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CN: Suizidalität, Burn Out
Es ist ca 3uhr morgens, ich habe Nachtdienst. Das Telefon klingelt, Nummer von außerhalb. Sicher eine Krankmeldung. Ich melde mich, am anderen Ende ist nur ein zitternder Atem zu hören. Nach ein paar Sekunden meldet sich eine Kollegin und fängt direkt an zu weinen.
Sie weiß nicht weiter. Sie weiß nicht mehr was sie tun soll. Sie ist gerade irgendwo im Dorf unterwegs und kann nicht schlafen, sie hat Panik vor der Frühschicht. Sie sagt, sie schafft das nicht mehr. Sie erträgt es nicht, sterbenden und vor Schmerzen weinenden Patient:innen
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cw: #SuicidePreventionDay

I'm not going to beg for understanding by laying bare pain today.

I just want people to think hard on how much the individualized failing/sin framing perfectly serves exploitative powers that want workers alive to work but don't care if they're happy.
cw: #SuicidePreventionDay

Suicide is one of many inevitable end results of systems that see human misery as profitable, human bodies as resources to use up and throw away, and human lives as worth no more than the productivity they can offer, if that.
cw: #SuicidePreventionDay

We cannot ignore the motivations of those who try to control the narrative around it with shame and fear, while profiting from the consumption of human lives.
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I am proud to support the launch of @CAMHnews 'Not Suicide, Not Today' campaign which is our promise that we will do everything we can to make today not the day we lose someone else to suicide. #notsuicidenottoday #SuicidePreventionDay #SuicidePrevention #WSPD2020 ImageImageImageImage
I call on residents across this city, to take today to think about those lives lost from suicide and to reach out to friends, family, loved ones or colleagues if they are struggling with their mental health.
Show your support to one another and we can commit ourselves to not losing another life too soon.
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Dispatches from the Prairies
On #SuicidePreventionDay, facts in #Saskatchewan
A Thread
1/ Overall suicide rates are four times higher in the Indigenous population than in the province's general population. #skpoli
2/ The @fsinations analyzed coroner's reports from suicides in Saskatchewan between 2005 and 2016 and concluded that a First Nations teen girl is 29 times more likely to kill herself than a non-Indigenous teen girl.
3/ Tristen Durocher is a 24-year-old Métis man from Northern Sask. He recently walked more than 600 kilometres to Regina, where he set up a teepee and began a 44 days ceremonial fast to call for a legislated suicide prevention plan. #SuicidePrevention #skpoli
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இவர்கள் அனைவருக்கும் பொதுவான விஷயம் என்ன தெரியுமா? அவர்கள் முகத்தில் இருக்கும் சிரிப்பும்... அவர்கள் அனைவரும் பிரபலமானவர்கள் என்பது மட்டும் இல்லை. இவர்கள் அனைவருமே மன அழுத்தம் தாழாமல் தற்கொலை செய்து கொண்டவர்கள்.

#SuicidePreventionDay Image
பணமும் புகழும் இவர்களுக்கு சந்தோசத்தை கொடுக்கவில்லை. இவர்கள் வாழ்ந்த காலத்தில் சுற்றியிருந்த மனிதர்கள் இவர்களின் மனதின் தேவைகளை உணர்ந்திருக்கவில்லை. பரிவான பாசமான வார்த்தைகளை யாரும் கூறவில்லை. ஆனால் இவர்கள் இறந்த பின் உலகமே கண்ணீர் சிந்தியது.

#SuicideAwareness Image
ஒருவர் வாழும் காலத்தில் அன்பைப் பரப்புங்கள். ஒவ்வொருவருக்கு உள்ளும் நிகழும் அவர்களின் பிரச்சினைகளையும் மன உழைச்சல்களையும் புரிந்து கொண்டு அனுசரனையாக நடந்து கொள்ளுங்கள். அவர் இறந்த பின் “இந்த பெண் முதலிலேயே உதவி கேட்டிருக்கலாமே?” என்று சொல்லிக் கொள்வதில் எந்த பிரயோசனமும் இல்லை. Image
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In #India, on an avg,
2700 people commit suicide every week.
~385 per day.
Or ~140,000 annually.
70% are M
30% are F

Maharashtra, TN, WB, MP, Karnataka contribute almost 50% to those deaths.
30% are illiterate or primary schooling
4%, graduates or higher.

This chart is from 2018 data. The listed causes of suicides in India. 140,000 people commit suicide annually - yet there is abysmal understanding and negligible focus on #Mentalhealth support systems [including rehab/support after a failed attempt].

#SuicidePreventionDay Image
In a lot of these cases,the #MentalHealth disruption was situational [as against clinical mental illness].So all those who get cocky and dismissive about environmental impact on mental health,develop some empathy. Biology is not the only thing. Environment/Situation matters more.
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1. #Writer #IndieWriter folks out there: I need some urgent practical advice for my first "hybrid" book (institutional and indie at the same time). I'm looking for:
- ebook formatting resources
- a community of fellow writers

This book is extremely important.
2. I got some advice from professional book designers recommending @ScrivenerApp . Their sub-title is not very encouraging: "all you need to craft your first draft". It's not a draft and if it were, it would be my thousandth one. Anybody with experience with that?
3. They also strongly discouraged me to use MSword templates. Yeah, I remember I used it once long ago - it can mess up the text big time.

There are #formatting guidelines out there and basically you can just apply them to the last version of the edited text.
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1. Yesterday was #SuicidePreventionDay. At the start of the day, I didn't know the risk of #suicide among female #healthcare professionals is 2⃣4⃣% higher than
the national average🇬🇧 […]. It's a scary thought.
2. After returning to #medschool and learning of the death of one of our fellow #MedStudents, this #suicide statistic really hits home.

For me #SuicidePreventionDay was a day to reflect on these potentially preventable losses; losses affecting my own family & many others... ⚰️💔
3. Most of us know #MentalHealthMatters, but raising #MentalHealthAwareness isn't always enough. We must all do more to speak up, speak out and check in with others before it's too late for another life...⌛️

👉Suicide is scary, but saving a life is simple: #AskTellSaveALife 🎗️
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Aged 4 I was sexually assaulted aged 7 I wrote my first suicide note aged 8 I was taken into care aged 16 I tried taking my life aged 19 I went to prison aged 20 I was diagnosed with anorexia #SuicidePreventionDay
Aged 21 I wake up in my own bed in my own house driving my own car starting my full time job in the field I have so much passion for next week along with my first day back to college having completed numerous diplomas #SuicidePreventionDay
Things do get better it’s ok to hurt it’s ok to be angry it’s ok to want to shut down but please hold on there is hope there is help and you have a voice please talk #hope #youhaveafuture #progress #SuicidePreventionDay
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Today is #SuicidePreventionDay. As an ambassador for @theCALMzone, I am incredibly proud to be associated with an amazing charity that is doing hugely valuable and important work with those in crisis.
However, suicide remains the biggest killer of men under the age of 45 in the UK. In 2018, the number of suicides in the UK rose for the first time in five years to their highest number since 2002.
For all the great work being done at a micro level in trying to reduce stigma and to encourage people to talk, there still needs to a lot of work done on a bigger scale, from those in positions of power, from those with the ability to improve care and funding.
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It's #SuicidePreventionDay

Some thoughts

1. Why do we see suicide as the best/only option?

My attempts at suicide tell me that it is because it very strongly *feels* like there is absolutely no other solution.

It is also because the calm I imagine death will bring is great +
And I want to be relieved of this incessant "burden" that living seems to be.

What have I learnt 4 years since my last attempt?

A. It only feels like there is no solution. That isn't the truth. It only means that I cannot see it now.
B. If only I could remember that +
This drastic, overwhelming pain would pass I would have come past that crisis without a trip to the hospital, having my stomach flushed with coal water, and having scared my loved ones. +
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