both the Women's Freedom League and the WSPU (Women's Social & Political Union)
* a singer and singing teacher, who trained in Milan and won a Royal Academy award


#BlackLivesMatterUK #Suffrage #Suffragettes 1899 Glasgow Herald - Miss Soga offers singing lessons in Gl
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The next #asalh2020 session I'll be tweeting is one close to my heart: "We Were There: Increasing Access to Black Women's Suffrage Histories" will include Shanee Y. Murain (@dpla), Sarah Tanner (Atlanta Univ Library), and Dana Chandler (Tuskegee Univ Archives).
Here we go! Aaisha Haykal from the College of Charleston is moderating. First up is Shanee Yvette Murrain from DPLA. #libraries #archives #critlib #librarylife #librarytwitter #asalh2020
Murrain: Describing work of @dpla - check out their website Their new strategy includes an increased focus on historically underincluded communities. #ASALH2020
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The Birth of a Political Party: A largely Black Party - (Texas)

"In July 1867 twenty whites and 150 blacks attended a Republican convention in Houston, where they endorsed free common schools and free homesteads from public lands for blacks and whites."

Thus began a decades-long tradition of black Republicanism in the state. Despite widespread violence and intimidation by the Ku Klux Klan and Democrats, ...…
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In Aug 1920, Febb E Burn flipped her son Harry's vote with a few short words: "be a good boy" & "vote for suffrage." His vote was crucial: #Tennessee was the last state where women had hope of picking up the crucial 36th vote for ratification of the 19th Amendment. ⭐️ #VOTE ⭐️ Image
For 72 yrs, women lobbied & agitated for the vote. In 1917, "militant" activists led by Alice Paul organized the 1st White House picket. It lasted months in all weather. Wilson had Paul & dozens others jailed in conditions so abysmal they went on a hunger strike. ⭐️ #VOTE Image
Mother: Check out Alice Paul, PhD. #JerseyGirl. #Quaker. Led the "militant" wing of the #suffrage movement. Stood on soapboxes & gave bossy speeches. Brought the 72-!!!-year fight for the #vote to victory, then wrote the ERA, still unratified 97!!! years later. @janpurcell2
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Let’s take a moment to remember the #suffragists who were #vegetarian, a thread. They recognized how oppressions were connected. Some of the information is from my book, The Sexual Politics of Meat now celebrating its 30th anniversary of publication. #suffrage /1
Let’s be clear: Susan B. #Anthony was NOT a vegetarian. She was happy to get to Delmonico’s in Manhattan after staying with the #Grimke sisters, who were. She did attend a vegetarian banquet in 1853, where the toast was to “Total Abstinence, Women’s Rights, & Vegetarianism.” /2
Matilda Joslyn #Gage, a radical activist & co-editor of the 1st 3 volumes of “The History of Woman Suffrage” with Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Susan B. Anthony, was a vegetarian. She was later written out of the history for her radical views. See the work of @Swagner711 /3
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My thanks to @SHAFRhistorians for taking #SHAFR2020 virtual! My presentation is titled “Much the Same Object”: Trans-Pacific Women’s Suffrage and Filipino Nationalism." It’s a new research project for me, combining my interests in women & U.S. empire with #suffrage history. Image
The #19thA enfranchised women on the U.S. mainland in principle. But voting rights in practice had racialized limits for men & women; many state laws disenfranchised black voters, while the inability to become citizens barred Native Americans & Chinese immigrants from the polls. Image
The #19thA applied even more unevenly throughout U.S. empire. The Constitution and its Amendments did not apply in the unorganized territory of the Philippines; the U.S. government defined Filipinos as American subjects, not citizens. So women there did not get suffrage in 1920. Image
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