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#IICSA #CofE - from a heavy heart & troubled mind, some unfinished thoughts on #risk, #leadership, #abuse & #church.
1. "I am sending you out as lambs among as wise as serpents & as innocent as doves." Too many in #church manage the doves part - high above, unable to imagine such horrible things could be or that X could possibly be guilty. Ignorance is not holiness.
2. Holiness is more knowing, more robust, more active than that - it is the balance of the #dove & the #serpent.
Serpents crawl on the ground, taste the air, sense vibrations, they know when all is not well. If our leaders are truly humble this is the space they will occupy.
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Today, I followed through on therapy homework I didn’t want to consider. I took an opportunity to open up to a good friend about yesterday’s session.

My friend & I work together. She stopped by my office to check in on me, because she knew I felt depressed last week.
She’d given me a ride home the day before and new it ended poorly, so that is how our conversation started.

When she asked about my therapy session, something clicked before I could think and I burst into laughter. My system blew up my capacity hide in fear.
Needing to explain my laugh, I told my friend my therapist challenged me to open up to 3-4 friends about how hard it is for me to accept their love.
How I am challenged to remain balanced in their onslaught of care.
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My shadows tend to be the parts I refuse to acknowledge. I struggle significantly with accepting I am a human worthy of the life God gifted me.

I am not without faults. I worry more than I should. I do not set boundaries as well as I would like, and I become resentful.
But by and large, my biggest struggle is overcoming the lies told to me repeatedly in childhood. I often see myself as a the victim my family created.

To my uncle, I was a whore whose only worth in life laid in the profit between her legs.
To my mother, I am a reminder of the significantly violent & intimate trauma we share in a common abuser - her brother. I am a greedy, selfish, worthless mistake. I am every penny my father spent on me instead of her. As much as she loves me, her trauma rages surpass her kindness
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I never ever blocked anyone. Even worst abusers

Today I blocked 8 pakistani jurnolists because they failed me

These jurnolists kept Twitter hostage saying it is fine to critisise them but not abuse.

It reality these jurnolists are against critisism 👇

#attackswontsilenceus ImageImage
It's not about blocking. This is quite normal for me. I keep on getting blocked from many jurnolists & people.

This is case of @Benazir_Shah has annoyed me.

a. I was her fan / admirer
b. Last few weeks she kept #TwitterDown hostage for online #abuse

I ran to other Jurnolists complaining about her. I was turned down & insulted by them.

None of them even bothered to listen to me. Infact they blamed me that I have unhealthy obsession with Benazir. Totally forgetting about #attackswontsilenceus campaign and there promise
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2020 is a year no one will ever forget due to the #COVID19Pandemic and it’s more important than ever that we have people to talk to when we need too.

I myself suffer with my #MentalHealth due to a part of my life as a #teenager
I’m not ashamed of my #MentalHealth issues and what caused my #MentalHealth issues so I will share my story with you and I would like to ask that my #twitter followers to please #RT as far and wide to help me raise awareness of this issue. Thank you in advance.
My #MentalHealth story:

I was 17 and naive I had just come out as being #gay to my family and I started talking to a man on a app, we hit it off however that was just the start. We spoke for a while and he was saying everything I wanted to hear
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#Abuse #Ticket Opened
Countdown started @Namecheap
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Today the German Supreme Court published its #facebook decision!
Here is a (long!) THREAD with a quick summary after a first read:
1st impression: despite its preliminary nature (re interim suspension of @Kartellamt 's prohibition) it likely is a landmark decision that will shape the application of #competition law & #abuse of #dominance rules in Germany for the next years.
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TIL that not all people who speak about #equality, are open-minded enough to treat others as equal as they want to be treated.

Also, I learned that some peeps at Twitter will take your words and try to twist them in peculiar ways… just to have something to rant about.
On the positive side: I got a free micro-introduction into the world of verbal and mental abuse at social media platforms. Now, I know the word #abuse is a strong one and my experience hardly comes near it so I probably should not be using it. But, it was a real eye-opener to me.
Gosh, I now understand so much more where some people are at and/or where they are coming from. Especially, when I think about the effects and use my brain to scale that to other situations in RealLife™. This comes close to psychological warfare and victims need protection!
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Regarding @mohammed_hijab's bad behavior lately: anybody who knows him knows that he doesn't mean what he says when #insulting the #family of #Islamophobes (anti-Muslim ex-Muslims).

What he's doing is plain obvious to those who use their mind: #exposing the #hypocrisy of haters.
Whenever #Islamophobes attack the #Prophet #Muhammad—peace be upon him—knowing full well that #Muslims love that man more than their whole family altogether, the anti-Muslims/Islamophobes claim it is their #FreedomOfExpression and their #FreedomOfSpeech.

Why shouldn't they?
Any sincere person knows that #insulting a person is not #FreedomOfSpeech anymore, but #hatred: it has become #HateSpeech.

Ironically, #Islamophobes condemn Hijab for #hateful behavior, but not condemn those who #attack, #insult and #abuse the Prophet Muhammad—peace be upon him.
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#Cdnpoli #COVID
@jkenney @Webber4Confed @MichelleRempel

And its not just hack-researchers like me who are aware of the #HCQCURES and MASSIVE #COVID19 deceptions being perpetrated upon #Canada and the WORLD!

#Cdnpoli @jkenney @Webber4Confed @MichelleRempel @MaximeBernier
What's this?

73.9% Alberta #COVID19 Deaths with 3 conditions!

Average age for #COVID Deaths is 84 years (range: 27-105)

Average Life expectancy in #Canada 2020 is 82.52 years!
#Cdnpoli @jkenney @Webber4Confed @MichelleRempel @MaximeBernier @DerekSloanCPC @CMOH_Alberta

Who will speak up for us #Canada? We need to demand our politicians to #StepUpOrStepDown!

This is beyond ridiculous #Alberta!
What's this?👇👇👇
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#cdnpoli #COVID19 #COVID19AB

I have a medical condition that prevents me from wearing a mask.

Also, I am aware of the following PEER Reviewed information that has been kept hidden by our Officials & Media.

I'm making @jkenney & @Webber4Confed aware 2!…
Here's a Doctor from #Calgary, #Alberta, #Canada who is exploring #Hydroxychloroquine for treating MS.

Wow! Maybe #HCQ treats many things.

Why isn't Marcus Koch of the U of Calgary a part of our conversation?



READ THIS! What other diseases can be treated with #hydroxychloriquineworks?

We are locking down #Albertans and forcing #MaskUp while this info is being suppressed?

@jkenney @Webber4Confed @MichelleRempel?

Help me out here GUYs! #Canada #Canadians… Image
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Assalam o Alaikum
Eid Mubarak.
Me and my child are both sick. The other day I reported mistreatment here which led to a person connecting me to a journalist whose offer of help I didn't take up bc first I had to explain that I indeed wasn't making it up. (Got to do a drill.)
Then the journalist was approached by the macabre hound @bernardGrua who is working harder than #Epstein to protect a pedophile named #AlamJanDario who runs the guesthouse #PamirSerai and tour company #PamirTrails in #Chapursan. You can obtain info on him from intel.
This had nothing to do with @BernardGrua and I wasn't about to tell the journalist about this terrifying battle I'm too exhausted, I cannot stand heat since a near-fatal illness in 2012 which is what brought me to mountains. You can check that in my post-mortem. Go for the chest.
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very good, @VladDavidzon:… - thank you, man, for hearing me and even listening.

small thread here on #BabynYar.
#Khrzhanovsky's record of approaching the totalitarian past by re-creating it in the most visceral manner raises a disturbing question.
Is vividly bringing the aesthetics of #Nazi terror on the very ground where it had taken place an appropriate way to honor victims?

Karel Berkhoff — the Western world’s foremost expert on #BabynYar and the memorial’s former lead historian —resigned, he compared the project to a Shoah theme park.
Over several months Mr. Berkhoff was joined by a majority of the staff, a paralyzing turnover...
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BJP’s Bandipora leader, his brother, father shot dead
#Kashmir #Bandipora
@dograjournalist @TheSkandar @nee_el @hussain_imtiyaz @JmuKmrPolice @ANI ImageImageImage
At around 9 pm today militants opened fire on Wasim Ahmad Bari, BJP district president along with his brother Umar and father Bashir Ahmad, outside his shop near police station Bandipora.
#Kashmir #Bandipora
@dograjournalist @TheSkandar @nee_el @hussain_imtiyaz @JmuKmrPolice ImageImage
#Pakistan and its stooges are against #Peace in #Kashmir... #Failed youth under effect of #drug #abuse is lured into #terrorism by proxies of #Pakistan sitting in plush living rooms while #youth bears the brunt.. let's get back home.. We are very talented.
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Cellphone tower set on fire in Saint-Henri

yo .⁦@CBCMontreal⁩ .⁦@CBCAlerts

your story 👇 talks of “False narratives around #5G technology...” so by all means let’s deal with #5Gfacts & not mindlessly conflate with #C19



***no independent scientific studies of #5G safety have ever been conducted — #fact wireless industry reps themselves have admitted.***

this MUST be brought to public attention!!!

(it certainly has been kept quiet so far.... 🤔 yo #cdnmedia! )


2 /

any claims of #5G safety by #BigTelecom are cynical PR distraction ploy from core threats to human health (which #BigWireless, #lobbyists & servile ‘regulator’ .@GovCanHealth — both #PHAC & #HealthCanada — refuse to acknowledge)…


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Reports from all around the world including from those of @WHO say that Corona virus is here to stay. The future seems like a dystopian one, and a lot of people are going through personal experiences and emotions that they have never felt before.
The @UN has already laid out their policy about #Covid-19 and the need for action on #mentalhealth. It is serious. We must recognize the importance of a healthy mind. People from all walks of life including small children are concerned and afraid of what the future holds for them
These are the times when we need to reassure ourselves, or someone who can re-ignite in us the confidence in our capability to survive even in the harshest times. This is a window for inspirational figures and government authorities in India to start a movement about the
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