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@DiscountMabs @JadedNurse63 @rizpossnett Ignoring fact that 50% of studies can't be replicated

And "Sociology" & related "Medical" type "studies" are the worst culprits

The ones that say otherwise are highly biased cherry-picked "studies" of self-selected participants by activist "researchers"…
@DiscountMabs @JadedNurse63 @rizpossnett As I said

Depriving #TransKids of proper counselling😯

And railroading them down the so-called "#AffimativeCare" pathway😮

Is what is killing them😲

And that's what YOU support!!!😱🤦‍♂️

It's worse than the Liverpool "Care" Pathway!!!…
@DiscountMabs @JadedNurse63 @rizpossnett #TransActivists have no self-awareness!

And no shame!!!

Depriving #TransKids of proper counselling😯

And railroading them down the so-called "#AffimativeCare" pathway😮

IS WHAT IS #KillingTransKids😲

And that's what THEY support!!!😱🤦‍♂️…
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@GA_Mouse @SatoruSato92 No one's killing children

Except #TransActivists #DrFrankensteins #DrMengeles #NurseAllits parents with #MunchausensSyndromeByProxy or who want to #TransTheGayAway

Their Allies #FellowTravellers & #UsefulIdiots


Because they didn't get the psych care needed!🤦‍♂️
@GA_Mouse @SatoruSato92 If a Trans kid kills THEMSELVES it's because they're mentally disturbed

If they are mentally disturbed they need psychiatric help

Usually for multiple mental disorders

But instead of getting the psychiatric care they need

They are railroaded down the Affirmative "Care" path🤦‍♂️
@GA_Mouse @SatoruSato92 Almost all kids who think are #Trans confused

Often homosexual

Usually with multiple mental health issues

Grow out of it between puberty & maturity (25!)

#PubertyBlockers & #Hormones believed to block mental development too

As well as having multiple serious side effects😱🤦‍♂️
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As transgender people we didn't arrive as fully formed adults - once we were kids. Let’s show when we were little trans kids!

Me, 1970. I seemed to have assembled a small army.

#TransKids #TransKidsMemories #TransAwarenessWeek Picture of a little kid (four years old) from 1970 with a sm
As transgender people we didn't arrive as fully formed adults - once we were kids. Let’s show when we were little trans kids!

Me, 1969 w/Mum. What am I wearing?!

#TransKids #TransKidsMemories #TransAwarenessWeek Little kid facing the camera and being held by their parent.
As transgender people we didn't arrive as fully formed adults - once we were kids. Let’s show when we were little trans kids!

Me, 1970 w/Mum. Intense stare.

#TransKids #TransKidsMemories #TransAwarenessWeek #AboriginalTransKids Child staring at the camera... sort of a smile. Wearing a st
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Ein toller thread…der als sachlich geführte Diskussion angelegt ist.
Da es in dem thread „nur“ um sex und gender sowie #safespaces geht.. möchte ich zwei Dinge ergänzen…die bei dem Thema SEHR wichtig sind:
1.) #Transkids
Es ist unsäglich…wie bereits in den USA und in UK
an/mit kids herumexperementiert wurde. #Pubertätsblocker.. Hormongaben wie Östrogen oder Testosteron sowie geschlechtsangleichende OPs (u.a. Masektomie)…all das gibt es auch in D. Die extreme Zunahme angeblicher Transkids (auch im Kleinkindalter) ist absolut besorgniserregend.
Kids/teenager können nicht die Dimension erfassen…was es bedeutet…bereits in so jungen Jahren irreversible Behandlungen durchführen zu lassen. Es ist Irrsinn…dass man ernsthaft nicht in Betracht zieht…dass es meistens psychologische Ursachen hat…wenn kids/teenager eine
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CN #Transfeindlichkeit #TERFs #GenderCriticalCult

Am Mittwoch (23.3.22) war ich in einem TERF Space zum Selbstbestimmungsgesetz. Er plobbte in meinem Feed auf, und ich ging nichtsahnend hinein, sah auf einen Blick, dass das nicht meine Bubble war und - blieb.

Ein Bericht.

CN #Transfeindlichkeit #TERFs #GenderCriticalCult

Ich habe nur eine kurze Weile zugehört, bevor ich einen Sprechwunsch anmeldete.

Der Space wollte "über das Selbstbestimmungsgesetz aufklären" und hat dabei soviele Falschbehauptungen gemacht, dass ich nicht zuhören konnte.

CN #Transfeindlichkeit #TERFs #GenderCriticalCult

Tatsächlich wurde ich als Sprechendes zugelassen, aber da einer der Hosts immer aufrief, wer sprechen durfte, schwieg ich noch eine ganze Weile (Geduldsprobe!) und hörte zu.

Die Kurzfassung: Lügen, Hass und Angst schüren.

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What is the "affirmative model?"
#healthcare #therapy #mentalhealthmatters
Let's unpack the difference between the “watchful waiting method” and the “affirmative model,” & how the “affirmative model” locks kids into confusion, distress & medicalization for life. (1/10)
“Watchful waiting” means that parents, therapists, and teachers neither affirm nor deny a child’s desire to be the opposite sex. When a girl says she wants to be a boy, the adults in the room wait to see if she’ll grow out of it on her own. #mentalhealthawareness (2/10)
“Affirmation” means that a girl who wants to be a boy is told she IS a boy. Her parents have her birth certificate changed. Her teachers call her by a boy’s name. Her peers are ordered to play along. She’s given drugs to prevent normal maturation, and told she NEEDS them. (3/10)
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This will not be published online until Monday, but I wanted to post it here for those who would like to read it before then.

Thank you so much @tomblackwellNP and @nationalpost for your balanced, critical & respectful coverage.

"I Feel Angry" - Eva, founder of Detrans Canada
If you would like to buy your own copy, drop by your local Shoppers or Newstand today!

If you appreciate their coverage of this topic, feel free to contact @nationalpost and editor in chief @itsrobroberts to let them know.
'Inside Canada's Teen Transgender Treatment Boom'
by @tomblackwellNP of the @nationalpost

#TransHealth #TransKids #TransTeens #DetransVisibility #DetransCanada
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At least eight states are currently deliberating bills that, if passed, would outlaw transgender minors' access to gender-affirming medical treatments.…

Gender-affirming treatment should be better known as "Suicide-Prevention Treatment"
Trans kids have ridiculously high rates of self-harm.

Giving them time to work out their true feelings by delaying puberty with hormone blockers saves lives.

Making sure kids have access to treatments that help them be their honest selves SAVES LIVES.
Let's not shove our heads into the dirt and imagine that trans people are just going to disappear. If you live in South Dakota, Florida, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Missouri, Colorado, Illinois or Kentucky, please call your legislators now.
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