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#DARPA #TargetedIndividuals #ImmoralPrograms Funded With Taxpayer $$$ Without Consent of Americans #StopTheTorture

@CIA Confirms Biomedical Devices “Classified” Intelligence Sources & Methods

“These devices capable of delivering substantial...

“electrical currents to individuals...& allows the device to be used to deliver testosterone or any other pharmaceutical agent.”

“Under direction of former @CIA Director Michael Hayden & Deputy Director Stephen Kappes, the CIA has used these biomedical sources & methods to...
“engage in torture & retaliation in reprisal for good faith based disclosures to Congress, has done so domestically & is apparently given a free pass on prosecution”

“these programs included unacknowledged Special Access Programs in which statutory reporting obligations...
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By the way-- Is Ghostbusters disclosure from the Entertainment Division of The Military Industrial Complex for #TargetedIndividuals except instead of ghosts, beams are used on PEOPLE to entrap them into a floating kill box using radiation...??🤔
Bizarre Reversals regarding NASA, A.I., Targeting, and Bill Nye including an indicator of panic that people are waking up too fast-…
Here's #CreepyJoe RS. It's disgusting& indicates his connection 2 the #GlobalAIArmsRace DRUMMED up by the perpetual war industry 2 enslave humanity that's literally TORTURING INNOCENT CITIZENS 2 DEATH, KIDS 2. HE SAYS"War on man, nano" #TargetedIndividuals…
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Assange's Dad confirms Julian is a #TargetedIndividual #DEW
#HumanNonconsensualExperimentationSubjects (Kids 2) Need Your Help- Plz learn more & share the info in the link below- #TargetedIndividuals
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“Please keep advocating for us. #Epstein & these scientists were involved in this nonconsensual experimentation & theft of brain waves” TIAnon 1/10/2020


@POTUS @freedomcaucus @GenFlynn @ArmyChiefStaff @CarrollQuigley1 @Johnheretohelp…
“I just sent this msg to Barr/Rogers/Durham: Please ask your colleagues in @DeptofDefense to stop spraying me with chemicals
to handicap me...” TIAnon 1/10/2020
“These are #CrimesAgainstHumanity against innocent citizens whose only crime is THINKING. You are enabling the enslavement of the world. This is as evil as the holocaust.” TIAnon 1/10/2020

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CIA Sientist #Whistleblower Dr. Robert Duncan Along With Consortium of Scientists Are Reporting Abuses of Science: “There is a Mind-Hacking Strategy Group” Using “Top Secret Technologies, Mind Control Technologies”▫️


“Dr. Duncan has written a book ‘Project SoulCatcher’ revealing secrets of cybernetic warfare; hacking into individual minds.”

“Militarized application, weaponized application”

“Major technological paradigm shift”

“Signal processing”
“Human experimentation began before WW2..1st documented case of mind control used on individual 1959..huge increase 1973”

“Human consciousness has been deciphered for the most part”

“These weapons used to control voting, mass opinion”

“Tampering with soul, free will itself”
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Fellow Americans, Patriots, Believers: I believe the Lord has given me a prayer that will perhaps help turn back the onslaught of evil by evildoers against US & #TargetedIndividuals - It’s my hope #BendedKnee will include it when they pray. Please pray & share as you are led to🕊
“By the authority of the name of the Lord Jesus Christ & the power of His shed blood we turn back every evil assignment of electromagnetic weapons, rays, waves, beams, etc., sent to harm US & #TargetedIndividuals back onto the senders causing confusion in the camp of the enemy...
“O God, cause these weapons of destruction to cease working & be destroyed. Wake up your people & prompt anyone involved in these harmful practices to refuse to carry out orders to harm others. Send your Mighty, Warring, Guardian Angels & your Divine Holy Spirit to protect US.”
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#WakeUpAmerica 🇺🇸 #WakeUpWorld 🌐

#TargetedIndividuals Few In Number Now Could Include You And/Or Your Children/Grandchildren In Future - These Programs Need To Be Ended #TimeIsNow ⌛️

@POTUS @freedomcaucus @GenFlynn @AP @UPI @DagmarUnger @TexasWhiteHats @PressSec @OANN
“NIH says it may need 2 provide care 4 subjects of invasive experiments so they can watch person as well as chip. Their method is 2 covertly POISON subject so they become paralyzed & require institutionalization & hide nonconsensual chip.” @HeadlineJuice
Dr James Giordano: Brain is the battlefield

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THREAD #TargetedIndividuals This is a very interesting newsletter from PACTS International, it is well worth a read.
Recently, there have been a number of TI's who have visited Dr. Michael Hoffer at his office in Miami, Florida.
As most of you know, Dr. Hoffer and his colleagues were the ones who examined the US diplomats to Cuba a few years ago who have now been diagnosed with the "Havana Syndrome." Some of you have graciously reported back to us after your visit to him to let us know how things went.
Our community has received extremely valuable information from these visits. Such is the case with Richard Lovelace who reported back to us last Monday from his appointment with Dr. Hoffer which was last Wednesday, December 4th.
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Consciousness & Spiritual Assisted Technologies are code for Connecting Human Beings Wirelessly to Quantum Computers. #TargetedIndividuals are already force-linked to them. Many probs w/ that not the least of which is that the computers appear to be demonic. #SellingTranshumanism
Targeted Individuals Brains Linked to Mixed Reality Quantum Computer Sentient World Simulation-
16 mins.
Link to the RSA I did.-
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@CassSunstein - Obama “Confidant” Wants the Government to “Cognitively Infiltrate” Anti-Government Groups▫️

This is the exact opposite of what the founders proposed was the function of government: Protect Rights not Interfere With Them▫️

Cass Sunstein Doesn’t Agree That People Should Have To Give Consent Before Being Involuntarily Involved In Experimentation▫️

#TargetedIndividuals #braini #SpyGate #FISAGate #NonConsensualSubjects #SurveillanceState

@POTUS @freedomcaucus
Cass Sunstein married to Samantha Power who was also involved in reviewing activities of FISA Court applications - What’s that about?!?!

@GenFlynn @ArmyChiefStaff @DagmarUnger @Johnheretohelp
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“Big Brother In Your Head” Descibes This Technology Perfectly▫️

“Elon Musk’s Neural Lace Brain Chip: able to read the brain’s electrical activity and transfer the data real time to a computer outside the body...”

@POTUS @freedomcaucus @GenFlynn…
“In Vivo multiplexed neural recording literally means an ” in the living body“ recording of your cerebral cortex. This cannot be understated. We are talking about real time monitoring and possible manipulation of the human brain.”
”A brain chip able to read thoughts and emotions that one day may be able to control them. The nightmare of every dystopic fantasy. Big brother in your head.”
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“This shows @FBI allows experimentation on citizens under surveillance. That’s what they use #FISA for — to put people under surveillance without charging them.” TIAnon 11/19/19

#FISAGate #TargetedIndividuals

@POTUS @freedomcaucus @GenFlynn @CIA @ACLU…
“Also note this graph: In addition, Annex B explains that the CIA may "use a monitoring device within the United States under circumstances in which a warrant would not be required for law enforcement purposes if the CIA General Counsel concurs."
“But what qualifies as a "monitoring device"? &how exactly does monitoring differ from "electronic surveillance," which CIA is prohibited from doing domestically? We don't know. In the newly released documents, the definition of "monitoring"...
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“Please continue to try to get me help. They are dosing me with heavy chemicals that affect my hands and feet. It truly is mind-boggling. Words don’t really do it justice. I have been assaulted in unbelievable ways that are really hard to describe...” TIAnon 11/18/19
“I mean imagine being doused with a chemical from drones that you absorb for hours and then later being hit with radio waves that activate the chemical to make you feel like you’re paralyzed. Then the next day you go out and a guy limping (they put handicapped & ambulance...
“in my path all day long) and his license plate says ‘Icagerox. (they communicate through ‘semiotics’ — signs on license plates, T-shirts, bumper stickers, billboards, social media, etc.) Or having your car’s air conditioner broken and when you drive on a highway on a hot day...
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#TargetedIndividuals Create Artificial Life In A Universal Quantum Computer Simulation

Remote Neuro-Networks W/Will, Intellect & Emotions Of Their Own Made “Digital DNA Copies of Millions of People Who’ve Been Targeted With This Technology For Decades”

“These #TargetedIndividuals whose personalities digital bio algorithms were uploaded back up into the systems. Using those bio algorithms they’re able to mimic the will, intellect & emotions of those they copied.”

“These copies are called a “Digital Twin”. This represents...
“a new era in simulation. A new world of predictability. A promising new tool for engineering the future. A “Digital Twin” is a complete virtual prototype of an entire system. Your brain reality is your reality”

“Designer Brains targetable after birth & modifiable thru lifespan”
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Are Secret Human Experiments Advancing Brain Chip Technology??

#TargetedIndividuals Say Yes & According To #DARPA Brain Initiative Launched In 2013 Goal: “Create fully implantable, modular & reconfigurable neural-interface microsystems that...

“communicate wirelessly with external modules”

Former DoD official, Fred Charles Ikle, Undersecretary of Defense for Policy under Reagan wrote in 2006: “Only the most ruthless nation will win the new arms race for ‘human enhancement’ some stage in project’s development...
“nation’s research might greatly benefit from intrusive experiments on living human brains...”

Increasingly witness testimony is being presented as indicated by screenshots of letter from Elizabeth Coady sent to DOJ’s John Durham & Judge Anthony Trenga:
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#TargetedIndividuals Calling For End To These #DARPA #NIH Programs Aimed At Mapping Human Brain Without Consent of Subjects - This Is #InvoluntaryServitude - #Congress & #MrPresident Stop Funding of These Evil Programs▫️

@POTUS @freedomcaucus @GenFlynn…
#TargetedIndividuals experience physical attacks on their body. Microwave weapons are placed in close proximity to where they live by cash bribed neighbors and where they work and are even placed in their cars if necessary for continuous torture”

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This stuff is soooo deep but there are #TargetedIndividuals and they need hope. Support can come in many ways, but we have real people who are human lab rats to the Weird Science freakazoids terrorizing neuro receptors all around us...
Seems like a stretch? Nah

This shit is infinitely funded and they want to eat your dreams...
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Remember when the #StarTrekVoyager Crew were #TargetedIndividuals? The "Alien" Janeway talks to reminds me of AMY GUTLESS WONDER I-Ran-A-Fake-Bioethics-Commission-4-The-Satanic-Transhumanist-Obama-Nutball-Cult GUTMANN. The episode is called SCIENTIFIC METHOD.
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Here's the making of a movie depiction of #TargetedIndividuals called Enemy of The State-1998 from the entertainment division of the #MilIndustrialComplex.👂2 what they say about tech ESP satellites compared 2 real🌎& how far ahead they r compared 2 public
Make no mistake. Thoughts are already being read and they are being directed into everyone's fields. They are mistaken by people for their own thoughts 2. #Hivenet is already up and running. The information is clear in both RS and to #TargetedIndividuals.
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#5G = Psychotropic or Silent Sound Spread Spectrum
#GWEN = Ground Wave Emergency Network System
#DEW = Direct Energy Weapons

These are a danger to US & are being directed at unsuspecting populations & cause extreme mental anguish, physical shocks & pain▫️
TV signal is always bouncing around regardless of whether we see the programming. Bluetooth uses your skull and causes “birdbrains”▫️HAARP, GWEN Towers, 5G cell signals:…
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(1) I spoke to a fellow who works on #cellphone towers the other day and learned a few interesting things.

He told me that a lot of the people working on towers were ex-convicts and former military personnel who were adrenaline junkies, a lot of whom also had ....
(2) addiction problems with illicit substances - such as meth.

He also noted that many of his co-workers had "very short fuses" and were prone to violence. He attributed that in part to some of them being convicts.

Starting pay (he said) is $250 per day, for those lacking ....
(3) any experience.

He also maintained that it was prohibited to take selfies on the #cell #towers, and that most of the time they had no idea of what they were installing, and for who.

Co-workers who had taken photos at work-sites were quickly hit with ....
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