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As @WatcherGuru muted my tweets. Here again without any censorship. 🤡

#MoonstoneBank #Farmington #FTX #Alameda #Tether #Deltec #crypto #SIG Image
Interesting. SIG invested in #Voyager, bankrupt. SIG invested in #BlockFi, bankrupt.…

Why does that matters? Where is the connection?

Jean Chalopin is the connection. Who is that? Chairman of Deltec Bank Bahamas (banking provider of Tether and FTX). /1
Jean Chalopin was director of SIG Investment II Limited SIG Investment I Limited

But Jean is also former CEO (2020) and current director of FTX Farmington State Bank or Moonstone Bank. The bank with few staff but with a huge vision. 🤡 /2 Image
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1/ Negli ultimi giorni c’è molto timore dietro i token wrapped di Bitcoin. Ho già sollevato qualche qualche giorno fa la questione di wBTC, ma facciamo un piccolo recap perché ci sono delle cose che DEVI sapere!

2/ C’è una forte incertezza dietro al token #renBTC per via del suo legame con #alamedaresearch. Ma, a differenza di #wBTC possiamo vedere che il suo valore è ancora peggato, sostanzialmente perché c’è ancora il collaterale a sostenerne il prezzo…
3/ La bancarotta di #alameda ha prosciugato le casse del team che sta dietro il progetto. Per questo chiuderà l’attuale versione di #ren in favore di una sorta di #renDAO. Qui @renprotocol ci spiega tutti i dettagli:

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1/ DeFi can't solve the issue of basic record keeping and general accounting if institutional crypto continues operating off-chain.

Let's explore the opaque centralized finance (CeFi) practices @FTX_Official group used to get ahead.🧵 Image
2/ @FTX_Official and #Alameda’s operations consisted of a few key, related areas:

+Market making
+Exchange operation
+Liquidation protection
+Venture funding
+OTC trading and lending
3/ Crypto hedge fund #Alameda was best known for its trading strategies and arbitrage expertise, both key to its work as a market maker.

As the space became more crowded, less profit was available for each player.

Enter a brand new exchange in @FTX_Official. Image
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This is an interesting in-depth analysis using on-chain data to piece together the fallen dominos of #FTX and #Alameda compiled by @nansen_ai :

Here are their key takeaways :

Via… Image
1. FTX and Alameda have had close (on-chain) ties since the very beginning.

2. FTX created FTX Token (FTT), a token for their platform, involving Alameda since day one. The two of them shared the majority of the total FTT supply which did not really enter into circulation.
3. The initial success of Alameda, FTX, and the meteoric rise of FTT most likely led to a rise in the value of Alameda’s balance sheet. This high balance sheet value of the FTT positions was likely used as collateral by Alameda to borrow against.
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Die #FTX-Pleite und die Machenschaften von Sam Bankman-Fried (#SBF) ziehen immer weitere Kreise. Es geht um #China, das #WEF, den Krieg in der #Ukraine und die US-Präsidentschaftswahlen. Eine Übersicht der kursierenden Theorien 👇🧵
Vorab: #SBF hat Kunden um mindestens zehn Milliarden US-Dollar betrogen. Es ist der vielleicht größte Betrug der Finanzgeschichte. Was geschehen ist, findest Du hier:…
Theorie 1: Sam Bankman-Fried ist Sohn zweier Professoren und ist bestens vernetzt in der amerikanischen Elite - insbesondere unter den Demokraten. Mit seinen Spenden soll er für den Wahlsieg von Joe #Biden verantwortlich sein
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Stock Market News Today: Cooling Inflation Data Adds to Trader Optimism | Nov 15
- Stocks.. declined from intraday highs on news that #Russian #missiles intended for #Ukraine crossed into #Poland…
[Paid Nato's #warmongers in #WW3 climax]
Russia-Ukraine live: #Explosions kill two in #Poland | Nov 15
- Russia’s defence ministry has denied that its missiles hit the #NATO member state
[#MSM #misinformation, #smokescreen over #FTX]
2 dead in #explosion in eastern #Poland, near #Ukraine border
- “The causes of this incident are not known at the moment,” Marcin #Lebiedowicz, spokesman of the local State Fire Service office, ~#RadioLublin
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ApeCoin ( $APE) dropped 49% from $5.2 to $2.65 under the influence of #FTX/#Alameda.

We found that influencers sold $APE before the price crashed.

I will share them with you.👇 Image

He received an airdrop of 809,500 $APE($6.9M at that time) and hosted all the $APE to address "0x39b5".

He sold 169,070 $APE ($2M) at $11.87 on Apr 18.

Then he sold 638,000 $APE($2.3M) at $3.61 on Nov 7 and Nov 9.

He only holds 4,495 $APE($13,082) now. ImageImage

He received an airdrop of 1,434,898 $APE($12.3M at that time).

Then started selling $APE on October 23, and by November 4, he sold a total of 143,500 $APE ($645,400), with an average selling price of $4.5.

He holds 412,534 $APE($1.2M) now. ImageImage
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🧵A Thread On Who REALLY crashed #FTX and WHY
1) #SBF was owned and operated by Davos as a front for Offshore Dollar Market (ODM) money creation and laundering through Ukraine and beyond the jurisdiction of the Fed.
2) Davos used #SBF and #FTX as the tool for regulatory capture of the entire #crypto industry. They need to control the industry in order to control stable coins because stable coins are the replacement of the ODM/Eurodollar System.
3) The ODM is being destroyed as Powell raises rates and bankrupts Davos. Therefore Davos’s only hope was to capture the entire stable coin market so they can keep printing more money to fund wars and overthrow governments (and steal the midterm elections).
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There were several investments that led #BlockFi to be on the brink of bankruptcy.

1- Investing in #GBTC
In July 2021 Blockfi is the second largest holder of GBTC with 19.8 million shares ($500 million) Image
They received deposits in #BTC from investors (with 5% interest) and reinvest in #GBTC for better interest

Due to reduced demand for GBTC, the GBTC premium, in March becomes negative.

#BlockFi had to sell GBTC because many investors wanted to withdraw their BTC. (Loss $100m)
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1🧵Avec la crise de #FTX et #Alameda, des craintes sur la stabilité d'#USDT refont surface.

Je vais donc vous détailler les assets qui backent USDT et analyser l'Audit qui a été réalisé sur USDT.
2🧵 Je vais me baser sur l'Audit du 31 mars 2022. Sa capitalisation crypto s’élevait à 82 milliards de dollars (82,188,190,813) pour 82,424,821,101 d’assets équivalent dollar divers soit 100,28% du montant total distribué en USDT.
(Il y a un nouvel audit que je ferais next week).
3🧵Ces audits sur « les réserves consolidées » de Theter Limited sont réalisés par MHA MacIntyre Hudson depuis le Q4 2021 en utilisant les règles comptables des IFRS (normes internationales reconnues) en dollar américain (Depuis septembre c'est BDO Italie qui réalise les audits).
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重新梳理一下我对 #FTX#Alameda 暴雷的观点看法。

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:Collapsed #FTX hit by rogue transactions, analysts saw over $600 million outflows | Nov 12
- suspicious circumstances…
- The sudden collapse of "FTX" and its #Bankruptcy filing today, has revealed that FTX presently suffers from $10-$50 BILLION in liabilities with almost ZERO assets…
#HeavenlyJerusalem. #FTXbankrupty filing today, has revealed that FTX presently suffers from $10-$50 BILLION in liabilities.
- #Ukraine was receiving money from the US, Ukraine sent it to FTX, Sam #BankmanFried and #FTX sent it to #Democrats
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根据公开信息PANews发现 #Alameda#FTX “核心战队”及其父母与美国监管机构、华尔街高层、民主党派领袖千丝万缕的联系。

1/Alameda这个加密圈最大量化公司,实际上是几个发小组建的加密作战室,核心成员是创始人 #SBF 、联合创始人Sam Trabucco和现任CEO Caroline Caroline 。
SBF的父亲Joseph Bankman是一位美国律师,目前是斯坦福法学院的拉尔夫M. 帕森斯法学和商学教授。
2/网上也晒出了他在2008年11月13日在美国众议院政府改革与监督委员会的对冲基金监管小组游说的视频。他还出现在了今年8月的“FTX 播客”中,描述了他参与的慈善和监管相关项目。值得一提的是,他近些年来专注税务问题的研究,并在论文中删除去中心化经济中的税收的合规性,并在开发新的IRS报税系统。
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1🧵#FTX vient de se faire hack 732 millions de dollars !

On continue donc à tracker on-chain cette folle histoire digne d'une série NETFLIX ! #Alameda

Voici la liste des tokens qui viennent d'être rekt.
2🧵Pour les plus grosses sommes TOP 10 : 107 372 ETH&WETH (134M$) ; 45 850 883 FTT (90M$) ; 35 184 PAXG (62M$) ; 48 387 669 DAI (48M$) ; 46 188 975 USDT (46M$) ; 143 888 863 BOBA (30M$) ; 73 349 BNB (20M$) ; 52 930 432 SRM (18M$) et 18 088 810 MATIC (17M$) !
3🧵TOP 20+ : 2 590 216 LINK (16M$) ; 9 381 XAUT (16M$) ; 246 512 AAVE (14M$) ; 3 201 055 LEO (12M$) ; 3 165 319 GT (12M$) ; 7 163 385 TONCOIN (11M$) ; 50 502 022 BRZ (9M$) ; 8 246 836 EURT (8M$) ; 37 195 139 CHZ (8M$) ; 15 964 441 TOMOE (7M$) ; 6 685 309 DAI (7M$)
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1)(A) Saturday FTX/FTX US /Alameda Research🧵
Nearly $400M in crypto left FTX’s wallets late Fri,
w/little clear explanation for why.

As per on-chain data, Ethereum, Solana & Binance Smart Chain tokens exited FTX’s official wallets & moved to decentralized exchanges like 1inch;
1)(B) Both FTX and FTX US appear to be affected.

The lack of an official statement from FTX, has led to speculation the funds have been stolen by insiders or
1)(C)FTX US General Counsel Ryne Miller tweeted that he was “investigating abnormalities with wallet movements related to consolidation of ftx balances across exchanges.” FTX has not released an official statement, but its official Twitter account retweeted Miller's warning;
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1🧵 J'ai analysé les 600+ wallets d'#Alameda afin d'en déterminer les prochains tokens à être dump suite à leur faillite :

PS : j'ai fait de mon mieux pour vérifier, mais il peut y avoir des erreurs.
2🧵 On va commencer par ceux qui semblent safe car ils ont déjà quasiment tout vendu : BTC -806 (-13,7M$), CRO -928 108(-90K$), CHZ -451 478(-90K$), COMP -2 552 (-95K$)
3🧵Maintenant ceux où ils ont déjà allégé mais où il reste une somme importante : SUSHI -3 400 000 (-4,3M$) / Reste 3 421 624 (4,3M$) ; SRM -6 766 082 (-2,5M$) / Reste 6 767 974 (2,5M$) / APE -1 010 443
(-3,2M$) / Reste 202 800 (650K$)...
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Thread /👀
En moins de 72 heures, #FTX est passé d'exchange n°2 mondial à plateforme insolvable.
Tout s'est enchaîné rapidement, nous vous proposons donc de revenir sur les récents événements. Comment le colosse aux pieds d'argiles s'est effondré ? SBF coupable de ces dégâts ?
👇 Image
FTX et Alameda, une société de trading crypto, sont deux entités fondées par @SBF_FTX. Ces entreprises ont des liens très forts entre elles de part leurs divers investissements en $SOL, ou dans la DeFi mais surtout en $FTT, token de la plateforme FTX.
👇 Image
2/Le $FTT
C'est le token clé dans toute cette histoire. Il constituait 40% de la trésorerie de #Alameda et était utilisé comme collatéral pour certaines de ses dettes. Le jeton constitue donc le socle de l'immense château de cartes de SBF. S'il chute, il emporte tout avec lui.
👇 Image
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1/ #SBF might have ignited the FINAL death spiral

🧵A thread on why an #FTX bankruptcy is the #Lehman of #DeFi

#CZBinance #FTT #SamBankman #BlockFi #DeFi Image
2/ With $2+bn raised, support from virtually every tier 1 fund, a $32bn valuation, 1.2m wallets & $10bn in deposits, #FTX was 2nd to none other than the man that triggered their bank run - #CZ's #Binance.
3/ As @FTX_Official files for bankruptcy, what's left are 100K+ creditors, $10+bn in liabilities, and... a new high score on a certain graph Image
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1/ With #ETH and #BTC retracing following a 20% decline in light of the @FTX_Official news, let's attempt to find some hopium from the last two weeks. 🧵 Image
2/ @solana, a project @FTX_Official and #Alameda research were key and early supporters of, was caught in the crossfire of the FTX situation.

Solana seems to have shaken off the FTX spectre for now, returning to a market cap of $6.5B. Image
3/Pro-crypto candidates from both sides of the aisle won their races.

A bevy of freshman lawmakers will enter the government at a time when having pro-crypto advocates on the Hill is more important than ever. Image
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1/ This week was marred by what may be the largest meltdown in the history of crypto.

Once tagged savior of an industry, @SBF_FTX and @FTX_Official will now be known for their downfall.

What are the implications and insights? Let's ask our analysts. 🧵 Image
2/ The facts.

@SBF_FTX, CEO of @FTX_Official was also principal shareholder of #Alameda.

$FTT, FTX's exchange token was used for user benefits. It pseudo-equity mechanics tying its price to FTX success.

The relationship between FTX and Alameda was unclear prior to fallout.
3/ What happened?

@CoinDesk reported that #Alameda's assets (~$6 billion of the ~$15 billion) were in FTX's $FTT token.

On November 6, @binance CEO @cz_binance announced that his exchange would liquidate $2.1B worth of $FTT, initiating $FTTs decline. Image
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#Alameda wipe out looks to be exposing #tether to a run on the bank (coin) that it wont likely survive. This event will implode the crypto ecosystem. Contagion will take down all exchanges.
It’s my opinion (for over a year) that this will happen as I believe #tethers ‘commercial paper’ is actually largely swaps that it does with a few major exchanges. #ftx was likely a huge player
What I think happened was exchanged took cash money from new accounts and gave them newly created #tethers #usdt

They got the usdt via swaps with tether.

Exchange gives tether ‘I owe you $1 bln’ note (commercial paper)

Tether gives exchange $1 bln tether
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😬Rumor has it that @SBF_FTX has been moving users' funds around. We dived in for a hell lot of time and here's what we found:

🚨We found that @SBF_FTX and @AlamedaResearch have been SHARING the same funding and lots of exchange accounts for a long time 🫡.

First of all, we applied address clustering to all the @SBF addresses we can find, and one of them is highly connected with a tagged #Alameda's address.
SBF's: 0xD57581D9e42E9032e6f60422fA619b4A4574Ba79 (0xD5)
0xf108a465a5dafb51bb48615b1a4f5e00401ff90d (0xf1)
Why do we say address 0xD5 is @SBF_FTX?
Okay, first of all, he admits himself.

And we also find this is one of the multi-signer of @sushiswap, which SBF is.…
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A few thoughts on the FTX - Binance situation.

Many persons on the CT don’t realize the real effects such bankruptcy will cause and why it’s extremely concerning for the whole blockchain industry.

$FTT #FTX #Alameda #Binance Image

- Recap
- Market hit
- Regulation
- Binance god mode
- Alameda impact
- Warning
- Other options and further thinking


If you just caught the news, you‘ll find here an awesome recap from @miledeutscher on what happened in the past days.

Later on, @SBF_FTX and @cz_binance posted a thread presenting a potential agreement

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"as least as informed as the press" level speculation on #Alameda / #FTX based on some numbers that imply some things

FTX folded quickly. could only process < $1B digit billions before running out of coins. Sure there are other wallets... ImageImage

it's an EXCHANGE not a hedge fund. should have everyone's cash ready to be picked up at any given time in neat little separate piles.

THUS: AT A MINIMUM we know that #SBF commingled funds (maybe illegally)
SBF: 2 MIT degrees (hard to get in a way most people cannot comprehend). SBF has taken exams for trading licenses. Fully 0% chance he doesn't know this
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